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  1. Another lovely bass! Its similar to one I have planned in my head a kinda Dusty Hill sig-ish style but maybe with a single MM pickup👍
  2. Awesome looking bass!! I just love a bit of spalted beech 👍👌
  3. I think that's a good shout! then whitewashed over the top might look a bit different 🤔
  4. Your body has got a much better grain pattern than mine! But I noticed the leftys all seem to have a nicer grain on them I'm thinking maybe coloured will look better than natural, I've got a Blue and a Black RB corvette so maybe a whitewash might look good? 🤔
  5. Looking great! I posted the review that was linked in your thread my only criticism with my bass is the finish looks really thick and lifeless I keep on meaning to sand it back and refinish it and your thread has spurred me on to do it! I'll just probably Danish oil it tho, How easy did you find the finish to sand off? 👍
  6. My Grandad bought me my first Bass it was either a Washburn XB100 or a XS-2 in bright red bought new in the mid 90’s I’ve been trying to remember over the last few years as I want to get one again for sentimental reasons...........😀
  7. I’m colour blind it looks white to me!?! I’d only ever seen his roadwork shell pink Sig bass 😬
  8. I really like the White MM Jazz style one!! I’ve never seen one like that did you make it?.......😀
  9. Here’s my current basses there is 11 but that includes a couple of bodies and some aren’t finished and some need strings so I don’t think they count??........🤔
  10. Have you got access to a router? if so I would be more inclined to make a template of the pickguard out of at least 12mm MDF stick the two together with double sided tape and carefully use a chamfered router bit with a bearing and then you would be able to get a nice bevelled edge on it.............👍
  11. I normally don’t like sunburst in general but after seeing yours and other people’s sunburst P’s I’m having serious GAS for one especially black pickguard with maple neck.........😀
  12. The music room is coming along but I think I’m going to need a bigger room soon!?! I still need to put up a little shelf for my soldering iron and electronics stuff which is going to be on the other side of the door and there is a shelf is going under the guitars so I can use it to do setups on etc........👍
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