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  1. Don’t reckon they owned any ships either. Mind you, if you’re going to be lied to, then it might as well be by Scott. He could sing the Yellow Pages and make it sound wonderful. In fact he did once, took a while before he got to the number I wanted, but it was worth it. Sadly the guitar “restorer” I was after didn’t answer. 🤡
  2. Actually, I’ve decided to buy one in the uk, but spend 3 times the amount for it https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/193546385183
  3. Just put one in my “shopping basket”. Can’t do any harm there can it? It’s not like I’ve bought one or anything? Just in the basket, sitting there safe and sound from slappy’s grasp 😌
  4. Ooh just had a look at those. Not slabbed body from the pics? I like chunky necks, and weight not an issue for home use. Ideal for “modding” too.
  5. Thing is, I’m a fan of Mr Sumner, as a musician and composer. But don’t feel the need to advertise it every time I play. Bit sad really.
  6. Dear Mr PO Darkness, Regarding the facial expression described. People are more likely to think you are grumpy than “insane”. However, I do understand that “peeved” lacks the necessary dark and threatening gravitas, and would be incongruous with the musical accompaniment offered by his Royal lefthandedness. Kind regards Mr I. Man
  7. I’d be up for buying one of these, if the 12th fret didn’t have one those!
  8. I can imagine how annoying that would be for you Paul, being a plantsman n’all. ☹️
  9. Didn’t Micheal Hutchens front InExcel? He was pretty rocknroll
  10. It’s a thing. Airturn make good bluetooth pedals for it. The BL has one for scrolling down the lyrics as well as “turning pages”.
  11. Nothing wrong with your playing Stew! Very nice actually. I’d keep it, always nice to have one in your collection.😎
  12. Unfortunately these days I’d have to tape a set list onto the back of one of the backing vocalists to be able to see it. In their words “John, you have the best view in the house”.....I try hard each gig not to look like some old letch, so iPad on a mic stand, gaze averted, job done. But set list on floor or monitor is traditionally more “RnR”. It’s just too far away to see. 🤦🏻‍♂️
  13. I use one live and in the studio. Loads of app options for set lists, or get a pen so you can “write” your crib sheets on Word or PDF sheets and organise them however you need Nick. I use a mic stand holder, and as HJ said screen enlargement is so useful. Go for it.
  14. If the buyer doesn’t want the pickup cover Stew.... let me know please. I’m not far from Midsomer murders. John
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