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  1. BassApprentice

    The Yamaha BB thread (from X34/5 launch)

    A BB1025x has just popped up on Facebook for £550.... Must Not Buy Anyone want a mint BB425? 😬
  2. BassApprentice

    Victor Jamming on a Sire

    While the tone in the fingers argument is valid - I saw Santana this summer and he came out with a Strat at the end and looked and sounded completely lost. Understandable that Wooten isn't at his most comfortable on a jazz
  3. BassApprentice

    Victor Jamming on a Sire

    Oh definitely, some videos he tends to get lost in the technical side of his playing.
  4. BassApprentice

    Victor Jamming on a Sire

    Just saw this on Facebook Highly doubt it means anything but would be cool to see what Sire and Victor could do with a budget bass....
  5. Have to say, that Kala U Bass Journeyman looks mighty tempting for a living room noodler..... 

    1. Burns-bass


      Don't do it.


      I had one at it just ended up being an attractive case warmer.



    2. JapanAxe


      I have to admit I rarely use my own U-bass, but the Journeyman has knocked the bottom out of the used market so it won't be going anywhere!

  6. BassApprentice

    Anyone had a body made for a stock neck?

    Just perusing Facebook and this popped up. Could be a suitable donor project?
  7. BassApprentice

    Anyone had a body made for a stock neck?

    On enquire with our well featured @Andyjr1515 Check his thread about removing weight from a Harley Benton Jazz
  8. BassApprentice

    Yamaha SBV500 - £375

    Aurichu, I have sent you a private message!
  9. BassApprentice

    Vulfpeck Pilgrimage

    Sad they aren't coming to Scotland this time round. They genuinely fill the entire room with joy and good vibes!
  10. BassApprentice

    NBD - Squier Bass vi

    I had one for a while and they are good fun to mess around on. I imagine if you're actively recording you will definitely find some good uses for it! Enjoy!
  11. BassApprentice

    2019 Gear challenge

    Tell you what, I'll get in on this - I've been on the merry go round of buying and selling £300 basses in the past 12 months so think I need to stop and appreciate what I have. 4 String (x 2) ✅ Short Scale ✅ 5 String ✅ Fretless ✅ Good Amp ✅ Multi Effects ✅ Don't really have an excuse to buy any new gear...So let's see how this goes.
  12. BassApprentice

    White Bass Porn Thread.

    Oooh, never seen a white SWB in the flesh but that looks good. Is that the passive version?
  13. BassApprentice

    Yamaha SBV500 - £375

  14. 3:17 - Pure, unadulterated, musical joy. 


  15. BassApprentice

    MusicMan Joe Dart Signature Model

    Considering he uses a Jazz bass 99% of the time live this is a huge scoop for MusicMan. Although this could also be a joke, you never know. Looks cool AF anyway!