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  1. ‘72 style P Bass Kit Build

    Just wanted to see whether it all ties in together, All the hardware is going to be chrome I’m still not 100% sure whether to paint the headstock Cream or would it look better Black or should I just leave it Maple???
  2. ‘72 style P Bass Kit Build

    On the right bass I think they look great but never in tort!!!
  3. ‘72 style P Bass Kit Build

    I’m on a low carb diet so maybe that’s why I don’t like tort(ellini)
  4. ‘72 style P Bass Kit Build

    No that’s just the first coat but it’s going to be a satin finish anyway as I’m not a fan of gloss finish on painted and the pickguard will be satin too It’s a rosewood board so I’m in agreement to colour match it
  5. ‘72 style P Bass Kit Build

    What is it with you and tort!!!!! Now who’s being a filthy scumbag how about you put some closed tort pickup covers on your build!!!!!
  6. ‘72 style P Bass Kit Build

    Looking at the Black I’m swaying more towards that colour now!! Its got a nice contrast as @SpondonBassed said it’s yin yang-esque I think we have a winner!!!!
  7. ‘72 style P Bass Kit Build

    That’s what I was thinking as I’ve gone to the effort to fill the cavities and rerout them, Still not sure on the pickguard colour yet?? (That’s just a very rough cut pickguard to visually compare)
  8. ‘72 style P Bass Kit Build

    I’m really not sure now?? Should I go back to original?? Or stick with the 70’s style pickguard?? Or should I just go Black pickguard?? Also I’m sticking with the maple neck so colour matched headstock or not??
  9. ‘72 style P Bass Kit Build

    I’m not a fan, White and Gold yes! Red and Gold yes! Even Black and Gold yes! Cream and Gold not so much!
  10. ‘72 style P Bass Kit Build

    If it was White then maybe but I don’t think with Cream it would look right I’m toying with White at the minute but I don’t know if it’s to wishy washy
  11. ‘72 style P Bass Kit Build

    Another change of plan!! I sprayed the body Red but didn’t like it so I’ve now decided on Cream (a bit lighter than Vintage White) but can’t decide on what colour pickguard??? Any suggestions please? (But NO TORT!!!) Damn it!!!! Looking at the body now I’m thinking the I should have kept the walnut stained neck as I think it would look really nice against the cream now
  12. Removing oil and wax from wood

    Do you mean tru-oil?.....
  13. Ibanez GSR205 New Body Shape FINISHED!!

    Yeah I was going to do that but where I jointed the top I had a perfect centre line which I used to line up the neck pocket and pickup template, I then marked the centre of the bridge but something must have gone wrong when I came to screw it down!! Its not going to be too much hassle moving it over a smidge!!
  14. Ibanez GSR205 New Body Shape FINISHED!!

    Just trying to set up the bass now and realised that the bridge is about 4/5mm out of alignment with the neck (I don’t quite know how that has happened I checked it 3 times) so I need to sort that out and shim the neck a little bit Here’s it all string up.......
  15. Building a Precision Bass

    I would be pleased too it’s come out really good, What you got planned next? Your right it is really addictive I’ve finished 2 but now Ive got my ‘72 style P Bass and the Tele shaped Bass which I’ve started then my Streamer blank is all glued up and I’m also I’m considering doing another 5 string of some sort but I think I’ll finish the others before I start that one.....