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  1. My handiwork. Pale blue in the centre is a refinished Harley Benton , 2 saddle/through body bridge and Jess Loureiro split single. Far right blue stain is my southern yellow pine slab . Again 2 saddle/through body bridge. Custom wound split single + a Noll preamp .
  2. Where did you buy the "Stinger" stacked single ? When I looked into buying one , Duncan's custom shop had a "no European sales" policy.
  3. Definitely more P than J. Not as much as you'd think . I've a split single wound to 29.9k in one of my builds , by rights it should sound like mud but it doesn't 👍 Split or stacked single will cure any 60 cycle hum .
  4. I'll throw some in gigbags and pop round one night. That way you'll be testing on your own gear 👍
  5. I love my single coil P-basses , so much I ended up with few. Some other variations on the theme. @lowlandtrees I would suggest you try and play one first . If the tone is not for you then it's game over ; I tried plenty of different pickups/caps in the builds , no matter the magnet type/ wire count it doesn't alter the character by much.
  6. After the stripped photos , daveybloo points out it's a koa which has been painted for some reason.
  7. That's the Koa version. The solid colours are maple neck with poplar wings.
  8. G&B built the VFL pickups for Peavey and the Tone Pump preamp for Spector ; also did the EMG Select many moons ago 👍
  9. Fantastic 🙂 Congratulations on your NBD.
  10. A few years before ; these appeared in 91 but it was 97 for the Cirrus. Axcelerators , B-Quads , 3 versions of Forum , Midi/Cyberbass and the RJB were all released in the years between . I've a thing for Peaveys 🤣 GLWTS
  11. Couldn't find a feedback thread for Tom so thought I'd start one. Bought a Warwick bridge from Tom last week. A hassle free purchase if ever there was 🙂 Availability inquiry and payment resolved by 2nd message , address and delivery sorted out by 3rd message. Bridge arrived securely packed with all required screws intact 👍 Tom's a Top Man , one I look forward to doing business with again.
  12. If he doesn't just post your existing plate to Glasgow. I never had access to a MB-4 plate for my last visit or I'd have dropped one off , just 7 Peavey and a PB-20 plates.
  13. Might be from Brian , he cuts MB-5 plates. Offers them in about 40 different colours, 2 matt black options. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/114675042782?hash=item1ab32a49de:g:mPEAAOSwVChgKmQT
  14. The mostly American membership has a daily "thoughts and prayers" quota to fill.
  15. Could be folks just got fed up answering questions on their choice of gear. "Why didn't you buy X,Y,Z ?" "Could you not afford X,Y,Z ?" "Oh, I thought you were playing .... but now I see it's only a ....." A fairly large percentage listen with their eyes , Gibson TR or Fender decal nips that BS in the bud.
  16. Nice to see you folks saw the Marleaux resemblance. Some eejits on an American forum think it's a BC Rich clone 😱
  17. Sold as accessories for the clamp. You can get a set of 9 on Amazon, promotion £9/ Amazon Prime £17. https://www.amazon.co.uk/s?k=fret+cauls&ref=nb_sb_noss_2
  18. String spreaders. The blue tool is a fret clamp, you fit different radius cauls in the slot.
  19. Red pliers things - fret pullers. Black thing next to them. Fret tang nippers.
  20. @Bassassin It's your field of expertise, thanks for the correction.
  21. It matters not a jot what the logo looks like nor the patent number, neither apply to this bass.
  22. Looks like a Jedson. Re-brand Teisco imports back in the 70's.
  23. Don't the ends of the tuners accept a hex key ? On my headless the knurled part is just to bring the strings to a slight tension, then you tune properly with the hex key.
  24. Sid Poole designed those and Status Graphite were involved in some capacity. Not quite sure what the capacity was but they were selling off the unused necks/bodies as a job lot when the venture petered out.
  25. Westones have caused me to ruffle the feathers of plenty USA Peavey owners. I find it difficult to bite my tongue when folks are praising early Peavey designs, they're near Stone Age 😃 It was 1985 before Peavey released an active bass and 1988 before they managed neck through models. Westone were offering both in 1981 !! My 83 Thunder III. Isn't she lovely 🙂
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