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  1. NBD: My SR range continues

    14mm spacing yikes!
  2. Think my Half Wound experiment is over, making my G&L sound a bit lifeless. Where to next.....Chromes? La Bella Golds? Or Newtone :scratch_one-s_head:

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    2. BassApprentice


      Hmmm I might try a set of flats and see what I feel, especially something like the Golds/Chromes that are supposed to be quite bright.

      But it will probably end up with rounds on it again :biggrin:

    3. Sibob


      I don't mind rounds, but higher strings/notes always sound a little feeble to me now compared to flats.
      But it really depends what bass and music you're playing I guess :)


    4. daveornorm


      Maybe try Rotosound 77s - I'm really enjoying them after a long time on rounds only.

  3. Snarky Puppy Rig Rundown

    Hah didn't see that @yorks5stringer, didn't realise they posted the video early on their website. Not particularly in depth rundown but it does highlight how few pedals you need to get some cool sounds
  4. Zoom B1 on. Sliced Bread for bassists.

    I have the expression pedal B1Xon and the main use of the pedal is for volume Although I have been known to link it to the gain function of the SansAmp-a-like to add grit, quite a useful feature. The controls are a bit pesky for editing sometimes but I can't really complain, only paid £35 for mine! Massive bonus is the ability to power off USB, no more searching for a 9V adapter!
  5. Snarky Puppy Rig Rundown

    For fans of Snarky Puppy, Michael League goes through his rig, pretty cool
  6. Just saw this and thought it might appeal to those with imitations of a certain brand of bass. http://www.notreble.com/buzz/2018/03/05/nordstrand-audio-unveils-the-nordenbocker-pickup/ A mere £80 which seems reasonable https://nordstrandaudio.com/collections/rickenbacker/products/nordenbocker-rickenbacker-replacement
  7. PJB M500

    Don't have that exact model handy but I had some issues with my Suitcase so I got in touch with the UK distributor, Synergy. They could not have been more helpful, even covered the cost of shipping my amp back to me! (In Scotland too) Give them a shout http://www.synergydistribution.co.uk/Contact_Us.html
  8. For those who appreciate Vulfpeck and Joe Dart in general, he's part of this tour if you missed Vulfpeck last year! https://www.livenation.co.uk/show/1085553/theo-katzman-and-four-fine-gentlemen/glasgow/2018-04-10/en
  9. I have a Phil Jones Suitcase (which I would class as a Hi-Fi rig) and recently acquired a BB425 but yet to try them out together. Will let you know how it goes!
  10. New Cort Single cut at NAMM

    So I was browsing Instagram and thus came up.... I'm VERY intrigued by these. Cort make great basses and a fan fret 5 should go down a storm at the right price point. What do we think?
  11. Back to BASSics - the 5 string search

    Gonna throw Yamaha in that list. The top of the range BB (new or old) will be a very good place to get back on the horse.
  12. Yamaha TRBX600 series NEW

    In a dealer? Anywhere between tomorrow and next year It's good to see Yamaha pushing forward with new models though. They really are one of the best bang-for-buck brands
  13. NBD: Yamaha BB425

    THAT'S SO COOL! To do that, did you have to remove the top layer, draw on it then reapply a top layer? Or just draw, then top layer? I have some talented friends that could do something similar.....
  14. NBD: Yamaha BB425

    Yeah same, I remember thinking BBs were hella ugly but look at me now! They are lovely, touch heavy, but I'm happy with mine. The clean white is very Charvel/Jackson isn't it 😁 The bass at the end is G&L L2000. Looks massive as it's the only one of the 3 on a stand. Couldn't get it to balance for the photo and I was NOT risking that one falling over.
  15. NBD: Yamaha BB425

    The first week back at work is always hard.....so I bought a bass to get me through In reality I wasn't looking for a new bass but I wanted a BB for a good portion of last year but I thought I had staved that GAS with other purchases, until I played one of the new BBs I can't quite afford a BB735 but this popped up on Facebook. Haggled a bit and got a good price for it. Turns out the guy had a meeting at a building right next to my flat so got it delivered straight to my door the next day! It's in A1 condition, original strings feel like they have barely been played. While they aren't the best strings I do like the tension of them so they're staying on for the time being. If you've played a BB you'll understand what I mean when I say: It just works. Nothing fancy, it just sounds massive. Really love the grit you can get on either pick up, wouldn't mind if it was just a touch lighter though. Took it to a jam night and got several compliments saying how full it sounded so colour me chuffed. Now most importantly, PICTURES