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  1. This looks an absolute bargain for anyone! Not in the market but would do someone starting out a world of good to start here.
  2. I have one of the Squier Musicmasters and it's a great wee thing, was my first bass 16 years ago and I still going strong - If you are thinking short scale then keep your eyes peeled for one (but not at an extortionate price!) Not helpful point: They will both be brilliant basses and will do exactly what you need them do as they are tried and tested basses Maybe helpful point: What setting do you play in? Limited space or play cramped pub gigs - short scale might be best.
  3. I'm going to guess around £900 retail for these. Not really sure what I'm basing that on but seems good 😅
  4. So first Sire go and release a shorty PJ and now Sandberg are throwing their hat in the ring. Definitely spoilt for choice if you're looking for a short scale this year! https://www.notreble.com/buzz/2020/01/19/sandberg-guitars-announces-the-lionel-short-scale-bass/
  5. Next predicament - I am now 1 bass case short, where do I hide this?! 😅
  6. My first bit of bass equipment in 2 years! Picked this Vintage Modified (More to come on that) Jazz an hour ago. Lovely bit of kit! Nice slim satin Jazz neck. Nice variety in tones bit of wear on the neck (How easy is it to polish up Ebanol?) - Happy enough for £120. The modified bit is the relicing/sandpapering the bass has been subjected too. The arm rest - Fair enough Above the pickups - Actually pretty comfy, especially as it's a bit deeper at the bridge. Thumb fits there and not too bothered. The lower horn - meh, looks like the started and then just gave up. Might look at filling it in. Now - the reason I bought this is I have another fretless Jazz that I've been looking for a new neck/fretboard for. I want to keep the body as it is pretty unique and haven't seen one for sale anywhere else. Only managed to find a picture a fretted on Google I had planned to just switch the neck but I have to say I do like the classic sunburst looking Jazz.....I'll mull it over and either the body of the Squier will be up for sale or the other bass will be!
  7. As someone who is currently not playing much and has all basses covered (4, 5 and Fretless) I seem to have bought another bass....NBD later today 😅

  8. Reckon if I was ever going to place an order it would look something like this - 32" 5 string coming in at £1,700 😅 I have played a short scale Elwood and it felt great but was just a bit too small, reckon the 32" is perfect. Wish I had got in on the Maruszczyk action when they were more affordable!
  9. Who knew it could take so long to sell a P Bass?
    Has everyone already got one? 😅

    1. TheGreek


      Not me...I don't think I've ever owned one.

    2. prowla


      I've got one I built from parts; it is really very good and I've no plans to buy another.

    3. bridge


      I think its the time of year Dude, I am selling two BF compacts, normally go well, but not a chance yet.

  10. Pretty sure this is exactly what Dart does with his bass since his right hand technique is pretty full on most of the time.
  11. Ooooh now if only I had the pennies! Was really interested in this when Alan first started working on these.
  12. Oooh that will look mint. How much (roughly) is it costing you? Always liked the idea of blinging my white 425
  13. Have to agree, Nords sound better on these videos anyway. Looking forward to seeing these out and about!
  14. I tried one in GuitarGuitar and it just felt bland. You know those basses where lightweight feels cheap and not designed in? That was my first impression. Secondly there was sharp edges on the headstock clamp which I found whe playing down the lower end on the D and G strings. Just didn't feel like a £2k bass.
  15. This is probably my favourite variation. Shame that the most basic ones are only available on White 4 string or Black 5 String.
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