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  1. I've been in Chris's shed whilst he was working on this. Great to see it launch. I know very little about the inner workings of pedals (or anything electrical actually...) but it was really interesting to see how he was effectively mapping every component of a pedal circuit diagram using software. Hope it does well for him.πŸ™‚
  2. I also have fairly small hands and a Mezzo - the 32" is whizzy and it's a great little bass for low cost πŸ™‚ I liked the 32" so much so I picked up a second hand Warwick Rockbass Corvette 32" 5 string. That has a 43mm nut and 16mm (adjustable) spacing (using my daughters battered ruler). Cracking little bass if you can get one (at a sensible price), the B string on it is second only to my Dingwall NG2. If you get the chance to try 32" scale then I'd recommend it. As your fingers aren't stretching so far horizontally, there is more finger length left vertically to cover the board.
  3. We rehearse at Unit One Studios in Colchester, which is run by the most excellent (and annoyingly talented πŸ˜‰) Wayne and Heidi in this video. Every now and then we'll hear a bit of Heidi - damn, she's good. Much covered song, but a cracking version.
  4. Yes, I have a German Corvette Standard 4 string passive too - Bubinga and Wenge - and that does feel that bit nicer than the Rockbass, has a bit more of that Warwick woody growl to the tone. But, I've been impressed with the Rockbass - the preamp and pots are probably the weak point - and I like active basses to be passive switchable which this isn't - but then it was mint and about Β£300 second hand, so ...
  5. I have a medium scale (32") Rockbass Corvette 5 string - it's a very capable little bass and I don't miss the extra 2" , the B string is excellent too. Not exactly relevant, but you know...πŸ˜‰
  6. How about 'Jump the Broom' ? Good for weddings I reckon.
  7. Rokyasoxoff - that's a 'zero' Google hit by the way. Was going to use it for my old band but the singer thought it was a bit too 'nice' - she was right, may work for functions etc. though.
  8. Another vote for RHCP - I saw them at Ipswich Town stadium, not exactly the heady heights but they were dull in the extreme. Chad and Flea tried, but failed, to lift any kind of performance from Kiedis. Gary Moore with some session blokes - snooze fest. David Lee Roth, having seen him with Vai and Billy Sheehan previously I had very high expectations, again this tour he was out with some session guys and played mostly bluesy/swing material - dire. There was a long period when Iron Maiden were definitely 'off the ball' imho - bearing in mind their massive status they just ran out the same old tired backdrops and predictable show. With ever longer meandering tunes. Did seem a bit sloppy between the three guitarists too - I remember a Sonisphere event were Rammstein headlined the first night and it was incredible, Maiden seemed were tame by comparison the next night. However, they seriously upped their game for the recent Legacy tour, which was properly impressive, the best I've seen them in a long while - made me happy as I'd hate a band I have always loved to have drifted.
  9. My Dingwall NG2 has 'smoked chrome' hardware. That's my favourite. I'm also in the 'not gold' gang.
  10. Snaggletooth- Motorhead Black Tongue - Mastodon Neither are appealing attributes...
  11. Ideally, I'd like to hear pedals in a band mix setting. So often pedals and settings sound great in isolation but you end up needing wildly different settings live. Could a good mix of guitar, vox, keys and drums be recorded in a few different styles. Have some standard reference tracks and then test those pedals with the backing tracks?
  12. @Dazed it doesn't fit your full requirements at all, being narrower string spacing and a JJ configuration, but I also have a 32" Warwick Rockbass Corvette which is very tasty too. I think there's only this and the Ibanez that are available off the shelf. I'm really liking this scale myself. πŸ™‚
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