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  1. Checking back to my NBD I see 10lb as the weight for the RPBX.
  2. I had their RPBX model, double -P jazz bass. Wouldn't say it was a lightweight but it was a very nicely put together instrument.
  3. Think the wee cat prefers the nylons 😀
  4. Both my slab builds were done in the kitchen 😀 Festive period was my free time so minimal machining was allowed. 48mm Southern Yellow Pine 10.5lb . 46mm Utile 11lb If you have Mahogany from Honduras you've won a watch. it's lighter than both timbers I used 👍
  5. Pretty sure this one of mine is 83.
  6. @dan2112 The combo of blade pickup but still having the metal nut dates that sweet looking 40 between 1981 and 1982.
  7. Guess I knew even less about Peter than I thought 🙂
  8. Meant the complete opposite in the US. Items designed in the States but built overseas could be "Crafted in USA",a bit like defrosted bananas can be "EU produce" 😃 "Made in USA" meant the majority were sourced or processed in said country. There's probably a good reason FMIC use "Made in Corona". Could the tonnes of Korean parts delivered every 2 weeks have some bearing on it ?
  9. Peter is not a fella I know much about,even less his time with Chicago. Just mind him playing bass on TV while singing some "Broken Wings" tune.
  10. @Bassassin If anybody knows the way of it,it'll be you 👍
  11. Folks on the gear page reckon Early MIJ = export to USA Early CIJ = only for Japanese market https://www.thegearpage.net/board/index.php?threads/cij-vs-mij-whats-the-difference.113300/
  12. Suzi Quatro. Cronos from Venom. Peter Cetera on his solo stuff. Ken Casey from Dopkick Murphys shares vocals with Al Barr.
  13. Ah mind that name 😀 Burns Bar is long gone,think it's a wine bar now. Davy Waugh is still on the go 👍
  14. Buying a Westone Thunder III couple of weeks back was my sole 2020 purchase 🙂 That was until I heard Mr Konig decided to sell his Renegade 🙈🙉🙊 My renowned Iron Will crumbled after 5 minutes 😁
  15. First- Iron Maiden .Glasgow Apollo 1982 Last- either The Queers or Nashville meow meow Best- Bloodhound Gang.Glasgow 2000 Worst- Metallica/Download Glasgow event. Loudest- Groundhogs- Burn's Bar Falkirk 1986 ? Most seen - Alice Cooper Next- Nick Cave Wish I had seen- Mr T Experience/Screeching Weasel/Queers tour 2015
  16. @RichardD22 Glad you followed my advice regarding posting here. I thought the lads would have a better idea about your bass.
  17. Very restrained for Traben. Most of their "Bigger Bridge" look like the font Death Metal bands use for logos 😎
  18. All good intentions have went to hell in the 1st month 🙂 Bought a bass 2 weeks back,another yesterday teatime 😮
  19. It's a way to manipulate "value". If you use "sold items" in the search filters you'll see it's a fairly common practise. Fairly stupid practise when it gets you 77% feedback 😂
  20. This is mental. Had one myself few year back,surplus of 35" scale 4 strings saw me sell mine. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Traben-Neo-Limited/114078401311?hash=item1a8f9a431f:g:3qEAAOSwlLheJ2Jb
  21. Elfrasho says it was his first bass amp. Perhaps he played a few amps in shop and locked the "sound" in his head ? That's a talent beyond me. Only factors I considered was being heard and what I could afford,same criteria of everybody I knew in the early 80's.
  22. What was your point of reference ? 98/98 was still quite early days so it won't have been A/B'd against YT videos. Genuinely curious here. Was it live albums or DVDs ?
  23. Should have hit them with the full whack £14 million fine and jailed the heid man. I'm sick of companies in this country taking the p!$$ and getting away with it.
  24. Owned the Stingray back in the 80's, could be seen jumping on buses with it as I traveled about Edinburgh. First amp was through a tape recorder mic,then it was a wee Badger. A Kay 50 watt briefly appeared too. Needed a bigger amp and could afford the Carlsbro 🙂 Marked improvement over the previous efforts. Don't recall anybody saying it sounded crap,folks just played what they had,latter half of the 80's before I even saw TE gear in the flesh. Sold the first 30 year back,then bought another maybe 2 house moves ago. Couple of year back a local rehearsal space owner bent my arm to buy it 😎
  25. Dave. Use FB Purity,it's some extension thing blocks ads,newsfeeds and other guff they throw at you. I been using it couple of year with no problems and no ads 👍
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