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  1. Like a dumb a**e I routed the pickup cavity in the wrong place so I had to remake the body so here’s the new “Krysa ‘51” just waiting for the pickup to turn up now!! I’m not sure about the control plate on an angle or whether to have it straight?…….👍🏻
  2. Paul is a an absolute great guy he responded to a post asking for donations for my daughter’s volunteer run guitar school and he gave me a Yamaha fretless bass, fender mustang amp, strings, pedal tuner, strap etc all for the price of postage!!!! Thanks again!!!👍🏻
  3. I decided to sand back the body on the Jag Bass as it was too dark so here it is now…… Much happier now…… headstock logo, electrics and set up then it’s all done…..👍🏻
  4. Here’s my take on a Les Paul/Tele hybrid…….👍🏻 I can’t decide on whether to reshape the head stock to a Tele style one???
  5. I really wanted a no pickguard Jag bass so I thought I’d quickly make one to replace my current one……👍🏻 I think I’m going to sand the body back more as it’s a bit darker than I thought it will be once I oiled it?
  6. I suppose you could go down the metal terminal block route
  7. This is going to be for all my random bass builds that don’t really need a dedicated build thread it will probably mostly be filled with when I think “Hmmmmm I wonder what that would look like?” So he’s the first one I’m going to call it a ‘51 SG! the body shape is more Jack Bruce sig than Gibson style It’s a scaffold board body with an old neck I had kicking about, the headstock is going to be matching the body with a kinda Warwick style shape with Black Hardware……..👍🏻
  8. It will still do the same to MDF as well it’s also happened to me when a bearing exploded I now religiously WD40 the bearing before every use!! I think when it comes to routers use whatever your comfortable with I use my 1/4” Trend T4 one handed ad I’ve used them so often over the last 20 years of being a carpenter The only time I got scared was using a 2 /12” rounder bit in my trend t10 1/2” shaping the back of a neck that’s why I bought the modern C router bit to use in my router table!!
  9. I still don’t think just using a straight cutter just on the shank will give you a nice accurate clean cut as the cutter could still wander top bearing cutters do exactly the same thing as straight flute they both bottom clear the only difference is one has a bearing you use a bottom bearing when you have the workpiece upside down or use a router table so the bearing still runs on the template 👍🏻
  10. I’ve never had an issue with using a 1/2” router bit the corners come out fine with the pickups I’ve fitted on my builds but I generally clean up the corners with a chisel if needed but yeah a 1/4” will work just as well I wouldn’t recommend not using a bearing as you will knacker your template really quickly and it won’t run true you will end up taking chunks out of your template because the shank will burn the template! if you want to go down the straight flute cutter then you will need a guide bush on the bottom of your router and enlarge your templates to allow for the difference between the cutter size and the guide bush diameter 👍🏻
  11. I find plunge routers to be better for use with templates so I use a 1/2” router for routing the body with a 50mm top bearing trimmer bit and a 1/4” router for the cavities with a top bearing 12mm trimmer bit and on the rare occasion I used to use a palm router just for rounding over the edges as I found the depth of the plunge on them was a bit poor unless as Jabba said you buy an extra plunge attachment which seems an expensive way of doing it? 👍🏻
  12. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  13. I got bored so I did a kinda rendered version of the bass……..👍🏻
  14. The more I looked at the latest design the more I didn’t like it so here’s version 3.0 (or is it 1000.0 I can’t remember there’s been so many changes on most of my builds!!) I can’t decide so these are the 2 headstock choices?? its going to be (probably) Sapele/Pine or Oak laminated back and neck, pallet top with stained Black Oak fretboard and pickup cover/ramp so it’s going to be quite rustic!!……👍🏻
  15. Not that it didn’t look great before but I think I prefer the one big than the two small covers! I’m going to hopefully do that when I get round to doing my singlecut that I’ve been planning to do?……..👍🏻
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