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  1. Cool! Antonia is great, good b/v too. Small world indeed.
  2. Listening to the back catalogue, and new album songs, in prep for first rehearsal in May. I’ll be lucky if I remember how to plug my bass in! 😂
  3. Yes he does you’re right! Amended.🙏
  4. Terrific guitars these. Regret selling mine. GLWTS
  5. Hurry up someone....I want my heroes, S Club 7 I’ll edit this after so it’s sequential Or it’s S Club 6 (the post H years)
  6. Tempted by a 2x12 4ohm cab, but as with everything I want, nothing's near Bath. GLWTS
  7. Dee Murray. My first bass hero. Very rarely see any mention of him here, incredible musician.
  8. I just thought it was a good impression of Sinatra using a non typical Sinatra song, played quite nicely. I hadn’t realised how offensive it was 😂
  9. 😂 I'm easily pleased Paul. I love a roll neck.
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