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  1. Hi, have they been cut for fender 4 in Lind style headstock? If so I’ll take the nickel set please. Thanks John
  2. Thanks for getting back to me Shaun. Shame but needs to fit a P bass ☹️ John
  3. Hi @skb558 Are these still available and what bass were they on? 4 in line fender style? thanks.
  4. Weird. On my phone it shows 2 options on a drop down menu, $349 guitar with case or $249 without the case.
  5. We’re playing this Friday if anyone is free in the area. Usually a good laugh. And free! https://www.thomastripp.co.uk/portfolio-item/jo-burt-4-3-2-2-2
  6. Lovers. Actually...... We all get on great, massive laugh together and supportive. But I only socialise with keyboardist and one of the techs outside of musical ventures. So very friendly colleagues on the whole.
  7. It was used by the Talon-ted mr Swift on the Hootenanny I believe.
  8. I can’t recall ever having a music related dream. Plenty of sports ones, apocalyptic ones and a reoccurring one involving Carol Kirkwood & impressive weather fronts, but nothing musical. 🥴
  9. I was asked to dep for a couple of gigs as bassist wasn’t available. He turned up at the 2nd one. 😲 I’m still playing with them 3 years later and just recorded latest album. The original bass player I’m depping for still turns up at gigs. It’s very confusing.
  10. Last words from the magistrate as I left the courtroom Happy days.
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