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  1. And I bet Lionel Ritchie wasn't dancing up there either.
  2. Rock and Roll can indeed be noise pollution AC/DC - I know, the police have turned up to our gigs and told us so...
  3. Mr Barry Manilow claims that the Copacabana is the "Hottest spot north of Havana" Now, Copacabana is in Rio, Brazil which is south of Havana - so he must be referring to the Copacabana club of New York. New York can get pretty damn cold and is certainly not as hot as Death Valley, which I would suspect is actually the hottest spot north of Havana - though not known for show girls called Lola.
  4. Mine definitely needs it's own isolated supply
  5. Shouldn't have watched these - cabs are ok, but now I want a Wattplower!!
  6. Tort scratch plates are the bass equivalent of a beige cardigan - put one on any bass (but especially a natural wood one) and it'll soon be passing you a Werthers Original and smelling faintly of wee.
  7. I think I could do with a gig to wake me up a bit.. I've been missing rehearsal probably more as I enjoy getting together for the social and working on material.
  8. Another +1 for the Ibanez Mikro - my daughters now 8 and 10 get on well with theirs. It's light, sounds and looks good and is great fun for me to play too! 🙂 Kids like to make noise so a practice amp will probably be the best call, but if it goes well keep an eye out for a headphone amp of some sort. Your son can practice and play along with songs on these by putting an Aux input into it from an audio source. I use a Zoom B3 but that has a lot of inbuilt effects which would probably be a bit too much of a distraction when starting out.
  9. Ha! Love the instant censorship, for clarity I'm talking about a male chicken, a Cockerel without the 'erel' 🤣
  10. Hi all Has anyone tried the EHX pink torpedo Fight or pink torpedo Fight Plus? I quite like the fixed filter effect with fuzz and just wondered how these stack up in the real world? Cheers
  11. Hi all I've accumulated one too many amps - so my rather lovely EBS HD350 is looking for pastures new. Really great amp, lots of positive reviews online and fans on this page. It has been well looked after and lives in its 3U rack case, along with a Fender Tuner (which does a nice 'Knightrider' thing with a blue light scrolling about.) I'll chuck in the 3U case and tuner. It'll drive down to 2ohms so makes for some very flexible cab combinations. I will look into couriers if needs be and will charge that at cost, otherwise we can work out contactless collection I'm sure. I'm in Brightlingsea (near Colchester) in Essex. Cheers Jason p.s. it goes to 11...oh those crazy Swedes 😎
  12. Seeing as I must have had it for 10 years it's probably time I shared a pic of my Mk1 California. Recently swapped in Black Label pups in place of the Delanos. It's a weighty beast, but sexy nonetheless 😉
  13. Yep, it's a good amp. Took me a while to get it eq'd to my liking but pumps like a good 'un. A Sadowsky now? Nice!
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