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  1. Do you think that applies to Anthony Jackson, Victor Wooten or Bona and Garrison ?
  2. kodiakblair

    Peavey International 5 string. What's the scale length ?

    Who says it's not scientific 🙂 You're trying to help and it's greatly appreciated 👍
  3. kodiakblair

    Peavey International 5 string. What's the scale length ?

    I thought about that. The USA bolt on 5 string Grinds were 35" but don't come up often,folks are asking daft prices too. I've yet to see a BXP Grind 5'er but the 4 string is 34". The neck thru Grinds were 35" so it's still an option,though it'll be expensive removing the neck then reshaping it for the Cirrus pocket. Thanks again for your input.
  4. kodiakblair

    Peavey International 5 string. What's the scale length ?

    Many thanks Vinny. I've posted this question in various places and your reply is helps to make the picture clear. Looks like my pal is out of luck.
  5. Aye. You're dead right there. Of course contributors to Vinny's pension fund should just ignore it 😄
  6. @lemmywinks If you do buy one and hit a snag,well don't panic. Nate who runs Guitar Fuel is a sound fella, I was convinced the blend pot was dodgy in the Tune Bass Maniac,forgot I'd put a T Monster in that 😃 Anyway he just posted me over a replacement. No shipping fee got mentioned. I've a spare 4 knob version in the drawer if you fancy trying before buying 👍
  7. Great bit of kit and dead easy to install. Put 1 in a T40 and another in my Peavey Zephyr 5. Afraid there's no avoiding VAT and the collection fee 😞 The semi-parametric version is brilliant,comes in 4 or 5 knob options.
  8. Aye,I've no doubt he's handy when fixing up basses. On this one it was minimal,hardware change to gold and a $40 preamp. What's great is Johnny owns some serious bits of kit and he's saying " Damn ! this $300 bass is great ". The usual stuff like IP rights/Vinny & Co's craftsmanship/US fear of China etc, he just blows it off. This one is from before the gold hardware.
  9. I like Johnny Lee Long's thoughts on Fodera .
  10. Mate of mine bought a 5 string Cirrus but the neck was goosed 😥 Now it was the bolt on neck version so bridge position is still for 35" scale length. Replacement necks that do fit are the GV carbon wrap and the Grind 5 bolt-on. Neither of these turn up too often and the GV is getting expensive. The Peavey International series can in 2 versions, 1 with a squared pocket and the other angled. I'm only interested in the angled version. If they were 35" scale length it'd be a cheap and easy source for a replacement neck. So does anybody owned a 5 string Peavey International with the angled neck pocket and if they do could they measure from nut to 12th. Cheers kb
  11. I just typed "most expensive place to rent" into google and clicked the most recent link. It said SF and HK.
  12. kodiakblair

    No Prices On New Guitars in PMT

    @paul_c2 I never bothered following things up but Fender,Yamaha and a few shops all got a visit from trading standards last year over price fixing. https://www.digitalmusicnews.com/2018/06/06/fender-yamaha-casio-roland-korg-price-fixing/ No idea if it's related.
  13. @fretmeister San Francisco and Hong Kong are before NYC in the highest rents table. There's also the small matter of Brooklyn being one of the cheap areas of NY.
  14. @Wilco Even the NY costs thing doesn't add up. Wages in Brooklyn are about 60% of those in Manhattan and maybe 15-20% less than in Queens. They share the 3rd floor of the building with an acting studio,2nd hand furniture shop and a charity.
  15. If Fodera moved out of Brooklyn does anybody really think the prices would drop ?