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  1. Fortunately I don't consider myself a bedroom payer but a living room player, so I should be ok with having more than one 😉 In total, I need 11 (of course): I need one for grunge rock, one for classic rock, one for punk rock, one for prog rock, one for prog metal, one for classic heavy metal, one for nu-metal, one for doom metal, one for funk, one for disco and also one for motown. Well, that's at least what I've told my wife 😎
  2. Congrats. Great basses. I recently got a CLF L2K CAR and it is an amazing bass. I have it always in series mode and adjust the other two toggle switches for different genres (e.g., back pickup and active boost for funk, both pickups and active for prog and front pickup and passive for classic rock). So much versatility. I also love the look of your black SB-2. I really hope that G&L will re-release both the SB-1 and 2 for their 40th anniversary next year with the old headstock and with black hardware. They re-released the L1k and L2K with the old headstock and the old control plate and toggle switches, so let's hope the old SB-1 and 2 come back too, maybe as part of the CLF line.
  3. Man, I âĪïļ the "Dood", I mean the bass 😉
  4. @cetera, can it be that you are a tiny bit biased here? 😉
  5. Great looking bass with the thinner neck, which I prefer over the normal Euro necks. Very tempting indeed. GLWTS 👍
  6. Agree and Jerry was not in great shape either as he mentions in this interview with Lars Ulrich:
  7. On April 10th, 1996, AIC performed at the Brooklyn Academy of Music's Majestic Theater in NYC for MTV Unplugged. I know some people will disagree and point to Nirvana's, Pearl Jam's or Stone Temple Pilots' appearances (or definitely maybe Oasis?), but for me this is most legendary performance. Enjoy 😍
  8. Wow, ÂĢ700 off for a 6months old bass in showroom mint condition and extra pickguards? Sounds like a fantastic bargain. Very tempting. Must resist 😎 GLWTS 👍
  9. I cannot believe this cool bass still hasn't been snatched up. Made in SoCal, in great condition, at a fair price, and with the tone control that some people miss on the SB-2. The jazz nut width is the only thing keeping me from buying this amazing bass myself. GLWTS 👍
  10. Can someone please, please buy this bass? I cannot justify buying yet another Spector but I am getting tempted 😉 BTW, here is the man himself telling you all you need to know about this great bass. Check it out! GLWTS 👍
  11. Yes, a great bass and a great collector's item too! PJ Rubal says a bit more about the background of the 77 here: PJ Rubal's Vintage Spector Collection
  12. Well, maybe they got the date wrong. They would not be the first: VW 'sorry' for early April Fool's Day Voltswagen PR stunt | Business News | Sky News
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