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  1. That’s exactly what I’m doing with mine. It’s booked in with luthier later next month. 😎
  2. “Penis of mine” and “Prime Minister” are the same in this country.
  3. Absolutely yes! I’d definitely lend him your bass. I wouldn’t lend him mine though.
  4. I used it for Logic and GB file storage too, until I recently got a new MacBook.
  5. Love mine. Same mod, piezo replaced with Krivo mag pup. Lovely build quality, plays wonderfully and looks cool as flip GLWTS
  6. Kinsman padded gig bag. Neck holder, loads of pockets. Fits 34” scale P/J style basses. Good condition. £15 posted Strap with tyre tread design.£5 posted Both £15 posted.
  7. Hi, sorry you were popped at the post ref mic and clip. But A string and tuner are yours @fishfry. Drop me a PM John
  8. 2007 iMac 300 GB 3GB SD ram OSX El Capitan I will factory reset it. £30 collected or meet up. Could look at posting.
  9. Stuff hanging around that will be binned at next week’s dump run. Will post to you the following for a £1 per package regardless of how many bits you want. So take the lot for a quid!! Audio Technica PR40 mic and clip. GONE New Wilkinson bbot with wrong size saddles. GONE New Wilkinson large right hand Machinehead, no bush I’m afraid. Boss TU80 tuner working. GONE Kiogon solderless loom for P bass. GONE Ashdown ABM back plate new and unused. GONE Unused Presto A string (I think) GONE
  10. OMG. I’m selling gear not buying!!!! This has always been a rig I wanted. Just sooo cool.
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