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  1. Hi(: That's crazy haha sort of happy to hear in not the only one with this strange problem! I did get an answer from Ibanez just today After I already bought a gotoh gb350 (which was the wrong one coz it's on the other side of the bass head so I needed a "left handed tuning peg" which didn't occur to meπŸ˜…πŸ˜­πŸ€£) They just asked for my address and said they'll send me the part Which I found strange Because they didn't say anything about payment or anything practical πŸ€” very strange Let's see if anyone replys and if this "peg saga" will come to an end!
  2. o i see! haha amazing thank you now i got it πŸ™‚ your right there is almost to much info online it makes me dizzy ! but with some more digging i hope ill get my D string back in action 🀣
  3. very interesting points ! so now this is even more confusing your saying that even if i get the right size it might not be enough ? that's disturbing haha and also GOTOH pegs look amazing! just getting paranoid now that i would buy the wrong size,🀒 do you know by any chance if the GB350 refers to size? is there a standard in general when it comes to sizes of tuning peg boars ? anyway thank very much all the crazy detective experience those were truly amazing links deep dive as Plungermoderno says (:
  4. O I see haha I should have got that, Unless I'm missing something The specific tuning key I'm looking for is not available for delivery to the UK for some reason πŸ€”
  5. That's very interesting, Is your Ibanez an ergodyne ? Do Ibanez have a standard ? And also how dose one mesure ones holes ? Thank you very much For the kind help ☺️
  6. Amazing good to know I'll avoid those then! What is this "main shop"? Sorry if it's a silly question And thanks again for the warning πŸ™‚
  7. Wow that's awesome I'll feel like a detective I'll try emailing them now thank you so much for the amazing tips!
  8. Thank you that's an interesting yet scary thought! I might be missing something but from what I could see this website wouldn't send staff to the UK... Maybe I failed to find it (highly likely πŸ˜…) But still that seems to be a recurring problem, That a store has it but doesn't deliver to the UK... Odd and a bit annoying Thank you so much for the advise though!
  9. Hi there(: Quick update, I found the item it's a replacement: 2MB0007R-BK I even managed to find it in online stores but non of them deliver to the UK it seems.. Very strange I thought maybe I missed something, ether way it seems very rare.. Not sure what to do if there is no source for this in the UK πŸ€” Thank you very much Itamar
  10. Thank you! No I didn't know that, I'll try to do what you suggested and let you know if it worked for me, thanks again!
  11. Hello everyone, I was wondering if anyone knows by any chance, I play a 5 string Ibanez ergodyne EBC 705 The D string tuning peg doesn't spin anymore and the top broke so the string can't stay in its place, I believe it needs to be replaced, I would go to a shop but.... But Online I couldn't find any one tuning peg that has my specific models name.. So I was wondering is there anything "generic" or specific that would work with my bass (Ibanez ergodyne EBC 705) and is available online nowdays? Thank very much for any help😊
  12. Hello everyone 😊 I'm new here and to forums in general hope I understand the intricacies of the forum lifestyle! ItamarB Biasedbasis
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