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  1. floFC


    I have to say I use reverb exactly like that, when I experiment with sound and atmospheric textures. I have never thought of using it (in lower doses) as an always on effect, I will try that.
  2. I think it’s when you’re trying to sell your bass. Lots of mojo 🤓
  3. floFC

    Geddy's Lee's Big Beautiful Book of Bass

    Placed an order today, at £15 it sounds silly not to. Don’t really mind when it arrives, as long as it does (before I lose my eyesight 😂 😎)
  4. floFC

    Does anyone have a Steinberger Spirit XT?

    I was following this thread but only recently got a bat headless bass. Less popular end of the market, it’s a Hondo Alien bass. In any case, I am interested in getting an extension for it. Is there a guide to make your own? Or where can I get a ready made one from? I may get a leg rest instead/as well. Can these be bought on their own?
  5. Nope, the postage is £99.99.
  6. 😳😵 Thanks for the heads up. I’ll be careful with mine (essentially never change the strings again 😂)
  7. Yes, if there is a bolt on Hohner, then I would think that should be the OP’s starting point!
  8. I was looking for a travel bass too and wanted a Hohner (I would have kept it in one piece though, it’s to keep in the camper van). I ended up getting a Hondo Alien bass, it’s dead ugly, but similar footprint, and it is a bolt on. An additional bonus for me is that is has an aluminium neck, which I think is great for a travel bass (albeit heavier). Maybe an option for you instead of hacking a nice bass?
  9. floFC

    Stringing an acoustic bass

    Well, it would appear I am the victim of some clever marketing ploy. I learnt something today!
  10. floFC

    Stringing an acoustic bass

    Stop right there. yes, you need special strings for acoustic basses.
  11. floFC

    Hi from Nottingham, UK

    Welcome! And good to see such enthusiasm.
  12. floFC

    Bass for REAL bass players! 😁

    I have a creaky door that sounds a bit like that.
  13. floFC

    Damn, that’s some overhang!

    @pete.young I think that is the tipping point where you need to decide if the cab should in fact go on top of the head 😳
  14. floFC

    Damn, that’s some overhang!

    😱😵 Wow!