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  1. Saw Ian had a piezo preamp up for sale. My piezo 51 slab body build just moved on a pace 😀 Ian's a Top Man , no hesitation in recommending him to others.
  2. Have a Dano build just about to start and Andy had a bridge for it 🙂 Completely painless transaction. Andy's a great guy, no qualms about any future dealings 👍
  3. kodiakblair


    I like the Fishman Platinum Pro. Some folk think it's just for upright but it handles electric bass for me 🙂 Light and compact, great range of frequencies covered by the 5 band EQ. Comes with a tuner and compressor.
  4. I'm with the folks suggesting the Behringer, great wee thing 🙂
  5. @xgsjx "Sunny Stenny" . Is that home of the Warriors ? If it is then Central Scotland FB page has a G&L L2500 Tribute in Glasgow for £500, Warwick Streamer STD 5'er, also in Glasgow £350.
  6. It's a damn shame. The price is good , materials are top notch. The factory has a solid pedigree. Can't think of a reason why it hasn't sold 😕
  7. Peavey Zephyr. EU only model, released before the Grind. Same bass also appeared as the Mania VBT. First built by Inyen Vina in Vietnam, IYV still build them but with a different peghead. @Burns-bass That's not a BZ-5000 , it comes from long before their release in 2014. Predates the HBZ fretless too. Couple of things stand out. The BZ have 3 band active EQ so are 5 not 4 knob, BZ are gloss finish, BZ don't have the Peavey style harpoon peghead.
  8. OK, can't see how removing a 0.6mm veneer will ruin a £120 bass but you never know.
  9. Mate of mine in Kenya has one of these. To save any QC hassles he gets the goodies sent to me, I give them the once then off they go to the shipping agent in London. Afraid I never payed the slightest attention to the inlays. Oh, you can swap the nut,replace the tuners, try another piezo element or change the preamp. In other words, you can mod it easily enough.
  10. Probably not. Kirsty might have went with "maggot" but punters didn't. Bands playing covers is a bit like karaoke, music for an audience sing-a-long. If audience grew up hearing the original singer sing a certain line, that's what they'll sing.
  11. If ever I needed concrete evidence I'm "down with the kids", it's this thread. Just this minute finished looking for one 😃
  12. @Dan Dare I'm well aware of the reasons why shops carry certain stock. My post was to highlight how pointless a planned long weekend of visiting Central Scotland music shops would be. A group of us were through in Glasgow for a mate's 40th, 4 guitar players and 2 bass players. Every music shop we could think of was visited ,inc the cash convertor/Tron Pawn type places. Nobody had even the slightest interest in the wares for sale.
  13. You couldn't fill a short weekend talking rubbish in Edinburgh or Glasgow music shops. Lucky if they host a dozen shops between them. Of those dozen, 90% stock nothing more exciting than entry level Cort, Squier or Ibanez. Hell Fire, you can't even buy a set of La Bella strings from a shop up here.
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