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  1. Congrats. Great score. Red is my fav colour. Enjoy 👍
  2. Congrats! Another 77 and the new Ian Hill sig. You are one lucky guy, @Dov65 😉
  3. Cool stuff. Watching the video and seeing Rob Halford reminded me of his hilarious COVID advice, especially regarding "toilet roll hoarders" (seems like these are coming back). Not sure if anyone already posted it on BC, so here you go:
  4. Him playing a Megadeth song reminded me of SBL's new video showcasing Dave Ellefson's bass collection. Did not know that he also recorded some albums with a black 4 string Spector NS-2 that he shows from 5:35 onwards. Cool stuff.
  5. Cool video. Like the guy. Knows his stuff. Nice taste of music too. However, the Spector Tonepump is NOT boost only (a common misconception). He also mentions that the 5 string has EMG DC 40 picks but these are TW ones (as correctly mentioned in the subtitles).
  6. Well, another good reason to get then one, @Dov65 😎
  7. Great to see another of these lovely 40th anniversary Spector Euro basses 🙂 GLWTS 👍
  8. As mentioned, I think an Ian Hill sig model with a more subtle 12th fret inlay, like on the Mike Starr sig bass, would have been nicer and more attractive to non JP fans. I also like the back of the headstock of the Mike Starr bass. Again, nice and subtle.
  9. Yeah, the new Ian Hill sig basses look cool. His previous sig used to have a J pick as well but he never used it so they got rid of it as Spector's Taylor McLam mentions in this NAMM video (check from 4:11 onwards). The only issue I have with his new sig is the rather oversized inlay to celebrate JP's 50th anniversary. I would have preferred a more subtle one but hey, it's metal, so bigger is always better 😎
  10. Yes, you should only ever sell a Spector to finance another one 😉
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