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  1. Does anyone know if there will be a NWBB this year?
  2. Looks like theres still a bit missing?? 😜
  3. If you would accept a price of about ÂŖ5 then I'll definitely have it!! 😜
  4. If I could afford it I would definitely have it off you but I'm skint after my last purchase......... ☚ī¸
  5. The 5 has got a JAN but the 4 hasn't so I will probably change it but I've got my other builds to finish first I was also thinking of stripping my Quincy back to bare wood and just oiling it because it's got a really thick looking satin poly finish at the mo and maybe converting it into a $$ style and if I really wanted to it would take much to make this look like a Warwick........
  6. You can get used RB's for a reasonable price I've just picked up 2 (a 4 string Corvette and a 5 string Corvette) for ÂŖ350 and they are in excellent condition according to the s/n's the 4 string is a 2002 and the 5 string is a 2014 its just a shame they haven't got the 2 part bridge tho but I could always change them at a later date
  7. @Unknown_User I did think it had a bit of a Tbird vibe? I keep on toying with the idea of blending an Sg and a Tbird to make something a bit different?? I meant to ask earlier what top wood is it?............ 😀
  8. Tort can make the nicest bass look minging!! IMO black is always the way to go with sunburst!! Great job!! 😀
  9. Good luck with your build mate looks like an interesting body shape!! The neck looks great!! (but I am a sucker for maple and block!!) If your not too experienced using a router I would recommend making yourself a jig for the control, pickup cavities and neck pocket also get a top bearing flute router cutter that will reduce the risk of things going wrong very quickly Looking forward to seeing this take shape......... 😀
  10. I'm going with the F bomb logo instead so that will either be on the pickguard on on the body depending on what I choose to do? Yeah your right I do need to notch it out round the pickup and shorten it a but so it's not too close to the last knob Sorry I know I let you down regarding your paint colour ideas and I humbley beg your forgiveness 🙏 😜
  11. Here's a quick mockup I can't decide if the pickguard looks OK?? With or without opinions please?? If I decide to use the pickguard I will have to adjust it a bit so its not too close to the last knob......... 😀
  12. Yeah I've seen it called smoked chrome aswell it does look nice! if I do decide to change it then that would certainly be an option.......... 😀
  13. Thanks I'm going with Chrome but it might change to black if it doesn't look right...... 😀
  14. The neck has now had 2 coats of Black!! I'm going to let it dry for a couple of days then it's time to start getting it all back together................... 😀
  15. As the thunderbird has a logo on the pickguard I was thinking of doing the same, because this is going to be called the Exploder I was thinking maybe this might work??...........
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