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  1. Over the bit of body, between the cavities... 1/2" - 3/4" wide, so it gets hidden under the pick guard...
  2. ...and the Nut...?!? 🤤 It's 'Food Poisening Bass'... Something wrong at both ends..
  3. @Happypants Thanks, but the cheapy Adagio's turned up yesterday, otherwise i would i would certainly of had your D'Addario's...
  4. Another loom from John, Quick turnaround, well packaged, super neat job!
  5. Yep Back of a P Bass headstock Quite 'Gong' in places... Phil Manzanera Eno Simon Philips Bill Macormic Lloyd Watson Nice!
  6. Nice... But i'm a Thumb Rest on Top kinda' guy...
  7. Scorpions - Tokyo Tapes MSG - Budokan
  8. Thanks for all the above suggestions and views... As the P has Adagio flats which i think are great for £13, I am thinking of a Jazz build, so have gone with Adagio Rounds in the same 45-100 for £10 Thought i'd give em a go over Rotosound or Ernie Ball..
  9. Just ripped Ozric Tentacles Double CD Afterswish to mp3.... 💫 🕉️
  10. @Dad3353 3D printed me one (along with the pickup bezel) no screw holes, stuck on with double sided tape...
  11. As i've got older i now prefer the natural and wood finishes... particularly on classic shapes, and more particularly on a bass... save the colours for the guitars... {saying that something is on my mind...} As for Sunbursts, I dont like the red of a 3 tone and prefer a two tone brown or tobbaco burst. Your P and J look sweet as they are, I'd go down the Matching Scratchplate route if ya fancy a change... but i don't do tort, My plain and simple P in Natural...
  12. BIG thanks [email protected] (Douglas) for sorting this out... Couple of goes and Bingo! also 3D printed me a matching Thumb Rest! I think it looks the BIZ...
  13. ^^^^^ So, similar to the above... @Dad3353 / Douglas responded to my plea for a 3D Printed Pickup Surround / Bezel to for my P Bitsa. Couple of goes and Bingo! also sorted me a matching Thumb Rest and a Stubby Thumb Rest to fit my Acoustic. All in the name of Basschat! Basschat Helper Achievment Award goes to.... @Dad3353... Douglas take a bow!
  14. Set-up reasonable-ish. Neck on without any shim, Gave the truss rod half a turn to take out some relief... Action reasonable Intonated OK on the DG, alrightish on the A, E still a little sharp, so saddle needs to go back, but height adjuster screws are almost at the back of the plate groves. The body came with screw mounting hole markers for a std Fender bridge, and the Gotoh-alike is meant to be a simple swap rellacement... perhaps i should of gone 3-5mm further back. Soundwise... Beefy Low Thump, with the flats... when compared to the Ibanez GSR200 PJ wearing flats. (My Ibby SR600 is a bit more modern sounding... but also with flats) Bit of a 'Ghosting' type tone from the E. Pickup Heights? Leant it to a mate who plays for a few days to see what they think... Got it back earlier today, so now its had a fortnighg bolted up to settle, I'll give it another going over, hopefully this afternoon Oh... and @Dad3353 came to my rescue when i asked about 3D printing a bezel. Great job and a matching Thumb Rest! a real Gent! I think it finishes it off nicely, together with the cream covers and headstock decal for that Custom 'One-Off' look. Untill next time...🍄😵‍💫😉
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