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  1. Yep, mick used a few different ones over the years that I’ve seen them live. A very underrated bassist too
  2. Oh dear. It appears I've had a proper brain fart. Apologies.
  3. Music critics are for the most part, a bunch of narcissistic pond life, with over inflated egos and sense of self importance. The key word in the job title is the word critic. The best music judge is your own ears. If I'd listened to music critics before buying a record I'd never have heard and fallen in love with half the music I have. You only have to look at the scathing reviews of so many records that went on to become all time classics to realise they have no clue what they're on about.
  4. Are we talking the Squires, Buffalo Springfield, CSNY, early solo? Not trying to be his best mate, but selfish in the extreme sounds a bit harsh when he was a young guy finding his way in a new country, with new music and ideas coming from every angle. It's such an underrated record. Crazy Horse were on top form = sloppy and loose but in the best way. The guitar tones are amazing, the acoustic tracks soothing, Wind Though My Sails is filled with perfect CSNY harmonies and Cortez the Killer is a track for all times. I find his whole 70's output staggering - there's no artist that comes close to being as prolific in that era than Neil.
  5. I've heard mixed reviews about the PRC made stuff - I think that was the ABM III stuff that was made in China, but the original ABM and ABM II amps are UK made and solidly built. I've got a UK made ABM II 500w rackmount chrome head that's rock solid in build and tone, but (and I may be completely wrong here) the quality of the PRC stuff was patchy and there were a few issues. On the flip side, Ashdown are a brilliant company to deal with and are always willing to help with service/repairs if needed. As far as performance, tone and power go you can't really go wrong in my eyes.
  6. It’s an Ashdown ABM. If it’s a made in the uk one then it’s pretty much guaranteed to be... a. A great sounding amp b. Well made c. Pretty heavy, but reassuringly so
  7. Really? I've read the book a couple of times and have been a massive Neil Young fan for a long time. He's probably my favourite artist so I may be a bit biased here but I've always found him someone who just has to follow his muse - it's part of who he is and what he is, it's not something you can just turn off like a tap or walk away from like a 9-5 job. Yes a few people have been hurt along the way, but if you hear quite a few of them speak about Neil they've kind of realised that's just how he is and it's nothing personal, it's just his desire to create and move on that keeps powering him forward. For me I'd have my top 5 as... 5. On the beach 4. Rust never sleeps 3. After the gold rush 2. Tonight's the night 1. Zuma - have literally played this record hundreds of times
  8. Great song and great cover. The puppy is the cherry on top.
  9. looks like hot melt glue probably in place to stop things moving around/vibrating on the pcb, pretty standard stuff inside amps
  10. HI Jonny, welcome to the forum. Where are you based in Somerset? I'm a fellow wurzel myself living in a village near bridgwater
  11. I only joined this forum a few weeks ago, but it's pretty clear to see there are some proper snobby musos on here! I'm so glad I love all sorts of music and love it for what it is, rather than look down on some of it from my ivory tower 😉 Anyone who says the Ramones didn't have a huge impact on music (especially punk/new wave/rock) and inspired generations of future musicians in general, are either seriously misinformed or slating it purely to get a reaction imho.
  12. Or just maybe that he plays what the song needs rather than what it doesn't?
  13. That is one hell of a performance!!!! All of 4 of the blew the roof off and nailed that song perfectly. You're right about the singer, she's got the feel of the track in her back pocket as much her mobile phone. Kids eh!
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