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  1. Absolutely Sylvia. My better half does the household finances, so even if I wanted to sneak something past her under my coat (guitar wise obvs), it appears on a spreadsheet sometime later. 😄
  2. Maybe a “point” isn’t being made. Maybe he’s just trying to be humorous.
  3. It’s a scam. I can see right through it.
  4. This suggests it’s a strum. Tab and video. No affiliation to the fella on YouTube btw
  5. I’d go along with the majority and appoint singer B. I’d then bugger off and let them deal with the consequences 🥳
  6. Thank goodness for that................and breathe. 😊
  7. I’m not a 5’er player, so not something I experience but can it be unwrapped a bit? Someone here will know.
  8. I bought a unicorn at a very reasonable price from there. Run by a very nice African prince.
  9. It’s difficult to know what to charge when you’re flying blind, at least you’ll know next time. Hope it goes well anyway.
  10. £3k? Phhht I remember the good old days when a band would demand to get paid in “exposure”. You’re all soft letting venues get away with paying you money. Kids today 👴🏻
  11. The multi option nut grooves are particularly impressive . 🥳
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