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  1. looks like hot melt glue probably in place to stop things moving around/vibrating on the pcb, pretty standard stuff inside amps
  2. HI Jonny, welcome to the forum. Where are you based in Somerset? I'm a fellow wurzel myself living in a village near bridgwater
  3. I only joined this forum a few weeks ago, but it's pretty clear to see there are some proper snobby musos on here! I'm so glad I love all sorts of music and love it for what it is, rather than look down on some of it from my ivory tower 😉 Anyone who says the Ramones didn't have a huge impact on music (especially punk/new wave/rock) and inspired generations of future musicians in general, are either seriously misinformed or slating it purely to get a reaction imho.
  4. Or just maybe that he plays what the song needs rather than what it doesn't?
  5. That is one hell of a performance!!!! All of 4 of the blew the roof off and nailed that song perfectly. You're right about the singer, she's got the feel of the track in her back pocket as much her mobile phone. Kids eh!
  6. Thanks a lot @Al Krow, i'm already loving this thing!! I forgot about the built in tuner, what a bonus. Anyone else having trouble with the B1 being recognised on a Mac though? Have tried both Guitar Lib and ToneLib and the device isn't being recognised on either piece of software All sorted, tried a different USB lead and it works. Weird!
  7. My B1 arrived yesterday and had the chance to try it out today for a quick run through. This thing is immense for 60 quid, I can see it being such a useful practice tool. Some of the patches are a bit gimmicky but also fun, but I was really impressed with the standard sounds, the SVT stack sounds brilliant, and the motown patch really nails that 60's soul sound I love with my P Bass. I might have a look at installing the software to edit the patches and have a bit of a cleanse of the patches, but for £60 this is an absolute steal.
  8. I think @peteb mentions he's using a Windows 10 laptop @TheMaartian
  9. I'd be very wary of poking around inside the power section of an amp unless you know exactly what you're doing. Some of those capacitors can hold 3-400v of DC current. Not something you want to be on the recieving end of!
  10. Sounds like a great idea @stewblack thanks for the heads up 😀
  11. I've just pulled the trigger on a B1 Four from Thomann - I'm looking for something to silent practice through headphones using backing tracks on my phone or an iPad. The fact that it has a load of rhythm tracks built in and the ability to edit a lot of settings and patches via a Mac is brilliant. I was looking at a vox amplug for simplicity, but for £67 delivered I don't think you can go wrong with the B1.
  12. I can't watch bands like Iron Maiden or Megadeath without imagining a tiny Stonehenge being winched down to the middle of the stage, or them getting lost on the way to the stage. Spinal Tap has completely ruined my ability to take metal/heavy rock bands even remotely serious 😩
  13. What exactly is average anyway - different strokes for different folks. As long as you're enjoying what you're doing then that's all that really matters. You haven't got to be Victor Wooten to have a valid opinion on basslines 😉 I've always loved the bassline, even more now for all it's quirks, and have always found Novoselic a really melodic player that serves the song. I'd take playing with feeling, warts and all over sterile technical proficiency every day of the week
  14. One of my favourite Nirvana tracks and a great bassline. I've listened to this song countless times and have never noticed anything really out once everything is mixed down, but obviously there's some out of time and bum notes on this version. I don't think Krist will be losing any sleep, the band were never interested in technical perfection, just capturing the spirit of the moment. I'd much rather listen to this than some boring donkey trad jazz played perfectly in time 😀
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