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  1. @Kev have you seen this thread? One 5er and 6er bought and reviews seem pretty good!
  2. On the issue of weight. It would have been really cool to see EB release a short scale Sterling. The shortie seems to be very decent by all accounts but the shrunk body looks a bit weird, granted I haven't seen it in the wood yet!
  3. That was exactly my point. Similar to the issue with the custom basses from BITE guitars, why mess with headstocks? I reckon most people would deal with a quirky design/twist to the body and a more reserved headstock design.
  4. Schecter seem to be making the right moves with some of their vintage inspired model and this is close, but the headstock. Yeesh. Not the worst but since they have far more standard looking headstocks in their arsenal it just looks odd.
  5. Hi @mikebass456 Looks like a lovely build but maybe start another topic of your own? Save it getting missed by others who might be interested!
  6. Very nice find! Going to keep an eye out for one of those in the near future.
  7. I have GAS for basses but it comes and goes...but I REALLY want one of these little basses. Looks so beautiful and I'm sure will play amazingly too 😍
  8. Reading @Shylock review of the JC made me have a quick look and see what's available. This ends today: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Epiphone-Jack-Casady-Bass-Metallic-Goldtop-Customised-with-Epiphone-Hardcase/164140665230?hash=item26378bc98e:g:PDAAAOSwkhxedN9t Seems a very fair price for the amount of extras added!
  9. Now come on, you're telling me I can't build a bass out of this old door with a sanding block and a junior hacksaw? 😅
  10. Check out Merchant City Music, based in Glasgow. Seems to have a good number of Talmans in stock but not that exact colour - could be that's last years colour? Give them an email and see. https://www.guitar.co.uk/guitars/bass/4-string?dir=asc&order=price
  11. Sitting listening to The Police and remember trying one of the Sting signature models years ago when I was too young to appreciate it. Can't remember seeing one for sale or anyone posting about them so just wondering what the general opinion of them is. Are they just a simple 50's P Bass with his signature slapped on the 12th fret?
  12. Found a picture of my old bass and now I want it back...I know who has it.



    1. lowregisterhead


      We'll both be called as witnesses at the murder trial.

    2. LukeFRC


      ask nicely and wave lot of money in his or her direction?

    3. Dood


      I tried that with an old bass of mine Luke. Understandably, the guy who bought it from me knew how good it was and couldn’t bare to part with it.

      I am still trying to trace an old P bass of mine that is apparently in a studio somewhere in Suffolk / Essex!

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  13. Just watched the first 5 of these. What a lovely man he seems and I am SO envious of his technique. Making his bass and amp do the work rather than his fingers. Would love to be able to train myself to do that.
  14. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  15. Not had that issue but maybe try buying from a different device?
  16. Just signed up. I'm very much a "pick up my bass and noodle for a bit" so hopefully I can get a bit more structure in my practice with this.
  17. What great looking short scale gang you've got @anzoid Thanks for the review, sounds like they've given the market what it wanted at a reasonable price!
  18. Cor, Bass Direct really so have some great Sandbergs in just now http://bassdirect.co.uk/bass_guitar_specialists/Sandberg_TT4_HCA.html?fbclid=IwAR2Pl84G_EzF8JtMg-UjUxE2N4ADUKahRcqlvz_4i-O3GWIutqjOmNujpaM Plus the new Short Scale Lionel.
  19. Fellow Glasgwegian here! Welcome! It's a great resource and will try it's hardest to separate you from your cash. Looking forward to your contributions!
  20. Remember that time that GAK said they sent a shipment back due to quality control issues and we said they were liars....😅
  21. On the subject of the ATK, pretty sure I saw one of the most basic version, the Gio, for sale on Gumtree for about £70. Obviously depends where you live etc.
  22. Best copy - Musicman Sterling SUB. Yes the naming system is crap but these can be had for around £200 or less. Does everything it says on the tin. Runner up would be the older OLPs. Also around the same price second hand.
  23. See, us Scots once again tackling the real issues!😁 Not too much showing of the low B clarity, but it does sound very nice! I'll be saving my pennies and getting a set when I need a change on my 5 string!
  24. Ah yes, that would do it..... Reckon Sandberg would send over white pickup covers? 😁
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