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  1. Jazz bass kit build

    That’s just plain wrong!!!
  2. Jazz bass kit build

    You’ve just gone and spoilt it I had a grand reveal planned!!!! Red and white spotty body with lime green binding, diamanté pickguard and gold hardware I think I’m on to a winner!?!
  3. Jazz bass kit build

    Yeah the pickguard definitely looks better all black
  4. Jazz bass kit build

    Yeah I forgot to buy the black strap buttons when I got the rest of my hardware One thing I don’t like is the BWB pickguard so I’m going to black it off on the edge then I think it will look better
  5. Jazz bass kit build

    It’s virtually finished just got to get some black ferrules so I can use my black tuners (but I couldn’t resist putting the originals on there) and get a bone nut then I can set it up
  6. Jazz bass kit build

    I’m normally so impatient that I end up ruining the finish trying to rush it to get it done, but because the black hardware I knew wouldn’t get to me for a couple of weeks it gave me time to really let the finish dry before flattening and polishing it. But I think it came out ok for brush on poly in a certain angle I can see a few imperfections but I think it’s came up nice and flat enough
  7. Jazz bass kit build

    Just flattened the neck and body ready to start getting everything installed
  8. Piccolo turns nasty - Dark Side build Number Two

    Stunning looking guitar!!! Once again very jealous of the job you’ve done!!!
  9. Just a bit of research

    Thanks everyone for your feedback and advice as much as it would be great to open a music store I think that it’s not a viable option as most people have said I wouldn’t be able to compete with big store online or bricks and mortar shop So it back to the drawing board to see what else I can come up with???.......
  10. Jazz bass kit build

    The pickguard and tuners have just been delivered so hopefully I should get this finished this weekend!?!
  11. Merlos Custom 5

    I Love the pickup covers very classy touch!!!! Looking stunning!!!!
  12. 51 P Bass ( custom colour)

    I prefer the black pickguard but whatever suits your taste better? I’m no expert but what I did with a Nitro finish is do lots of very light coats to build up the opaqueness of the colour not try to completely cover it in a couple of coats then do the same with the clear coat (I had problems with Nitro so now I use acrylic cellulose car paint as I seem to be able to get a better finish buts that’s probably just down to poor technique) From your photos I didn’t notice the crazing or the imperfections so just make sure people can’t look at it too closely As for the logo watch out for the Logo Police that operate in this area!!!!!! You will be run out of town with pitchforks!!!!!!
  13. 51 P Bass ( custom colour)

    Looks really nice!!! Great job!!
  14. Warmoth Jazz Deluxe V - 60s/70s Style

    Sounds like it’s going to be a lovely build tho....
  15. Just a bit of research

    About 15/20 miles I’m in Denbigh