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  1. Peavey T-40 £300 on Gumtree

    Thanks Donny but I reckon I've enough of them.
  2. Who are you seeing live next?

    Sunday night I was at the Alice Cooper show in Glasgow. Missed The Tubes and most of The Mission. The bass player Chuck Garric had a busy night, Halo of Flies was epic performance. About an hour in I spotted a thin dark haired fella in shades behind the curtain and was certain I'd glimpsed a spangly bass. Had no idea Dennis Dunaway,Neal Smith and Michael Bruce were doing the Reunion segment outside the US. What was already a brilliant gig just got better.
  3. Recommend me a cheap, small, good passive DI box (without a preamp)

    @Phil_T I never use the buttons either. There's a marked increase in volume using the silver box Behringer instead of just plugging into the mixer. Since I mainly play a single coil P-bass with flats I appreciate the kick in volume,
  4. Recommend me a cheap, small, good passive DI box (without a preamp)

    @Sibob Naw. Too late I bought the silver Behringer for £15 s/h ages back. @Phil_T Were you using the - 20Db pad buttons ?
  5. Recommend me a cheap, small, good passive DI box (without a preamp)

    @Sibob If I'd known about the Orchid for £36 I'd have bought one :-)
  6. Recommend me a cheap, small, good passive DI box (without a preamp)

    Behringer Ultra DI 100. £30,built like a tank,no preamp just a DI box. Needs a battery unless there's phantom power involved. http://www.music-group.com/Categories/Behringer/Signal-Processors/DI-Boxes/DI100/p/P0062
  7. Saw and heard the Billion Dollar Bass tonight and it was great :-)

  8. Short scale: cheap vintage vs cheap modern

    Had the Kay EB100. Terrible thing !!
  9. Shiny crap

    When the hell did Thomann sell them ?? I'm certain it's never been listed in the last 3-4 year.
  10. Jack Daniels bass strings......no really

    [quote name='dyerseve' timestamp='1509823185' post='3401921'] Coke and JD are great together�� [/quote]Personally I always found JD too sweet already.
  11. NABD

    [quote name='Vinny' timestamp='1509811961' post='3401826'] I think I sold it to someone in the west country, as if that matters. [/quote] This one came from Bodmin,Cornwall so there's a slim chance it was yours
  12. Jack Daniels bass strings......no really

    Had a feeling these would be tied in with the Peavey/Jack Daniels stuff. Sure as fate they are. Look at the back of the packet on these acoustic strings. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Jack-Daniels-Acoustic-Guitar-String-10S-Set-with-Free-Shipping/122748075675?hash=item1c945afe9b:g:rUsAAOSw53NY~mKT
  13. Who are you seeing live next?

    Alice Cooper next Sunday.
  14. Basses owned ( is one you want amongst these? )

    Made a list of mine last night. In 36 year I've managed to own 99 basses When I hit 100 I'll post the list but careful thinking is needed,be a shame if the century bass was a £20 beater