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  1. Hamsters... Frog 'n Bucket in Ide Hill... Remember the 'Hamsterhead - Rodent Rockers' T Shirt... Great Times, Roll on Live Bands in the Pub!
  2. boxhill or bust (i'm happy when i'm riding me hog) - dumpy's rusty nuts Kent Custom Bike Show and The Marquee in Wardor St anyone?
  3. If paid by PayPal for collection there should be a Ref Number sent to you that the seller should check before handing over... Sounds like a Scam
  4. Make sure ya get those picks posted in a NBD thread... and in the Black Bass thread, and in the Rick Porn thread... Buzzin' (or should that be Clankin') for ya!
  5. Individual pedals are easier to use and get to grips with, but with a Zoom you can set a Patch for each song each with up to 5 effects! Connect to Guitrar Lab or ToneLib and Change patches, rename, add remove effects etc. Had a B1Four but sold it and got the older B1on as they have different Amp Sims... check the Zoom Site Downloads for a list of Amps and Effects. I mainly use it as a headphone amp and have cleared all the original patches and replaced a bank of them with just the Marshall Super Bass Amp and 4x12 Cab Sim with various EQ settings and different amounts of Drive. Then a bank of patches some adding a Chorus, some adding a Phaser and some adding a Flanger... just to add a bit of 'space and movement' to the sound. Thats about it for me. I've yet to have a play with the different Compressors to see what they are all about. Got a Cheapy Chorus (£12) FS if ya fancy giving that a go? Nice 'Thickener' to a Clean or Driven Sound.
  6. Doesnt one of the Boss tuners also work as a headphone amp IIRC? Might come in handy. My Bad - not the pedal one...
  7. Nice... Said it before... That SR neck, and particularly the later worn pebble rather than flat body shape!... shame they dont do a simple passive single P... in natural
  8. I'd be on the look out on gumtree for one of those fancy push chair things... and maybe look to use the frame 'n wheels?
  9. found this... i see the allen screw is quite sunken in. pic is not great, can the machine head be taken apart after removing the peg screw, or is the worm bar captive? otherwise prolly a leave alone or replace the whole machine head
  10. @garyt got a pic? Dont know about sandbergs... but from working on motorcycles etc... first source a replacement, maybe by removing a good one, or dropping sandberg a line. or check ebay fasteners... no point removing the old one if its doing its job untill you have a replacement. Then when you got the new one, most i have seen are cross head, but if allen head try a star/torx bit in the hex hole... what size allen key? sometimes you may be able to gently tap in a slightly oversize imperial key into a metric hole. If not and you can get at the head, lots of masking tape then cut a slot across the head with a dremmel and use a slot head screwdriver, if ya cant get across the head, a small cold chisel to bite in to the edge of the bolt (inside or outside) and tap it round. Maybe remove the machine hesd from the headstock and hold in a vice or screw it to a scrap piece of wood to work on? If they are always tight then the optionof leaving it
  11. Just giving em a go... Rush Moving Pictures.... very revealing, more so than my Sony's... Happy with the sound quality. Just the lack of QR Code or Holograme sticker some of the You Tube unboxing mention... @CliveT was that a Y or N on the QR? - @Waddo Soqable no responsibilities worry... look the same down to the protective film on the earcups and adapter shape. does your box have a QR code? All Good for £15 - Gonna have a lyedown on the sette wiv some sounds for a hour... just to make sure 😉😉😉 EDIT: On an old fav '801 Live'... SO much more going on! 👍
  12. Headphones arrived... had a quick look... one of the cable reliefs to one of the ear cups was loose and required pulling down to secure. No QR Code on the box... mmm i wonder if they are genuine? I've messaged the seller and sent a pic, so waiting on a response before contacting eBay etc. Gave em a quick try and they work, but gonna give em a proper try on the MP3 player... Just thought i'd post - as ever - buyer beware.
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