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  1. I’ve decided that I’m going to do another neck thru build with a slightly different body shape I’m thinking of doing an Ice Tree Veneered top on it left natural It’s probably going to be Sapele neck and wings again possibly stained black I haven’t decided as yet I’m thinking black hardware would look best and maybe an ebony fretboard???🤔
  2. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  3. Hopefully if everything calms down I’m seeing Black Stone Cherry in Liverpool in October........🤞
  4. Thanks, the saddles a staggered by about 10mm in total so I’ll still have adjustment on them but I’m thinking of changing the angle at the end of the fretboard slightly to mirror the saddles a bit more.........🤔
  5. I’ve rough cut the fretboard today and did some measurements and the saddles can be really slightly staggered and I will still have enough movement on the saddles to intonate properly Here’s a quick mock-up............😀
  6. Thanks @Andyjr1515 in an ideal world I would prefer them staggered but as you and @fleabag have said function over form is more important so the saddles will be in line with each other........👍
  7. Yeah I did think that but it’s only an idea if I have to do them straight then it’s not the end of the world, I just thought that it might look better slanted..........😀
  8. I’ve had a little play with the saddles and I probably could get away with slanting them and keep the saddles all in a straight line I think this would work??...........🤔
  9. That’s a point! I didn’t think of the tonal difference it will make by angling the pickup...........🙄(Doh!!) I’m leaning a bit more towards the single straight pickup slightly closer to the bridge position as most of my basses have a 2 pickup config.........🤔
  10. And I can’t decide on the pickup config My options are: 2 pickups straight? 1 pickup straight? And if I go with angled saddles 1 pickup angled and have the end of the fretboard mirror the angle of the saddles?
  11. I’m going to use the individual saddles that I got off Mick but I’ve got a query about how to set them out?? I've seen them on some Dingwall basses and they’ve been slanted (E closer to the fretboard and the G furthest away) and I’ve seen them on some Harley Benton basses and they’ve been straight are they slanted because of the Multi scale fan frets or is it just an aesthetic thing? I like the look of them slanted but if you just have a conventional 34” scale then would having them slanted make it a problem to intonate properly??
  12. I’ve done the first coat of stain front and back the front has come out exactly how I hoped it would but the back is still a bit too brown so another coat on that tomorrow......😀
  13. It’s been a very long while since I’ve even picked up this build let alone done any work on it but I’ve decided to finish this one before I build anything else!! I started re-shaping the neck today and sorted out the poor access at the dusty end frets and decided to add a bit of a cut away on top as well I’ll post pics tomorrow when I get back to work, I’m going to stain it all trans black hopefully the lighter parts of the veneer on the front and the accent lines on the back will finish lighter than the rest so it won’t look solid black 🤞 Now just got to order the truss rod and fret wire then hopefully I can push this on a bit!?! I’m toying with the idea of a flat fretboard any opinions on the pros and cons would be gratefully received............👍
  14. As always your builds look gorgeous!! I’d be really interested in getting your opinion on a flat board as I’m think of doing one on my Neck Thru build............👍
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