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  1. Hard to tell on a phone screen, but if any of the cheaper ones are quite dark tort I'd gladly take one off your hands. I'm building a Pino style P if that helps 🙂
  2. Yikes, that's not great. I tried one of the new roasted maple/satin finish models in GG the other week, didn't check the alignment but the pickups were definitely out of balance. I appreciate it's a 10s job with a screwdriver to adjust pickup height and it is personal preference, but it does sound like the QC on these is slightly lacking.
  3. Currently building up a P bass in fits and starts and the last piece I need is the pickups. I've never had an extended spell with a P bass before so not sure on quite what I'm looking for. I know there's always a good selection available in the classifieds, but I can't decide if I need the more expensive ones (like the Lindy Fralins for sale) or will I really be just as happy with a set of Tone Riders and half the price, or even the eBay specials for £10? I'm an occasional player at moment and want this P bass to be that classic P bass with flats/tapes funk machine. So what would others do in my shoes?
  4. So....that was weird. Sharon Corr was very flat - mediocre songs with poor PA. She also openly declared she loved the Glasgow accent and is recently single 😂 Jeff Beck himself was very good, but everything could have been louder. Couldn't really hear much else, Rhonda seemed to be using an octaver down for a lot of it, so it got very muddy even with a lot of left hand movement. Johnny Depp...well. He would be stealing a living singing in a pub. A small portion of the crowd were there just to see him (as well as several hundred people outside). They spent the majority of the set shouting "We love you Johnny" (in the best Weegie accent). Added very little to the gig but is doing wonders for Jeff Beck's publicity so there that. Odd
  5. Also, do I get bonus points for having an idiot dressed as Jack Sparrow in the audience.
  6. Currently at the Glasgow gig. Sharon Corr, Johnny Depp and Jeff Beck walk into a bar.... I imagine this will be...interesting?
  7. Oh wow, totally forgot about this. I think Catwhisker were able to do a Humbucker in a P90 style case, so very similar to the Serek. I never went through with the order so no idea how it would work out!
  8. In keeping with the vintage theme, I was waiting for a set of older tuners with a bit of patina on them as I know ageing modern chrome tuners is difficult. @ead had the perfect set from his Greco, just old enough to have lost the shine which is perfect. Just a couple of bits left now!
  9. A matching set of G&L basses. SB1 and SB2.
  10. Just seen this on an advert on Facebook. The last word in the second section is a new one....
  11. Spotted this on Facebook. Sandberg Electra = Good Sims Quad = Good Both together for under £600 - Ridiculous value
  12. People need to stop selling basses I want. It's not fair. I want them all 😂
  13. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  14. Oh my days. I love this! One day I'll rustle up the funds to get myself a properly nice bass again
  15. Question for all the old slappers out there. I've got a Squier Musicmaster and Bronco, and tried a few other SS in shops etc and none have been very good for slapping, particularly the open E. Just feels a bit weak. I wouldn't say any of my SS basses are set up to their best, but what have others found. Is it the strings or set up or pickups in short scales that make them a bit less suited to slapping?
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