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  1. One of the earlier ones. Company doing the carbon wrap had trouble getting the weave lines straight so they switched to a plain black finish. A good friend, Ronnie Goss chief engineer with Peavey back then, told me the company was gunstock maker Bell & Carlson. Sadly he passed away last week ☚ī¸
  2. Poetry from Mr Mindwarp Well I'm Christ In Shades I'm A Napalm God Your Lipstick Flickers Round My Lightning Rod You Fever Pitch beach You Love To Tease Well I'm A Hot Dog Daddy Up On Your Knees Sex Fuhrer Baby I'm A Love Dictator Blitzkrieg Romance I'm A Living Detonator He has a gift that just keeps giving 👍 I'm The Genius Of Love I Got An Honours Degree Baby You're In Luck I'm Gonna Teach You For Free I'll Show You Things You Don't Learn At School I'll Show You Baby How To Break The Rules Blow Torch Baby Give Me Hot Job Precision Apocalypse Lips Nuclear Kissing Oh Baby It Ain't Solitaire Horizontal Hold Get Your Legs In The Air
  3. I remember seeing them on eBay around the time Traben closed. Seem to recall either CH Guitars or Northwest sold them, maybe ask them if they have one hidden in a corner 👍 Found a 5 string version on Ali Ex so they are still out there. https://www.aliexpress.com/item/32881554067.html?spm=a2g0o.productlist.0.0.77276bdeqrfIXn&algo_pvid=7ce451f5-afb7-4d19-9053-d498758a41a9&algo_expid=7ce451f5-afb7-4d19-9053-d498758a41a9-0&btsid=0b0a187b16030063506931058e3955&ws_ab_test=searchweb0_0,searchweb201602_,searchweb201603_
  4. Mine is in the cupboard, if I get a chance over the weekends i'll dig it out From what I remember there's not much to it.
  5. Aye, there's plenty to choose from. Shame about the combination of crap lighting and crap camera skills as the tort Brian did for my Cabronita looks fantastic in the flesh 🙂
  6. Is that the one with the DIY scratchplate and the pickup lettering highlighted with Tippex ? If so, it upsets me too 😁
  7. They don't bother me too much. Got my beard tangled in an augur bit few year back, that gave me a fright 😱 Thank God for reverse action on drills 😁
  8. Same for all tools 🙂 Back to routers. Earlier this year I was on a contract. Edinburgh Uni student accommodation door refurb. 4000 + doors, plenty needed the intumescent strips replaced. Cordless router to the rescue 😎
  9. I'm a carpenter and think routers are wonderful tools 🙂 They are also the tool I'm the most careful with when using 👍
  10. Heard from Paul a few days back, he was wondering about a Peavey Fury. Handily enough I had the very thing he was after 🙂 A super easy deal and the Fury is now in Essex. Cheers Paul, was a pleasure dealing with you 👍
  11. I'll be putting the Peavey collection up for sale soon, have a few with maple boards 👍
  12. That came about purely by accident 🙂 A German YT fella (Corey ?) was reviewing loads of HBs and approached Thomann about a poll for colours. Poll went on a Harley Benton FB group. It was just guitars getting votes until a lefty Canadian (Nerkoids) suggested a lefty Surf Green PB-50, 2 changes for the price of one 😀 The pair of us posted on every bass forum we could think of asking folk to join the FB group and vote for Nerkoids 😁 Much to the disgust of guitar players wanting yet another colour of SC-450, Nerkoids suggestion came 3rd 👍 Shame Thomann reneged on the colour and went with red.
  13. Damn !! Those are cracking basses. If I didn't plan to build one later this year I'd join the "will be back" queue. GLWTS
  14. Sadly Kev and co don't offer their fretless basses in left hand versions 😞
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