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  1. BassApprentice

    Basschat merchandise

    OK, so the quality won't be the same as Gruv Gear but surely it will do the same job? Wonder how you could embroider them? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Bass-Electric-Guitar-String-Mute-Professional-String-Dampener-Muting-Accessories/263371825308?hash=item3d522f209c:m:mLCRvtAbwjCDjSJdx8LqMrA
  2. Looking to replace neck on my Jazz bass for a better quality one but can't afford Warmoth/Allparts prices. Neck from Squier VM would be perfect!
  3. BassApprentice

    Fretless - Replace the fingerboard or replace the neck?

    Oh that sounds intriguing! I am up in sunny Scotland but didn't know a process like that existed. The fretboard is ok but like I said, the other fretless basses I have played just feel nicer to fret on and slide.
  4. BassApprentice

    Fretless - Replace the fingerboard or replace the neck?

    Sorry, I didn't make it clear the bass I have is already fretless but the fretboard isn't as nice as other fretless basses I have seen/tried.
  5. Seeing a couple of threads flying around about Fretlesses made me want to dig mine out and it reminded me of something I've always wanted to do. It's a Wolf Jazz Bass so it's not a particularly expensive bass but it is very unique looking (image is not mine but don't have it to hand right now) and the fretboard is one of the things I think is important on a fretless. I also really like the neck profile and feel so I don't want to mess with that. Question is: How hard/expensive is it to get a new lined board put on it? I can see an ebony board costs around £40 or less Obviously it's very easy to get a replacement neck but wondering if the new fingerboard will cost less than a nice new neck. Any help is always welcomed Ta
  6. BassApprentice

    'Commercial Sales' forum test

    Just my initial input - love the idea, but I don't think I like it at the top of the For Sale section, maybe put it above the "Other Musically Related" tab?
  7. Very much part of the "weird" side of bass making https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Custom-long-scale-fretless-electric-bass-pine-neck-through-cherry-unique-rustic/271991099938?hash=item3f53eed222:g:HB0AAOSwgQ9V04ig
  8. BassApprentice

    Yamaha SBV500 - £375

    SUNDAY SAMURAI BUMP Feel free to make me an offer!
  9. BassApprentice

    Handy String Cleaner

    Just saw this and thought it was a handy little tool to keep in your gig bag. For all of €8 it's probably worth a punt. https://shop.warwick.de/en/Accessories/Care+Products/Guitar+and+Basses/RockCare+StringJet+64+-+String+Cleaner+for+6-String+Guitar+and+4-String+Bass I imagine since it's from Warwick there will be bigger ones of 5/6 string basses in the future.
  10. Morning all, This is something I've been pondering from a while. I have a very nice L2000 from the 80's (see photo) , I love the tone, the look and the neck profile BUT I really don't like the gloss finish on the neck. I've found I prefer satin finishes. Would taking steel wool to the neck to remove some of the finish affect the value of the bass? I know this is kind of a subjective question but any opinions welcomed Ta!
  11. BassApprentice


    Have you tried any other strings on you HB? I've read that they aren't all the same scale length so don't work on all Bass Ukes
  12. BassApprentice


    Yeah probably, it's something I have planned to do with mine but just haven't got round to it yet.
  13. BassApprentice


    As always, Harley Benton do a good Bang-For-Your-Buck version of one: https://www.thomann.de/gb/harley_benton_kahuna_clu_bass_ukulele.htm
  14. BassApprentice

    BassChat Podcast?

    Just for example: A podcast with Chowny, Alan from ACG and Andyjr1515 all talking about their bass making experiences. Three completely different parts of the bass market but all very interesting. As for appealing to the "yoof", the recent poll showed that I am in the younger side of the forum and I listen to podcasts quite a lot but currently don't have a go-to bass podcast so would be great to have one! Obviously these things take time to organise and develop but no harm in giving it a bash.
  15. While my other half watched Love Island, I rocked out to some Audioslave for an hour. 


    I think we all know who had a better evening! 😂

    1. discreet


      In a previous rock covers band we did 'Cochise' and it was a highlight of the set. Spine-chilling line to play, IF the rest of the band are up to it which in this case they were. I miss that band, but not the bum-shattering volume we played at. ;)

    2. lowregisterhead


      What a great description! I've played loud, but never to the point of shattering my bum. Not that I was aware of, anyway. I was also in a band some years ago that had Cochise in their set. Girl singer, and she could do it, too.