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  1. Well, here's the answer. There is almost new Betsy in the sales forum and the Sire is sold out everywhere for the foreseeable 😅 Thomann say they have the Sire available at short notice but almost every other sire is 6 weeks minimum.
  2. Played one in Wunjo and loved it. Massive Stanley Clarke vibes but seems very well made and great features for the price. Obviously the short scale market is becoming more crowded but think Chowny are always trying to improve and refine their models
  3. I enquired about a newly announced bass the other day and got told it was due July but could be September or.... I think we are seeing how a Just In Time supply chain now isn't feasible for the foreseeable....
  4. I've had a 425 and loved the neck but just found it ungainly overall, I doubt a 4 string would be much different but they look SO COOL 😅
  5. You can go years without seeing an orange BB for sale and now there's 2 in as many days 😂 Very tempted...
  6. Scrolling through Facebook, oh that's a decent price for a Miller 5 string. Oh wait, none Fender? Eh? Oh.....
  7. Just contacted Merchant City Music as they have the black up on preorder. Saying July but could be September or later for them and other colours. Boo, but very much looking forward to these
  8. Could you measure the D and the G on the LaBellas? Reckon they would stretch to a 4 in a row headstock?
  9. Oooh very interested in that. Solid base for adding almost anything into that.
  10. That's an absolute belter - shame about the tiny imperfections but would give you peace of mind that you didn't scratch it first! 😂
  11. To be fair, if you listen to a lot of Killers Mark Stoermer has a very distinctive tone and has some nice bass lines too. Good song with a lot of memories attached to it.
  12. Thanks for that. I'd be tempted to route a bit more and stick either a double JJ or humbucker in there so I can get a proper bridge tone and just a bit more flexibility.
  13. Well. Guess you're getting new sofas then! 😁
  14. Do we know if these are the same pickups that are in the Mezzo? Tempted to go for a shorter scale 5 string but not sold on the SR shape or the pickup placement
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