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  1. Can't deny these are beautiful instruments! That Hadrien model looks incredible.
  2. Works for me, will age nicely if you plan on keeping it. I've been wanting a shell pink bass for ages but I'm waiting for the new Flea signature model to see if that could be the one.
  3. Oh yes, forgot about that thread! Think I have the very one @vmaxblues sorted out
  4. Resurrecting this thread again! Tried to adjust the pickups today and found they are very firmly stuck in - have any of the owners encountered this? Cheers!
  5. Afternoon all I've had this Tanglewood Bassmaster Funk for a few years now and finally got round to sorting out the difference in volume from the pickups, or so I thought. The neck pickup is roughly 0.4cm from the strings the bridge was ~0.6cm. Started to loosen the screws in the pickups expecting them to gently rise up as usual, nothing. After taking the screws out there was no springs and both pickups seem very much stuck in place. Any ideas how to remove these without damaging them? Thanks!
  6. Stunning bass! I was down last Nov and tried one as they just look so good and the pros who use them sound amazing, didn't quite do it for me but I think you need some more time than a quick play through headphones to work it out. Maybe in the future....
  7. From what I've heard it's very much luck of the draw quality and execution wise. If you can find a seller that has a good grasp of English then you can maybe communicate what exactly you are looking for otherwise you get what might be a guitar - might be pieces of wood joined together
  8. For fans of Joe Dart. He's on the cover of Bass Guitar Mag and there's a special edition that comes with a Joe Dart t-shirt https://www.myfavouritemagazines.co.uk/music/bass-guitar-back-issues/bass-guitar-170-joe-dart-t-shirt-bundle/ I would be all over this but the t-shirt is a LARGE ONLY so no use to me. Might be useful to others!
  9. Been wondering about this bass recently so dropped GuitarGuitar an email. They are on order and should be in stock in August - looking forward to seeing if its worth the money.
  10. 79 pieces in stock....More than probably every shop stocks.....
  11. Nicely done! Get yourself over to the BB thread. Too many pages of BB Geekery
  12. Oooft, a very nice Bolt On Thumb for sale on Facebook if that's your thing 


    1. Soledad


      Looks like a cracker for a 90s 5er, full of woods they can't use anymore - ovangkol body etc. Won't hang around at 795 asking. Lucky foe me I'm not buying basses anymore :)

  13. Well kind of, yes. Like all ranges, it's all down to features. Cheap ones have basic stuff, expensive ones have all the features and processes Yamaha have. But we all agree here that they are worth every penny at their given price range.
  14. Sometimes social media throws up some cool things. Found this luthier NS Guitars and this cool wee travel guitar. He also does basses. Here's the kicker - that only costs $400. Tempted to enquire and see if he could do a short scale bass version. Also thought it might be cool to have a thread for random Luthiers you find on Instagram/elsewhere which might give them business or inspire others for builds.
  15. That looks great! I'm in Guitar Guitar fairly regularly and am always drawn to the Sandbergs. The P/MM combo is fantastic and if I can ever persuade them to do a custom one in Shell Pink they'll have a sure fire order.
  16. Ah thanks so much for that Al! With the limited length of these strings I'll try through the bridge and see if it feels any different.
  17. Can't deny the quality of Yamaha products! A question - I have acquired a set of Copper White Nylon Tapewounds and they are just a smidgeon shorter than I would like when stringing throughbody on my BB425 - Do people find a massive difference in tone/volume/feel for throughbody compared with through the bridge? Thanks!
  18. I've got a set of Copper White Nylons on my Yamaha BB right now and I'm liking the smooth feel and the tone. Such an expensive experiment are bass strings.
  19. What a cool little bass! Seems to be a lot of people looking for shorter basses and this would be a great place to start
  20. Ach that's a shame mate! If you're looking for lightweight, check it the Sandberg Super light https://www.basschat.co.uk/topic/330412-sandberg-sl-superlight-now-available-for-order-66lb
  21. Believe it's a Spector Coda, so yes it's probably very nice too! Considering they didn't have a large number, it was a good variety of basses rather than all Fender/Ibanez stuff.
  22. Think I've found the pickup config I like most. Either P or J but with a big ol Humbucker at the bridge. Just works for me

    1. TheGreek



    2. mcnach


      Yup, a big bridge humbucker is where it's at. Paired with a P, for me. 

  23. Also, Kennys also have a Mexican Stu Hamm sig for £349 if that is of any interest to anyone.
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