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  1. I actually lied....soz I like the solo in this. But I love the song itself, so perhaps that helps me, as I would still love the song if there was a Bavarian ankle tuba solo instead. apologies for no images of the bassist playing. You’ll have to imagine them.
  2. Perhaps “Favourite” rather than “Best/Greatest” is a more helpful term? My favourite bass solo is found in any song where there isn’t one. I do wonder if I’m actually a bass player sometimes 😊
  3. I’ve put this on my watch list. I’m genuinely shocked that he’s charging anything for it, let alone the amount! The description is “creative” at best. I want to see if anyone buys it. And if they do, I’m going to sell them my used pants, advertised as a Gucci balaclava.🙄
  4. Bit O’ Edgar Winter? Or Stevie Ray Vaughan? Lnnnnrrd Sknnnrrrd?
  5. He’d probably be fine Paul. He only dislikes country. Said nothing about Western.
  6. Well, when you can’t find bog roll, needs must.....
  7. Can’t see the article now Jon, but I thought he said he’d helped with testing and design of the pickups and something to do with hardware?. 🙂
  8. I’m working from home. Have to submit a log of work activities each day. I left off Hoovering, watching “Race across the world” and getting up at 09:00. 😊
  9. Looks like a “Highway One” with those machineheads. So perhaps not such a good price? Let’s hope he hasn’t touched the nut, otherwise that’ll need replacing.
  10. Blimey! I must be the only person to have used the system without an issue. 😲 Sent guitars, and smaller musical items without a hitch. Hope you sort it @lonestar 👍🏻
  11. Check the postage address. It should be the Staffordshire one, if so don’t contact the seller to arrange anything.
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