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  1. If you're missing a trick, I am too! Not for IEM's, but I've tried all manner of ear buds with my mp3 player, and just can't get on with them, for exactly the same reasons.
  2. Are those recommendations for full frame? Cos 24/28/35 isn't really "wide" on APS-C. For me, something like a 16-50 would be a better fit.
  3. Peavey ValveKing Royal 8. Nice little 5W valve combo. In very tidy condition, all working as it should. £45 collected from my place near Royston, Herts. Happy to arrange delivery.
  4. Not really, but if I'm signing up for something and agree to accept any terms that apply, I think it makes sense to find out what those terms are.
  5. Because that's what you told them? From their Terms & Conditions of Sale: ---x--- 1.5 RS is a business-to-business supplier. The RS website is intended for use by business customers and not by private individuals acting as consumers (“Consumers”). ---x---
  6. With the caveat, in the Technical Documents, that it "Contains: Lead - Restricted to Professional Users"
  7. https://content.govdelivery.com/accounts/UKHSE/bulletins/211f52e
  8. 5 inches taller. 1.5 inches wider/deeper.
  9. Not really. A typical 500W head will only output 250-350W into 8 Ohms, so your typical 2x10 is fine.
  10. I don't bother with rechargable "9v" (PP3 size) batteries any more. The way they're constructed - multiple 1.2v cells, or 3.6/3.7v cells for some less common cell chemistry - means that the individual cells can never be charged optimally, usually resulting in 1 or more cells being overcharged and killing the battery. For AA/AAA 1.2v cells I've a Technoline BL700 charger. It's really good - I've got Eneloop cells from pre-Panasonic days, that still perform as good as when they were new. I've also got a cheap clone that I bought from 7dayshop, and I can't tell the difference!
  11. While 1x15 + 2×10 obviously works for some, it didn't for me (both cabs from the same range, from the same manufacturer) The 1x15 was quite a bit louder and dominated the sound. The 2x10 didn't really bring anything to the party. Each to his own, eh?
  12. I had an old Acoustic amp - first impression was "wow, this is loud and it's only on 4". Reality was that once it got to 5 and beyond it didn't actually get any louder. I've not owned a Trace amp, but I've used loads in rehearsal rooms, shared backline gigs etc, and not once have I thought "wow, that's loud". I have though - on many occassions - thought " eurgh!"...
  13. Look like the original 1x15 Compacts. I bet that rig sounds monster.
  14. Kinda the 'creme de la crap' looks-wise. IMO. Or maybe it's just me? I can't stand the current trend for cabs that look like a 1950's T.V. either.
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