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  1. P/J wins for me too...........😀
  2. I hoped that I could push this build on a bit but the truss rod I bought was faulty and the wrong fret wire was sent they sent brass instead of nickel so they both went back and I got a refund so I need to order them again from a different supplier I've been reading about flat fretboards I'm tempted to do that on this build I did read a thread on here from about 8 years ago on here and it had a mixture of pros and cons and I'm wondering if anybody has a new perspective on the subject?? If I remember correctly I think @eude was a flat fretboard convert............. 😀
  3. @eude I don't normally like headless but this one (well they are all great but) is especially great !! What is the top wood on it??........... 😀
  4. This build has stalled a bit due to a stupidly heavy workload at the mo but hopefully I'll be able to push it on a bit next week?? I still can't decide whether to do this as a 4 or a 5 string tho??........... 🤔
  5. Oooohh errrr missus!! 😁
  6. My vote would go for Honey if you wanted to have the back lighter than the top or a nice Meduim cherry........... 😀
  7. Here's the wood for the body and top cap it's nothing special but I think once I've contrast grain filled the oak it will look nice......... 😀 I think I'll have to rout a cavity in the Sapele before I glue the cap on it as its a tad on the heavy side.............
  8. That Rosewood looks great!! Are you leaving it natural or are you going to stain it?......... 😀
  9. No worries mate I thought I'd ask, thanks anyway...... 😀
  10. In my head I know what I'm going to do and I think it will work I will probably have to cut an extra wedge piece off my test neck so I won't have to flip over the headstock?!? but when I use my test neck hopefully it should throw up any pitfalls or unexpected problems?? If @Andyjr1515 or anyone else any advice please feel free to comment!....... 😀
  11. See I told you its easier than you think! Hopefully when I do mine it comes off as easily??....... 😀
  12. I've been visiting family back down in Colchester this week and staying at my parents so I thought I'd take advantage of my old table saw and thicknesser so I started a project that I've been thinking about for a while I'm doing it Sapele backed and 6mm Oak top cap with a matching Oak headstock cap (I'll probably do a ebony-esque demarcation line) which has all been thicknessed now ready to glue up when I get back to work next week I'm going to try and do something a bit out of the ordinary and convert a flat headstocked neck into an angled headstock this is the neck I'm going to use I've got a old guitar neck that I'm going to try it out on first I think it will involve de-gluing the fretboard removing the truss rod cutting and scarf jointing the headstock back on to the neck?? Sounds simple when I say it like that!! 😳 I'm going to use a Warwick 2 piece bridge and tuners and a pair of big pole MM style pickups
  13. Just a quick pic with the temporary pickguard......... 😀
  14. @SpondonBassed Almost right! I tried finding a song video called 'Draw it on with a sharpie!!' to reply with but bizarrely I couldn't find anything.......... 😀
  15. Binding take 2........... The little mark at the start of the lower horn has be rectified now............... 😀
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