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  1. Hmmm, these new Euros look very good. Will have to try one when they got the shops
  2. Seems to be a lot of NBD posts this weekend, makes me feel left out 😂 

  3. I'm seeing it for £399, still expensive and £70 more than the standard guitar version. I am tempted to sell my Bass Buddy as these are less wires and seem a better practice tool.
  4. A pretty spicy looking BBNE2 has just popped up on Facebook....
  5. Guess who has two thumbs and is now regretting letting his 80's L2000 go 👍👍
  6. Appreciate the offer, but I'm a bit further north of where ACGs are born!
  7. I think medium scale might be the one for me. Don't get me wrong I like both my full scale and short scale but from a comfort point of view 32" really appeals. Would want to try and high quality medium scale before ordering a custom Sandberg though!
  8. Picked up a Sire a few week ago and wasn't quite working.....Slapped a set of Chromes on, now we're talking!

    1. Marvin


      Good combination. I had Chromes on my Sire for the last few years and only recently put some rounds back on (for a different project). The Chromes sound well balanced on the Sire

    2. TheGreek


      That's nearly a rhyme...


      Reminds me of that reworked Elvis song.

  9. I'm tempted to sell my Bass Buddy and get me one of these. Assume they have Aux in and headphone out for practice?
  10. So I've got the Bass Buddy for headphone based practice and it's great, but I like like to have the same tone when not using headphones. Would you sell a Bass Buddy for a Double Four or Micro Combo? I only play in the house so I don't need anything bigger for now.
  11. I saw Clapton and Santana at Hyde Park a few years ago with just normal tickets. Definitely didn't appreciate how far back you'd be! Weather was excellent and even though you were mostly watching on a screen the sound was good and had a great time. If Pearl Jam are a band you *need* to see, I'd stump the cash for the experience. Also, considering we haven't been spending any money on gigs or holidays I think a one off is justified 😅
  12. For anyone genuinely interested in that SBV, it used to be mine. Mostly decent nick, few scrapes and chips and routed with a battery compartment. I actually spoke to the guy who is selling it the other day as he came in to my work. I reckon I could get a bit off that if someone wants me to be the middle man?
  13. Been intrigued by these guys work for a while. Love the colours they can do and yours looks the perfect level of worn in.
  14. If you can find one cheap enough, they are great fun. One day I'll finish it by putting that P90 Serek style humbucker in it. For now. It's just good fun.
  15. I see you've bought that BB which is a great call. The SBV used to belong to me and its a super cool bass, also already neatly routed for a battery compartment and plenty space for a preamp. If I hadn't just bought a Sire and a new watch I'd probably buy it back 😂
  16. Tomorrow is finally NBD! Been about 2 months since I actually bought the bass 😅

  17. Depends on what he plans to use it for. If it's for recording, find a good passive P Bass, an older Yamaha BB would be great. If he wants something a bit more fancy then Sire will do it, they even have short scale models now for which might help the transition
  18. Is it actually pink? Or just a really weird picture of an orange one?
  19. A Super Light VM5 with light relic is probably the dream for me...
  20. Anyone intrigued by the Bantam 5? Interesting that it's 32" not a full on short scale...
  21. I'm normally a fan of fancy finishes but that looks a bit lost, like they couldn't decide whether to go quilted or burl 😅 of course others obviously love it and more power to ya!
  22. It's always tempting to want to upgrade something as it is perceived as "cheap" But you get so much for your money these days that sometimes upgrades aren't necessary at all!
  23. Depends if you want a modern or vintage tone? Some UK based guys do custom pickups at very reasonable prices like Catwhisker or the Creamery. Also might be worth playing stock for a while and seeing what it does/doesn't do for you.
  24. Just spotted this on No Treble - a Carbon Fiber necked bass for under £700... https://klosguitars.com/products/electric-bass-preorder However, they are also taking preorder for nearly every other stringed instrument under the sun so this could be a case of spreading themselves too thin. Always cool to see new things though.
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