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  1. Sorry @Jimothey ,no idea why I thought I'd get time to install the Noll, my old man had just died. It's on the cards for this weekend πŸ‘
  2. Pretty sure I recognise the serial number but not the bass πŸ˜ƒ JG1156 rings a bell for the Wal I sold in Edinburgh back in 1989 but it had a leather scratchplate and the pickups had mini switches built into the surrounds,not on the scratchplate.
  3. @fleabag That C4 is gorgeous πŸ™‚ Brilliant basses,released right in the middle of Peavey's creative period.
  4. Brilliant. Well chuffed for the pair of you πŸ‘
  5. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  6. Reverb was bought over by Etsy last month. Maybe it's a new condition for selling.
  7. Boot space seats down 959L vs Micra S boot space of 589L. For a small car the storage space in the Citigo is massive.
  8. I met up with a TB member last night. His boy is touring the UK and he was over from the US to help with driving etc. Out of the blue he told me he can't stand TB these days. "Too many opinionated Americans with blinkers on" πŸ˜ƒ
  9. If your browser is chrome just right click on page then hit translate. Think it works the same with other browsers.
  10. Massive thread on bassic.de. Thread covers the parts,some mod ideas and plenty of folk just using them. https://www.bassic.de/threads/kurztest-harley-benton-block-800b.14869302/
  11. Here's a link to the wiring in the hope it helps, http://www.westone.info/wiring/thunder2abass/index.html BTW I'm jealous,always fancied a T-II or T-III
  12. They started using Chinese factories about 12 year back. Modern Player range were all made there.
  13. Black with tort means a Zodiac BXP. Alder body,rosewood/maple neck 8" radius. Lovely bits of kit. Made in China. "Made in China" is not the usual kiss of death here. When Peavey started sourcing basses from the Far East their top bass designer relocated. The Zodiac had a new body shape and came in 2 flavours. Standard BXP or Dave Ellefson signature model. The Megadeath man thought adding a mirror scratchplate was enough but the marketing folks disagreed. Marketing men won and his Sig bass shipped with the uninspiring Duncan 1/4 pounders. Put Ellefson's neb right out of joint,he later stated the standard pickups were good and the Duncans were only to justify a large price hike 😲 Not sure what else to add. Solid bass, designed to be versatile. Built under the watchful eye of the sorely missed Mike Powers. Cheap as chips. Definitely worth considering should you fancy a PJ.
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