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  1. @Happy Jack. Yep... Alice Cooper the band... before Alice Cooper the man Mates had a band called 'The Derek Nimmo's Blues Band'... But none of them was called Derek or Nimmo...
  2. Long may the Morphine continue... I'm off my nut and on some Ozric Tentacles...
  3. lonesome train (on a lonesome track) - Inner City Unit... and others in Black and White and Mono...
  4. Hawkwind - Space Ritual and Do Re Mi.. On Morphine with Dolly Mixtures... due to this... would seem silly to waste it!
  5. Started with Rounds on my PJ Jazz Bitsa (Flats on the P Bitsa) following my Poll. But, due to low-ish A and D nut slots swapped to a set of Olympia Flats. The little extra tension has all but cured it...
  6. Likes the Budgie... Lots of old vinyl and the MCA 3 disk box set, In for the kill, Bandolier, Never turn ya back on a friend, 3 great albums for a tenner! is a bargain for those wishing to get a refresh. Often billed as a British (Welsh) Rush, but @KevBsums it up 'proper power trio' Was a bit on the telly about Rockfield Studios a while back... Looking to see if there is any Old Grey Whistle Test footage...
  7. Zoom B1on Pedal Protection and Cable Storage... B1 Four should also fit. Zoom velcro-ed to the bottom of the lid... room for 1/4" Cables, USB leads and Headphone Adaptor.... It's a CELEBRATION!... Send me your full tub and i'll empty if for you ready for use! Metal Quality Street Tins are better for METAL!
  8. Reasonable Lift... but depends on the carry distance and where the handle(s) are... Folding Sack Barrow / Hand Cart?
  9. I think the Olympia are the same as the Adagio's... Same Red Silks... Look the same, feel the same, tension, sound the same to my cloth ears... Got Adagio Flats on my Harley Benton Acoustic and Ibanez Electric Bass, Olympia's on my P and J Bitsa's (J has a low-ish nut and has benefitted from tge Flats slightly higher tension over Rounds to stop an A and D buzz at the first...) Also got Olympia Flats (10-48) on an Epi LP Electric Guitar, and just put another set on my eldests Electro Acoustic Bowlback... Real nice warm tone... Great Value Flats... Especially for a tryout.
  10. @PaulWarning B1on owner here... Care to share your Tech 21 Leeds settings? presumably for the 'BassDrive' (Sans Amp Bass Drive Sim) Have yoy tried the Marshall SuperBass amp and Cab SIM to 'Lemmy'?
  11. Orpington / Bromley... David Bowie, Billy Idol!
  12. Uncle Sam's on Mars - Hawkwind (PXR5)
  13. Tuner (Mute) > Compressor (Regulate) > Pre (EQ and Shape) > Overdrive (Extra Push)... i would imagine would be the normal. But try the Compressor after the Drive can give a different 'cut' to the notes... Similarly Drive in front of a Pre can push a change in dynamic and tone texture... but these may be more a one-off type use thing. Same as placing a delay, often at the end, repeats are the same... Delay before say Modulation, Chorus, Phaser or Flanger... means the repeats 'move'... EDIT: Good point on the above in regard to DI... and / or an amp.
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