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  1. @alexa3020 FZ - City of Tiny Lights - Sheik Yerbouti
  2. #1 for me - Sounds like an original 2 knob Boss... i had the 2 knob Amdek self build kit copy... Got a Arion 3 knob chorus, thats in the Arion flight case with Tuner, Metal Master and Flanger, with my eldest for the GTR... Also got cheap Wholenote (Ibanez Tank Series Clones) 3 knob Chorus and matching Phaser. I likes 'em set way more subtle than your demo, in speed, depth and strength. Is #5 the Zoom? Please PM me the results
  3. @Rich Got a Fish CD single with a live cover of Faith Healer TSAHB - classic vibes Takes me back a bit... possibly 30 years!
  4. If its doubtful about matching the paint, how about satin black...
  5. Labcoat... I had the 1977 Sonic Assassins 12" Single cover on the back of mine...
  6. If the saddles were at the top... did the neck go back on without the shim, in order to drop the saddles a bit? So didnt realy need a shim?
  7. Ibanez! Those necks.. GSR200B £165 New BAX, SR600 £200 Gumtree, EDA900 £85 CashConverters (plus a £5 Vol pot) Oh and the £10 Gumtree Cruiser by Crafter P-a-like...
  8. Where did it come from? even though its out of the returns times, it may be considered faulty... i'd give em a call or take it to the store if you can, often they have residant tech who can take a look andctry, so you dont have to! or was it a BAX type job? I did't realise they were not Folkstone UK as their address implies...
  9. Removed the finish build up from the leading edge of the pocket with an emery board / nail file, (carefull not to pull the finsh off over the edge) trying to get the pocket flat, must of been over half a mm in places... Went for the thin bit of card i had cut as a shim. - bit off the front, so less needed at the back? Neck back on, able to get a couple of turns on the saddle screws so they are off the deck, get a bit of string to fretborad radius without the action being sky high... Neck seems to have lost a little relief in its removal and refit, not back bowed but almost dead straight, with the lightest of string tap at 7 and 9 when capo-ed at 1 and held at last. Its defo better - Action just under 3mm bass side, no real buzz unless plucked hard May slacken the russ rod 1/4 to give a bit of relief back, may then be able to drop the action a smidge... Please keep any advice coming...
  10. Advice sought from builders and modders on my Ibby EDA 900... Pic of 'action' and a mention of a shim by @AndyTravis and @MoonBassAlpha persuaded me take the neck off! Action is high... 3.5 mm or so at the 12th, about 4.5mm at the 24th... Saddles are flat on the bridge with strings about 7.5 mm off the body So to get the saddles at about mid adjust height, raising em about 2.5 to 3mm Bit of triganometry an angle of 0.7 - 0.8 Deg, a shim of about a 1mm to 1.5mm should do it... Cut a bit of card for the back of the pocket as by way of a 'look-see' in the pic below - but too thin, maybe look for a bit of wood, ala coffee stirer? Maybe start by sanding smooth the finish build-up at the front of the pocket? Your thoughts and any better ideas or preffered methods?
  11. Thank you so much for such generosity, beers a neccesary token... Soldered the loose wire on the jack socket, eBay for a pickup switch knob and tremlo arm... Eldest is one 'Happypants'
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