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  1. Rickenbacker (copy) pickup replacement

    Seymour Duncan do replacements. https://www.seymourduncan.com/pickups/bass/rickenbacker?__uuid_ref=5ac25b5629940 So do Roswell, trouble with Roswell is a lack of dealers and buying direct means minimum order of 20 units http://roswellpickups.com/pickup/pro_list.php?ca1=30&ca2=3050
  2. Who did you see live last?

    The Meteors on Thursday in Glasgow. Couldn't hear the vocals to good but I knew when to swear. Nice to see folks "wrecking" at the front. Fans from Germany and Scandinavia turned up.
  3. Just had my first "complete stranger has left you millions of $ in his will " email. Only took 20 year :-)

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    2. Happy Jack

      Happy Jack

      Don't you just hate it when rich relatives die?

    3. discreet


      I'll sort it all out for you for an up front 25% fee. Bargain!

    4. kodiakblair


      @discreet Send your name,address,D.O.B., NI number and I'll pass it on :-)

  4. MM style pickup recommendations

    I was stupid enough to sell my Retrovibe Evo. That pickup was seriously loud :-)
  5. MM style pickup recommendations

    The Warman pickups are,I think, very good. I'm well impressed with the jazzbar humbucker but fancy trying their MM. http://www.warmanguitars.co.uk/product/mm-4-string-bass-humbucker-132k-4-wire-overwound/
  6. PB-50 Headstock Re-shape

    It's true that the grain is a photo, basswood doesn't really lend itself to sunburst finishes. I know a couple of German fellas who stripped their PB-50s. I'll ask them how easy it was. Have to say I wasn't too keen on the results on one of them.
  7. Praise for Wunjo

    Great shop. Were on the ball when I had trouble with my SUB at Xmas. Top folk.
  8. NBD - SGC Nanyo Bass Collection

    Cracking bass. You're a lucky fella.
  9. Suggestions for Good Set up Man near Newcastle

    Cheers lads. I've passed on the names.
  10. Was talking to a fella today about his new Tune bass. Action's a bit high and he's loathe to tackle the TR,says the nut feels stiff. It's a neck through Tune Zi and probably never had a proper set up since it arrived from Korea. Who's the people he should take it to ? He mentioned Brian's . Cheers KB
  11. 2 Peavey Foundations (For Now)

    @luckman67 I'll PM you this afternoon. My old brain is finally starting to work
  12. Any BCers playing in experimental bands?

    Few local fellas got something together after watching a Tube special on German Industrial music. Real mash of chaotic noise, sadly no angle grinders or Sthil saws were allowed on stage. Doubt we got 5 minutes before the plug got pulled
  13. Cheap Jazz type bass

    @jezzaboy Why would any "issues" with either the Harley Benton or J&D matter, both are on-line purchases so just get returned if found faulty. My JB-75 was a cracking bass, weighed a ton just like the 70's Fenders it's based on The Roswell pickups are grand. BTW the reason for the swap to Roswell from Wilkinson is simply better QC. The Chinese factories building the HBs kept getting fake Wilkinsons from their suppilers This is probably more than you want to spend but I think it's tasty. http://www.ccmusicshop.co.uk/product/revelation-rpbx-j-style-bass-in-3-tone-sunburst/ Get yourself over to CC Music in Otago St and try it for yourself
  14. PB-50 Headstock Re-shape

    @yorks5stringer The Varitone crossed my mind too Never noticed any noise. Saw there were rolls of it in the cupboard when I was getting the soldering iron, cavity was exposed so why not Swapping the saddle machine screw for a longer one was another thing I could have skipped.
  15. Peavey Cirrus 5 string

    Dave When I converted one of my T40s to 5 string I used mono saddles. With 5 of them fighting for space inside the bridge base plate spacing was tight To get a bit more space I filed 1 side down on each of the die cast height adjustment blocks. You can go quite close to the grub screws without ill effect. No way it'll get you 18mm spacing but you'll get over 17mm easy. Quick and easy fix.