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  1. Saw him with Goldfrapp too. The only plexiglass bass I have seen that also has a plexi headstock.
  2. It looks to me like it’s a one piece neck, so all the same piece of (roasted maple) wood indeed. Very good looking basses, Anderson now seem to have 5 to choose from!
  3. Yes, fair point. I don’t know. All I have said is still valid though, and something you can prepare for now. Any “work visa” type of application would require those I imagine.
  4. And if some band members are from the EU, make sure they have their Settled Status.
  5. In short, nobody knows. I don’t think anyone is talking about needing visas to travel in Europe to/from the UK. Make sure you all have a passport valid for at least 6 months after your planned return date and a clean criminal record 😉
  6. Bypass is always on. The signal on Output will get cut when the TU-2/3 is switched on. You don’t need to plug anything in output, I.e if you plug your amp into the Bypass and switch the tuner on it will achieve what you’re after.
  7. Ok, then yeah, that makes no sense and is very annoying! At least they should come back with a counter offer or explain that the Offers button was added by eBay and they don’t actually want any offers.
  8. The way I understand it is that if it's a Buy It Now item you make a lower offer that the BIN price, if it's a normal auction, you make a higher offer than the starting price. I guess it's eBay trying to stop people making offers outside of eBay on normal auctions.
  9. On the photos that @AndyTravis linked, you can see 2 screws at the back. That would be the screws to adjust pickup height. Similar system on my Kramer.
  10. Yes, it is out of production, but they come up for sale from time to time. I would think they can be had for less that a new Fishman Fission - but probably still above budget for @stewblack. The Deep Impact is crazy expensive on the other hand!!
  11. Yes, it’s exactly what the Akaï Unibass UB-1 does. Also has distortion and a noise gate.
  12. Late to the party, catching up. After a bit of guesswork, here is the link to download the Mac Version from the same source, which works fine: https://s3-us-west-2.amazonaws.com/riffstation-downloads/Riffstation.dmg
  13. Steven Severin of Siouxsie and the Banshees for me. Great driving bass lines, great tone. One of the bands that got me notice the bass guitar and made it the obvious instrument of choice for me.
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