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  1. Bought Andy's Trace 1015H cab, had great communication with him, he was willing to meet to cut down my journey time and he was bang on time. Great price for a beast of a cab and a fab guy to deal with 😁
  2. Great to meet you Andy, can’t wait to hook this up to my Ashdown head and give it a workout 😀
  3. I thought the same thing. Pretty sure he used the same pedal on songs like Mullethead and some of the stuff from the Aglio E Olio ep as well.
  4. Interesting point you make here and something I've definitely witnessed before. On the flipside, what's your view of people who happen to be female and are almost certainly wearing revealing clothes on purpose for the video? Do you treat them with the same disdain for trying to get cheap likes and comments? You've obviously already judged their playing ability as mediocre.
  5. Does anyone know if it’s possible to get an A string retainer for MIM Player series basses that work with the pressed in ferrules? I know you can get them for the US made bases with the screw down nut, but but not sure about one that works with pressed in ferrules. I’ve got a rattling on the A string because of the string angle over the nut when using Labella Flats. If not I’ll need to look at fitting something like a Hipshot 3 string retainer. Thanks, Jim
  6. What’s a major scale? 😁
  7. It's not their humour at all that puts me off, although the guy is definitely trying hard to find a niche and be cool, and that's fine if that floats your boat. For me it's the whole thwackety, thwackety, thwackety (I tried to describe it as best I can!) slap thing at a million miles an hour that for me personally has no real musicality, it's almost an ego thing. I've always been drawn to players like John McVie, James Jamerson, Duck Dunn, Paul McCartney where serving the song is their mantra and the tone is wholesome. I totally get a lot of slap players are technically proficient players, but seems like way more style over substance to me.
  8. Great playing, very tasteful 😁
  9. Have just taken a look at a couple of Davie 504's videos on YouTube. Safe to say that will be the last time.
  10. This is me in a nutshell 😁 The only bit of slap I've ever liked was in RATM's Take the Power Back and a couple of songs from the Chilli's Blood Sugar Sex Magic record - If I hear the faintest bit of slap and pop watching a bass vid I'm off.
  11. Reminds me of the guitar Robbie Robertson used during Emmylou Harris' performance on the Last Waltz.
  12. Just a thought, but is the date/time of the recently updated view being populated by the last time someone looked at that post, rather than the last time someone actively updated the post by replying or adding an emoji?
  13. The dates on the right are what I've been using since I joined the forum - I'll be completely honest I've never looked at the dates on the post itself but can see why they would be relevant when ordering by start date.
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