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  1. kodiakblair

    Feedback for yorks5stringer

    Another P-bass will shortly be getting a 2 saddle bridge thanks to Keith πŸ™‚ Paid for late Thursday night,in the post Friday,delivered Saturday morning. It doesn't get much easier than that 😎 Fella's a credit to BC.
  2. kodiakblair

    Beedster's wall of shame

    I was looking for a 2 saddle bridge and Chris got in touch. Despite post office closure and a busy schedule he got it out to me in jig time. Top man, look forward to any future dealings.
  3. kodiakblair


    That's about 50 minutes from me if anyone wants it collected then shipped south.
  4. kodiakblair

    Feedback for CalDeep

    Wonderful set of La Bella flats arrived from Cal this afternoon. Cal's a good guy so expect an easy painless transaction if you deal with him.
  5. kodiakblair

    feedback for lee650

    Top Man is Lee πŸ™‚ Bought some pedal connectors from him last week. Very easy fella to deal with. He gets my vote of confidence.
  6. kodiakblair

    Whatever happened to??

    Same deal as happened with the Jeff Berlin Palaedium. The design belongs to the Player not Peavey. Jeff went to Cort and Brian moved on to Carvin and Dean.
  7. kodiakblair

    How Many Straps Have You Got?

    40+ I have a lot of basses πŸ˜ƒ
  8. kodiakblair

    Maruszczyk Jake 5 with 'tone cavitied' body.. MDF?

    Here was me thinking Manton was talking about chambers not cavities. Sorry folks.
  9. kodiakblair

    Maruszczyk Jake 5 with 'tone cavitied' body.. MDF?

    @Manton Customs The OP thinks the pickup area is made from MDF. They cut a big hole then place pieces in to house the pickups.
  10. kodiakblair

    Posting your bass with insurance

    Parcelforce won't insure guitars unless in a hardcase,there's a poster on the wall in the Edinburgh depot explaining this. No idea if they cover damage to the case. Was in there Monday night. 19hrs Edinburgh to Redruth for £9.78 😎
  11. kodiakblair

    Maruszczyk Jake 5 with 'tone cavitied' body.. MDF?

    Have I got this right,you think they cut out a square then drop in MDF pieces with the pickups already cut ? That makes absolutely no sense. It would take the same time to rout out a big section as it would for the pickups. Then they'd be back with the router when the top was added. Been a carpenter 35 years,the MDF pieces would be a huge waste of time and money.
  12. kodiakblair

    Harley Benton enhanced MJ Β£258, anyone?

    My pal over in Florida bought the J/MM and the P/MM,both in 5 string flavour. He didn't say they were the best basses in the world (says those are his Peavey G-Vs) but he was more than happy and is keeping both πŸ™‚
  13. kodiakblair

    Peavey Foundations on eBay

    Not surprised none of those Foundations sold. Over-priced for the UK market, different story over in America. @fleabag Your memory is correct,those are single coils.mid 90's Peavey were getting pickups from Korea and to cut costs further used the same shells,this has lead to folks claiming mid 90's Foundations have VFL pickups. They don't, VFLs are active pickups. @Bassassin The T20 didn't last too long. It got a reshape and was renamed the Fury. More confusion followed when later Furys got skinny jazz necks and standard split-P pickup,Poplar bodies too. My old T20 is beat to hell but weighs just 9lb,a lightweight compared to my 10.5lb 1st gen Fury. If you fancy trying one,drop me a line. @WHUFC BASS ebay sold listings give Β£400 to Β£550 as the price range for T40s,not such a high price tag for a legendary bass. Owning 4 of them you can bet I wish folks payed Reverb prices πŸ˜ƒ
  14. kodiakblair

    Buying On Ebay Germany

    I've bought basses from Germany a few times,both private and ebay sales. Bank transfers are free or almost free over there . so most tend not to use Paypal. Sending money through Transferwise will save you a packet,better rates and no fee for starters. Regarding PP/ebay buyer protection. I'll admit to feeling uneasy putting money in a stranger's bank account but then the goodies arrive and I feel a total derrière for doubting them.
  15. kodiakblair

    Peavey PXD Void IV pricing?

    Sensible move πŸ™‚ It's a shame Peavey's Artists division didn't work harder at promoting these. Fingers crossed you get a sale quickly 😎