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  1. Generally a non-issue. Standard depth for pickup cavity is 3/8" or 19mm, that allows for the pickup to be partially sunk, cable and foam or springs. Fender alnico jazz pickups are 19mm high , EMG are 22.9mm including the connector. Entwistle JBXN are 25mm high including the bar magnets. Pickup foam comes in 2 thicknesses 13 or 18 mm. Way too thick for use with Entwistle so it's screws and springs.
  2. Neck is 92 mm long , bridge is 95 mm. Screw mounts front to back 29.5 mm.
  3. Aye , Brian over in Glasgow is the man for these. Likely a Cat 2 size, 4 ply brown tort £33 inc delivery. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/114675042782?hash=item1ab32a49de:g:mPEAAOSwVChgKmQT
  4. Paul favours the Steamhammer and API gear, £1200 and £800. I'm not too surprised he finds fault with the preamp in a £247 unit.
  5. Aye but the main German lad in that thread messes about changing circuits , caps etc. Serial modders are never happy with anything stock 🤣
  6. Not to mention the two price hikes 😕 That was the death knell for me , £216 to £350 !!! Sacked the idea but when one appeared on FB for £150 I couldn't resist 🙂
  7. I think it's down to return policy. If you find the bass is damaged out the box then G4M can chin the courier service or hit the factory for a credit note. They lose that option if Warehouse staff start taking stuff out "protective packing" and putting it in other "protective packing" , factories/couriers can counter that damage was done in the warehouse. Say you bought a camera and a camera case from Argos , they'll hand you 2 boxes. Sounds daft but that's how these places operate.
  8. Red Sub fanned fret is a decent bass; trouble is roasted maple is quite brittle and G4M use really crap packing material. Look at the state this, my pal's acoustic bass was in that .
  9. Aria use Samick in Indonesia. The Detroit bass is a variation on Aria's original RSB design. Hell it's just 2 years since they launched the range at NAMM.
  10. I was playing my headless 51 slab this morning, body is torrefied obeche so weighs next to nothing 🙂 Headless + the robust Overlord countered any potential neck dive. Wasn't too keen on the grub screw locking nut, swapped it for a ball end type. Of course now I'm limited to double ball end strings but tuning is stable 👍 Will happily use Overlord again should I build another headless. Wee tip if using these bridges. You'll sometimes hear folk complain the knurled tuning knobs are hard to turn. 9 from 10 those folk are using their fingers , unaware the knob has a 4mm hex socket at the end 😄 Reckon the Guyker will also do the trick , I like their tuners. Can't tell from that photo if they have thrust bearings like this one. If not get some, they make a huge difference 👍
  11. I found 2.5mm ties lay flat on the fingerboard ,never got any dings either. They're thin , about 1.5mm, so conform to the shape they're wrapped around; nor do you need to hitch them super tight . Added bonus is the low profile means you don't have to raise the action on your fretless by much. Course it goes without saying, just because these wee ties worked as temporary frets for me it's not a given they'll work for @three 👍
  12. Try using some cable ties. 2.5mm is the smallest I'm aware of , 91p gets you 100 of them at Screwfix. https://www.screwfix.com/p/cable-ties-black-100-x-2-5mm-100-pack/65467
  13. Another pleasant transaction with Frank. Artec mudbucker. Done and dusted by 2nd message 🙂 He's a great fella to do business with.
  14. Think that boat has long since sailed. I heard from OP , November last year . Said she'd picked up both a Zodiac BXP and a Zodiac DE Scorpio, her fella was that taken by the Peaveys he went and got one for himself 🙂
  15. No , you're not wrong. My Peavey Sarzo left home this morning for a new life in the Isle of Man. Preamp died years back so the 3 band 5 knob Glock was fitted, that's the one with push/pull vol for passive tone 👍
  16. Not really. The Dynabass was the next one up from the Foundation. Peavey repeated the process when they launched the Unity , it was followed by the Dynabass/Unity series and the Dynabass Ltd/Unity Series. L to R. Dynabass/Unity. Dynabass. Unity.
  17. Needed a pump to unblock a plughole , Cupid Boutique sells the wrong type of pump 🤣
  18. Best you avoid Unit 5 , 787 Warden Ave 👍
  19. Congratulations @uk_lefty Lovely bass , all the more lovely for being left handed 👍
  20. For no good reason, other than they cost me £20, I bought a set of Rotos Drop Zone + Bloody hell, farmers use thinner wire for fences 😄 Tuning the F# was a nightmare. I imagine being heard would be another nightmare, doubt anything I had in the house was up to it. Thankfully this particular "I wonder" folly of mine was cheap. @toddwright138 If you fancy trying the Rotos, send me a pm 👍
  21. Not ironic, it's a tried and tested method for filling nut slots.
  22. Hope you're sending it back for a refund or undrilled replacement 👍
  23. The stock cap value is much too high for treble bleed. Here's some alternate options. https://octavedoctor.com/treble-bleed-circuit-what-is-it-and-do-i-need-it/
  24. It's normal. Peavey were using treble bleed wiring back in 1978. It's standard in Fender Pros , here's their reason ( in the red box).
  25. Aye it's normal and you can stop it happening quickly and cheaply 🙂 All you need is a cap or a resistor+ cap.
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