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  1. Kyle bought a midi controller keyboard from me. All good, smooth transaction. Thanks dude. john
  2. Why are people stating that the person in question “challenged” Adam Clayton’s stupid stereotyping comments? Is posting vile abuse now the “challenge” for the hard of thinking? I hate this world more each day. The person got their publicity, well done them.
  3. New unused A string. Here’s the spiel: Presto Balance Hybrid 3/4L Double Bass Strings - steel-rope core (chrome- steel wound), light tension, full tone, long sustain, good bow response, suitable for arco and pizzicato. £15 posted
  4. All this talk of rotas reminds me of a Milton Jones observation on church: “Some people see the church as a giant helicopter. They're scared to get too close in case they get sucked into the rotas.”.
  5. SOLD Error in pricing. It’s £30 posted. Boxed with instructions and cables to connect to iOS or PC/Mac. Bought this a while ago, never used it. Tested and working as shown. Handy little controller, but I have a different device so never used it. Ipad not included. £30 posted to any door of your choice.
  6. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  7. As title. Came out of a recently bought body. Working fine. Residue from foam padding on underside. £8 posted.
  8. The decal starts and ends with the right letters.
  9. Noiseless pickups seems a strange choice for the bedroom. Although no snoring would be welcome…. Apparently
  10. Put your pedant away you dirty boy. He didn’t, you’re right. But the milky children would have. “I wave my pedant in your general direction”
  11. I don’t particularly like Prog, but very much enjoyed that prog on Prog. Never knew Jon Anderson was a Lancashire milkman. He weren’t drinking milk when ‘e wrote them bludeh wurds. How many little Jon Anderson’s are there I wonder, all born on his milk round, singing falsetto in the local choir?
  12. Gotta love the Cheesy Groin as the locals call it. Great venue. It’ll be a blast.
  13. Really like his playing. Gets a lot of (very dull) stick here. I’m not a massive U2 fan, but appreciate what he brings is perfect for their sound. Didn’t know he was an Ashdown user.
  14. SOLD Got these last week, fitted to my fretless P and taken straight off. Just not for me, so get them for just about half what I paid Not cut so ready to put on your headstock of choice.
  15. SOLD Cover the postage and a packet of sausages and all this is yours!! Yes ALL of it…..I know!!! EB strap, a purple strap. Has no effect on tone whatsoever, but you can tell yourself it does, I know I have. Snark Tuner. Not the puppy version!! Random “Corona Extra” pup with jack input attached. It’s relevant and so now! I can’t vouch that it isn’t responsible for the past 2 years of mayhem, but it’s unlikely. Couple of left over decals (John Bass). Yes, fool your friends and armies of fans worldwide, with this decal. (NB Doesn’t work if your name IS John, as you’ll just be reinforcing the truth and no one wants that)
  16. Unused. Bought in January this year. It’s for 6 string acoustic and passive. Having a clear out. £15 posted.
  17. Cajon by Lion (Devon company) Had this a few years, but not played it, so in good condition. Having a clear out. £25 collected or meet up Bath, Bristol or Bridgwater.
  18. SOLD Boosey & Hawkes 400 3/4 bass. All laminate Czech made, although I’m not sure of age. Plays nicely, strung with new set of Presto hybrid Lights. There are some minor chips here and there and a mark on the side of the neck. At some point in its life before I had it, it’s had a neck repair, but it’s solid. Pictures of break/repair added. No case I’m afraid. Collection only, or possibly meet up around Bristol or Bridgwater if necessary. My left hand fingers have developed some arthritic pain over this last 12 months, which means I’m playing DB less and less. If this doesn’t sell, I’d be happy to loan it out to someone who can’t afford a DB but wants to try one out for a stretch.
  19. It’s been a while 😊 I don’t think I’ll ever understand church goings on, it all very complicated 😂 Glad people are getting a chance to play though, and practicing their seat of the pants improv chops. 😎
  20. Why isn’t it the other way round?
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