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  1. For those of you with a persuasion for ACGs - it may be worth your time in becoming a member of the ACG Owners group on Facebook. There's going to a be some very nice basses for sale in the near future.

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    2. BassApprentice


      @TheGreek he's a mutual friend of ours and has no less that 13 ACGs I think and he's planning to sell the majority of them in the near future. They'll be some prototypes and other raritys in there. They may appear on here as I'm sure he's a member here too. 

    3. Clarky


      Pretty sure he is on here (albeit infrequently) as @Scoop

    4. mangotango


      I might know of him...a bit. ;)

  2. That's pretty much my dream bass 🤤 🤤 🤤 No way I can afford it but maybe one day!
  3. Recently traded my G&L for this lovely 2014 American Standard P Bass - I've been playing bass for about 15 years and have always had a stable of at least 3 basses and yet this is my first proper P Bass! Even in bass shops I've never really tried one as I always thought they were boring and were always going to be available. This is the epitome of "does what it says on the tin" type of bass. Does the wooly old school thump and the proper grind with the tone all the way up. I can definitely see why they are so popular for bands/recording, they just sound right! The neck has just about the right amount of finish on it for me - not a fan of heavy gloss and but this has a light gloss that makes it feel like it's protected but doesn't get sticky. Only thing is the strings - forgot to ask what they were but they are very clanky so could be steels. Might change them for something more refined. I was originally trying to sell my G&L so this may be up for sale in the very near future but I'll enjoy it for a month or so Anyway, pictures!
  4. GAS is a horrible thing.... 😅
  5. Ok....so not quite custom, but custom-ish. Kind of interesting to see another manufacturer go down the configurator route and while the headstock and designs are different and won't be for everyone. Also don't think the price is right either - lots of well respected Jazz/P basses around about €1,000
  6. So average price of TC pedal is ~£100 x 5 I want to be surprised and say it might £300 but that's probably a bit low.
  7. Could it be as simple as 5 options of any toneprint from the database. Could be killer if it is.
  8. Great choice there! As you will see from the Yamaha BB thread on here, a lot of love for both the newer and older models. Happy bassing!
  9. Think this bass has some Daddario Stainless Steels on it so it could just be the tension of those is quite low. Apart from that I can't fault it. Great variety of tones and makes you feel like a wizard 🧙‍♂️
  10. Just spent the past hour noodling on a short scale Elwood. What a great wee bass - only thing I didn't like was it got a bit farty down the low end if you didn't play really lightly. To others with short scale Maruszczyks - do you find this or could it be the specific strings that were on it? Ta
  11. Go on, treat yourself to a lovely new(old) bass this Friday!
  12. Nice choice! You can't really go wrong with a Cort. Will suit all types of music. Oh and GAS = Guitar Acquisition Syndrome. Horrible affliction that has no known cure 😅
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