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  1. Pink is the new black 😅 looking forward to seeing what you're making though. I was so surprised how evenly and how accurate the colour of the Montana was, I just picked it up as it was close to the colour I wanted and it was cheap. I think I will need a poly coat. Noticed one hit chipped off already.
  2. Meant to say, the Pick clip has tone full up and tone full down if that's not immediately obvious, 😁
  3. My most recent mini-project stage 1 completed the other day. Bronco painted Shell Pink - Cheap rail pickup - Squier standard tuners added. Still planning to put a humbucker at the bridge at some point....Happy for now
  4. Here's some sound samples @Si600, apologies for the sloppiness, I blame playing zingy rounds after a long time on tapewounds 😬 Bronco Pick.mp3 Bronco Slap.mp3 Bronco Tone Off.mp3 Bronco Tone Up.mp3
  5. DId you ask for a photo of the neck pocket *runs* 😬
  6. Since you are in Fife - give GuitarGuitar Glasgow a phone. They order in their own spec of Sandberg as well as standard stuff so they will be able to help you out with it.
  7. Another fitting name would be Serendipity - I know most things will be standard size but it's fun to hear how parts just drifted together and look exactly like they were meant to be there Enjoy!
  8. Thanks! It is a great wee bass, let down by tin foil tuners and a guitar pickup as standard. Pink and tort is so good though! 😁 I'll see what I can sort, the tonal range actually surprised me.
  9. Well - it's done...for now. Dead chuffed! The pickup is surprisingly meaty, lacking a bit of definition on the lower end but not bad for £8. Setup is a bit ropey - the nut is giving me issues at the 1st-5th frets on E and A so will sort that. Intonation is ok, with only two points to intonate it is never going to be perfect. The finish is pretty fragile, but happy for it to get chips etc since it's red underneath it will look decent. Things left to do: Get a tort pickguard. Route and wire the humbucker but this can come at some point in the future. New bridge. For less than £100 all in (so far) it's ace fun.
  10. Thanks @Silvia Bluejay Just went and bought some Duracell 9V batteries and it seems to agree with the Bass Buddy and it works - no hum or buzz. Like you I normally had it next to PC/Lamps and other electronics but now I'm in the living room with less electronics on there is markedly less interference. When it was next to a monitor it did get a lot of interference but I am pretty sure it is the power supply, that will need replaced then!
  11. Hello, I haven't used my Bass Buddy in a while as I have been using my B3 to practice - when I turned it on today there was a low hum. Initially I thought it was interface from my Laptop so moved it through to a room with no lights etc. on and still there. I guess it could be an earthing problem but just wanted to check if anyone has encountered this before? I tried using batteries but my Lidl 9V batteries didn't seem to work has anyone used specific batteries that have worked for their Bass Buddy? Also, the power supply connection doesn't feel very secure. I can't remember if it was always like this or something has changed. Can anyone confirm if this is how their power supply looks when plugged in? Thanks!
  12. I genuinely had no idea that Squier were releasing something that looks to be EXACTLY the same colour!
  13. Exactly this. I just sold a BB425 - it was brilliant, but wanted something else. If I ever want another there's a 98% chance it will also be just as good.
  14.  Seeing that the only guitar shop in my hometown is closing down. Sad to see the shop where I got my very first bass go...

    1. Woodinblack


      I was happy to see the shop I got my second bass go, they really deserved it!

  15. Going to get it all back together and see how I like it, the humbucker will be laying in wait
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