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  1. Here’s the body after a couple of coats of tinted Danish Oil on the sides and plain Danish Oil on top, I’m going to sand the top back a little bit so the colour will probably lighten a bit.......... I’m now in two minds whether to bother with the fake branding or just do it like a standard barncaster with a pickguard I’m thinking for the pickguard either aged White or Black??? Opinions please??
  2. I’ve almost finished this for my daughter I thought it was a 3/4 but it’s actually a full size squier it should be fine size wise The original plan was to spray the body Glittery Purple etc but she was looking at my basses the other week and said I really like that wooden one and the black one (my Warwick copy and 5 string RB) but I can’t decide which one I like best I said if I had a purple one that would be your favourite and she replied NO! so alarm bells started ringing so I had a re think so I decided I’d blend her two favourites and came up with this which I think is looking good and I hope she likes it if not I’ll keep it instead!! I forgot to take a pic of the back but it’s Natural like the front with a black cavity cover...........😀
  3. Got both bodies cut this morning I've decided to make the fake branding slightly smaller than my mock-up I need to make up some ageing solution to try and get the sides the same colour as the top I’ve read that mixing white vinegar with some bits of wire wool will make it go the kinda silvery colour but I’ll see how it comes out.............🤞
  4. Do pedals need to be shielded then? I didn’t realise that they did I would have got the wholesalers to ship the components straight to me but they charge a flat rate of £8.95 for P&P which I thought was a bit ridiculous especially as the whole order has only cost me £14 and I’m not in too much of a rush for them anyway Yeah if this one goes well then I’ve got a Bass Fuzz, Chorus and a JTM-45 in the pipeline...........😀
  5. That was kinda what gave me the idea to do it wooden and it’s a bit different.........👍
  6. I got hold of an old scaffold board to do the body for my Telecaster build so the body blank is all glued up ready to cut tomorrow and I’m doing a Les Paul body blank as well as I’m not too sure about the other body I’ve done............🤔 Ooooohhhhh lovely and rustic!!!!!...........👍
  7. I’ve decided to give building my own effects pedal a go so I bought an Overdrive pedal PCB off eBay for a couple of quid I won’t be getting the components till just after Christmas as there is a big electrical wholesalers near where my Dad lives so he’s going to get all the bits and bring them with him when they next come up So I started thinking about enclosures and everybody uses the Hammond type Alu enclosures so I thought how about trying to make one out of wood to be a bit different, Its going to have a water slide decal on top with the lettering for the knobs etc Here’s my first attempt out of so scrap pine I had I'm not sure if I should veneer it instead as it looks a bit bland at the mo? What does everyone reckon veneered or leave it natural??...............😀
  8. Jazz is the only genre that I can’t abide whatever flavour it is!! my Grandad was a massive Jazz fan he played the trumpet in a few Jazz bands and Brass bands so I kind grew up having to stomach it just to be polite!! I’ll try (and more often than not fail) to play different genres but I seem to gravitate towards punk and now blues I started playing bass when I was about 15 and was in a couple of school covers bands that weren’t very good then lost interest when I hit about 17 and didn’t pick up a bass again till I was 38 so I’m trying to relearn everything I’ve forgotten, I’ve now got my man cave we’re all my basses are on the wall and I can practice very quietly when the kids are in bed or when Mrs Jimothey is watching some crap on tv I’m not interested! my aim for next year will be to try and Jam more with a few mates that are awesome guitarist to build my confidence with playing with other musicians and try to find some open mic/Jam nights to maybe join in with and then perhaps try and join a band............🤞
  9. Nor did I till I started listening to Richie Kotzen, The Cold Stares, Simon McBride etc I really like the Blues Box shaping as you can have fun mixing the notes up and it can still sound good I’ve been trying to work on my walk ups/downs and turnarounds using some practice tracks on youtube I’m up for a little support group I could do with all the help I can get!! I just hope your emoji doesn’t start wearing a beret and shades the conversation turns to Jazz then your truly DOOMED!! Where about’s are you from?
  10. If you fancied starting one in North Wales I’d definitely be up for it..........😀
  11. I feel the same as you about playing with people who are way above my skill level but the way I’m trying to look at it now is they were at the same level as me at some point so they probably will understand how I’m feeling and make allowances (well I hope anyway?) if they don’t they aren’t worth playing with!! I started playing basic blues stuff as a bit of a learning exercise but I never really listened to blues as it really didn’t float my boat but now I really like it and a blues play mix has been the only thing I’ve been listening to for the past month on Spotify!! So I need to find a blues jam near me!! Good luck with the learning mate............👍
  12. I’ve been looking for a blues jam near my neck of the woods but the nearest I can find is about an hour away I was wondering how does it work?because the one in Chester has a house band playing so if you wanna play bass does the bass player let you take over or does he play along as well?? The prospect scares the poop out of me but I think it would be a load of fun as well.............👍
  13. I agree he has got a great voice but I don’t understand the whole balaclava/hat combo thing??
  14. @Boogiebass I found the 2 YouTube videos that helped me the most when learning to play the 12 bar blues was Blues Box - BassBuzz Blues bass lines - Luke from become a bassist
  15. Nickelback they are dire, whining douches anyway and all of their songs are just Cheese on Toast bollocks but I do like the riff in Burn it to the Ground then it gets ruined by the singing
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