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  1. Agree, even a pre-EB Stingray, from the late 70s, in good condition, costs less than that.
  2. Agree, this is totally insane 😱 Hope it is some kind of typo.
  3. Interesting, trying it again, this time with a video from their own YT channel, let's see 😎
  4. I guess Pearl Jam's message to Pearl Jamm is simple:
  5. I did some googling and found this in the EB forum. Dargin from EB customer service wrote back in September: "I don't think we'll make an Old Smoothie or Classic how we used to again. We'll have a limited version of a Classic drop soon and then hopefully we can improve those concepts in 2022. *Edit just read the other thread.. There is only so much capacity with Covid that we had to reduce certain offerings. To put it in perspective I would guess it's 40-1 for Special vs Classic sales." I guess the "limited version of a Classic" was the Cliff Williams Stingray as part of the Icon Series. Let's see how the improvements of the Old Smoothie and Classic concepts will look like in 2022.
  6. I don't think they are discontinued. It is more likely that they pause them this year, together with the Stingray Classic, due to Covid restrictions.
  7. Ok, checked the Spector catalogue. No new Euro LT and/or LT models, no new LE models either. Here are the other US basses.
  8. Cool. We all have different tastes. What's your fav?
  9. New colour for 2021: Harvest Orange
  10. In addition to the US basses, Spector's virtual booth at NAMM showcases the new Pulse, Dimension and Ethos basses. However, I cannot see any new Euro basses (and also no new Euro LE models, like in 2015 (Mike Starr), 2017 (the 77), 2019 (the 79)). So, there may be no new Euros or they may add them to the booth at a later stage.
  11. Ups, sorry, got that wrong. Well, still hope you enjoy the NAMM photos 🙂
  12. My clear favourite - raspberry burst. Red and black. My fav colours. I think I will get one (HH model)
  13. I actually saw them already some time ago but only post them now as they are officially "in the open" (EBMM's virtual booth at the NAMM - Believe in Music event):
  14. There are several cool looking new US Spector basses. My favs are the ones in red, of course 😎
  15. Well, @cetera, I guess you then also like this finish I just spotted in Spector's virtual NAMM booth 😀
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