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  1. 5 inches taller. 1.5 inches wider/deeper.
  2. Not really. A typical 500W head will only output 250-350W into 8 Ohms, so your typical 2x10 is fine.
  3. I don't bother with rechargable "9v" (PP3 size) batteries any more. The way they're constructed - multiple 1.2v cells, or 3.6/3.7v cells for some less common cell chemistry - means that the individual cells can never be charged optimally, usually resulting in 1 or more cells being overcharged and killing the battery. For AA/AAA 1.2v cells I've a Technoline BL700 charger. It's really good - I've got Eneloop cells from pre-Panasonic days, that still perform as good as when they were new. I've also got a cheap clone that I bought from 7dayshop, and I can't tell the difference!
  4. While 1x15 + 2×10 obviously works for some, it didn't for me (both cabs from the same range, from the same manufacturer) The 1x15 was quite a bit louder and dominated the sound. The 2x10 didn't really bring anything to the party. Each to his own, eh?
  5. I had an old Acoustic amp - first impression was "wow, this is loud and it's only on 4". Reality was that once it got to 5 and beyond it didn't actually get any louder. I've not owned a Trace amp, but I've used loads in rehearsal rooms, shared backline gigs etc, and not once have I thought "wow, that's loud". I have though - on many occassions - thought " eurgh!"...
  6. Look like the original 1x15 Compacts. I bet that rig sounds monster.
  7. Kinda the 'creme de la crap' looks-wise. IMO. Or maybe it's just me? I can't stand the current trend for cabs that look like a 1950's T.V. either.
  8. Trouble with this though, is that the cabs will almost certainly be in parallel - not series.
  9. When this happened to my <2-year-old FENDER guitar combo, I used Evostik. Seems OK so far...
  10. Are you overthinking this? Me, I'd just use the Ashdown/Tecamp rig
  11. Anything at https://www.axesrus.co.uk/Barrel-Knobs-s/1943.htm any good ?
  12. I like the cut of your jib sir !
  13. Don't get hung up on specs or what's in the box - it really doesn't matter. Just get an amp that you like.
  14. This old chestnut again... https://barefacedbass.com/technical-information/mythbusters1.htm
  15. 2 x 8 Ohm cabs will present a 4 Ohm load to the amp.
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