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  1. All the routing is now done just got to tidy the J pickup cavity up a little bit then it’s ready to sand and spray..................😀
  2. Just a quick mock-up, I’m not sure if the MM pickup is too big and looks a bit too much if you know what I mean??..............🤔
  3. Yeah me too!! Must be deja vu from my failed 5 string conversion attempt..........😀
  4. No apology needed mate and sorry again for your loss
  5. Oh I almost forgot and I’ve still got to reshape the headstock..............😀
  6. Just a quick update the pickups turned up today so I can start the routing out tomorrow when I get back to work Just got to order the stacked pots and knobs and a set of Rotosound 88’s so I think my yellow 72ish P bass will probably be finished first..............😀
  7. Just a quick update the pickups arrived today so it’s all systems go when I get back to work tomorrow!! As both my P builds are almost done I’ve started thinking about the my next project I’m thinking that I need a Duff Sig bass ...........😀
  8. Is the bitsa p bass still available?
  9. Just a quick mock-up it’s still missing the J pup but you get the idea...........😀
  10. I’m still quite a noob but I’m trying to learn more theory I understand the 1-4-5 progression but that’s from learning the 12 bar blues and how to create a walking bass line around that progression and that you can add a 7th or use half or full steps or a chromatic step to get back to the root note but reading the last few posts I can’t get my head around it because I don’t understand it I’m finding it very difficult to learn I think I need to find some books and brush up for on my scales, modes and arpeggios to try and make sense of it all.............🤯
  11. I always hate photos of myself I always end up looking like the village idiot if I smile!!............😳
  12. Aaaaahhhhh B*****ks I’m going to have to start over now!!!!!!!!!
  13. I don’t know whether to do it with Chrome hardware as the tuners on the black neck I’m using are Chrome........🤔
  14. I know I’ve been a bit lazy recently!! All the pickups have been ordered and they are on their way from China so I can’t really do a lot more on either the P’s till I get them...............😀
  15. Here’s the pickguard black........😀
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