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  1. Thanks! That's the key bit - I want to be able to use the Post Eq sounds to output to the PA, but also change stage volume without altering the level of DI feed to the PA. I've had heads before were Post Eq DI volume is changed with master volume - so this sounds ideal.
  2. Cheers Lozz I'm wondering if it does the same 'post' too - the manual seems to suggest it would? Aha - I've worked out how to tag people πŸ™‚ @Ashdown Engineering
  3. Dropped you a PM as just about to put one of the above up for sale 😁
  4. Hi all I have an ABM 600 iv EVO which, (having got to grips with the eq) I am enjoying! Quick question re the DI output - the manual states :- "DIRECT INJECT (D.I.) - A balanced D.I. is provided on a latching XLR socket. This has a push button placed below it that allows the user to choose either a Pre E.Q. signal (button pushed IN) or a Post E.Q. Post Sub and effects signal (button OUT). The output signal from this XLR socket is set to a level and impedance suitable for connecting directly into the Microphone input of a mixing desk for either Direct Injection into the PA system or for recording." If I'm reading this correctly then it sounds like the DI level is constant regardless of if I set it pre or post eq, and changes in stage volume won't effect the DI level. This would be a good thing πŸ™‚ Anyone know if this is correct - I could test it live but that is something of a faff with a pub full of punters enduring me playing a one note solo in E whilst trying to work out if it's louder or not, for 10 mins... Cheers PS Just heading out to rehearsal so don't think I'm ignoring you...
  5. I'm waiting for the Ampeg Fairy.
  6. I had a Cobra 45w 12" combo as my second ever amp - a step up from whatever I had before I recall - never gigged it but it got me going and served it's purpose well. I replaced it with an Ampeg 410 combo, which I'm keeping to save the kids the expense of a coffin.
  7. Quite like this one - Tea Drinkers and Hell Raisers
  8. You can get baritone acoustic 6 string guitars strung with a low B. Might be worth a look
  9. Ok - this one is £50 because it has zero matches on Google etc. Nearly used this one once, but feared punters/pubs would never spell it right! Rokyasoxov Also works as Rokyasoxoff Only classic rock covers bands need apply 😁
  10. Florence Rages Against The Rolling Sex Beatles Sex Machinehead Better.
  11. 'Premium Slice' - that's pretty good and only Β£9 with a discount code.
  12. I tend to find the best band name is the one you think of just after you've finished weeks of debate, decided on one and set up the band Facebook page etc....πŸ™„
  13. I picked one up only last week from the forum and used it in rehearsal last night - plenty of volume and it does seem to have a bit more weight to it's delivery than my GK MB500 Fusion (which is no slouch).... as well as having a good deal more weight overall! Loud rehearsal with guitar, keys, drums and vox - fine with just one of my Berg 112s.
  14. Always played in covers bands but have dodged all of those mentioned - I've played Grapevine and Superstition at home just because they were fun to play. Brightside sets my teeth on edge - it's the lyrics - horrible, whiny, needy boy no wonder she dumped you!πŸ˜‚
  15. Cheers 00Stephen Ian Powerfix is a very metal nameπŸ€˜πŸ˜‰
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