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  1. Hi all I was sent an Extra Long set of these in error, rather than return them I thought I'd give them a try on my Dingwall NG2. They fit fine, as per the picture. They've had a couple of rehearsals and a bit of home play - I just prefer my previous strings. These are a bit heavier in the gauge and so may suit if you detune your Dingwall etc. About £45 new, £20 ish maybe? Cheers Jason
  2. Dangerous potentially GAS inducing question but.... Has anyone had a 32" scale Jake or Elwood 5 string built - if so how did you find it?
  3. I'd potentially 'relic' the singer... (Hmm, must get a pointy headstock... 😏)
  4. Not exactly dance inspiring grooves... Nice big stage though, I've only had a big space a few times myself and have taken the opportunity to indulge a few Steve Harris 'running about' fantasies, plus a bit of skipping. Dog and Duck Dancing is a different technique 😁
  5. I like the little 'warm up' jump before they start playing 🙂
  6. Genius idea. I also think those on this thread with a few moves could host Basschat Zoom Dancing Classes - like that Jo Wicks and Mr Motivator....
  7. That's what I thought, reminded me of slipping about in a pissy pub toilet. Then leaning his head against the wall for the real 'one too many' effect 😁
  8. I think there's a whole gig's worth of my dancing output in one song there...🙂
  9. Whoa! This guy has all the moves to mortify your children.
  10. We may share the same choreographer...😁
  11. To start the stories, long time ago we played at our drummers wedding - he was suitably inebriated and foolishly was left in control of the smoke machine trigger. It was shall we say 'very dense' in every sense... I can still remember the plaintive cry as our guitarist danced off the edge of the stage- of course, nobody saw it, we just heard it..
  12. My covers band are learning this little belter in the hope of ever getting out and gigging again. It's a proper 'crowd mover.' Then I just saw this performance, and this band are 1.) Achingly cool 2.) Far better dancers than I ever was, without an instrument. Now, I'm not a stand there motionless guy, I do move and that, but I just wondered if any of the BC massive can match this, better it or, if you have a story to tell? 😃
  13. Sea Foam Green one on Bax now £249. Just in case 😉
  14. Yep, mine doesn't seem too bad either - certainly not anything to cause an issue live. Similarly the J pup isn't massively noisy either, currently I'll keep it stock.
  15. It's a thunderous little beast! Very impressed.
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