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  1. Nice to know I'm not alone in thinking this 🙂 To the UK list I'd add Bloodstone Guitarworks. Was impressed with their 51 single coil so asked Dave about a custom build, 28K mudbucker in single coil format. Dave talked me through a couple of construction methods then posted it 3 days. Thing is a monster 😲 Cost less than the mass produced Duncans 👍 http://www.bloodstoneguitarworks.com/shop/bass-pickups
  2. Friend of mine was interested in trying BEAD. Simon had a set of Rotos up for sale. Having dealt with Simon a few times I knew it'd be hassle free,and it was 🙂 Couple of messages and the strings were on their way. Cheers Simon, you're one of the good guys.
  3. Cranky old bugger does it on purpose 🤣 Folks upset him and it's back to "homespun yarn, drinking 'shine from jam jars while sittin at the table Gran Pappy made, hacking a bass from fire wood" 👍 Maybe not 100% true,few of his basses where in a Tokyo Modern Art exhibit, but fairly accurate. The ethos is hand made instruments that look hand made 😎
  4. I don't know,think it looks OK. Wouldn't want to play it standing up though,that top horn is overkill 🙂 Going by the through body holes Steve was in a good mood. In the past,any time folks complained about those being squint he'd go crazy random on the next 3 builds 🤣 The move to new digs must have mellowed him out a bit 👍
  5. BYO small print. "This is our last Mighty Mite PBass body and it is only available in black."
  6. A 12" version lasting 4 minutes 14 seconds with a 1 minute 15 sec intro ? Waste of vinyl don't you think.
  7. 1 minute 15 sec intro. Nuff said.
  8. I've had the same experience dealing with Andy. Saw Andy was selling a Fender Deluxe bridge so sent a PM. Great communication,light-hearted and friendly 🙂 Accepting Paypal made paying easy,I'm not up to speed doing internet bank transfers. Bridge was posted the very next day and I got a wee photo of the label. That was 2pm on Friday afternoon,I was signing for it 10am Saturday morning 👍 The Man's a pleasure to deal with. Cheers Davie
  9. A fact I'm only too aware of 🙂
  10. Never would have looked at the guitar section 😀
  11. Swapped both hots to the middle like the wee picture above. That sorted it.
  12. Where'd you spot that ? Scanning their site now and don't see it.
  13. Pickup hots are on two different lugs. I've 1 on row 2 and 1 on row 3. On this jpeg both go to the middle. Another difference with mine is the jumper,it runs lug 1 on first row to lug 6 on 3rd row.
  14. Hi folks I'm hoping for possible causes. Bass is a Belcat/Ming 2 band preamp,fairly common in low cost basses. With the push/pull pot in the "in" position both pickups are working. When the vol pot is pulled only the neck pickup works. any ideas where I should start looking for problems ? Regards kb
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