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  1. Egham by the title. This seems a very good price. GLWTS
  2. My perfect neck width and profile. Don’t need a bass, but if I did.... GLWTS
  3. Loved the Grooves I owned, the neck profile is really nice.
  4. Don’t be disheartened @NancyJohnson I think it would be a triumph if BC managed to end up with its own “model”. Yes it’s ambitious but, as you said, has been achieved before. Good on you for sticking your neck out.
  5. Watching this with interest. I’m not “in” as I have the dullest of dull tastes in instruments and no money. But will be intriguing to see if a minimum of 10 bass players can agree on a design and spec and cost. So far it may end up as a long/short scale, headless/headed twin neck, natural sparkly 4 string bass VI with minimum of 7 pickups. Just for sheer entertainment, I think there should be a minimum of 12 months/weeks/days (after initial delivery) before they are allowed to appear in the FS section 😂 Good luck though with this, seriously. I do think it’s a great idea even as a social experiment.
  6. Space invaders anyone? Sorry, couldn’t resist. I’ll check with the guy who does my DB setups and repairs and see if he fancies these.
  7. Love my 250 Portabass head. GLWTS. Funnily enough, mine is kept in an aluminium case like that, with the cables inside.
  8. Wow that is great! Wish I’d heard that when I was younger 😂
  9. I was at secondary school in the early to mid 70’s. Small all boys school for gifted thugs (or those who they didn’t know what do with). Can’t say I can remember anything from music lessons, but I was roped into the choir as I could “hold a tune”. Now THAT was a great education. I learned harmony as I progressed through the ranges as my voice (and family jewels) lowered, along with listening to other parts, and an appreciation for a wide range of music. Added benefits were: Time off lessons to rehearse, open access to the instrument cupboard where I discovered double bass and meeting up with the local girls school for “joint performances” ...ok this was the main reason (joints and a quick performance). So in summary, learned nothing in class music lessons. My kids on the other hand had great experience of music lessons at their secondary school. Head of music was great, made playing in orchestras “cool” and they learned a wide variety of styles, and he was genuinely interested in what music motivated them.
  10. Love WZ songwriting. Great choice for a Halloween gig. One of the first songs 16 year old me learned for my first band was this: Still grooves now.
  11. If I sold up, I’d probably sell everything (all instruments/gear) and just buy a really nice 12th fret acoustic. I’d probably be more focused musically, and not scouring the interweb, drooling over vintage G&Ls, and handing money over to the double-bass string roundabout attendant. 🤦🏻‍♂️
  12. Always fancied one of these. Seem like a great combo, plenty of power, neos and compact. GLWTS.
  13. “You’ll only be able to jump this high with it”
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