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  1. 1st thing would be to remove the blend pot and see if thats the issue with a multi meter.. and if so replace with another CTS or Bourns pot... maybe Mouser?
  2. (Is)Lamb lies down on broadway - Genesis
  3. Post a pic of the headstock and tuning pegs... Number of turns round the pegs, and are they defo short scale strings with a thin bit around the peg, and not long scale strings cut down, Remember when restringing... turn the winder, dont wrap the string, as you introduce a twist along the strings length...
  4. Sky Arts... Hawkwind Stonehenge 1984 01:20 - 04:00 It's also on catch up...
  5. If ya havent gone for the pups yet... £33... https://www.dv247.com/en_GB/GBP/Roswell-Pickups-RKB-N-CR-Bass-Pickup-Neck-Chrome/art-BAS0010636-000
  6. Clear the patches on a Zoom B1on / Four... Build a patch or two... or three per tune, with ToneLib, and name it... plus a couple of Defaults... Store patches on a PC... Load ya Zoom with the patches needed for the gig and order them... Loads of Bays and Patches so you could double-up just in case. ToneLib also have an Android App so you can do it from a phone for last min changes. Tuner and Headphone Out a Bonus! Maybe ya Boss can do similar...
  7. These are days - 10,000 Maniacs... Double Points?
  8. @Duarte your previous pic of that P was the insperation for the slanty pups on my J... you bad man 😉 And as for the P.. I like it simple...
  9. Give the strings a wipe with isoprop rubbing alcohol... or one of those Glasses Wipes... and take a hand (beer) towel...
  10. 0000 wire wool... dipped in isoprop or lighter fuel... going lightly with the grain... I'd stick the body in a carrier bag, or tape over pickups... and sandwich bag over the headstock... taped closed, to stop the wire wool dust.
  11. Bacon the Road Again - REO Speedwagen...
  12. Are Friends Electric - Gary Numan / Tubeway Army
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