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  1. Really small combo/cab+amp

    Doesn't get much smaller than Phil Jones, 5" speakers in most of their combos
  2. Two new Adam Clayton Signatures - Purple Sparkle!

    I like the inlays and the loillipops but not convinced by the purple but I'm intrigued/baffled how Adam Clayton negotiates so many different "signature" models. I get U2 have a massive fan base but is it massive base of bass fans?
  3. Had the Ken Smith Slicks on my L2000 for a few months now and they just aren't doing it for me....Do I go full flats or go back to my comfort zone of rounds?

    1. Pow_22


      I used the Slicks and loved them for that Stone Roses kinda vibe (1st album)  Im now on Elites Grounds and they are really doing it for me.  The growl of rounds without the tinny twangy top end but more going on than full on flats

    2. BassApprentice


      Might try them next but I've been reading good things about GHS Balanced Nickels today....

    3. Pow_22


      Ive not used rounds in years but the more I read about Boomers the more I think I might give them a go on a back up bass one day.  Good luck in your quest

  4. Lack of location under usernames

    Seems to be working on some, obviously some users don't have their locations set so it won't show for them. Thanks for that wee fix fellas!
  5. Lack of location under usernames

    Not an issue per-se but I noticed on our fancy new site that a users location is no longer automatically displayed underneath their username/picture on Sale ads. While most people put location in sale ads it might be worth adding an extra box on the sale "template" to make sure there will definitely be a location rather than everyone having to ask "Where are you based" Thanks for all the hard work! It looks great.
  6. Maruszczyk Thunderbirds!!! (Phoenix)

    I don't have a Maruszczyk, but from reading the Owner's Club thread it seems he's a really helpful guy, maybe another email wouldn't hurt? Or try asking this guy, he's a Maruszczyk dealer and might be able to help? http://basschat.co.uk/user/12765-pierreganseman/
  7. Cheap, high-mass bridges

    They all look fine and if you think about it, you never really hear of horror stories from budget basses having bridge problems. Only problem there might be is the finishing as I imagine the QC for checking rough edges which might damage strings is ignored compared to your big brands who will check things more thoroughly.
  8. NBD - Harley Benton MB-5 SB Deluxe - Deko

    I've had a couple saying still available when I've "bought" them but later on Thomann confirm that it was out of stock. It's a bit of a lottery but well worth it if you can get one!
  9. So I sometimes keep an eye on the "Deko" section of Thomann to see what passes through, usually stuff sells out before you can blink but I got lucky and managed to snag a 5 string 'Ray-a-like So started the wait to see if it was as much of a bargain as the price makes it. It arrived yesterday and it took me a few minutes to work out what made it "Deko" worthy! There's one small dent on the back and some odd marks but since it's on the back doesn't really bother me! Out of the box it was still in tune (granted it was a half step down) which bodes well for the quality of the tuners. I've only noodled around on it for an hour or so but first impressions are very good. I had a SUB Ray 5 earlier this year and I would say the fit and finishing isn't far off that and I think it does the Stingray sound quite well, nice and clanky. It is a bit heavier than the SUB was I reckon, haven't got the means to weigh it but the whole package was apparently 4.7kg so I don't think the bass will be too heavy itself. Not sure how useful the coil-splitting is yet but wiring can be changed in the future. The neck is not for the fainthearted, very club like but unfinished so feels gorgeous to me, no noticeably sharp edges. String spacing is quite tight but I liked that about the SUB and happy this is similar, YMMV. These are just my initial ramblings, I'll probably update this with more pros and cons in the future. Overall I'm really impressed by my first Harley Benton and for £11 per string I couldn't ask for a better way to scratch the 5 string itch! (For those wondering, the Deko section seems to get updated daily at any time between 9am and 11am-ish if you are looking for a bargain)
  10. Flamed Bubinga ? (One for the luthiers ? )

    Very, very nice. I imagine your title will attract the attention of some of the resident luthiers so they might be able to give you a better answer.
  11. Thunderbird "relic"

    Just reading the advert again. [color=#3C3241][font=Castledown, Arial, sans-serif][size=4]"blend pot is broken so it will need replaced. currently it only allows the usage of the bridge pickup but it is only a few quid to replace. I haven't done it yet as I [b]use this bass so much I don't have the time to put it into a shop[/b] and not have it for a few days." How are they going to cope when they sell it then [/size][/font][/color]
  12. Thunderbird "relic"

    Shall we just say the finish is.....interesting https://www.gumtree.com/p/guitar-instrument/epiphone-thunderbird-pro-iv-neckthrough-bass-guitar-relic-/1270931061
  13. MTD Kingston Super 5 - Opinions?

    Just wondering if anyone has/had one of these and could give me an opinion on them? I like the unusual pickup layout and I like the sounds bass players seem to get from MTDs. Also, if anyone has seen any MTD 5ers in stores in Scotland that would be great. Being able a 35" scale 5er would be good! Thanks all
  14. Tom Petty dead?

    In short. No. http://www.etonline.com/initial-tom-petty-death-reports-inaccurate-singer-remains-hospitalized-following-cardiac-arrest?amp
  15. Scratches, "Dings" and imperfections..

    For me: it would depend on the price/style of a bass. An expensive Jazz style bass would take a knock better than an expensive custom bass with no finish, if you see what I mean. I currently have no basses in my collection that are pristine so I am worry free