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  1. Mine arrived yesterday. Forgot I bought 2 packs so now I have more straplocks that I do basses 😅 Oh well, new bass it is!
  2. I have received the notification that mine are sitting at home waiting for me to suitably Pimp My Bass and become infinitely talented.
  3. I believe the pickguard is actually pearl white with some sticky back black on it, but agree it looks great! if it comes off with wear I'll probably get a proper one made. Just been noodling on it this afternoon and it just works for me, dead chuffed!
  4. So was going to spend more than £200 on my next bass - didn't bother. I've wanted an MTD for a while now but the Kingston Super5 is still £1000 and then the real deals are very expensive, enter the Artist 5. £200 got me all the design features I wanted and a good base for tinkering, very happy!
  5. I quite like the look of them as an off the wall option, as you say if Richard Bona plays one not under duress/contract then they must be ok 😅 Might be worth contacting BassDirect and seeing what they know, it is something they might stock as they are a bit weird/not known for making actual basses.
  6. So I originally was on the lookout for 5 string at a slightly higher price point but a couple of bills later I had slightly less GAS money and saw this in the classifieds and couldn't resist. Not too much info about these, seems they were discontinued and come up from time to time. I've tried the Super5 at BassDirect and loved it and this has all the basic build features with just less pickups and less fancy EQ. I'm pretty happy with it so far, 19mm spacing and 35" scale won't be for everyone but the wide, asymmetric neck feels great to me and it comes in just under 4kg so good weight too. This one has had a 2 band John East preamp from a Zoot put in which is very bright and maybe not quite versatile enough for me, although I have been playing with Tapewounds so maybe when I can get a set of tapes on this it will mellow it out. Reckon either the preamp or pickup will be changed too if this stays around long enough. I'll definitely be putting in a series/parallel/coil tap switch though. Enjoying having a 5 string again!
  7. I saw someone on a Facebook group get one so they are landing places. Might not have been the UK though.
  8. Just measured and its just shy of 37" to the nut so could be touch and go on a standard set. Also, @franzbassist you've just reminded me I've got to answer your PM! Apologies
  9. Hi all, Whilst I wait for my favoured La Bella Tapewounds to get back in stock in extra long (unless anyone knows if standard long scale will work on a 35" MTD?) I'm looking for recommendations for cheapish low tension strings to put on there for now. I saw another thread saying some manufacturers standard long fit 35", are Dunlops pretty low tension? Or anything else I should look at?
  10. Great find! Always a plethora of Westones for sale but I might keep my eyes peeled for a Thunder 3, looks very nice.
  11. Ah balls, if I hadn't just bought something else! If this is still around when the new toy arrives it might not stay too long....
  12. Day 3 of Hermes Two Day Delivery. 


    1. TheGreek


      I had two deliveries from them yesterday from different drivers...maybe one of them should have been yours.

    2. JapanAxe


      If you read their T&Cs carefully, you find the delivery time is merely an expression of your preference. Seriously.

    3. SpondonBassed



      If you read their T&Cs carefully, you find the delivery time is merely an expression of your preference. Seriously.

      I've got an expression for that.

  13. I had two items go missing recently. Finally got here on the third order and it came from Spain. First was in the UK, replacement came from Germany. Amazon are one of the few companies, as awful as they are, to have pretty consistent deliveries. I did find it weird that two items in row went missing.
  14. ..... I literally bought a different 5 string yesterday as the waiting time for these is too long. That is some really bad timing on my part 😂😂😂
  15. Have you had a Sire before? Really struggling to choose between the V5 and the V7 Also - we need pics @Dsaw69😁
  16. Hey mate, dropping you a PM
  17. Ah if only these were cut for a 4 and 1 headstock.... Do you have a bass you could check if the D and G would fit? Or just not a chance they would?
  18. Thought this would be a useful video for many considering the Euro series. So many different variations 😅
  19. Ahhhhhh, I'm so tempted. I love the roasted maple necks on the new V5s but I reckon I would like the active preamp more than the fully passive V5. What to do.... 😅
  20. Sorry @hooky_lowdown, I may have worded it badly. I meant that I was thinking that I need to spend £800 to get a good bass but the Sire's are classed as "cheap" and apparently incredible for the price so I'm feeling less inclined to spend more to get good bass. Another example is my Sandberg Electra feels every bit as good as my old G&L but was only £360.
  21. I started a thread about a budget for £800 but I feel the need to try the Sire's as I haven't seen a bad review, with the exception of some QC problems that all brands have. There's a nice burgundy one just appeared, but I'm more tempted by the V5 with the roasted maple neck.
  22. Addressing some points raised - the USA Sub, the finish is just a no for me. I appreciate it can be taken off and refinished but I'm not feeling the want to do that. Yes, the Status neck not working is a risk and then you are left with a neck and the body, but it is loaded with Barts and is ready for a preamp so it has all the factors to work. What I want - Just now I'm moving on a P type bass as whilst it plays great, I am a two pickup bass type of guy and I being a bedroom bassist I can't justify having a bass that doesn't do quite what I want. Just need more variety, especially a humbucker at the bridge - which is why the Reverend and the Super 5 are in the mix.
  23. Also, I've never owned a brand new bass, always gone used. I know that you instantly lose money on new things but the idea of the bass being mine first does appeal to me a bit.
  24. Well, after things have moved on, I'll have my Bronco and a Fretless Squier Jazz. So looking for something versatile (a Lakland would suit) but I am always looking for the different things, hence the Rev and I've just seen a MTD Kingston Super 5 on Reverb with a Nordstrand in it which is also tempting.
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