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  1. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  2. One of the biggest influences on my playing: Kenny Pasarelli. For those who are not fans of EJ’s voice...this is an instrumental, off my favourite EJ album.
  3. Your location Mick is a massive deterrent preventing me from taking this. I don’t even need it, what great bang for your buck. Please, someone buy this soon.
  4. SOLD Fabulous all in one vocal harmonies, looper, vocal processor and acoustic guitar fx pedal. Bought earlier this year to gig with, but given up on that idea now. Comes with psu, quick start manual and in a neat little gig bag. Spec: https://www.andertons.co.uk/acoustic-dept/acoustic-guitar-effects-pedals-di-boxes/tc-helicon-play-acoustic-guitar-vocal-fx-processor
  5. If the Machineheads are still available I’ll take them please. Ta
  6. oldslapper


    Whoa there!! Are you trying to break the internet? (.coming here with yer..bleedin’ reasoned argument..)
  7. I agree, I love the simplicity of a 51P design. Found it here Mick. https://jayscottguitar.com/what-my-builders-are-up-to-fretless-51-p-bass/
  8. Add that to wanty wanty please. Lush. As Frank asked, what is it?
  9. Both or either (both!) of these P’s please Bob.
  10. Someone in the band has to bring equilibrium to flouncing singers/psychotic drummers/“it should have been me” guitarists/and the inevitable paisley shirt of the keyboarderist. At least that’s why I ended up on bass.
  11. Brendon! “Need” is such an unhelpful word, particularly when preceded by “don’t”. 😜
  12. Sold Got this before Christmas along with a Jazz neck and it was the neck I was really after. Can’t see myself doing anything with this anytime soon. It’s a funky looking body though and I love the colour. Would make a nice project or something to fettle with. Comes with a home cut pick guard by previous owner. Anyhoo, would like to cover postage and maybe a couple of packets of giant Wotsits. £20 posted. Or £10 collected from outside using my lengthy barge pole to measure social distancing.
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