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  1. Guitarists reviewing basses is as insightful as Clarkson writing the forward in Greta Thunberg’s biography. 🙄
  2. As a 10-11 year old listening to my older brothers early Elton John LP’s, Dee Murray‘s playing made me want to play bass, then Kenny Passarelli (I still hear him in my playing today) got me into fretless. Percy Jones influenced my technique and love of fretless a little further, although I wasn’t particularly into jazz rock.
  3. http://www.emismusic.co.uk/?LMCL=wh198E If you can get to Bristol, this guy is well regarded.
  4. Depends... if it was a Phillips light bulb, it would have been changed for no obvious reason already.. IBTL 🤪
  5. My experience of him via eBay was interesting. He asked a question about a bass neck I had listed. He stated that he was asking because he had experience of being ripped off by dubious sellers. I’m sure Mr P has replied to previous threads commenting on his work. And from memory he held his own, and stood up for himself.
  6. I always associate Pizza Express with live music. So my first reaction to their financial difficulties was “another reduction in live music venues” rather than mourning the nosh.
  7. He and I share the same name. I’m going to copy and paste some of these comments and use them for nefarious purposes mwhahahaha On topic though, he is a lovely fella.
  8. Ah! My bad tbf Paul Yes l hope that you sell the amp before May 😂. Cheers, John
  9. Sorry probably wrong Paul? I had a vague memory of meeting a Paul a couple of years back in a car park on the A303 who was travelling East having visited the West Country to obtain some plants. We did a trade on some basses. It may have been a dream or a trip of course 😊
  10. I think the “why” boat has sailed. 🤪
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