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  1. I don't really care if a cab is 25kg or 60kg. Either is too heavy. For me.
  2. barkin

    One input...

    What other kit have you already got? I use a little Zoom multiFX - which gives effects, tuner, drum patterns as well - with the other source (phone, MP3 player etc) into its aux input.
  3. 20+ replies, and nobody's said that they like a nice big stiff one. You're slacking folks...
  4. Some, if not all, of the HA series do too.
  5. Zoom B1-on multi-fx, or similar. As well as an aux input you get effects, tuner, drum machine etc...
  6. Are we sure about that ?
  7. Quite. I really don't care what the guidelines are, I shan't be going to a pub/gig/rehearsal for a long time yet.
  8. I only had one bass for years (20+). Then, for various reasons, I acquired several more. Now, (apart from the acoustic - which is left lying around for grabbing quickly, and doesn't really count) although I've still got several I only ever use one. The BB1024.
  9. Googling 'ampeg pf 500 handle' gives fullcompass.com 1st hit, but they're in the US...
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