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  1. Oracle ? Wouldn't say that, I've only been singing their praises since Thomann released then 7 year back 😁
  2. Never been, info came from finance industry news page. Your quite right about regional variations, maybe minimum wage would be a better measure. Indonesia $112.04 pm 2019 Vietnam $191.57 pm 2020 Mexico $156.36 pm 2019 China $327.07 pm 2018
  3. If it's the ones sold by earlpilanz, they are the perfect fit. I provided both types of scratchplate so he could make the templates 👍
  4. Where did you get that idea from ? Figures from Statista have China at $6.99 ph for 2020, Mexico trails at $4.82 with Vietnam on $2.99. https://www.statista.com/statistics/744071/manufacturing-labor-costs-per-hour-china-vietnam-mexico/#:~:text=Read more-,Manufacturing labor costs per hour,%2C Vietnam%2C Mexico 2016-2020&text=In 2018%2C manufacturing labor costs,2.73 U.S. dollars in Vietnam. Wages in Indonesia have dropped from $200 per month in March last year to $188. https://www.fxempire.com/macro/indonesia/wages-in-manufacturing
  5. I've had 6 of them, none over 9 1/2 lbs @Nothingman Looks great. I'd go with plain or the black plate. Mind you can't use Fender plates, they have wider bodies.
  6. You can tell at a glance by looking at the horns, slimmer horns on the V2 Roswell 👍
  7. How old is your PB-50 ? About a week after I gave Brian a scratchplate to make his template I discovered post May 2018 models have a different plate. Nipped back through to Glasgow with another plate so both versions are now available.
  8. Count hit 70 before I even started thinking about the Peaveys, over 60 of them. Think I need to lie down 😁
  9. What do you think the fault could develop into ?
  10. I imagine the discount is in the same vein as them paying for you to replace a faulty pot or tuner.
  11. The mark up on pickups is obscene. Look at prices this mob charge selling to the public, are the big names paying a quarter that by bulk buying ? https://www.mojotone.com/guitar-parts/Pickup-Parts
  12. Bloody Hell, you'd never know there was a bass against that wall.
  13. Once factory supply times pass a certain limit Thomann pull the item. When the lead time is shorter then items appear again as if by magic 😀
  14. It already has increased, hikes are massive 😠 11/12/20 £300 bass shipped to Sweden fully insured £36 01/01/21 quote for sending same bass to Freiburg, Germany. £86 with basic insurance.
  15. Cheers James, been a couple of changes since then. The blue slab in the middle was sanded back , looked way too dark. Currently has an old Noll P-bass preamp in it and a massively over-wound (29.9k ohm) single coil from Dave at Bloodstone 🙂 The aged white to it's right went to live with Stew Black. Chi-Sonic Telecaster now sports a snazzy white pearloid plate courtesy of Mr Pillans in Glasgow. Sill have the body . Had a hard time sourcing pickups and a neck for it. Ended up buying a Yamaha 5'er neck and a couple of Peavey VFL pickups. Glued a block in the neck pocket ready to router out again. Then I ran out of steam 🤣
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