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  1. Define best? I love my Compact, but I'm sure it wouldn't suit everybody. It doesn't have a HF driver or tweeter, for example.
  2. Yes. 4 Ohms is the minimum. More than 4 is fine - just won't put out full power, probably 170 or so into an 8 Ohm load.
  3. I had my first ever flu jab on friday. In and out in 10 minutes, and half of that time was just waiting for a few minutes afterwards in case I had a reaction to it.
  4. They're ports alright, albeit not very long ones.
  5. I only skimmed the article, but I don't think that's at all what it says.
  6. I'm not sure the position of the 3 tone knobs on my amp would translate very well to the 97 knobs on a GB Shuttle 12... or vice-versa
  7. How did you get from "the alternative is communism..." to communism being to blame ?
  8. A belated "thanks" ! I bought a pair of these a while ago, on the back of your comments, and I'm very pleased with 'em.
  9. barkin

    Barefaced Machinist

    Mustang Sally & Moondance, mainly...
  10. 1981...some 16 years before Ashdown begun. I think...
  11. If it was to be an "on the house" drink, he did them a favour
  12. He was there in an advisory role, not as a customer.
  13. barkin

    Hartke LH1000

    Don't know about the LH1000, but I've used a LH500 for several years now and have no plans to change. It's a fantastic sounding, simple amp.
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