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  1. White Bass Porn Thread.

    Bought another white one It's a Hofner Shorty, short scale, light as a feather [attachment=252010:shorty.jpg]
  2. Show off your short scales!

    Just picked up a Hofner Shorty in an attempt to save my back from giving up completely! Light as a feather and fun to play! Terrible neck dive of course but that's to be expected. [attachment=251917:shorty.jpg]
  3. Short scale. Hmmmm.

    I used to gig with an Epiphone Rivoli back in my younger, indie pop/rock days. I'm considering going short scale again due to my back problems. There is a lovely looking Mensinger on Bass Direct!
  4. Digital/Modelling amps..a thought ;)

    Nice tip Jakester Just looked into it and it looks like the Tech21 Trademark amps are the ones you mean. The Trademark 30 is ridiculously light too...probably not loud enough to gig though. Although my 30w Gear4music ss combo is crazy loud!
  5. Survey on musical gear

  6. White Bass Porn Thread.

    ^^^ That is lovely
  7. Small body semi acoustics

    Epiphone 339 Pro? Small version of the 335 shape and the Epi has the advantage of coil taps too.
  8. Playing solo (not solos)

    I can barely play at all solo...I sound terrible. Hopefully I don't sound too bad in a band situation though
  9. Backing Tracks - Any users?

    I have some experience of playing along to backing tracks...but never to a gigging level. The singer I was working with used [url="http://www.karaoke-version.com."]http://www.karaoke-version.com.[/url] He downloaded the full track and then used his DAW to filter out certain instruments. I played mainly acoustic guitar over the tracks and I have to admit...I just didn't like it. I like my music to have a bit of push and pull and a bit of spontaneity, all of which is missing when using backing tracks. Also, I'm not the greatest guitarist in the world...I'm pretty terrible., so that didn't help However...if you can handle the discipline to stick to exact tempos and structures...backing tracks are a good way to make your music sound massive! The times that we got it right it did sound awesome!
  10. Tried to follow a link ...

    That's how you 404!
  11. White Bass Porn Thread.

    A couple of new pics of the bass that started this thread off! I cannot express how happy I am with how this bass has has aged! I have added an old photo too so you can see the difference [attachment=246435:WP_20170601_15_10_52_Pro.jpg] [attachment=246436:WP_20170601_15_11_21_Pro.jpg] [attachment=246437:SN851481.JPG] EDIT: Sorry for photo quality and orientation!
  12. NBD: Franz "Sirius" Fretless 5

  13. NPD Spectracomp

    I use the Hypergravity with guitar. Absolutely love it. I edited a toneprint to sit between the Spectracomp and Vintage settings...which are a bit too bright and too dark respectively. It makes the bridge pickup on my Tele sound massive!
  14. [quote name='blue' timestamp='1495910343' post='3307533'] Dave, Hopefully our gig with Frampton will give me a higher local profile. Blue [/quote] Oh baby, I hope he loves your way...
  15. Always been very happy with Artec pickups. If I was in the market for a preamp one of these would be my first choice! GLWTS