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  1. Jimothey

    Inexpensive flatwounds

    Like you I had never had/tried flats so I bought a set of Adagios to fit on my Jazz and I really like them in fact I'm going to fit them on my P bass once I've finished refinishing it and on my Warwick copy
  2. Jimothey

    Refinish job on a unbranded P bass

    I think that would look great! I keep toying with the idea of doing a Jag build but I will probably cheat and buy a Jazz body and modify it
  3. Jimothey

    Refinish job on a unbranded P bass

    Still needs a few more coats of oil but I couldn't resist putting it together to see how it looks?? 😀
  4. Jimothey

    Refinish job on a unbranded P bass

    I think I've learnt from that mistake!! 😁
  5. Jimothey

    Eude throws down the gauntlet

    You are one lucky fella!! 😁
  6. Jimothey

    Refinish job on a unbranded P bass

    Yeah it's not bad for a bass that cost me £25 I think it's a Guild or Gould or some other cheap as chips thing that was shocking pink when I bought it!!........ 😀
  7. Jimothey

    Refinish job on a unbranded P bass

    Here's a bit more sanding with a quick wipe of tinted Danish oil 😀
  8. My plan was to make my unbranded P bass look more like this.......... But when I started to sand this body to refinish it White ready to fit my new maple block and binded neck, to my surprise the body has actually got some really nice grain to it!! So I might now just Danish oil it with a black pickguard instead??.......... The body is really light so I thought it might have been Basswood or Paulownia?? But looking at that grain I'm not so sure??..........
  9. Jimothey

    'Reincarnate' 4 string bass build FINISHED!!

    I've flipped the pic so you don't get confused anymore.......... 😁
  10. Jimothey

    'Reincarnate' 4 string bass build FINISHED!!

    @SpondonBassed on answer to your question about how it hangs on a strap, for me it hangs perfectly I think if the top horn was shorter it might suffer a bit from neck dive?..........
  11. Jimothey

    Eude throws down the gauntlet

    Sorry but I completely disagree sometimes less is more!!...............
  12. Jimothey

    warwick thread

    @dyerseve lovely job of the refinishing!! As I've posted before I'm a big fan of Wicks but can't afford to buy a real one so I'm starting to do an Ash body $$ corvette type build and really want to do it Nirvana Black Out of interest have you ever refinished any basses in Nirvana Black because whatever I try comes out a really dark brown and I can't seem to find where I can source anything that reassembles the right colour ?? I don't know if I'm barking up the wrong tree but is a dyed finish not a nitro finish?? 😀
  13. Jimothey

    New build in planning stage

    I dont like to sit around twiddling my thumbs so as well as planning this I'm doing a couple of refinishes one on my P bass ready do the new neck Santa is bringing me (vintage style maple block and binded) and I'm refinishing my 'Tropia' 5 string bass as I didn't like the gloss finish on it so that having a new coat if Danish oil and I'm fitting a preamp in it aswell......... 😀
  14. Jimothey

    'Reincarnate' 4 string bass build FINISHED!!

    Thanks still not up to your standard but they are getting better 😁 there's a couple of things that I'm not 100% happy with but I think that you'll always notice bits that makes you think "I could have done that better............"
  15. Jimothey

    33" P/J Jazz bass, blocks & binding

    I feel your pain just look back through my builds and it happens to me a lot more often than not!! I have that problem when spraying but that's using rattle cans!! I'm building a little spray booth at work so I can use my compressor and spray gun but I like to use 2k paint as I find it's a lot more forgiving? Hopefully next time round it will work perfectly 🤞