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  1. These 3 builds by 2SaddleSlab always make me smile,his old man machined the bridges for them years ago.
  2. Not quite the same. Buyer has parted with cash,you can bet they want the goods ASAP. Money is already in seller's account, onus is on the buyer to be in.
  3. I generally avoid any "buyer arrange shipping" ads. OK it takes 5 minutes to book a courier but it can turn into Me "is Monday good ?" Seller "No,Wednesday would be better" Me "OK. That's it set up" Seller "Cheers" 5 minutes later the seller's other half reminds them they are taking the kids to the dentist on Wednesday 😮 If it's Wednesday morning before the other half reveals the dentist appointment. Seller "Sorry mate,courier was a no show. Waited in all day." Sellers are in a far better position to know their whereabouts and availability for collections.
  4. He's a top bloke. Once got an email from him out of the blue alerting me about a bass I was seeking. Another time a Retrovibe beanie hat landed through the letterbox,said he felt sorry for baldie Scotsmen 😀 @Bankai Ask Mr K if he's any series/parallel mini switches for MM,handy wee addition to have 👍
  5. Had a few experiences with Retrovibe, all good too. Be wary of that MM, the ones Mr K goes for will blow yer socks off 😮
  6. Unscientific 5 minute test. 6mm x 1mm Neodym disc placed at the bottom of alnico 5 pole piece. Not a great deal of difference. Same size disc placed on the exposed pole piece. Massive jump in output but I'm getting a weird almost tremolo vibe,probably the wrong use of words 😀 Up at 5am so that's as far as I'll get tonight.
  7. Had my bucket list Vigiers and Tune Maniac a couple of year 🙂 Still mostly found playing the ÂŖ76 Harley Benton PB-50😮
  8. I bought 60mm long neo bar magnets from Ali-Ex. Still never got round to trying them,but my plan was leave the old ones in place.
  9. I had 2 Zodiac DE Scorpios. 1 had the stock Duncan QPs, the other got Entwistle Neos. Bloody hell they were loud 😀 Duncans were like a church mouse compared to them 👍
  10. This "snakewood" Lobe is a lovely example of a Wishbass. Spend some time on finishing and you get a fantastic results.
  11. Aye he tends to stick within his comfort zone and the limitations of the tools at hand. Better that than taking your money then not pulling it off.
  12. Guy has owned the bass 18 years,obviously it's not an issue 👍 You should,Steve's bass ooze character. Writes a good book too, "How Hippies Ruin't Hillbilly Music " covers the whole living of the grid (landies) scene he was part of. Stills,shine,hash pipes,mad fiddle players with crazy names. It's a fun read 😀 Don't leave contacting him too long,must be in his mid 70's now.
  13. Been a joiner since leaving school, 36 year back.
  14. Maybe the price is too low. Wunjo want ÂŖ549 for a 4 string đŸ¤Ŗ
  15. You're welcome Craig. Scorpio DE was one of the many Peaveys I've owned,bloody good bass 🙂 With Mike over there it's no surprise they were quality. He spent some time with Dan Erlewine before his 30 years with Peavey. Sadly he passed away in 2013 and it's telling that Peavey haven't released a new bass design since then ☚ī¸ The Zodiac isn't one of Mike's designs,it's down to another long term Peavey fella ,Tim Litchfield. Anyway,enough of the history lesson. GLWTS 👍
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