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  1. This is my used Streamliner that I have gigged about 5 times since I’ve had it. I’m thinning the amount of kit I have so take this opportunity to get an amp that doesn’t come up for sale very often and is now discontinued. It comes with its GB bag and original manual. I have replaced the blue leds that had failed which is a common fault with these amps. This doesn’t affect the workings but I prefer to have everything as it should. I have cleaned the fan and internals. The pots have been cleaned and lubed. Comes with a power lead so all you need to add is a speakon to whatever your cab takes cable. There are some very minor marks on the amp as you would expect from a gigged piece of kit but nothing awful or horrific. The previous owner has scratched a small mark on the surround to some of the pots to show where he liked to have them set but you have to be really up close to see them(see photos) Collection only from Bracknell RG12 or I’m happy to travel to meet at a reasonable distance for the right money. You are welcome to give it a play on pickup. Any questions, please ask. This is the manufacturer blurb; The new Streamliner™ design from Genz Benz is taking the lightweight amp design into a new arena, using the superb class D technology perfected by Genz and combining a new preamp section.. The 300 volt All Tube Class A preamp design is driven by three 12AX7 preamp tubes utilising six gain stages. The preamp design features an intuitive and highly effective tone network which is a unique blend of a modified passive Baxandall network for the bass and treble along with an active tube driven mid filter with selectable mid frequencies. The versatile all tube preamp exudes a fat and rich tone that remains articulate. It can be used to simply add warmth to your natural tone or it can be dialled in to provide a wide range of natural tube overdrive. Along with our preamp design that rivals that of many classic tube amplifiers, the STREAMLINER™ amps also features our proprietary 3 Dimensional Power Management analogue technology. Our 3DPM™ adds heft and girth to each individual note, while enhancing the amplifiers responsiveness and headroom. It provides the dynamic and 3 dimensional tone and feel of an all tube power amp design. With its solid extruded aluminium panels, CNC machined solid billet aluminium faceplate and smooth-radius edges the STREAMLINER™ 900 chassis emanates the ruggedness and strength of a world-class touring machine. This brushed aluminium chassis is finished in an anodised Tungsten finish. The powerhouse behind the Streamliner™ is a Class D amplifier and SMPS module, enhanced with our Patent Pending P.H.A.T. (Proprietary Heat Abatement Technology) topology. This delivers robust and reliable, high output performance in a tremendously compact and convenient package. Simply put, this new design offers a more streamlined approach to finding your voice, yet it still carries forth the GENZ BENZ reputation for performance, reliability and innovation. FEATURES •STM 900 - 500 Watts @ 8 ohms; 900 Watts @ 4 ohms •STM 600 - 375 Watts @ 8 ohms; 600 Watts @ 4 ohms • SMPS and Class D power amplifier design • Class A Six Stage Tube Preamp (3 x 12AX7A Tubes) • Modified Passive Baxandall EQ for the Lows and Highs • Active Tube Driven Mid EQ • Selectable 3-Position Mid Frequencies: 220, 600, 2.5K HZ • Input Mute • Hi Gain switch • Master Volume • 3DPM™ Power Management • Patent Pending P.H.A.T topology • Full Direct Output Interface • Effects Loop • Headphone Input • Aux. Input • Dual Speakon Outputs • Variable Speed Fan Cooling •Patent Pending P.H.A.T. topology •Weight:900 6.5lb (600 6lb) •Size: 3 1/4" x 10" x 11 7/8"
  2. Are combos allowed in this club? If so; Original(1999) ABM C115 500 combo and VS115 200 cab
  3. Ah that’s the other thing…….the raft of restrictions on their private lives including officers having to get permission to live at a different address(I kid you not!), not getting into debt and being held to a higher standard of behaviour off duty, she will have to declare the band work as a business interest and get it authorised if she gets any kind of reward for it. That could mean paid gigs, free drinks etc. As to seeing or smelling illegal things whilst at gigs…..I become very short sighted and nose blind. The only reason I’m there is because the band is playing so unless Pablo Escobar is running a drugs cartel from gig, the band are like the 3 wise monkeys.
  4. To add some perspective, the band I’m in consists of 3 police officers and a paramedic. We seem to be able to make it work using a mixture of leave and rest days. The 3 of us that are in the police have roles not doing nights and 2 of us have zero chance of being late off which helps. Police regs stipulate you have to have your shifts published for 12 months in advance but they can get changed at short notice for stuff, less so if you’re not public order trained. The Paramedic has the most trouble due to not having a shift pattern set in stone. Getting together for regular practices is more difficult than gigs but again we make it work because we enjoy doing something completely different to our day jobs. We have 3 gigs lined up for December. If someone wants to book us then we don’t commit until all the band have checked their shift patterns and booked leave etc. People seem perfectly ok with this. For the OP, I suspect your drummer will be ok with a little planning and common sense. I wouldn’t book a gig to start at 8pm if she’s off at say 6pm….just in case she’s late off. It’s quite easy to be 4-6 hours late off duty when you are on response shifts. My longest day was 17 hrs. If the drummer wants to play and be part of a band, she will make it work and if band wants her as part of the band, they will it work.
  5. I had a good result with Liberon finishing oil on an un-stained alder bodied Warwick using the hand sanded slurry method. It really is a little and often approach allowing the coats to dry and working your way up the grit of wet and dry paper From this; To this; I found very therapeutic for my mental health to spend an hour each day oiling and sanding.
  6. And I would transfer it straight to another account of mine ie savings thus making it more difficult to just be pulled back. As they say “possession is nine tenths of the law”
  7. My day job is triaging crime reports for a police force to see if they have any lines of enquiry. The majority of the victims of scams I deal with are on FB Marketplace. A common one at the moment is person comes to collect an item that you have advertised. They say that they will do the bank transfer in front of you. There will be some fiddling on the phone and lo and behold they show you a screen which appears to show a bank transfer to your account. They will then say that they are in a hurry and will try and leave with your item before you get a chance to check your account. The transfer they have show you is a faked screenshot. I’ve had reports where people turn up to buy phones, ask to look at the phone whilst chatting on the doorstep(oh I wont come in due to Covid), get their hands on the phone and run to a waiting accomplice in a car. The other common one is the “I will buy your item but the courier company needs you to pay a deposit to book the collection” and try and direct you to a phishing site. EBay does not seem to attract as many scammers probably because of the tighter controls and refunds policies. Professional scamming is a volume crime where they will use technology to target multiple potential victims on the basis that someone will fall for it out of every 50 people. FB marketplace is designed to be a collection in person only, cash on collection transaction site. Due to this there is very little protection in place if you deviate from that method. I would certainly be checking any potential buyers profile to see when it was set up, any photos, friends, posts, likes etc. I would be very dubious of any profile that was recently set up and didn’t have very much activity on it. It’s also worth engaging the potential buyer in conversation prior to the deal to get a bit of a feel for them. Anyone buying a bass should be easy to engage in conversation about their playing/bass history. I would be dubious of anyone who didn’t engage in a bit of chit chat and seemed very focused on the transaction. The average scammer will be very much all about getting the transaction done before you can think about it or have concerns. Anyway, this is just what I’ve seen.
  8. Those Katanas are surprisingly loud given the size of them! So I have made contact with Richard on here and hopefully will soon be the proud owner of an Ashdown ABM C115 500 combo later this week. This is one of the original ABMs which I believe were made in the UK before being outsourced to the East. It fits the bill of what I’m looking for which is a bullet proof, reliable, decent sounding and powerful combo plus I love the fact it’s got some history to it. I know it’s not the lightest around but it has wheels and I have a ramp into the van lol. I did toy with the idea of getting a smaller cab for the Streamliner than the Peavey 810 and GRBass 410+ I already have but I also fancied having a bit of a change of tone/sound option available as well. I like the idea of having an alternative separate rig and the one Richard is offering for sale on here is just too good to pass on. This also appears to be a good starting point for a foray into Ashdown which I have used a couple of before at the local rehearsal rooms and enjoyed the sound.
  9. I saw that and think it would fit the bill perfectly. I’ve given Richard a PM to see if it’s still available and if it is I’ll snap it up.
  10. Lozz…….210, 410, or 115……does it make a difference?
  11. I’m after a second hand combo for home practice, rehearsal and smaller gigs. I’m in a covers band with 2 loud guitarists playing rock and pop but nothing heavier than Foo Fighters lol. Budget is around £200-250. I have a GB Streamliner 900 and cabs for bigger gigs so a combo that is portable is a must so I actually want to take it out the house. Ideally I like to be able to keep up with a Boss Katana 100w x 2 with none of us going through the PA. So far I have looked at a Blackstar Unity 120, EBS Classic Session 120, some Peaveys and some form of Ashdown. I have had a unity 500 before and stupidly got rid of it so I know I like the sound. I have also played through various Ashdowns and like them as well. I’m not a brand snob so have no issues with a good recommended used Peavey or similar. I accept that older combos are less likely to be as portable as new ones from a weight point of view. Would 120w of the Blackstar or the EBS be enough through a 12”? if not how much would be? I don’t mind more watts as long as it’s fairly portable but don’t want to be left wanting more in my battle with the guitarists lol Is there a silver bullet of a used combo out that I should be looking for that would be the best bang for bucks and meet my requirements? Any options gratefully received……….
  12. So some photos; before charging the dots and after 5 seconds on each on.
  13. I had exactly the same issue with my Streamliner and used 3mm 3v 30mA blue led diodes that I got from that well known online auction site. These are still going strong and I went for a smaller led as I didn’t want the blue lights to be too bright on a dark stage. I completely agree that you need to be confident in de-soldering and soldering on PCBs and have the right equipment. The diodes are mounted through the PCB and have to be de-soldered to remove. I used a solder sucker, a solder workstation, decent solder and flux. The diodes also have a positive and negative side and need to be mounted in the correct direction on the PCB. If you burn the PCB then you will, as Downunderwonder said, end up with a pile of scrap as you will struggle to find spares. Having done it once, I wouldn’t risk it again if mine failed in the future. It really is a fiddly job fraught with pitfalls. if you are in any doubt as to your abilities then I would find someone who is competent in PCB soldering and pay them to do it.
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