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  1. One week later and Dave again tops my list of good guys 🙂 He'd a Fender bridge in the toy box and knowing I'd a few slab builds on the table fired it in the post. No money changed hands but he did agree to me making a charity donation. One of BC's finest 👍
  2. Mine is wired like this. White to 1, ground to 2 and battery " - " to 3. Mind, you need a stereo jack socket.
  3. Thanks Stew. Thought it would be handy after seeing John's plight regarding a Tokai, then there was a leftie P-bass in Wolverhampton. Knew a boy our neck of the woods keen to grab a cheap leftie P-bass 😎 Half hour after posting here, John finds out the Tokai has been sold and leftie P-bass boy has changed his mind 😃
  4. Missed my pal's birthday again and it's been far too long since my last visit. Waiting on word of his next day off to plan the trip. He's in Redditch so travelling from Falkirk I've 2 options, M6 or M1/A1. If anybody has some gear they want heading South or collecting and bringing North give me a shout. Afraid it's only a wee motor so 8 x 10's are a no-no. Cheers Davie
  5. John You ask if anybody is heading north and could they collect the Tokai, they pass it on to somebody heading further north and it winds it's way to Cumbernauld 😀
  6. I just gave the direct route from Tamworth. You could always copy the Beatles and their Magical Mystery Tour 🙂
  7. Would have been better with the basses playing to a blank screen. That way there'd be no chance of confirmation bias creeping in.
  8. From Tamworth you need folk near the M42 and M5. Brimingham Airport/NEC area ,Worcester, down to Cheltenham/Gloucester, on to Bristol etc
  9. Babicz bridge just arrived from Dave. The man's an absolute Star, the fact we speak the same lingo made it so much easier.
  10. Stew It's not whimsy , it's sensible 🙂 I've done the collecting/sending of goodies in Scotland needed by folks in England and the favour has been returned 👍 Afraid I can't help with this but if you spot something up here give me a shout. That's an offer open to everyone.
  11. One Sunday afternoon some old fella jumped a junction and rammed me off the A1. You can see by the damage I was right in front of him. Police never even asked for roadside breath tests.
  12. The restoration thread gave me a kick up the backside ,now with a set of NOS Picato tapes 🙂
  13. Of course,happy to oblige. https://www.talkbass.com/threads/incoming-resurrection-project-67-wem-watkins-rapier-sapphire-short-scale.1467988/
  14. I've been following an American lad's restoration thread and he's no idea what model he has. The Wilson catalogue list both models but,apart from £20 in price ,they appear almost identical. Can anyone clear this up ? Also the 4 way switch, can anybody remember the function ? Mine goes Bridge pickup/both pickups/Neck pickup/ Bridge pickup with, I suspect, the cap working. Another lad has a different set up, on his it's the neck pickup appearing twice.
  15. Judging by the 2 holes top of the headstock ,measuring the strings was an after thought 👍 Lad gets the thumbs up for trying 🙂 £200 is way too high but I'd say it's easy to tidy up. £1.50 of veneer would hide the extra holes in the headstock, 5 minutes would see it reshaped . £3.50 tremolo cover hides the string through mess.
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