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  1. I've done loads of pub gigs with a Carlbro TC60 into a BF Compact. Guess it depends on the band/genre though - most pub bands are waaay too loud IMO...
  2. Oh good, we haven't seen this one for a while...
  3. I always assumed the 'Happy Birthday To You' song was an original, by my granny. It was only recently that I found out it was originally written by James Bond !
  4. I must admit (and this isn't aimed at anybody in particular) I do find some attitudes to weight a bit puzzling. My previous cab setup must have weighed in at somewhere around 50 Kg, I'd guess. When I swapped it for my current BF 1x15 Compact, it was truly a game-changer. A single cab solution, at ~11.5 Kg. Yet the thought of "lugging" an amp of the same weight is a no-no, despite an amp being a far easier carry than any cab. IMO. Each to his own, eh ?
  5. Very true. In my defence, I mentioned the LH500 before the OP raised the weight issue eta...I've just looked up the weight - 10.5Kg. That's the same as the Handbox R400 which is described as lightweight...
  6. Not everybody's cup of tea, but I've used a Hartke LH500 for several years now and felt no urge to change.
  7. You're just down the road from me. Local rehearsal places that I've used are Soundarc in Shefford, London Rd in Baldock & The Pratice Roomz in Stevenage. I've not used him myself, but I know folks that speak well of Terry Chapman - TJC Guitars, in Stevenage. Pre Covid there was a healthy live music scene in Stevenage anb Baldock (Google Balstock)
  8. Have I travelled back in time, to May 19th...?
  9. Lots of bands/artists that I don't care for and wouldn't, through choice, listen to. But hate... ?
  10. Sue Ryder P-alike. Zoom B9
  11. Thank you thank you thank you. I can now skip the rest of this thread 👍
  12. Whoops.. with instrument cables in mind, I replied in a more general context, rather than speaker cables specifically as per this discussion. My bad...
  13. Other characteristics are also influenced by the choice of materials and constructions. Capactance, for example, which can noticeably change how the higher frequencies are reproduced.
  14. I've just seen a post on our village Facebook page, along the lines of "does anybody recognise this front door, 'cause that's where DPD have left my package but it's not my front door". I think they're all a bit carp from time to time. I've never had a problem with Hermes...
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