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  1. It's £2199 at Guitar Guitar which begs the question. Why are UK prices at least 25.5% higher ? Stuff buying "British", I'll keep buying from Europe.
  2. @Machines I'm with you every step of the way regarding fads. I'm doing a build just now and I've vowed never to touch torrefied timber again. It's an Obeche body, normally a soft wood but the roasting process has made it even softer. Roasted maple may be lighter but it's also brittle. I'm also with you on G4M getting stiffed over specs. Roasting adds about 10% to costs, add that to the credit notes for the split headstocks on the last batch it's easy to see the factory chancing using a dye.
  3. @LeftyJ The Groovetech is 1 million times better than the official Peavey TR tool 🤣
  4. @Machines If it's a description issue then why do they go to quite a length regarding the benefits of roasted maple. Quote lifted direct from the G4M spec. "This comfort is further extended with the smooth, quick feel of the roasted maple fingerboard that has a satin finish. The roasted maple construction of the neck offers a lightweight feel as well as producing a brighter, louder and more percussive sound with a quicker attack, and longer decay. The durable heat and moisture resistant timber won't need adjusting each time you push it hard in a session. Feel the inspiration to tweak your sound into something great."
  5. With the recent fanned fret B-stocks, "Not genuine roasted maple" is a pretty serious finishing issue 🤣
  6. @Jolltax The Cruz multitools @bloke_zero linked to are great, I've found the latest model to be a Godsend. That's the blue one at £14. Metric and Imperial hex keys, 5/16th socket that reaches the deepest sunk Peavey TR nut and a few screwdriver sizes.
  7. @lonestar If you do swap the preamp, I'd be interested in the old one. Handy to have if I need spares for mine.
  8. Tap and Die it, Get the next gauge up hex grub screw. Cut threads in the rounded out nut. Screw in the new grub screw having coated the threads with a strong epoxy.
  9. It's UK shorthand for "over-rated" 🤣
  10. @Beer of the Bass The double bass side didn't take kindly to my " what's the best glue to attach fake tiger fur ?", "Bettie Page or Flaming 8 sticker ?" met a similar response 😕 My guess was they were too busy deciding if $15k could buy a starter bass or were they still just BSO (bass shaped objects) at that price.
  11. Nah, it was just 2 lads upset at paying £19.99 then having to spend 2 minutes turning a magnet and adding a spot of glue. The Artec is not competing with Dimarzio, it's a proper mudbucker. DiMarzio are up against Sentell and their "UnMudbucker" tm 😁
  12. @Jabba_the_gut Have you tried popping the strings off and seeing they've not twisted ? @hooky_lowdown 's advice might be the answer I had an overly quiet A string after installing the monster split single, wound to 29.9k ohm and up there in terms of mud 👍 Advice I got include string witness points, twists etc. @ezbass I remember those Artec/magnet posts, thought it was a massive problem as every mention of Artec had the magnet reverse post attached. Turned out the same 2 lads were on a global mission to warn all potential Artec buyers 🤣
  13. Aye, the problem they are designed to solve being "mud". 😀 Lifted direct from the Model One Tech Talk. "Warm, full tone, no mud."
  14. @Jolltax Spring for the JB-75 but have a comfortable chair when you practise, they are quite heavy. Never played the JB-20 though a friend in Kenya reckons it's just fine, he sold the 75 because of the weight. As for the JB-75, it's a rock solid bass and outstanding value for money. Looks like a jazz bass, plays like one and sounds like one 😀 If I was buying another it would be the sunburst/pau ferro again.
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