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  1. I don't think this could be further from the mark - Have you listened to much of their music apart from Nevermind? Cobain was great at writing something with a melody rather than an atonal dirge of some of the bands around at the time, but Bleach and In Utero are hardly easy listens and I'm a big fan.
  2. If only Kurt had played a blazing Phrygian/Mixolydian hybrid picked lead line over Pennyroyal Tea instead of some 3 note feedback I'd have had way more respect for him! On a serious note, for kids my age in the late 80s/early 90s Nirvana were a revelation and opened up my eyes and ears to a whole new world of music I hadn't really been exposed to in the UK. People can argue the toss and compare Richard size about how they knew punk before it was punk or whatever, but to me punk rock was/is more about a mindset rather than a sound. Nirvana/Kurt had a huge range of musical influences and that melting pot created some stunning music and turned loads of people like me onto some truly great music. It was almost certainly the success that killed Kurt - he just wanted to be in a cool band who made music for people who loved music like he did. Sounds like he really hated all of the hangers on, the legions of new fans who really didn't know anything about them apart from what they saw on MTV/News channels, especially the frat boy fans who were proclaiming to be fans when a few years earlier would have been calling him names in the street. Some of their live shows were seismic shifts, some of them not great but that's the nature of the beast. But as far as not being able to hear a word he's singing, to paraphrase Wesley Snipes in White Men Can't Jump... "Look man, you can listen to Jimi but you can’t hear him. There’s a difference. Just because you’re listening to him doesn’t mean you’re hearing him."
  3. Bought Brian's Korg Pitchblack tuner pedal, he was a pleasure to deal with kept me bang up to date with the postage. Item arrived quickly and was well packaged. Top banana thanks Brian!
  4. Ha ha, what the actual F*@k is that 😂 Looks like the buyer has simply clicked yes to every option available on the Warmoth website and screwed it together!
  5. Oooh I'll take the tuner as well please if it's still available?
  6. That rig is insane, reminds me of one of my favourite ever films...
  7. Funnily I've been listening to Harmacy in the car this week!
  8. Ooh I've not heard of those, they look pretty good ☺️
  9. I have no idea how they have any hearing left at all TBH, playing in front of several fully cranked Marshall stacks night after night. Ears ringing for days!
  10. Thanks everyone, was asking as I know they last for donkeys years I'm cool with that if they're going to smooth out. If they stayed like it I would have looked at changing them for a different brand but they feel and sound great, the tension is spot on.
  11. Before anyone asks, no it’s nothing to do with sitting down all day or wearing tight underwear 😆 I’ve been playing some LaBella 760FS strings for a few weeks and while I love the feel and tone they get sticky when playing and it’s putting me off playing them. Has anyone else experienced this and if so does it go away when they wear in a bit?
  12. I know one thing being a big fan of them from all the way back in the 90s, it would have been f&@#*ng loud in there!
  13. Looking great, it’s amazing how much of a difference a couple coats of paint makes!
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