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  1. Anybody tried them ???
  2. Thanks 👍 ..I wanted a vintage , dark sound and that's just how it sounds .. with a hint of Jazz bass 😁 ...labella flats aswell , they're still a bit bright at the mo , until I can get them played in a bit ..
  3. Short scale Tele Mahogany body , Spalted Maple top Set neck Cream binding Smoke p/guard ..sort of transparent dark red Supro pickups Lollipop tuners String through Series / Parallel pull / push middle knob Tbx tone control Picked up from Jon's workshop on Monday...😁
  4. Thanks 😁 I've got a Shuker P bass that can sound pretty aggressive , there's a pic over on the White Basses thread 👍 I love the sound of the Supro pickups andI wanted their vintage vibe 😁
  5. I haven't had a chance to have a really good play on it yet only about half an hour or so ... the pickups are Supro's as on the Huntington basses so quite " vintage " sounding , which is what I was after...
  6. Collected today from Jon Shuker ....😁
  7. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  8. Very nice 👍 Worth the wait yep ? 😁
  9. Just done a very quick and easy deal with that there Dave , lovely guy , friendly, great communications , a pleasure to do business with 😁👍👍
  10. In my experience , this is par for the course really . I just keep sending the odd email to see what's happening and if he needs any more details from me ... he did say that his courses have been taking up a lot of his time , so him being a one man band ...😁...I sort of expected it . This will only be my second Bass from Jon and in reality I'm not in that much of a rush , but maybe Muzz can tell you more 👍
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