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  1. Gray C


    I can’t say I remember any of those bands, but we played The Southern Belle quite a few times in the early 90’s, rather than the Woodlands. Great times as I remember 😊
  2. Gray C


    I forgot to ask, which band(s) were you playing with back in the 90’s?, it’s possible I’ve heard of you even if you haven’t heard of me 😬
  3. That 4x10 combo must have weighed like a fridge freezer, my 715 felt like it was made out of stone and that was just a 1x15 combo 😂
  4. Gray C


    Hiya, only gigged with one Rock band called ‘Big Ideal’ back in the early 90s. Did Battle of the Bands and played in most of the usual places in Maidstone, Gillingham and other bits of Kent once or twice. Started out playing covers and moved on to our own stuff. Seems like a lifetime away now, venues gone in a lot of places, but that’s life I guess 😬
  5. Thanks for the advice, I’m leaning towards 2 x 210s now or a single 410 cab, depending on the size and weight. I’ve always had combos for simplicity in the past but the weight and lack of versatility puts me off that route.
  6. Thanks guys, guess it’s just an old wives tale after all 👍
  7. Had a 715 back in 90’s, sounded louder than the 150 watts stated! Weighed about the same as a fridge, but I was younger then so didn’t notice! Hugely reliable with a deep bottom end, sold it when I stopped gigging and regret it even today! In the 80’s I reckon Trace was the amp of choice in the UK. Shame they don’t make these big booming, green lit monsters today.
  8. Looking to build a stack for gigging small / medium venues. Would like the versatility of a 1 x 15 cab with a 2 x 10 cab on top for a full range of tone. However I heard some tech stuff somewhere about how mixing speaker sizes can cause issues with the sound. Any tech minded people have some knowledge on this? Thanks for your help 👍
  9. Gray C


    Just signed up. Played in Rock bands in Kent some years ago. Play a Fender Precision and Aria TSB400 through a Trace Elliot combo, well, until I sold the combo! Now it’s a Marshall practice amp until I get back into gigging once again.
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