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  1. I've never really like most sunbursts - they always seem to fade from bright to black too quickly for me so they look yellow/orange/black rather than a more gradual shift like you would see in, well, a sunset... The colour pallet reminds me of smoky pub ceilings too. But, it is classic, so if that's your thing enjoy! 🙂
  2. Peach Guitars got me some of the 32" 5 string sets that fit the medium scale Rockbass Corvette. They had to order them from the UK distributor and it took a while, but may be worth a shout.
  3. There's a Facebook Group called The Essex Coverbands Community - you'll probably be inundated if you post on there. Bit of a trek for my band.
  4. Worth giving a set of IEMs a go - there are some fabulous units out there I'm sure, but our singer/keytar player and I both use fairly basic LD Systems ones with KZ ZS10 earbuds (and decent foam earpieces) and they certainly work well enough to be useful and do the job well in the 'pub rock' environment. I also sometimes do the frowned upon 'one in one out' (keeping the 'one in' on the drummers side helps!) Or just pop one in and out every now and then to get a bit of a reality check. We always mic all the drums btw which is obviously important. The guitarist and drummer still prefer a small monitor, but both really like being able to mix this just for them via the digital app. They are all more techy than me but even I can get my own mix ok. One of the biggest benefits is that you are definitely less battered at the end of a night.
  5. Since my original post I have swapped to the Black Labels, I liked the Delanos but fancied trying something with a bit more bite. The Black Labels certainly do this and sound 'rockier' to me - but the Delanos are probably a cleaner platform to build on. Based on your stated requirements I might stick with the Delanos.
  6. I saw The Men That Will Not Be Blamed for Nothing at Donington one year, who had a steampunk theme to their stuff - really good fun, think the singer was also a stand up comic, so it was a step up from your usual 'band banter.'
  7. I have literally just received and fitted a plate today from Brian (earlpilanz) it was custom cut from my original and returned by Special Delivery in super fast time - also very reasonable, good quality and a perfect fit. I dealt direct with Brian via this email [email protected] - he's quick to reply too. Definitely recommended.
  8. Not being able to see because hundreds of twonks are holding their phones above their heads taking videos that they'll never watch, and will just be a view of a hundred twonks phones anyway.... I've never been to Glastonbury, but all those flags in front of the stage is annoying enough on the telly - anyone with a flag obscuring the stage deserves an 'old-school Monsters of Rock plastic bottle attack.' 🤘
  9. Thanks @shoulderpetThat looks really classy, think I'll get a black one ordered too - some interesting mods there!
  10. Muse put in a good headline set at Download fairly recently - even my 'traditional' rock and metal fan mates enjoyed them, but were pretty skeptical at first.
  11. What colour is your Mezzo? I've got the sparkly sea foamish green version and am considering swapping to a black plate too. A picture would be ace if possible?🙂 White plates always look a bit 'cabaret' to me 😄
  12. I don't think we're particularly loud (Pardon?😉) but I think we do sound very full, rock and powered up pop with keys as well as guitar bass and drums. In normal times we do like to get the place jumping, literally - so it's loud enough to feel, but not deafening. Small pubs, I tend to stay out of the tops - as my 112 Bergs don't need any help and sound fat - everything else is in the tops to whatever extent is required. Subs are rare and usually just ticking over when used, never wound up. Unfortunately we don't have a Silvia 🙁- but singer and drummer in particular have a good ear and like you we mix using a digital desk. I've not heard of Mark Audio before? All I can see online are just the drivers. Similarly, other than duos and backing track singers I've not seen a line array used by a band live - interesting that they work for you as they do look convenient. Be great to be able to try different approaches, but that's tricky and no way I'm storing more than one rig.
  13. That's what I've noticed - you'd think that lightweight PA would be a much bigger and developed market than bass cabs really. These look great, wonder how they save about 5kgs compared to my 325's - usual challenge of 'affordable', light and good quality - pick any two! That's the rub isn't it? Most pub gigs we just use the 15s, larger pubs we'll bring one sub, big venues and outdoors it's both subs. We do get compliments on our live sound and I'm a bit suspicious of the small cabs as the ones I've heard have been loud, clear and powerful but somehow a bit 'too punchy' almost like they need to move a bit more air for the same volume - hard to put your finger on.
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