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  1. No worries, that sounds like a great combination you've got there. With a 4 ohm load instead of 8 ohm it's going to sound a 'bit' louder so in effect you'll have more clean headroom to play with, but with the 2 top quality pieces of kit you have, I doubt you'd be able to hear any differences in clean headroom as you'd be deaf by that point!
  2. If your head is capable of outputting 900w into a 4 ohm load (Which the barefaced cab is) then yes you will be getting the 900w pumping into it - Don't think it's going to sound almost twice as loud though ☺️ Is the head rated at 900w peak into 4 ohm?
  3. Company renowned for making top gear gets bought by company renowned for [email protected]#%in’ things up = was only a matter of time before this happened!
  4. Came across as disappointed with Andertons to me when I read the post, was going to say not much they can do about it, it’s Mesa’s fault 😂 Sorry to hear about it being delayed, waiting for gear from the US is hard enough when it’s in stock!
  5. Could you not have donated them to local musicians/rehearsal rooms?
  6. @Kinder was selling a Trace Elliot head when I bought his cab off him, think it’s in the for sale section. Top guy to deal with and a great price for a classic head
  7. I don't want to keep kicking slap down as people are obviously free to like what they want but I've never liked it at all, and the more examples being listed on this thread to justify it are just reinforcing my dislike 😂 Maybe I'll go so far I actually start liking it. But then again... 😉
  8. Have listened to the David Crosby, Billy Corgan and Tim Burgess ones - all 3 were really good Only 20-odd left to go 😂
  9. Holy thread resurrection Batman. This was 7 years ago... 🦇
  10. That is one quality tune. Peter Tosh was incredible. Bless up.
  11. With all that mid and treble, you should start playing guitar instead 😉 You must have quite a cutting punky sound with those settings?
  12. The gain on my ABM 500 EVO II is normally around 3pm with my P Bass, seems to need a lot of input gain to get that meter moving! I do like adding a touch of the valve drive, really seems to fatten things up but get's a bit farty if it's too high.
  13. Watching this thread with much interest as this is something I’ve thought about doing for a long time! Have toyed with the idea of making a rack preamp version of this circuit but the power section is so key to the sound making a preamp would be like having fish without chips, Cannon without Ball and Dempsey without Makepeace.
  14. That is one stunning looking bass, just gorgeous 😍
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