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  1. Where do you store your bass gear?

    Started off all I needed was one quiet corner in the wife's workshop (spare room). Now she's gone I've managed to fill the living room,spare room and the cupboard over the stairs. It's all good as the moggie only needs about 16" so he can curl up in front of the oil heater.
  2. Anybody bought from Rubadub in Glasgow?

    I'd never heard of them until I saw this post. Since I'm needing a daft cable for the wireless transmitter I thought I'd email them before ordering from Thomann. The fella Aleks was quic kwith his replies.Sadly they didn't have what I needed but at least he had a look and offered some suggestions. Makes a change from GG,standard response I get there is " Sorry mate if it's not on the racks we don't stock it ". I'll be keeping them in mind for the future.
  3. New range from fender.

    They do a nifty line of underpants and pencil cases.
  4. DIY Effects

    Cheers @bobbass4k. Those were very valid reasons and I know exactly what you mean. Long packed in doing any work for friends and family due to unrealistic expectations.
  5. Sampling.. but is it proper music making etc?

    Not a fan of Hip Hop or Rap or most forms of modern music but I have no problem with those folks using samples. It's an economical way to record,apart from the royalties part, and it engages the audience straight away. Lots of times they already know the tunes the sample came from as their folks played the original.
  6. Flats on a Fiver

    I've a set of La Bella flats on a T40 converted to 5 string. Plays great but I like this talk of using a lighter gauge,it's a 40 year old neck that wasn't designed for 5 strings.
  7. Buddy Rich.

    As a youngster I bought a double album of Buddy's drum solos. what was I thinking ? I hate bloody drum solos
  8. Are Flatwounds Addictive

    Got a set last week. Lovely strings,very smooth . Remind me of TIs.
  9. Are Flatwounds Addictive

    I'm going with " Yes, very addictive " Thought I'd give the Curbow some attention this afternoon. Cupboard revealed several sets of TIs,La Bella,Chromes,Cobalts,GHS,Olympia,Optima and Fender I went with the Sadowsky Blue Label for a change
  10. Your Dream Bass.?

    I had 2 dream basses, 1 fretless & 1 fretted. As a young fella I bought Guitarist magazine and both caught me at an early age. Fretless was the Tune Bass Maniac with the extended fingerboard and piezo only design. It was £899 and I was on the £16 YTS, Dream became reality 30 odd year later The fretted dream is for a Vigier Passion or Arpege. They're pretty pricey,more than I've spent on anything bar the house,and I've never even held one so I might just keep that one as a dream.
  11. Collection in person

    Just had a bass delivered from Germany.Royal Mail weren't involved in any part of it's journey so from collection to me receiving it took 42 hours I've shipped plenty of basses and never had a problem,furthest went to Ghana. Done a few collection only,1 was an 800 mile round trip for a double bass. The DB was £200 so even with fuel a bargain. Last collection was a 600 mile round trip. It ended with a crazy old guy ploughing into the side of me on the A1. Totalled the car and I had 16 weeks off work with a broken knee cap. Since I'm self-employed that cost me a forune. Safe to say I'm done with "collection only"
  12. Is low end gear too cheap?

    Average monthly wage of factory worker in Shenzhen last year was $938 In Croatia it was $887, Lithuania folks got $956 and Latvia workers $1006. The demand for factory workers in the Shenzhen province is so high when workers in factory A hear from their friends that factories B & C pay 5p more there's a mass exodus. Folks in Shanghai earn $1135. Meanwhile in the USA several states have repealed their minimum wage laws. Missori and Iowa are both back to the Federal minimum for non-tipped workers of $7.70, Maine is aiming for $7.25. Average hourly rate for US factory workers was $10.37.
  13. DIY Effects

    Does anybody here take on the task of building kits for those of us clueless about electronics ? I can swap pickups and pots no trouble but I'm 100% certain the Growling Krizzly DLX is beyond me.
  14. Entwistle Neodymium pickups

    That was the road I took Chris. Ordered direct from Entwistle. It was cheaper and quicker too.
  15. Gold hardware - Is it me??

    I don't think it suits every bass,my Dynabass is white with gold hardware I think black would have been better (match the ebony board). I'd not long finished doing up a Peavey Zephyr 5 when a pal said gold hardware would set it off braw,he was right but I showed restraint and used Marshall amp knobs instead of gold domes. You don't want to OG !!