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  1. This body shape is interesting and by that I mean AWFUL!!!!! https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F164043419861
  2. Number 2 I reckon........👍
  3. I’ve never seen a black foot switch before all of them that I’ve seen are Chrome/Nickel I’ll have a look about..........👍
  4. I tried the logo in red and blue but it just didn’t look good I think monochrome was definitely a better choice! I remembered I had some waterslide decal paper so I printed it off last night and have just applied it to the pedal just got to clear coat it tomorrow. I think it looks good if I do say so myself!!..........😀 Now the quandary is do I fit black knobs or chrome ones?? The foot switch is chrome so I’m leaning more towards chrome at the mo??
  5. I could solder before I made it but YouTube has somebody good tutorials on it If you get a PCB they make your life easier because it’s basically soldering by number but you have to source all the components Pedalparts.co.uk has some great PCBs or you can buy full kits as well from them.........😀
  6. Thanks but I think the shipping costs would make it a bit too expensive If you don’t mind could you ask him how much he would charge to do me a couple of headstock logos in black and white and a pedal top I can send the logo and graphic to you if it makes it easier?
  7. Building pedals is just as addictive as building basses I’ve built this one and I’ve got another 3 in the pipeline!!........😬
  8. I’m wondering if anybody on here does vinyl decal cutting, I try and do image transfer but sometimes it comes out fine and other times not so much! I need some Black and White versions of my headstock decal and for some Pedal graphics that I’m building, I’ve got some quotes off eBay and most of them are ridiculously expensive because they are ‘custom’ If anyone can help me please send me a message Thanks
  9. Anodising looks a bit too technical to me! Would look really good though! But I think for the moment I’ll stick to rattle cans I tried to do the image transfer today but I didn’t leave it to dry for long enough so it didn’t take very well but I’ll print off another one and try again tomorrow!! I might try and print it off at work and do the Underground logo in red and blue..........😀
  10. @Bassworks thanks for answering my question I had never seen that done before and like everyone else has said your basses look awesome mate!!........👍
  11. I’ve sprayed a couple of coats of White on the enclosure today I couldn't sleep so I had a little play around on the computer trying different ideas and remembered @Simon.‘s idea from my effects pedal name ideas thread so I came up with this............. I’m kinda trying to make it look a bit like a tiled wall at a tube station, I’ve only got a black and white laser printer to do the image transfer with so I couldn’t do the red and blue on the logo but I like the monochrome look of it What do you all reckon looks better the original design a few posts up or this one???..................🤔
  12. Looks like it’s gonna be a lovely bass!! Just looked on his Facebook page looks like he does quality work! but one question what’s with all the holes in the back of the body?
  13. Generally the way I’m going to do it are considered as cheaper quality pickups but yeah the pole pieces are magnetised by the magnets on the bottom which the benefits of the way I’m doing it is it’s really easy to change the type and strength of the magnets which will change the tone of the pickup (if it doesn’t sound as you hoped it would) I watched a lot of Dylan talks tone videos on YouTube and he explains how pickups work what affects the tone (believe it or not the resistance of the pickup is a very small part of how it will sound??)
  14. IIRC Fenders 60’s Jazz pickups were around the 7k range so I think they should sound really nice!! Have you used magnetised poles or you going to have a Alnico or ceramic magnet on the bottom? I’m going to wind the pickups for my Barncaster Bass and I’m looking to aim for around the 6-7k range (hopefully it will sound nice and vintagey) I’m going to use ABS bobbins as I’ve got 2 sets of split coils that are dead, I’m thinking of doing them with black hex head set screws as the pole pieces with neodymium discs underneath??......😀
  15. I did think that was what you meant and was going to reply ‘and I’m worried about never reaching the end of the song’.......🙄
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