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  1. This is amazing! Can't stop looking at it. The acg preamp is the best I've ever used. Can really dial in your sound. How much do kidneys sell for now days?
  2. For sale is my esp ltd jazz bass, somewhat of a mystery to me as to which model it is. I was told it's a rare bird Vietnamese built jazz, unsure of the year or model. I contacted esp and they said it may be a j-204. But it looks nothing like the 204, unless the Vietnam version was different. It looks more like the 400 series. Either way it's a fantastic factory fretless with the dot markers being in the fret positions. The fret board is beautifully thick. It was relic'd by the famous Alan knight, originally black and now is a vintage cream colour. Bought the bass with aspirations of being like pino, and quickly realising I'm not. Bass is very easy to play though and has a nice mwaah to it. Unfortunately a van problem forces my hand and this has to go up for sale. I would like £300 for the bass, including a gigbag. I'm based in Surrey junction 8 M25.
  3. I'm looking to swap my preamp and pickups out of my esp ltd fretless jazz, I'm unsure of the model but it's a 90's bass I believe
  4. Do you have a hardcase to send it in? And do you have a soundclip?
  5. Was there a finger ramp fitted on this ? What's the four holes about?
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