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  1. You should give Nickelback another chance. According to the NME, they are taking their time working on a new album "because they don't want to make "a shitty record" 🙂 Nickelback reveal that they're working on a new album (nme.com)
  2. The short-scale & active really needs a promo video as it is selling rather poorly at the moment: From EBMM's website: Tim Commerford | Basses | Ernie Ball Music Man (music-man.com) 1) long-scale & active: 25 (out of 50) remaining 2) long-scale & passive: 10 (out of 50) remaining 3) short-scale & active: 36 (out of 50) remaining 4) short-scale & passive: 33 (out of 50) remaining Looks like the long-scale & active model (natural finish and black hardware) is by far the most popular choice. When I first checked EBMM's website for the TC models On Thursday morning, I saw that for all four models it said: "39 Instruments Remaining Limited to 50 Worldwide" I guess that EBMM put 11 instruments aside, maybe for YTubers, magazine reviews etc. So, assuming that only 39 instruments were available for purchase from the beginning (the current numbers above show that the four models are selling very unequally, so it is unlikely that they all sold 11 each and then demand suddenly changed significantly), the actual sales numbers are currently as follows: 1) long-scale & active: 14 sold 2) long-scale & passive: 29 sold 3) short-scale & active: 3 sold 4) short-scale & passive: 6 sold Total sales: 52 Looks like the short-scale & active model really needs a promo video 😉
  3. So far, three Youtubers were given TC's basses to review. 1) Amos Heller https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xV_G5j9VhWk short scale & passive 2) Patrick Hunter https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nF_Ys2xMYlQ long-scale & active 3) The Bass Channel https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6lY8445YfDg long-scale & passive So, we still need one video for the short-scale and active model. Interestingly, all of them were given "nr 12 of 50" to review:
  4. There are four models in total: Long-scale & active, long-scale & passive, short-scale & active and short-scale & passive. For me these four models are Timmy C's "Best of" Stingray basses as he combines features from the recent Stingray Special (neodymium pickup, the newly sculptured neck point, the roasted maple neck, the lightweight tuners and the newly voiced 18v preamp (for the active models)) with features from the Stingray Classic (the old string-through bridge, the mute pads and the old MM logo on the headstock). To that he then adds his choice of finishes (e.g. natural and black hardware, not been available before) and his finger ramp. Pretty cool combination of features. Check out this video where he explains it all:
  5. The new TC sig bass (long-scale and passive model) in action:
  6. Yes, that was pretty good too. However, the way he appeared in the video looked a bit like he was floating around. A bit like these Chinese officials inspecting a road some years ago:
  7. That was pretty good. Before watching the video, I thought MJ was referring to Mick Jagger as the singer looks a bit like him 🙂
  8. YES, space travel would be great. As our earth is not going to last forever (as we discussed before), we need to find another planet. We should send some people, let's say the middle management, to colonize a new world for us (see below, from 01:20): https://hitchhikers.fandom.com/wiki/Golgafrinchans
  9. Yeah, I also did not get the short-scale and TC connection. However, yesterday over at TB, alexclaber, Director-Barefaced LTD, posted (and I hope it is ok to post that here): "He loves the shortscales, he's been raving about them at me for the last 18 months [...]. He's been playing the shortscale with Wakrat (and now in the new group), and he was debating taking some shortscales on the now postponed RATM tour. I think that "and now in the new group" must be 7D7D, as mentioned on EBMM's website: "Tim Commerford, the legendary bassist of Rage Against the Machine, Audioslave, and his newest project, 7D7D." I checked youtube but could not find any 7D7D video.
  10. ...and that's why we should not put the Beatles in the vault but Scooter. Because if people listen to their "music" and especially read their lyrics (see below for some examples), they will at least understand why everything went downhill 😉 - The Question Is What Is the Question? "Start the danger Rearranger Not so cool Mercy I'm the vapour On the radar Get up on the mic and shout it Yeah, move it I spit bricks got the kicks in the mix My pricks long out the rigs Party of bricks like Jackie X No diggedy diggedy HP I'm the bad boy, roll MC, so sexy" - How much is the fish? "Sunshine in the air We're breaking the rules Ignore the machine You won't ever stop this The chase is better than the catch Hold your back for the rhythym attack Coming down on the floor like a maniac" -FCK2020 "A nightmare came true The worst year ever Like everyone's insane Insane in the membrane"
  11. Yes, ordering directly from EBMM is a great option. Cuts out the middle men and their markup. Ok, £2.9k is still a lot of money but it is a unique model with some cool features and a "normal" Stingray Special nowadays costs pretty much the same, at least here in the UK (depending on the finish of course. For example, the smoked chrome costs £2.9k at Andertons, the Amethyst Sparkle costs £3k at BD but the Speed Blue and Burnt Ends "only" cost £2.75k at Andertons.)
  12. Oh no, I wanted to achieve the opposite: Expect NOT to get it anytime soon, so that if you get it in 1-2 weeks, it will be unexpected, a nice surprise and you will be delighted 🙂
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