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  1. @RichardD22 Glad you followed my advice regarding posting here. I thought the lads would have a better idea about your bass.
  2. Very restrained for Traben. Most of their "Bigger Bridge" look like the font Death Metal bands use for logos 😎
  3. All good intentions have went to hell in the 1st month 🙂 Bought a bass 2 weeks back,another yesterday teatime 😮
  4. It's a way to manipulate "value". If you use "sold items" in the search filters you'll see it's a fairly common practise. Fairly stupid practise when it gets you 77% feedback 😂
  5. This is mental. Had one myself few year back,surplus of 35" scale 4 strings saw me sell mine. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Traben-Neo-Limited/114078401311?hash=item1a8f9a431f:g:3qEAAOSwlLheJ2Jb
  6. Elfrasho says it was his first bass amp. Perhaps he played a few amps in shop and locked the "sound" in his head ? That's a talent beyond me. Only factors I considered was being heard and what I could afford,same criteria of everybody I knew in the early 80's.
  7. What was your point of reference ? 98/98 was still quite early days so it won't have been A/B'd against YT videos. Genuinely curious here. Was it live albums or DVDs ?
  8. Should have hit them with the full whack £14 million fine and jailed the heid man. I'm sick of companies in this country taking the p!$$ and getting away with it.
  9. Owned the Stingray back in the 80's, could be seen jumping on buses with it as I traveled about Edinburgh. First amp was through a tape recorder mic,then it was a wee Badger. A Kay 50 watt briefly appeared too. Needed a bigger amp and could afford the Carlsbro 🙂 Marked improvement over the previous efforts. Don't recall anybody saying it sounded crap,folks just played what they had,latter half of the 80's before I even saw TE gear in the flesh. Sold the first 30 year back,then bought another maybe 2 house moves ago. Couple of year back a local rehearsal space owner bent my arm to buy it 😎
  10. Dave. Use FB Purity,it's some extension thing blocks ads,newsfeeds and other guff they throw at you. I been using it couple of year with no problems and no ads 👍
  11. Finding myself unusually restrained today Stew 😀 Would have been better if I'd spelled "design" correctly 😖
  12. Andy. It's not the easiest info,those folks are really looking to mod from the outset. What I took from it was the unit is built from solid dependable components. Things took the usual road when folks buy cheaper goodies,instead of just using them they go looking for faults. 9/10 what they find aren't faults but things omitted for deign/budget reasons.
  13. Fella on bassic.de gave detailed review on them couple of year back. https://www.bassic.de/threads/kurztest-harley-benton-block-800b.14869302/ That lead to a lengthy thread about modding them. https://www.bassic.de/threads/der-hb800b-modding-thread.14870766/
  14. I find FB works well. Thursday a fella posted his Bass Collection 5'er on the Glasgow gear page, told the lad I'd shared his ad on the Nanyo owners page. Seller sent me a message saying thanks,he had a buyer from the Nanyo page within minutes. 😎
  15. Gave me a special dispensation due to the Peavey collection 🙂
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