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  1. Damn....well I'll be here. Waiting.... 😅
  2. Calling shotgun if you have to sell it to get a white one! 😉
  3. Might go for seconds..... Edit: message sent...
  4. Erm.... I'm not sure I can let this one pass me by. Better be quick!
  5. Seems they still do some Fender-y stuff. With the high end stuff he does, wonder what mad stuff you could spec.
  6. Bought some White Nylon tapewounds from Isaac and he sent them quickly and arrived even quicker! Pleasure to deal with and would buy from again. Thanks!
  7. First Sputnik specd. Just €2,800.....
  8. ACCEPTING NEAREST OFFERS! I bought this watch in January this year and I really like it, but I don't love it and something else has come up which I would rather have. This watch gets great reviews and there isn't a mark on it. As you can see in the photos it looks great on any strap. This will come with the original strap and a handmade leather single pass NATO which cost me £30,full box and guarantee etc included Specs below Case: 38mm diameter - sand-blasted stainless steel - sapphire crystal on the dial side - closed back - 50m water resistant Movement: ETA 2801-2 - hand-wound - 42H power reserve - 4Hz frequency - hours, minutes, seconds Strap: Green fabric NATO strap with leather inserts - steel pin buckle - 20mm lug width Reference: H69429931 Feel free to ask any questions. Happy to post UK only.
  9. Rubbish situation all over by the looks of it. Tweets always do better with engagement so if we could all like/retweet the OPs tweet it might gain some traction
  10. The standard Cutlass is readily available online - I'm sure if you contacted MusicMan they would happily build that bass for you. Might not be cheap though!
  11. I see that Bass Direct now have Super 5s with Laurel fingerboards in. 



    1. BassApprentice


      Good point.

      Only balls would be mine on the chopping block if I cave and buy one! 

    2. CameronJ


      Hahaha. Yeah, I saw the new stock yesterday. They look tasty!

    3. TheGreek


      That purple Chowny SWB looks amazing...

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  12. Maybe this will finally end my speculation of his cheaply can I have one of these 😅
  13. Having had both the Harley Benton and SUB Ray 5s I would personally go for one of these over the Vintage purely on looks. The hardware and pickup on the Vintage will be plenty good so just depends on what you like!
  14. Also, anyone know the specs? Considering it's not on the MusicMan website and the buying page says nothing. Bit odd.
  15. £1500(ish) can't say it's not reasonable from MusicMan considering normal Ray's are above that. Anyone buying one?
  16. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  17. Wait, I completely missed the major issue Wait, I misunderstood what you meant. The screen and buttons on the front don't do anything. It's purely a box. Ok, wasn't what I thought at all.
  18. Quick question - can you use a Zoom B3/B3n as a recording interface via usb?

    1. JapanAxe
    2. LukeFRC


      @BassApprentice -
      As an audio interface:  B3 yes. B3n no. 

  19. Quite interested in this - as a bedroom bassist live use isn't too much of an issue. I've also got limited desk space so having every effect available for twiddling at my finger tips could be handy. But then again - if I just got a B3n you can use the software editor and have it on the floor for not too much more money. Clever idea by Zoom though.
  20. Shame you didn't say it might be the Super 5, I'd be all over that 😂
  21. So someone is selling a Squier Musicmaster. £600 however, didn't realise they were worth that these days!
  22. Just stumbled across this page on Facebook. Guitars come out at roughly £300-500 and there was a bass on the Facebook page. Worth getting in touch to see if he can do what you're looking for. http://dyguitars.yolasite.com No idea what components he's using but if they are good quality I could be interested too
  23. It's a toss up between aged cream of shell pink or me! I'm starting the think the Flea sig. Jazz is my favourite colour!
  24. Why don't Sandberg do a Shell Pink? A soft aged shell pink VM4 would be an instant buy.

    1. BassAgent


      It's not shell pink, but it is pink:


    2. hiram.k.hackenbacker


      I'm sure they will build you one.

      Here's a pink Sandberg California in action....


    3. BassApprentice


      Ooooh, reason I said as pink wasn't on the configurator. Those pinks are a touch pink. Going to drop Sandberg an email.

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  25. That's a great price for such a quality instrument....
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