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  1. BassApprentice

    Eastwood Klira Beatle Bass

    Yikes, a bit shady but that's the internet these days! I can see him being annoyed but you have to appreciate the model Eastwood Custom are going for. Trying to build different basses and only doing it for people who really want them, I think it's cool. I'm intrigued to see how this model turns out anyway!
  2. BassApprentice

    Eastwood Klira Beatle Bass

    I've never been drawn the the violin bass before, but if they do it in the darker finish that would look ace. https://eastwoodcustoms.com/projects/klira-beatle-bass/
  3. BassApprentice

    Half fretted, half fretless

    Something like this?
  4. BassApprentice

    White on white basses?

    Here's my small collection on white/cream basses. Looks good if you ask me! 😬
  5. BassApprentice

    Making a Mikro - more Mikro

    I saw a Jackson Minion in a shop the other day and it reminded me how much fun those small basses are to play. My question is....could you cut off the headstock and make them headless? Are there 4 string string clamps that would fit the smaller necks? Very much just a pipe dream just now but could be a fun project! Any input is always welcomed
  6. Ideal for a self build, if that includes rebuilding the headstock....
  7. BassApprentice

    Keeley Aria - Compressor and Overdrive

    I see A LOT of praise for the Keeley compressors, now they have combined it with their Overdrive. I imagine this will sell very well https://www.notreble.com/buzz/2018/07/18/keeley-electronics-introduces-the-aria-compressor-and-overdrive-pedal/
  8. BassApprentice

    Scott Devine - Moollon Bass Stolen -

    So I contacted the website when I saw the post about having info. Seems its good news! Obviously we aren't all as fortunate to have such wide exposure available to us but great to hear he'll get his bass back! If it was your tip off, great work @2x18!
  9. BassApprentice

    Scott Devine - Moollon Bass Stolen -

    Or try a message on here too: @devinebass is his username!
  10. BassApprentice

    DTC Basses - Anyone had any experience?

    They look like a mix between an ACG Recurve and an MTD, not a bad look to be going for!
  11. BassApprentice

    YAMAHA BB5000A (Free shipping in Europe)

    OH MAN! What a bass. Unfortunately it won't be mine but I'm sure it plays as good as it looks!
  12. BassApprentice

    DTC Basses - Anyone had any experience?

    Through the wonders of the Instagram algorithm this beautiful bass popped up. Appears to be a Chinese luthier but the translated website isn't too helpful. Anyone know much about them? Rough prices? Ta
  13. BassApprentice

    Thomann selling Harley Benton basses as 'Decoration only'

    I had one of those exact HB Stingray 5s. Was massively impressed for the price and think I would have been ok with it at full price to be honest. Only sold it to fund a bass I had been waiting ages for. My plan was to bling it up with gold hardware Maybe another time...
  14. Was at the Blues Kitchen in Brixton last night and there was a house band playing R&B/Soul. All good. Apart from they didn't have a bass player 😅

    Made for slightly odd listening. 

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    2. BassApprentice


      I think it was Sister Cookie? Very good but very much lacked a bass player! 


      It gets worse, saw Steve Winwood yesterday. He didn't have a bass player either!! I know it's rare to spot us in the wild but I didn't think we were that endangered! 

    3. gjones


      Death to all Hammond players!

    4. discreet


      Steve Winwood rarely uses a bass player. He plays bass pedals on his Hammond. And very well too, I may add. He is also a very handy bass player himself.

  15. BassApprentice

    Yamaha SBV500 - £375

    Still no interest in this super-funky bass?!