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  1. Do I have to sign up to the time trial before viewing the bass? 😊 Can I borrow a bike?
  2. “playing tutti blancmang” My favourite Matt Redmond tune that.
  3. Bet he’s hopping mad Mick! Looks a nice finish, glad you’re able to sort it.
  4. 2 sets of chrome machineheads. 1 set new; 1 used. £10 for both sets posted. Will chuck in a squier neck plate and screws.
  5. Project I’ve had for 15 months or so which, after getting all the parts out, I’m going to finish 😊
  6. First gig since Dec 2019. Managed to stand up, move about and sing. Nice to be playing again. Rain stayed off until just before we went on, but sun came out into first song.
  7. Pickups; bridge; machineheads; loaded control plate; scratchplate; strap buttons; neck plate (& gasket) and string tree. All screws, springs; bushes and ferrules included. All new and unused. Had them for ages, but never got round to building the bass they were for. Selling as a set. £40 posted.
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