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  1. I've been compiling a post lockdown mental set list. Here's a couple, the Saxon video has aged wonderfully badly too...😁🤘
  2. I was thinking this should be on this thread Paul! 😎
  3. Somehow the concept of supplied backline has never filtered out to ANY of my venues, ever...only been gigging about 25 years though, so maybe I'll find one before my back gives out.... Is this more of a city centre/originals circuit thing in reality?
  4. Pulled our gig for next Friday in agreement with the landlady - The pub is staying open, but my wife works in A&E so the prospect of me getting something from a punter that subsequently took her out of role for 14 days made it a no-brainer.
  5. Source Audio Hot Hand - haven't quite managed to work out how to get Dubstep 'wub wub' sounds into our pub rock covers set. It will happen though....
  6. Corporate sales manager for a large financial institution/Empire. I can convey this better with a picture....
  7. Oasis sends our singer into an instant rage, in fact anything involving the Gallaghers - I have the same reaction to Mr Brightside - fortunately this merde is easily avoided 😎
  8. You've got to play stuff that people know for sure - the holy grail for us is if we can find a 'forgotten gem' - that is good, everyone knows it but not many play it. Or we can do a job on it and make it something fresh. Plus you always have to have some standard cheese up your sleeve....
  9. That's a personality thing and can be hard to fix - ultimately your set list has to give people a good night out ( of whatever flavour is appropriate) and if you have songs that don't cut it but they are someone's favourite then they need to find some new favourites 😉
  10. We all chip in and just decide what we fancy doing next every now and then at rehearsal - just happens when we realize we haven't got anything new to learn. Helps that we can get stuff to a 'jam it out' stage quickly and at that point we decide if it's worth gigging or not - all songs are liable to getting dropped if they don't deliver and no-one gets too precious about 'their songs.' Think it helps doing it at rehearsal so you can play the source material through a pa with all of you there - I'd been talking about doing a particular song for a bit and not getting much uptake recently, mentioned it at rehearsal then just played it over the PA and suddenly after hearing it loud it's declared a Banger and scheduled for the set. (Top Tip - play a live version!)
  11. Dropping you a PM as have a contender for sale - not far from you either 😉
  12. Blimey - a few messages on this - off to a new home!
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