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  1. kodiakblair

    Pickup choices in the UK

    Used the Warman jazzbar plenty of times, great pickup. Hope to have their MM installed by the weekend.
  2. kodiakblair

    Thomann selling Harley Benton basses as 'Decoration only'

    Fantastic. I've a spare Peavey Foundation body and a harpoon head neck. The Warman MM is part of the plan πŸ‘ Separate Vol for each coil too 😱
  3. kodiakblair

    4 to 5 string conversion Precision Bass

    You can have the one off my Peavey Zephyr if you want. I wont be using it again. 88mm wide,58mm deep. 6 screw fixing. String spacing 16mm maybe 16.5mm. With flash/without flash πŸ™‚
  4. kodiakblair

    4 to 5 string conversion Precision Bass

    Jim. What was the decision on the bridge ?
  5. kodiakblair

    'Offensive' And 'Sexist' Guitar Pedal Effect

    The petiton to reinstate the pedal has twice the signatures than the outraged one πŸ˜„
  6. kodiakblair

    The Pain of a Paisely Pink P-bass

    Rats !!! Plenty others though 😎This mob quote guitars from £75. https://vitalhydrographic.co.uk/hydro-dipping-prices/
  7. kodiakblair


    Tom you could get a replica built of the Paul Tutmarc Jnr Serenador bass. I know the fella who restored Paul Snr's Audiovox for a museum,he should still have his notes.
  8. kodiakblair

    4 to 5 string conversion Precision Bass

    Cheers for the heads up Jim.
  9. kodiakblair

    The Pain of a Paisely Pink P-bass

    It'd be a good idea. This has been a folly for the start,be nice to have it done right.
  10. kodiakblair

    The Pain of a Paisely Pink P-bass

    @fleabag I should've cast the net further afield. Hydro-dip Designs in Weston Super Mare include guitars in their price guide 😎 http://hydrodip-designs.co.uk/price-guide/ Β£100 for both sidesπŸ™‚ I've easy spent that on skins,paper prints,spray cans,wet/dry paper etc and it'll never look near a pro job .
  11. kodiakblair

    NBD HB PB50 vintage series

    That's a welcome NBD Geoff. The bigger bridge and wiring hole were a balls up and kind of spoiled things. Glad to hear Thomann sorted it out 😎 The question isn't so much How can Thomann do it so cheap, It's more how can the rest get away with charging so much 😁
  12. kodiakblair

    DTC Basses - Anyone had any experience?

    More fancy basses on their FB page. https://www.facebook.com/dtcbass/
  13. kodiakblair

    The Pain of a Paisely Pink P-bass

    @fleabag Sent an email to the hydrographic place in Kilmarnock before I started, plan was paisely print over the fiery red PB-50 . They never bothered to reply,not a good sign. Forbye that the red ones have the same hole under the scratchplate, so there's that and bridge/scratchplate screw holes to fill and colour match .
  14. kodiakblair

    The Pain of a Paisely Pink P-bass

    @fleabag I got in touch with the Kilmarnock folk before starting but never heard back. Plan was to dip one of the red PB-50s.
  15. kodiakblair

    Spray Painted Scratchplates...yes or no?

    @Golats @fleabag It recommends spraying a little water,creates a barrier so you can push any bubbles to the outside. Same idea as a mobile phone screen protector,only it uses an oil. Bubble-free close-up😎 The brand name was Melinera.