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  1. It’s pretty crap and the truss rod has split the board at the first fret, but it might suit someone wanting to try their fledgling luthier skills on. Have a go at defretting or refretting, sanding and refinishing, etc before you touch a neck you’re actually thinking of attaching to a body! It’s here for collection in Bath, or surrounding areas. I could post if you’re prepared to chuck a £5 my way to cover p&p thsnks John
  2. Good purchase whoever bought it. I found putting it in the G side slot worked best for an even sound.
  3. I think I bought one from you? I’m restoring an old ply upright and might fancy this. I’ll know by the weekend. No stress if it goes before then
  4. Good story. Great app. hiding.another.purchase 🤦🏻‍♂️
  5. I’m not sure you understand. You (and the rest of the band) are there to serve the singist! The singist is the queen or king bee, the centre of everything, the axis upon which the universe must revolve, without whom this and all other worlds will fall apart, or spin off into certain oblivion. They are all knowing (without knowing nuffink), all doing (without lifting a finger), all seeing (whilst blind to the stress they may cause to others in THIER band). Now stop moaning, and bathe in the glorious light that shines forth from the hole from which they also speak. And to prove I’m not prejudiced, in any way....I went out with a singer once, so I can’t be 🥳
  6. You can see how sight reading has sucked out all his “feel” and “groove”. Just say no to dots kids. 😆
  7. I’m a member. But that’s enough about my general persona. I don’t do Farcebook, Twatter, InstantGran, or whatever other antisocial media is out there, so bass forums are my only internet outlet for the general nonsense in my head. I really like Finnbass, found the population there incredibly helpful, funny and met a couple of fine people from there in dodgy car parks (that’s another story though). I like the spit and sawdust back street pub feel to it. I also have visited TB a couple of times and, again, found some helpful info there. I like this place generally too, but this is the only site I’ve got into “arguments“ on, funnily enough never about gear. Once I was accused of lacking a sense of humour and another time my humour being inappropriate. My experience to date is that forums are fine places, but it’s too easy to take what is typed too personally, out of context, or interpret with attritional bias, etc, as I can’t see the face of the person typing so can’t read their intentions. It’s too easy for peeps to get carried away (me included) or type something they wouldn’t necessarily say face to face with someone. I would like to add that mods have been very helpful here ime. I’m still a member. An old wrinkly member.
  8. As title. Came with a fender style P neck Will trade for vintage fretless Wal in original fluorescent battenberg finish, or a subtle yellow Lamborghini 4x4 (no Chinese knock offs please). Might be tempted by a new ironing board. Alternatively £12 posted or £10 collected in Bath.
  9. Look I’m not after an argument and I’m not backpedaling, your reply clearly stated you found it sexist, then ended by stating you don’t find it offensive. (Quote 👆🏻) If it’s sexist, then it IS offensive. I will crawl back under the misogynist rock from which I came.
  10. I’ve edited my posts accordingly @Silvia Bluejay Although I’m not totally clear whether you are stating it is offensive, or not, and who you are speaking for. If content is sexist then it should be removed, as per BC rules. But as I posted yesterday, it was more pointing a finger at the purchasers inability to come clean about a new purchase than about the attitudes of partners, whatever they’re gender.
  11. Look the thread is just meant to be a bit of fun. I apologise to all those that have taken offence, or whatever else has been taken whilst reading it. In relationships, lying and deception is not healthy, in fact it is incredibly damaging. But I started the thread with the intention of laughing at ourselves (or more importantly myself). I will now go and self flagellate, which won’t be difficult after the vegetable soup I ate at lunch time. (No offence meant to vegetation, meal time descriptions or soup)
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