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  1. Bought a Seymour Duncan SPB3 pick up off Graham. I contacted him on Saturday & received in on Wednesday! Great service & a pleasure to deal with him.
  2. Are they active or passive pick ups? thanks Andy
  3. I've had both a Vintage Modified Precision & Jazz, which were both made in Indonesia. They were both great basses to play and both were lovely sounding. The necks were particularly nice. I still have the Jazz neck, which I put onto a Precision body! I have since got an American Standard Precision which blows both of them out of the water. The sustain goes on forever and the bass feels so much sturdier than the Squiers. That is not to say that the Squiers are bad basses, they are after all still budget range and for the price I think they are fantastic. If they fulfill your needs, then that's all you need.
  4. I thought I’d post some better pictures!
  5. It would definitely be worth it. I looked at a Walkabout that was for sale on here but by the time I'd dithered about to get it or not, it had gone. It must have been fate!
  6. Cheers, it was your posts & review that got me interested. I thought my Ashdown RM500 sounded good but the Handbox just goes to a different level!
  7. I picked up a Handbox R400 last week but I’ve only really had a chance to play it properly today. wow! What a sound, full, grindy & just wonderful! I put it through my Barefaced Two 10 & they just work perfectly together. The levels were set flat for the bass & treble, the gain was set at “crunch” & the contour was off. The drive button was engaged. The sound was a slightly overdriven grind, which was nice I found that the contour makes everything more bassy 6603BEB3-4F71-4ECC-8485-392019805F33.MOV & a touch muffled. I have a rehearsal on Thursday, so will be able to try louder volumes & I may find that the settings need adjusting. I can’t wait to find out! Excuse the playing, it’s just to give an idea of the sound which was recorded onto my iPad.
  8. Sad news tonight, Pete Shelley of The Buzzcocks has passed away!
  9. Received my Barefaced Two 10 S on Wednesday, had a quick play at home which sounded great. Played a gig last night & it was a wonderful sound! Not my ideal sound but full & solid sounding. I will need to adjust the settings to get the best sound but I’m going to enjoy finding it! I'm using my Ashdown RM500 amp which has plenty on versatility so it should be a joyful journey.
  10. What wattage amp do you use with this cab and do you use it as a single cab?
  11. Blimey, 39 years ago, that’s when I picked up my first bass, a Jedson shortscale Tele style, closely followed by a Honda Precision with a neck like telegraph pole and an action you could limbo under! I then upscaled to an Aria SB600, what a difference!
  12. I bought an RM500 a couple of weeks ago and used it live last week for the first time. It sounded great, although I need to sort out a couple of tweaks of the settings to get the sound I really want. There's plenty of scope for variation. My only niggle's are that it has no headphone output, apparently they are adding that to the next model that comes out and the front panel is a bit too shiny and you can't make out the control labels. But I suppose that's just something to get used to. I play it through two Fender Rumble 1 x12's which have the magnets to hold the Rumble amp in position, these also grip the Rootmasters metal casing and there's no chance of the amp vibrating or getting pulled off! Overall I'm really pleased with it!
  13. Maybe he’s speaking “ pidgeon English”!
  14. I suspect it is something to do with the valves. I’ve just playing through it & it sounds normal again! i did take the cover off the other day, and I decided I wasn’t going to risk taking the valves out, as you say, they are in a very restricted space. My local music shop does repairs, so I think I’ll just take in and let them sort it out. Thanks for your replies.
  15. My GK MB500 Fusion has developed a problem. When it is switched on, the volume is low and the sound is scrunchy/crackly, this is the same on both the A and B channels and makes no difference if it is used with speakers or headphone only. I have tried using a 1/4" jack into the send & return sockets on the effects loop, with no change in sound. I was wondering if it is maybe the valves. Does anyone have any ideas? Also does anyone know a good amp repairer in the Harrogate/ Leeds/ York area? Thanks in advance.
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