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  1. Absolutely love that, I've got a white version but that's a great colour. Won't be here long...
  2. Would probably need to use the lower 4 strings of a short scale 5 strings set. Or contact Newtone and they would be able to wind you a custom set.
  3. Looking to upgrade the pickup and preamp in my MTD Kingston, but it seems to be an odd size - 50mmx105mm Anyone know of any off the shelf pickups that would fit. Would like to pair it with a Spector Tonepump if that helps. Thanks!
  4. Ta Andy, any massive tonal differences between the pickups? Both seem a great deal for the quality of basses.
  5. So there are two VERY nice BBs for sale currently, and I was all for the BBG4, but then I saw the Crimson BBN ii. Anyone able to do a quick list of the differences between these? Are the neck profiles the same etc.
  6. So I finally sell a bass, funds ready. Ah sh.... I kind of begrudge paying GuitarGuitar £50 more. Reckon they would price match the black with the sonic blue that's still avaiable at Andertons for £349?
  7. Does it have an octaver built in? I appreciate the quality and craftmanship of this but not sure the who octave up thing would be that useful for me. Still look like great fun though!
  8. The new Supreme range had arrived at Bass Direct. Wowza.
  9. I think I have worked out what's most important to me in a bass. It's not the neck, or pickup arrangement or even number of strings. It's a smaller body. The two basses I've got on best with recently is my MTD Kingston K5 and a Sandberg Electra VS4 which I regret selling a bit. I've currently got a Sire V7 which just isn't working, just like the other 3 jazz basses I've had in the past haven't worked. And recently I tried a Squier CV 50s P Bass which was great, but the G&L SB2 I tried after just felt better to me. Of course, this could just be another phase but having a large bodied bass might be something I just don't like. Anyone else in the same camp?
  10. And here's me complaining the £800 is too much for a BB714 😂
  11. Or if you're ever up near Birmingham. Drop by Bass Direct, they normally have a couple of Maruszczyk in stock.
  12. Mathrock Dingwall Darkglass head/preamp
  13. Contact the guys at www.btnmusic.co.uk They do official Yamaha spare parts
  14. Nice! £800 seems a lot, but if there aren't any others available, then it's all down to what someone will pay.
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