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  1. A place that I use from time to time has posted on thier facebook thing yesterday. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=3113106675418434&id=214097958652668&ref=page_internal
  2. You need an amp that you like the sound of. That's all.
  3. Yeah, I know. It was meant to be tongue in cheek. Just that every time a "Hercules are great" thread appears, I get p155ed off all over again...
  4. My thoughts too. Making Movies never did it for me. And while there are some epic tracks on Love Over Gold (i.e. side 1) it's the first two albums that stand out from everything that came after. Now, Neck & Neck with Chet Atkins is one of my MK faves.
  5. So the clamp/handle goes sticky, then falls apart. And the rivets in the head break. If that's the best around, I'd hate to see the worst
  6. As I've said, I've already contacted them, and gone through the rigmarole of sending photo's, serial number etc. The outcome was basically "tough, it's out of warranty". I really can't be bothered any more. I've bodged it with a bolt now and, as far as I'm concerned, that's the end of it. While I'm glad for anybody who's had replacements and is now happy, me being in exactly the same situation and getting the brush-off does nothing to make me feel any better about the brand. The whole experience simply means that my money will be spent elsewhere in future.
  7. I looked into that last time around - I think the lifetime warranty only applies to products bought in the USA. But I really can't be bothered any more. I've bodged the clamp with a bolt now, meaning it can't be (easily) collapsed, and my money in future will be spent elsewhere.
  8. To expand on that (it was getting late...) I had a stand develop the well known "sticky handle" syndrome. Contacted them - not interested. It didn't really bother me at the time, as that particular stand hardly ever gets moved/touched/adjusted. A couple of weeks ago, I had cause to move it. Picked it up, and the handle/clamp mechanism fell apart. I have a couple of other Hercules stands which are fine, but I shan't be buying any more.
  9. I always play the intro to Livewire by ac/dc...
  10. I think the MB cabs mentioned above are different sizes. If so, it's comparing apples with peanuts.
  11. I was one of 2 guitars in an aspiring band of teenaged mates. One time, at what passed for a rehearsal, the bassist got the hump and stormed off. I picked up his bass, and we carried on. The next weekend I bought a Westone Thunder, which I played through my WEM combo until I nabbed myself an Acoustic head/cab from the local classifieds. Happy days...
  12. I tried patches too. Went 'cold turkey' in the end though. Haven't slapped now since...since...since I realised I'm stinky poo at it...!
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