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  1. My band (Hoaxx) are acting as backing band for our singers daughter Roma (14) in the Ipswich Town FC Fanzone before their game against Doncaster tomorrow (Sat 14th.) No idea what that'll be like, but if there's any Tractor Boys/Girls among us, then give us a shout! P.S. I have no idea about football these days and my ITFC knowledge stops at Mick Mills, John Wark and Paul Mariner....so don't expect any footie banter!🙄
  2. I agree with this, if you are a full time band you can probably cope with not having all the above because time is on your side. If you are essentially a hobbyist (like me, although we gig pretty regularly 2 or 3 a month) then all those 'rock 'n' roll' traits soon become pretty boring and get in the way. You literally have less time for idiots. I'd say my band ticks those boxes and although we still have the usual diary issues etc. it's the 'easiest' band I've been in - save the drama for the gigs I reckon 🙂
  3. Make sure that you and the drummer have a big sound without anything else - depends on the material of course - but that usually means having a bit of grind and overdrive in your basic tone (+1 for the Soul Food) The trad 'fat bass' sound isn't that good for this and (IMHO) needs to be in a mix with other instruments. Then the guitar builds on what is already decent. We always sound check drums and bass together to sound full before adding in guitars. Worth the effort - much prefer playing in one guitar bands 🙂
  4. I have quite small hands and also never really felt it to be an issue. There were some basses I've tried where the edge was more noticeable and I didn't like those (e.g. the one and only Rickenbacker I've ever held - horrid!) and then when I tried my Sandberg I thought 'What a great neck!' It still is a great neck, but the extra little roll off on my NG5 is something else. I suppose when you consider how sensitive your hands are little differences on the neck make a big difference to feel. My Sandberg still has a great neck, but I can see that (for me) a little rolling like the NG5 would make it a little better still. That Sire is pretty extreme, I'd like to know what it felt like though.
  5. Yep, that's what I mean DrT. Properly rounded off. That Sire looks even more rounded than my Dingwall, which is rounded but still with some edge. Might have try one of those Sires when I get the chance.
  6. I think that most basses do have a slight rolling, but the ones I'm referring are much more pronounced. My Sandberg, Warwick, Yamaha and others have a degree of rolling but not to the extent of the Dingwall. Worth trying if you get the chance as it's different to most of those named above 😀
  7. Hi all I'm loving the rolled edges on the fretboard of my Dingwall NG 5. Great for me being small of hand and large of bass, and just really comfy. Got me wondering what other basses out there have a bit of a rounded/rolled edge on the fretboard? I'm tempted to have a little shuffle of the herd 😀 Cheers
  8. From memory it's a choice between 80hz or 120hz. We found 80 best.
  9. I think the trick with subs is to use them sparingly and have them crossed over fairly low. We tend to get a good kick drum chest thump going and bass rumble, then back them off volume wise so they just fatten stuff up. Cranked sub live sound is annoyingly common with many big live venues imho.
  10. Agreed - perhaps we should have a Good News thread? 🤔
  11. Just wanted to say what a top bunch EBS are. I recently bought a Multidrive pedal second hand and the Ebay seller failed to mention it had 3 of it's four screws missing. I couldn't work out the size I needed so asked EBS via Facebook- a few days later I have four shiny new screws all the way from Sweden at no charge. Great stuff 😁
  12. Hi Robert, yes it's available. Drop me a message with your address and I'll check postage options and prices for Italy. 😁
  13. Never really noticed any boost from my old Boss BF-2B. No flanger GAS for me either 😉
  14. Fabulous live experience. In a different league.
  15. This is quite new out - looks interesting https://www.ehx.com/products/tri-parallel-mixer
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