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  1. I’m with your Dad on this one 😉 - at least I am for the last week since discovering this version, investigating the original and reading the lyrics.
  2. This popped up in my YouTube feed the other day. I was blown away and can't stop watching it. A White Shader of Pale is obviously a song I'm aware of, but not really from my era. But I have a new found appreciation for it ….and Gary Brooker, what a voice! This was about 14 years ago, but still.... his voice seems to have aged beautifully compared to some contemporaries. The orchestration and backing is beautiful...just thought I'd share.
  3. Hi all Recently picked up an electric piano for the family. My wife used to play, but is very rusty; I used to read music when playing trumpet, but again am rather rusty (and play bass by ear). So we're looking for recommendations for a beginner's guide to playing the piano for adults. Something that is relatively slow in progress, with a methodical step by step approach? Perhaps part of a series that we could progress through? Also, any recommendations for similar book but for kid - have a 4 and 6 year old. Thanks in advance JJT
  4. There’s a clip on YouTube with Nile Rodgers relaying a tale of an interview that Bernard had with a guitar magazine. The interviewer apparently asked about Bernard’s fantastic sound and what kind of strings did he use, to which Bernard replied “I dunno - what kind of strings come on a Stingray?”. Hadn’t changed the strings since he bought it. I think the Stingray experts think he was therefore using flatwounds given the year of Bernard’s bass, as that was what they were then shipped with then - 1977?
  5. I have an 03 Fleabass. Can’t remember anything about the electronics but will try and have a look. I have an owners manual too somewhere...
  6. Well I think Dom and Steve will have their work cut out in fabricating a replacement audible bassline for an entire album: ....And Justice For All.
  7. I have serious doubts over Agnetha and Anna-Frid’s claim that they can “feel the beat from the tambourine, oh yeah-eh-eeeh”. Kick drum, certainly. Snare, possibly. Happy to be corrected though.
  8. Bass player has a nice Musicman Cutlass here and a pretty good Macca impression. Slightly rough video, but a certain charm to this:
  9. Sorry, was trying to embed some videos...with no success whatsoever! What am I doing wrong?
  10. As a young lad growing up in the last 70's and early 80's I was 'treated' to the sound of the James Last Orchestra - my grandad was a massive fan and had boxes of James Last albums on cassette. Reminiscing the other day I did a bit a Youtubing and stumbled across a few videos that made me sit back and think, actually, there's clearly some serious individual talent on show here. Lead trumpet, Derek Watkins, played on all the Bond films for example. Anyway put yer slippers on, sit back and enjoy (if you can!)
  11. I’d heartily recommend Aiden Hampson’s ABBA Bass transcription book: http://aidanhampson.co.uk/ Rutger’s playing is stunning. Along with Dancing Queen and One Of Us, Knowing Me Knowing You is a work of art bass-wise. Amazing phrasing, really quirky note choices. Well worth exploring a full transcription.
  12. Very interesting stuff to ponder chaps. It was for a bitsa/DIY project I was planning, rather than fiddling with an existing Stingray. From more research, looks like the 2-band/3-band choice is probably more important, with 2-band being the pre-EB sound. Something about the extra resistor across the input in the 3-band creating the 3kHz resonance and ‘click’ to that preamps sound?
  13. Thanks for this. Pretty sure it was the original flatwounds on his bass. Interested to know if anyone has replaced a post-EB pickup/preamp to get that older, supposedly more organic sound?
  14. Hi all Looking for opinions on which after-marker Stingray pick-up and 2-band pre-amp combination gets closest to the classic pre-Ernie Ball Stingray sound. I've seen that Nordstand and Seymour Duncan both have after-market pickups modelled on early the early Stingray pickup. And John East and Retrovibe both produce circuits based on the original early circuit. Are there any other options? Looking for that Bernard Edwards sound! (without his talent, obviously) Has the dream-combination been discovered?! Are they pretty similar? All views gratefully received! Thanks JJT
  15. And this chap has done a fantastic job of transcribing 12 of the best ABBA bass lines: https://www.bassbooks.com/shopping/products/1552-abba-bass-transcriptions-ebookpdf/?bc=no
  16. I’d get it mended as they seem to command a good price 2nd hand (£180-200) now that they’re no longer made. I can’t see myself ever selling mine, it’s a superb piece of kit.
  17. I put the SD Quarter Pounder PJ set into mine. Seriously punchy, aggressive and full sound. Would never go back to the originals
  18. Best of all worlds: pre-Chic 'Big Apple Band' playing a Bee Gees cover. Very funky, superb guitar work: http://youtu.be/YJhyd4fJtas
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