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  1. A previous band, the only way we could contact the drummer was to leave a message with his mum! I didn't last...
  2. Then you don't want a 3.5mm jack... Me? I'd cut the power lead and rejoin it with the conductors reversed. Twist & solder the conductors, and tidy it all up with heatshrink sleeving.
  3. ^^this. I've used a LH500 for several years now. It's been utterly reliable, and sounds fantastic.
  4. Long time user of Dr Ducks Axwax, but I've just been given some Dunlop 65 stuff so I'll be giving that a go...
  5. If you're not motivated to play, why force yourself? I like playing bass n stuff. But I like doing other things as well.
  6. This is exactly what's just happened to mine
  7. Or 2 sockets on one of the cabs.
  8. If you're missing a trick, I am too! Not for IEM's, but I've tried all manner of ear buds with my mp3 player, and just can't get on with them, for exactly the same reasons.
  9. Are those recommendations for full frame? Cos 24/28/35 isn't really "wide" on APS-C. For me, something like a 16-50 would be a better fit.
  10. Peavey ValveKing Royal 8. Nice little 5W valve combo. In very tidy condition, all working as it should. £45 collected from my place near Royston, Herts. Happy to arrange delivery.
  11. Not really, but if I'm signing up for something and agree to accept any terms that apply, I think it makes sense to find out what those terms are.
  12. Because that's what you told them? From their Terms & Conditions of Sale: ---x--- 1.5 RS is a business-to-business supplier. The RS website is intended for use by business customers and not by private individuals acting as consumers (“Consumers”). ---x---
  13. With the caveat, in the Technical Documents, that it "Contains: Lead - Restricted to Professional Users"
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