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  1. Or I have penchant for watches - so try me with a trade there if you want
  2. Also - if anyone has a Chowny SWB Pro Walnut they would be willing to trade I could be open to that....
  3. BUMP for my lovely bass. Everything work's as it should do. This bass is solid as a rock - will stay in tune for weeks and the resonance is something else!
  4. @Al Krow I *might* have a BQC going unused - I'll have a look today and send you a message if I find it!
  5. Anyone played one yet? Haven't had an email from GuitarGuitar saying they have them yet
  6. Cort going for the Jack-of-all-trades with this one but I think it looks pretty nice. £579 all in which seems fair enough. Edit: Might not actually be brand new but No Treble report it as new so.... https://www.notreble.com/buzz/2019/08/17/cort-announces-the-gb74-gig-bass-guitar/
  7. Erm....No. But I think you need more than 10 minutes through a headphone amp to (pretend) to understand that 😅
  8. Honestly they don't mind. I went in last year to do exactly that. Apart from London there is nowhere else in the UK that has the stock they have. I started out trying something I was genuinely interested in and then just started asking to play Ken Smiths and Foderas just to try and understand where that extra £4000 comes from in a bass.
  9. Updated with the weight: 4.61kg 11.48kg when in the case.
  10. Super clean at that speed. Also that Mustang has a lot of mojo about it. Digging that.
  11. Thanks chaps - will keep my eyes peeled in case something comes up!
  12. So I've got a Tanglwood Bassmaster Funk (Spector copy) and it's my got to jamming bass and I love the look and feel of it - my question is do the Euros come in a Satin/Matt finish or are they all high gloss? From reading I feel a used Euro would be the place to go rather than the Legend.
  13. Also, Happy 100 pages of fantastic BB knowledge and obsessing. Here's to the next 100 😁
  14. Unfortunately not, I'll see if I can bodge something together and upload it when I can. I was lucky enough to get a lightly used set on here for a bargain price otherwise I probably wouldn't have spent ~£50 on them. They feel super smooth and zero finger noise but still give a good brightness that you don't get from most flats. If you are a fan of heavier strings then you will probably get on with these. Edit: the reason I was looking for these was because I asked Bubby Lewis on Instagram which strings he uses and he recommended the White Nylons for the brightness.
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