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  1. Ahhhhhh, I'm so tempted. I love the roasted maple necks on the new V5s but I reckon I would like the active preamp more than the fully passive V5. What to do.... 😅
  2. Sorry @hooky_lowdown, I may have worded it badly. I meant that I was thinking that I need to spend £800 to get a good bass but the Sire's are classed as "cheap" and apparently incredible for the price so I'm feeling less inclined to spend more to get good bass. Another example is my Sandberg Electra feels every bit as good as my old G&L but was only £360.
  3. I started a thread about a budget for £800 but I feel the need to try the Sire's as I haven't seen a bad review, with the exception of some QC problems that all brands have. There's a nice burgundy one just appeared, but I'm more tempted by the V5 with the roasted maple neck.
  4. Addressing some points raised - the USA Sub, the finish is just a no for me. I appreciate it can be taken off and refinished but I'm not feeling the want to do that. Yes, the Status neck not working is a risk and then you are left with a neck and the body, but it is loaded with Barts and is ready for a preamp so it has all the factors to work. What I want - Just now I'm moving on a P type bass as whilst it plays great, I am a two pickup bass type of guy and I being a bedroom bassist I can't justify having a bass that doesn't do quite what I want. Just need more variety, especially a humbucker at the bridge - which is why the Reverend and the Super 5 are in the mix.
  5. Also, I've never owned a brand new bass, always gone used. I know that you instantly lose money on new things but the idea of the bass being mine first does appeal to me a bit.
  6. Well, after things have moved on, I'll have my Bronco and a Fretless Squier Jazz. So looking for something versatile (a Lakland would suit) but I am always looking for the different things, hence the Rev and I've just seen a MTD Kingston Super 5 on Reverb with a Nordstrand in it which is also tempting.
  7. Well all fixed - it was the capacitors and I now slightly down on what I sold it for but that's life 😑
  8. I got a pretty swift response from the service department email here: [email protected]
  9. Not been a bad couple of days on the GAS front for you has it @ped! Very nice!
  10. So I need would like a new bass. Once some gear goes I'll have roughly £800 and I've kind-of-maybe narrowed it down to 3 options. Cheapest - Sire V5 or V7. They just get so much good press that it's hard to ignore Middle - The lovely P body with barts that @Aero71 is selling with a Status Neck Top - A Reverend Mercalli 4 Three very different options, and I know these threads never actually help but it's just easier to have somewhere to drop your thoughts when your partner doesn't care what you do 😅
  11. A good demonstration of the tones etc here @Al Krow Good few videos of the 5 string version too
  12. If you want a Fender headstock you are probably best looking out for Squier Broncos going cheap. I got one for £80 earlier this year and you aren't really going to get a neck for less than that. Bonus is you can recoup the cost by selling the body off etc.
  13. I don't own one either but have tried 2 so far in shops and they are well under 4kg, which is what my Sandberg weighs.
  14. To put this issue to bed. Sire have clarified that the pickup covers are removable. So Andertons just didn't know and couldn't be bothered to find out 😅
  15. Just found this on Reverb - custom made Ray body with with what looks like Ray parts and a Status neck. Cor. https://reverb.com/item/34020695-status-graphite-musicman-2020-galaxy-sparkle
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