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  1. I have the DOD Bass Stereo Flanger FX72 as well, no unwanted swoosh on mine - except when I use a single coil bass with the treble a bit high - I think the noise from the pickup is what gets into the flanger (when it’s on).
  2. Enter the bridge in the Feb photo competition!
  3. I like Paul Wolf. He really helped me out when I was starting out and had to learn songs fast. His videos really focus on teaching the songs, not him showing off.
  4. I am a bit old school when it comes to education and I like the idea of someone being there and explaining/answering questions. But yes, I could buy some parts and experiment as you say. And take my time
  5. Has anybody else seen the advert below on Facebook? This company (Anasound) are running a workshop where you build your own pedal, with some theory and people at hand to help and demonstrate how it’s done properly (soldering, testing etc.). I think it is a fantastic idea, but unfortunately in Birmingham. Does anyone know of anything similar in London? Soldering for musical equipment (pedals, but also pickups, pots, harnesses etc)? https://anasounds.com/produit/sliver-tremolo-masterclass-birmingham-02-29-or-03-01/?fbclid=IwAR0_gVwTc0bLxnVhY9Ve1Y3aCTskRg4PhfwXDTuIkRGU2AFYNHi6ZW9O7mE
  6. Alice - Sisters of Mercy In Between Days- The Cure Who Killed Mr Moonlight - Bauhaus (although really it would be more representative to pick 3 albums)
  7. floFC

    Cool looking pedals

    Yes, I saw that. It is a very cool idea!
  8. floFC

    Cool looking pedals

    Not exactly my idea of cool, but certainly different from your usual enclosures 😂 Talking about springs, another pedal I find really cool and would buy just for the look of it is the Anasound Elements spring reverb system. Those spring tanks (le truand especially) look fab:
  9. I was browsing the Thomann site, see if there were any good stuff on sale (nope), and saw this pedal. Regardless of quality, usefulness etc, it is a really cool looking pedal, modelled on a strat with a piece of pickguard, buttons and jack input. Any other cool pedals out there (beyond fairly standard ones with cool graphics)? https://m.thomann.de/gb/coppersound_pedals_strategy_boost_wtw.htm?o=4&search=1577377703
  10. Saw him with Goldfrapp too. The only plexiglass bass I have seen that also has a plexi headstock.
  11. It looks to me like it’s a one piece neck, so all the same piece of (roasted maple) wood indeed. Very good looking basses, Anderson now seem to have 5 to choose from!
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