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  1. That’s how G&R’s always sounds to me. 🦡 🔪🍒🤪
  2. So you’re his backing band essentially? Bit like a pit band, you turn up and play whatever is presented to you. Now that’s fine, if that’s everyone’s expectation. I play in a band that is led by an amazing bass player who has gigged and recorded with high profile artists. However, he chooses to let me create my own parts, but occasionally gives direction, particularly in the studio. But that’s our expectation. So, essentially, laying out expectations from the start makes for clarity and helps minimise disappointment and resentment. I’d have a chat with him Mick, sooner rather than later, or walk.
  3. https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F174169657828
  4. Lovely! Sandbergs (to me) have the look of “quiet authority” about them. It’s like they know what they can do, and know they can do it well, so have no need to shout about it. And yet at the same time they’re very attractive and know it too. They're a standoffish Carol Vorderman. 🤭
  5. I’ve been trying to do the same as @paddy109 I’ve looked at the various charts google throws up and I’m not sure what’s on mine. Purple ball end with purple & green tuner end. Possibly Dominants? They are too stiff for my liking, but sound mahoosive arco. It would be handy to have some idea as I’ll be looking to move them on and get something more suited to pizz/slap. Sorry for poor image of scroll end, but purple and green is there.
  6. She is an amazing composer, creates beautiful and unusual music. Would love to be in her head for a day.
  7. How can you try basses out in a shop if you don’t know basic slap technique. And... How can you post a bass video on YouTube if you don’t know some rudimentary tapping. And.... In order to facilitate a guitarist playing a 53 minute “blues” solo, one must have mastered 12 bar blues walking lines (but nothing fancy mind). So as one can see it’s important to know all sorts of stuff. 😉
  8. Got soft spot for these in that finish 😍
  9. Bucket list bass 😍 Unfortunately it’ll be the wife who will afford it, once I kick the bucket!
  10. It’s ok, it was supposed to be humorous. I don’t do music for money, or love, I just like watching people suffer....bit like my “humour” 🥳
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