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  1. The thing with NH Carnival is the context. Utterly skull crushing, organ rearranging levels of bass 5 metres from someone’s living room window!
  2. Slayer - Decade of Aggression. Utterly fabulous.
  3. Following on from the 'Gigs you've left' thread, I thought we could share our experiences of the loudest gigs we've endured (or left). My contenders are: Megadeth, circa 1991, Rust in Peace tour, Hammersmith Odeon. Absolutely deafening; ringing ears for at least 3 days. Way, way too loud - but I was 16 and didn't know any better, so we stayed irrespective. Just unpleasant, so much high end. Prodigy, 1997, Brighton Centre, Fat of the Land tour. When the bass dropped in at the start of Smack my B*tch up, I could literally feel my eyeballs vibrating and was genuinely concerned. It was just a physical, pounding wall of bass. Me and my mates just stared at each other in disbelief! Notting Hill Carnval. Not a gig asuch, but if you want serious bass, then standing next to some of the floats with kilowatts of amps and loaded with subs is an experience to behold. I also remember squeezing through a crowd at the focussed epicentre of three huge stacks of speakers, that was the Aba Shanti dub/roots sound system. An all-enveloping world of bass that has only been matched by the Prodigy. Anyone else got any notable experiences, good or bad?
  4. Oasis, Finsbury Park 2002. Horrible, horrible atmosphere, simmering with aggression. Saw a few fights break out, people utterly wasted, a friend noted a few of the notorious Chelsea Headhunter firm in the vicinity. Topped off by the hideous oaf Liam Gallagher’s droning, and his unpleasant aggressive posturing. Binned it about halfway through. Charlatans were good though, who supported!
  5. Out of curiosity, how did you come by this? It’s clearly the genuine article (rather than a cover), as I can hear the very slight mistakes that are audible on the full track. Would love to hear the isolated bass from Le Freak and Everybody Dance too.
  6. Always wondered where this tune was from, which I remember hearing as a 5 yr old...
  7. These are great. Quality piece of kit. The Eq frequency points are perfection, and it’s a really good tool for practice via headphones. Loads of headroom.
  8. I’m with your Dad on this one 😉 - at least I am for the last week since discovering this version, investigating the original and reading the lyrics.
  9. This popped up in my YouTube feed the other day. I was blown away and can't stop watching it. A White Shader of Pale is obviously a song I'm aware of, but not really from my era. But I have a new found appreciation for it ….and Gary Brooker, what a voice! This was about 14 years ago, but still.... his voice seems to have aged beautifully compared to some contemporaries. The orchestration and backing is beautiful...just thought I'd share.
  10. Hi all Recently picked up an electric piano for the family. My wife used to play, but is very rusty; I used to read music when playing trumpet, but again am rather rusty (and play bass by ear). So we're looking for recommendations for a beginner's guide to playing the piano for adults. Something that is relatively slow in progress, with a methodical step by step approach? Perhaps part of a series that we could progress through? Also, any recommendations for similar book but for kid - have a 4 and 6 year old. Thanks in advance JJT
  11. There’s a clip on YouTube with Nile Rodgers relaying a tale of an interview that Bernard had with a guitar magazine. The interviewer apparently asked about Bernard’s fantastic sound and what kind of strings did he use, to which Bernard replied “I dunno - what kind of strings come on a Stingray?”. Hadn’t changed the strings since he bought it. I think the Stingray experts think he was therefore using flatwounds given the year of Bernard’s bass, as that was what they were then shipped with then - 1977?
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