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  1. JJTee


    Why did the baker’s hands smell? Because he needed a poo...
  2. It’s those octave turnaround fills that always have me struggling. Very nimble fingers to get that octave note and return to the root as tightly as Bernard. And so consistent - super tight all the way through, with (according to Nile) it all done in one take with no punch-ins.
  3. And all to think that this song is the result of being refused entry to Studio 64, a couple of bottles of champagne and a sweary jam at Nile’s apartment. Oh, and a couple of very gifted musicians...
  4. One thing slightly puzzling me is that in a Bass Player article about the song, Nile Rodgers said Bernard plugged straight into the desk to record it (with the band playing live, together). Yet on this I can hear what sounds like a bleed of the track from some headphones. Any ideas?
  5. Glorious. Seriously tight. Can hear the flatwound strings clearly during the bridge - that glassy harmonic edge.
  6. Good Times - Chic (Bernard Edwards)
  7. Ok, here’s my stab at a GB v US team. GB more high energy, workmanlike; US, a bit more flare perhaps? 4-4-2: Alex James Burnel Wolstenhome Jones Lemmy Deacon Foxton Macca King Palladino Enthwistle V Collins Jaco Clarke Jamerson Prestia Flea East Edwards Burton Graham Dirnt
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