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  1. US Precision p/ups

    [quote name='prowla' timestamp='1508929777' post='3395393'] Still unpacking? [/quote] Yip , there are still boxes taped up ...... ... I've recently completed a Bass trade where I sent pics of the Bass I traded over the phone ....
  2. £45 posted Precision p/ups from my 08/09 US P . Great condition , plenty of wire , brass plate and screws . No pics yet , we've recently moved house and my camera is still packed in a box ... If you're interested just pm me your mob/number and I'll send you some pics through Thanks Mike
  3. Sold Fender 62 reissue P BASS CIJ Oly /white

    [quote name='davross' timestamp='1506585857' post='3379670'] There's no thinly veiled accusations, he's either best case bought a bass and is now selling here without taking photo's so the bass could be altered or damaged since purchase, or worst case its a fake. Either way I feel potential buyers deserve to know as you get little buyer protection in these forums. [/quote] As I said , maybe you should have taken it up with Rich first before you posted any ' warning ' , maybe then you would have found out the truth of the matter , best case / worse case or whatever . You could have contacted him or checked his Feedback before jumping in feet first . People on here are grown ups who can deal with issues themselves or through the moderators if they wish , which incidentally is another route you could have taken , but this isn't ebay and people on here aren't prone to ripping people off .
  4. Sold Fender 62 reissue P BASS CIJ Oly /white

    This actual Bass or the same model ?
  5. Could you give me any info if you have please ? Thanks Mike
  6. Feedback for Josh

    A bit late this … holidays dontcha know … Traded a P Bass for Josh's ( now mine ) Flea Jazz …. As Joshs go I'd say he's definitely one of the best great communication , very friendly chap , bass well packed and in great condition , a pleasure to deal with indeed .
  7. Slappity pop pop slappity Brilliant ! It does sound intriguing though and I do like Mark King
  8. WITHDRAWN - Custom Telecaster Bass

    [quote name='mike 110' timestamp='1452703590' post='2952643'] That is rather lovely , I find myself looking at this thread quite frequently ! I don't have the cash for much at the mo , but I do have technology and wherewithal to bump this little beauty to the top GLWTS mate [/quote]How in the hell is this still here ?
  9. The Creamery and Mojo Pickups ….

    Those Gold Foil Pickups do look the Biz !!!
  10. The Creamery and Mojo Pickups ….

    [quote name='The_Rodster' timestamp='1495651258' post='3305654'] Yeah, I paid £70 plus p&p although this was over 6 months ago so the price may have changed. If you email Marc via the site I'm sure he'll give you and up to date price for one [/quote] Thanks Rodster , I'll do that
  11. The Creamery and Mojo Pickups ….

    [quote name='The_Rodster' timestamp='1495567682' post='3304961'] Here we go - The cover's approx 9.1 cm by 5.5 cm and the pickup itself is approx 6.5 cm by 5.5 cm. [/quote] Thanks I don't suppose you could give me the price could you ? PM if you like …?
  12. The Creamery and Mojo Pickups ….

    [quote name='The_Rodster' timestamp='1495554913' post='3304756'] Hopefully the photos have posted ok? [attachment=245858:IMAG0655.jpg] [attachment=245859:IMAG0656.jpg] [attachment=245860:IMAG0657.jpg] [/quote] Woo nice ! I don't suppose you could give me the measurements could you ?