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  1. Great shout on Simple Minds, I had the New Gold Dream album on in the van recently and Derek Forbes’ bass lines on it are superb. Someone, Somewhere in Summertime is one of my fave songs from the 80’s, just wish I could play the bass line to it all the way through once in a while without messing it up!
  2. Sting, early 80’s with The Police at the top of their game, but can I not fight Stewart Copeland between gigs as I think he’d kill me!
  3. Paul McCartney is the best thing about Glastonbury so far for me. Tight band, Dave Grohl and Bruce Springsteen flying in from the US just to play with him. As others have said, the man’s a National Treasure. What a back catalogue, I mean how does he begin to pick out 30 or so songs to play from that body of work? He’s 80, playing for nearly 3 hours and he loves what he’s doing with energy and enthusiasm. Amazing to see the whole crowd, young and old, singing along to Beatles songs written over 50 years ago. For my money Lennon and McCartney were the greatest songwriters of all time though, by a mile, absolutely timeless.
  4. Just discovered this thread. Here is my 32 scale Aria, bought in ‘88. It’s a Thor Sound, Aria Pro 2 TSB400. Had to replace the knobs as one of the originals sheared off when it fell over one day. Needs an overhaul and some tlc as my go to bass these days is a MIJ Fender Precision, but I wouldn’t part with as it was my first ever bass guitar.
  5. Have to agree with getting their early for sure. Plenty of time to set up and work out what goes where, especially in a new venue. Pottering and fiddling is an annoyance of mine too, usually guitarists tweaking pedals and stuff or endlessly noodling riffs as the audience is arriving. knowing your material inside out is a must as you say. Biggest thing here is making sure everyone has the right set list!
  6. Great thread this one, glad it’s been brought into the spotlight. worst part of any gig is 10 mins before you go on in my experience, that stomach tightening feeling. Going over the songs in your head and hoping it’s not you who messes up and makes the band look unrehearsed. At its very worst your muscles tense up to a point where your hands think you’re wearing thick gloves and you feel like your moving in slow motion, hard to explain it properly unless you’ve experienced it. Usually it passes after the first song and I relax into it. The level of anxiety is usually affected by the size of the gig and the audience too.
  7. It does exist, but as you get older you care less about what someone is using and become more interested in why they are using it. Especially with amps, I’ve seen some ramshackle gear held together with gaffer tape and luck that sound amazing in the past.
  8. I’ve been fired from bands and done the firing too, never a pleasant experience as no one likes to hear they don’t ‘fit in’ or aren’t a good enough musician. The more people in the band the more chance of it going wrong. Played in a five piece where everyone tried to get other band members on their side during arguments with five different points of view. The band politics has always been the downside of playing. Most of the bands round my way, going strong for years, are 3 pieces which speaks volumes really.
  9. Had a go on drums at a few band practices and have a huge respect for drummers. The co-ordination needed for hands and feet needs incredible concentration. Couple that to keeping time and playing for hours on end and it’s an unenviable task. If a drummer lets you have a go on his kit remember to respect his snare and cymbals, those are his Crown Jewels. I still think the best drummers are naturals, born not taught.
  10. If you’re happy carrying it about, despite the weight, I agree, you should keep it. I had a Trace 715 in the early 90’s, fantastic bottom end and back then and all amps were heavy so no one knew any different. These days I’d opt for a separate amp and cab purely for the weight issue as I’m no longer 25!
  11. Sunburst for me, all day long.
  12. Barefaced look like awesome lightweight cabs. What bass amp head do you use to power it as barefaced don’t manufacture them themselves?
  13. I’m with you on this Bassman, I had a 715 combo from the early 90s, had Celestion on the cone and Kevlar was mentioned in the paperwork too 👍🏼
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