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  1. Hi Dan, do you have anymore info or even pictures of your dad playing this bass, it might trigger some memories. I’m sure I’ve seen a picture of either that or something similar but I can’t remember where, sorry. I’m also from Harrogate & have seen you playing in The Blues Bar with Ashley, who I know from a long time ago. I did see you playing with your dad there as well, was it Ashley’s 50th? Good luck with your search Andy
  2. Sad news about the passing of Dave Greenfield if The Stranglers. I have tickets for the last tour in October but I can’t see it happening. they have been a large part of my life from the age of 14 and he will leave a big gap in my life.
  3. There this for sale I here, nothing to do with me
  4. I use shower head washers with no problems, although they are showing signs of cracking but at about £1.00 a pair, it’s no great outlay.
  5. I've recently finished reading it and found it to be an excellent book, I was also expecting more about the Chilli Peppers but he certainly had a full on childhood/adolescence. I'm not a particular fan of the Chilli Peppers but I do like to read about most forms band/music. I'd recommend it.
  6. This one originated in the deep dark north but they seem to appear all over the country, even the world, probably with very mixed results! I’m glad mine sounds the way it does though.
  7. I played my first gig of the year last night using this bass & it was fantastic to play! It cut through the mix perfectly and it positively throbbed and growled. It’s definitely a keeper. I took my American Standard as well, just in case it was needed but it just sat there looking pretty. I’m playing again next week in a very small narrow room and I think it will be a single bass gig!
  8. Looks very similar to an old Ibinez Blazer bass I had which would have been about 1983/4
  9. There was a Mexican Road Worn for sale at the same time, which I was tempted by but I thought the spec would be higher on the bitsa. Also, I had a reliced bass before and never felt too easy with the look of it, although it was described as having been dragged along by a car! Also the tuners are rock solid, unlike on the Mexican Jazz that I had, in fact I think that they are probably more solid than my American Standard too! Either way, I'm happy with my purchase and that's all that counts for me.
  10. No, but it looks like one. t This is what Walshy wrote about it. Up for grabs this super P bass build by BassDoc. Built with quality parts including Fender licenced WD neck and body Neck is mint and body has some dinks and knocks. Gotoh reverse tuners Roadwork bridge with spiral saddles Fender reissue gold aluminium Scratchplate Fender 60’s reissue pick up Fender reissue knobs CTS pots and switchcraft jack D’addario Chrome Flats
  11. Not quite a new bass day, I got it on New Years Eve. its a 57 Bitsa that I bought off Walshy. I’ve been taking my time getting used to playing it, it’s a totally different feel to my American Standard. It is a bit heavier too but it has a fantastic sustain. When I received it, it had flatwounds fitted, which I gave a go at but they’re not for me, so I’ve since fitted a set of D’Adario roundwounds & it now growls like a beast! The neck is also a fair bit chunkier, which took some getting used to but I’m getting there. All in all I’m really pleased with my purchase and can’t wait to try it out at our next gig, I’m sure it’s going to sound awesome.
  12. Just bought a 57 Precision Bitsa off Paul, great service. I agreed the sale on Saturday & received it today! He has been a pleasure to deal with & I wouldn’t hesitate to deal with him again.
  13. Message hasn’t come through. but yes I’ll take it. cheers andy
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