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  1. barkin

    Impedance etc

    2 x 8 Ohm cabs will present a 4 Ohm load to the amp.
  2. barkin

    High performance drivers and cab designs

    There's a thread in this very forum on a 12" cab build. Well worth a read. The current (G3) barefaced 12" driver is, AIUI, a tweaked Eminence Kappalite. Previous Barefaced 12's used an off-the-shelf Kappalite 3012HO I believe.
  3. barkin

    Barefaced Questions

    Small but important point...The OP's smaller cab isn't a 110. It's a pre gen3 (1x12) Midget - a quite different beast. There's some info re: the Compact/Midget pairing at https://barefacedbass.com/product-range/midget.htm
  4. barkin

    Barefaced Questions

    Can't say I blame him.
  5. barkin

    Barefaced Questions

    Plonk a nice heavy amp on top. Sorted
  6. barkin

    Barefaced Questions

    The things people find to fret about...
  7. barkin

    Tuning - which order?

    That's exactly how I do it. Not sure why, and for me it's nothing to do with orchestra's.
  8. barkin

    Is it just me?

    No, not just you.
  9. barkin

    Hercules stand gone sticky!

    That's fine if they'll play ball. When I contacted them about my sticky stand they weren't even slightly interested...
  10. barkin

    How often have you needed a backup amp?

    Once, in the '80's, my Acoustic head went up in smoke. Literally. No spare. I've carried a backup ever since, and never needed it...
  11. https://www.gear4music.com/information/payment
  12. A bit of a moot point if you use a debit/credit card, as they don't debit the card until the goods are despatched.
  13. Removed, after thinking straight...!
  14. Mine too. Zoom B3 with either a dedicated patch, or one of the 'virtual pedals' assigned to an EQ 'pedal'. Just mute eveything to swap basses.
  15. EQ pedal? Multi-fx unit? Loads of possibles, none of 'em necessarily correct/best/easiest...