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  1. Aye, something pretty important. Right hand playing position, simply moving towards the neck or to closer the bridge makes a big difference.
  2. Fantastic. What do you reckon , couple of hours to get it how you want it ? You've won a watch 😀 Congratulations on a fine purchase 👍
  3. You're welcome. Whichever one you decide on I'm sure it will be a cracker .
  4. Put a dot of white paint on the end of the pole pieces then drop the pickup in the cavity. Remove the pickup and drill a hole in the areas marked by the paint. This allows the poles to drop lower but leaves the cavity depth untouched. Should you sell the bass ; copper tape will hide any evidence of the holes 👍
  5. I'd say none. Both Laurel and Pau Ferro are up there with Rosewood when it comes to weight and hardness , only difference is cosmetic. You hear more about the JB-40 because it's been on sale 7 years longer then the JB-75 FL.
  6. Don't forget the cardboard Stratocaster from a few years back, folks at Fender went on record saying "sounds like a Strat"
  7. Generally a non-issue. Standard depth for pickup cavity is 3/8" or 19mm, that allows for the pickup to be partially sunk, cable and foam or springs. Fender alnico jazz pickups are 19mm high , EMG are 22.9mm including the connector. Entwistle JBXN are 25mm high including the bar magnets. Pickup foam comes in 2 thicknesses 13 or 18 mm. Way too thick for use with Entwistle so it's screws and springs.
  8. Neck is 92 mm long , bridge is 95 mm. Screw mounts front to back 29.5 mm.
  9. Aye , Brian over in Glasgow is the man for these. Likely a Cat 2 size, 4 ply brown tort £33 inc delivery. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/114675042782?hash=item1ab32a49de:g:mPEAAOSwVChgKmQT
  10. Paul favours the Steamhammer and API gear, £1200 and £800. I'm not too surprised he finds fault with the preamp in a £247 unit.
  11. Aye but the main German lad in that thread messes about changing circuits , caps etc. Serial modders are never happy with anything stock 🤣
  12. Not to mention the two price hikes 😕 That was the death knell for me , £216 to £350 !!! Sacked the idea but when one appeared on FB for £150 I couldn't resist 🙂
  13. I think it's down to return policy. If you find the bass is damaged out the box then G4M can chin the courier service or hit the factory for a credit note. They lose that option if Warehouse staff start taking stuff out "protective packing" and putting it in other "protective packing" , factories/couriers can counter that damage was done in the warehouse. Say you bought a camera and a camera case from Argos , they'll hand you 2 boxes. Sounds daft but that's how these places operate.
  14. Red Sub fanned fret is a decent bass; trouble is roasted maple is quite brittle and G4M use really crap packing material. Look at the state this, my pal's acoustic bass was in that .
  15. Aria use Samick in Indonesia. The Detroit bass is a variation on Aria's original RSB design. Hell it's just 2 years since they launched the range at NAMM.
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