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  1. This thread has inspired me to dig out some old TAB for ‘There It Is’ and finally try and learn it properly. Harmonically very simple, but it’s all in the note/rest lengths, timing and feel. Quite good progress. Very satisfying to play! Great tune.
  2. Gotoh 201-B bridge. Simple, effective and lovely to look at.
  3. That’s definitely Leon bass duties there. Superb.
  4. No idea if this is Leon or not. Rocking a nice P bass in the brief occasions you can see him.
  5. Well I’d never heard it in 1987. When I was in fact 12! Heatseeker was the first AC/DC song for me… in 1988.
  6. Had never heard the AC/DC version. Think this was a b-side on the Sweet Child O’Mine 12”. Loved it. Full of energy.
  7. Yeah. They were lucky to have two amazing bass players, with Rutger coming up with some really unique lines, with some incredible phrasing and quirky note choices, my picks being Dancing Queen, Money, Money, Money, Knowing Me Knowing You, and One of Us. And then the lesser known Mike Watson playing on Mamma Mia, Super Trouper, and The Winner Takes It All. Seven fab basslines right there.
  8. Probably THE perfect pop song, a great no.1, AND a great bass line;
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