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  1. floFC

    Bands with Two Bass Players

    Sorry, Kyote doesn’t ring a bell. I’ll ask around though! I don’t remember everything 😊
  2. floFC

    Bands with Two Bass Players

    I only know their collaboration with Stereolab (UiLab), it was very good.Didnt know they had 2 bass players, I’ll have to check them out.
  3. floFC

    Bands with Two Bass Players

    Ooh! My have seen you back in the day then. What was the band? Still like listening to them. They have performed a couple of times at The End Festival (or something like that) the past few years. They were still awesome, albeit no longer smoking on stage
  4. floFC

    Bands with Two Bass Players

    Back in the late 90s there was a band called Billy Mahonie. They were absolutely awesome, fantastic live shows. They had 2 bassists. One was particularly agitated on stage and, shrouded in the smoke from his cigarette, would often stumble on the drum kit. They’ve done a couple of gigs recently!
  5. floFC

    Looper pedals - advice please

    I use a Jamman Stereo. It has some basic drums and can store 99 loops (more with memory card). It’s really good for practice. For 2 instruments I’d do as @Cato said above, i.e. swap them out, or I’d get an ABY box. Only downside I have is the Mac software to manage the loops is old and doesn’t work too well with the latest OS. Loop management on the pedal itself is fine.
  6. Superb result! Enjoy the bass when you get it and let us know how you get on!
  7. floFC

    No good for metal then

    It was made behind the iron curtain, might still be good for metal.
  8. Jag or Mustang? Pickup sizes may be different.
  9. floFC

    Anybody know what this used to be?

    I need one of these old treble side Schallers (stamped Made in West Germany!), and was tempted to bid but I think I'll pass now.
  10. floFC

    Fdeck HPF Pre - gone bad?

    I am genuinely surprised, I have never heard of this before. How does the static electricity build up occur?
  11. floFC

    Fdeck HPF Pre - gone bad?

    The Velcro on the back of the pedals can create static electricity? And that can destroy pedals??
  12. floFC

    Gibson 2019...the year of fail.

    It’s actually impossible to read the comments on that page, the scrolling banner at the top changes height depending on contents and the comments just shift up and down all the time. Website and guitar designers are the same team maybe 🤷‍♂️ (Or maybe it’s my phone)
  13. Personally I really like the headstock. I was referring to the stringing in my earlier comment.
  14. Don’t look at the headstock
  15. If you also meant explain what it does (rather than why it’s there): - the lever is a detuner, you can tune to whatever note lower than E and use it at the flick of the lever. - the round knobs are fine tuners - there are bolts to lock the saddles in place - you can also swap the saddles around to change the string spacing