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  1. This may not help, but someone is selling a Sire on Facebook for a very reasonable £240. Will struggle to do much better than that. I've bought from Shep previously and very trustworthy
  2. Also, if you check out the BB thread. 129 pages about one series of basses so they must be doing something right 😅
  3. For those two points. 1) Maybe look for a BB425 as it is cleaner with no scratchplate but I understand what you mean about the mainstream J shape seeking more familiar. 2) While the Sire pre amp gets rave reviews, if you don't want to deal with batteries the Sire can do passive mode but is it worth having the active option there if you don't plan on using it? I've got a 425 so I am slightly biased but they are great basses, the newer ones are great too, slightly lighter and the body shape is slightly smaller too.
  4. Nice review, and I think you're right - depending on what you expect of it, it will either be a belter or a bit lacklustre but plenty of space to make improvements to the EQ. Feel free to drop my a message when you decide to move it on.
  5. I've played one and am still contemplating getting one to compliment my Tanglewood Bass Master Funk Spector-a-like. I was really impressed with how it felt, flat wide neck which I like, tones weren't bad either from only being played in a shop environment. Enjoy your new bass!
  6. For those wanting to know - getting a 32.5" scale costs an extra £255 as a custom option.
  7. Look for Hohner Jack 5 Strings. Think they are quite rare but sound like exactly what you are looking for.
  8. Well, that's it. Converted to tapewound strings 😁. So smooth but still with bite.

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    2. Raslee


      I have some of the black Fenders on my acoustic and i'm now a convert too...agree though the shiny coating is a bit weird.

    3. TheGreek


      I've been using Status Black Tapewounds for a few years now....not exclusively, there's a time and place for roundwounds too.

    4. SpondonBassed


      On pianos, that's a good place for 'em.

  9. So Fender have released a new 4 string Telecaster! Wait, what..... 😂😂😂
  10. Well I have tapes on mine..... Do I have to go and start another rival thread? 😂
  11. Thanks for the advice all! So many nuances in such a simple bass 😅
  12. Hi all, Question for those more knowledgeable of P basses. I'm selling my 2014 US Standard P Bass and a buyer has asked me how closely it relates to a 62 Reissue with this video attached. I don't really know how to reply so if anyone could help I would really appreciate it! Attached photo is my 2014 US Standard
  13. Was just subject to my first attempted Gumtree scam. 

    Always fun. 

    1. big rob

      big rob

      really come on then spill the beans, warn the rest of us of the dangers out there. 

    2. Marc S

      Marc S

      Ah, sorry to hear that. Hope everything works out OK for you :(

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