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  1. Like others have said don’t be pressured into buying a bass that they(the band) think is appropriate. If you like your SR300 then there are loads of decent second hand higher range SRs out there. You can get a decent SR800 from the 90s, made in Japan for £5-600. I have an 89 and I love it. I also had a 300 and they are like chalk and cheese in quality. The SR1820 I had was only £800 brand new as it was an ex demo discontinued line. There is an SR1000 on the bay at the mo for about £800 and that is a prestige top of the range. Whatever YOU decide will be right.
  2. I had read that the new generators are much better than the older versions. Hopefully I’m just fretting over nothing.
  3. The band are due to play at a wedding in a marquee in July where the power will be from a generator. The wedding is on their land and they are doing it themselves hiring a marquee etc. I have suggested to the happy couple that they hire in a decent silenced diesel one with a distributor box. In case they decide to go with a couple of petrol driven Hondas, will a couple of APC Line R 1250i automatic voltage regulators/line conditioners be enough to protect our amps and mixer from harm? They are supposed to even out any over or under voltage plus surge protection but are not a UPS. They are rated at 1250va each and there will be 2 guitar amps, bass amp, XR18 & laptop and 3 pedal boards split between them. Our lights I’m happy to be just off a normal surge protector. Not playing is not an option as the couple have already been let down by another band and like many others have postponed their day a couple of times. Off the back of this I have actually amended our booking form to ask about and stipulate minimum power requirements as part of the hire agreement but cannot apply this retrospectively to this gig. I’m less worried about surges and more about voltage sagging. All our kit is insured under a band policy which also gives us PLI but I really don’t want the hassle of having to replace kit if the worst happens. Do the APCs sound enough or is there anything else I need to do?
  4. A pair of Yamaha DXR10 should be just about in your budget. We use a pair over a pair of DXS12 subs when putting most of the band through it but a pair of the 10s would be more than enough for just vocals. I’ve never managed to get them to limit yet and they can go ridiculously loud.
  5. I have the job of BV in my band and similar to OP I’m looking for a little assistance. I’m waiting on an TC Helicon Touch 2 to be delivered which I’m hoping will add some harmonies to my backing and generally thicken things up a little. I will need to have a play with it to see if running off the rhythm guitarist, preseting the key or using the built in room mics works best to control the harmonies. From the YouTube vids I have seen, it appears to be a very capable bit of kit but apparently you need to control the gain structure to prevent feedback. I’m not planning on using reverb, compression etc on the Touch 2 as the XR18 will handle that. It’s just the harmonies and a vocal effects I’m interested in.
  6. I’ve only had a couple of onboard preamps and some strings off BD and the ability to email and discuss which ones would suit the bass best tonally with someone who knows what they are talking about is fantastic. Their delivery times are so speedy as well.
  7. The best thing with wraps is they are very durable and protect the body underneath from scratches and knocks. If you get bored of it, just take it off.
  8. Mines only wrapped on one side with a seam of tape around the edge;
  9. Yeah the 5751 is about 70 gain opposed to the 100 or so of a 12AX7. With it in V1, I can crank the gain higher before going into overdrive which I prefer.
  10. I’m selling my backup rig of a Warwick Protube IV amp along with handmade 2x10 and 1x15 cabs. These were made by an ex-Warwick tech according to the chap I bought them off and are loaded with Emminence drivers. Each cab runs at 8ohms. I can’t tell you what the actual drivers are as I’ve never had the cabs apart. The light coloured wood around the cabs isn’t damage. It’s a deliberate feature where the wood was masked off prior to painting . These are really well built cabs and solid as a rock. They were clearly made by someone who knew what they were doing The Protube IV is 400w at 4 ohms and has a separate tube and solid state channels. It is housed in a Gator type hard case. I have never gigged this rig as it was bought as a back up just prior to the start of the pandemic last year. Tonally, it offer a very broad range as you can imagine with having the option of tube or solid state. The channels cannot be combined unfortunately so you selected one or the other. I believe you can get a foot switch to be able to change channels on the fly. Pickup is from Bracknell, Berks and I’m working from home at the moment so loads of flexibility. Feel free to bring your face mask and try it out before you take away. I won’t take less than £300 as the amp and cabs separately are worth that if not more. This rig would suit someone putting their toes into amp/stack water, as a back up or if you’re looking for a compact gigging rig to suit all styles of music.
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