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  1. Brand New 'Acme MindBass' neural implant - simply plug yourself directly into the in room audio solution of your choice and think your bass lines into existence! Effects built in and controlled by the Bass Face expression module - scowl for overdrive, puff your cheeks for a fat sub octave, go boss eyed for filters (Caution - DO NOT SNEEZE UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES) Only selling as my mind wanders mid gig and then things can get a little tricky...
  2. We try and block book 3 or 4 rehearsal dates in whilst at rehearsal - so everyone checks their diaries there and then and if the dates are free it gets booked. Sure, we do have the odd cancellation (life happens) but once the dates are in it's easier to arrange life around them. Regular practice is essential for a gigging band imho - I've seen plenty of talented players get to together to form scratch bands or who 'don't need to rehearse' - they are undoubtedly much better natural players than me but there's always something a bit 'jam like' about those performances and often the chemistry isn't quite 'on it.'
  3. Weirdly for me it was Jeff Hanneman - I'd seen Slayer live lots in my youth and he was tangible part of that, rather than a 'rock God' that I knew but didn't really relate to.
  4. Right, after an extensive and fun research period I have found my favourite chorus, octave and high gain drive. I have however realised I don't need them for my current gig - sound familiar? 😁 So, selling on for what I paid (apart from the comp. which I bought new)- add a fiver for postage. Can't think of any trades but you never know... All 4 would make a cracking mini board btw ... just saying 😏 MXR Bass Chorus Deluxe £100 SOLD EBS Octabass Studio £90 SOLD EBS Billy Sheehan Deluxe £120 SOLD Seymour Duncan Studio Bass Compressor £110 Cheers all
  5. redbandit599

    Bass soul food

    There's an internal switch that flips between buffered and True Bypass. Mine isn't reliable in buffered ( which is what I prefer) might send it off for a fix.
  6. redbandit599

    Bass soul food

    Really like my BSF too - mine won't run on buffer though and pops a bit on true bypass. I tried the Mojo Mojo which lasted probably the shortest period of any pedal I've ever tried - sub 5 mins before back in the box to be returned BUT I also picked up a Spark Booster as the same time which is very nice in a BSF kind of way but with a bit more flexibility - both on my board now.
  7. Ooh - not far from me. Will see how my diary pans out later in the year but interested 😀
  8. Toyota Avensis estate will swallow a hard case.
  9. Thanks very much, looks ok from the front the bracket itself is a product of a bodger with a hacksaw and a drill! I have wondered about if I should try and register it or something and then see if any of the manufacturers are interested. No idea really about how or if I could register it though. 🤔
  10. I have thought about that, no idea where to start with the registering of a design/idea etc or even if I could 🤔
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