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  1. Cheers Dad, I think that's what I'll end up doing. Like you say, it's a village fun day, with a beer tent.... I may be overthinking it 😉
  2. Heading off to a little outdoor gig in an hour so apologies if I don't respond! Anyhow, we'll be supplying pa for this gig - recent outdoor gigs I've had the two subs sitting together and central. This has been fine as we've either had a small stage or been on a truck etc. Sound has been good. This one is at ground level though, so can't tuck the subs underneath and obviously can't have them centrally in front of the band. Would I better of placing the two together on one side of the band? I'm conscious of the filtering/ power alley thing that I vaguely understand 😉 Cheers all.
  3. I have more guitars than hangers, and somehow seem to have gravitated to Corvettes. The Warwick photo is rarely seen as the two fives live in my gig bag. The other view is most common!
  4. I have a Mezzo 5 and snapped up a Warwick Rockbass Corvette Medium scale 5 from the marketplace here soon after. They are both great, but the Warwick edges the Mezzo for my needs. If you can find one, I recommend it. I now take two Corvette's to a gig (one German 34 and the 32),as back up and if space is tight (like last night) I opt for the 32".
  5. Avalon Funeral sounds pretty interesting too. I'm thinking Roxy Music covers done in a Doom Metal style - Bryan Ferry in corpse paint would be quite a look.
  6. Mine has had a modest makeover. I'd ideally like black hardware too, and to sort the preamp but that little project can wait a bit.
  7. Rip it Up (and start again) - Orange Juice
  8. Kebab shops that close before we've finished loading out. Rude.
  9. I start off pretty mobile and slowly get more worn out as the evening progresses!
  10. I switched to one of these from from a Shure GLXd16 and a Smoothound because I got drop outs with them - I think it might have been the wireless router we use for the mixer, and in bigger pubs they failed when it filled with phones. Shame because I liked them both, although the aerials on the Smoothhound receiver get in the way a bit on a pedal board. The Harley Benton is on the 5.8khz frequency and (touch wood) hasn't missed a beat. Flimsier than the GLXD16 but works for me.
  11. I always think that the Jaguar bass is classic, but also fits the 'hip and different' thing as they aren't as common as Jazzes and Precisions - there's a few options of variants price wise. Also they often have a 32" scale, which does mean that there is a little less finger stretch involved and so maybe more comfortable/easier to learn on. Here's one https://www.gear4music.com/Guitar-and-Bass/Squier-Classic-Vibe-70s-Jaguar-Bass-Black/2ZYB?utm_source=google&utm_medium=organic&utm_campaign=surfaces_across_google&utm_content=surfaces_across_google Another option, also 32" scale is an Ibanez Mezzo, cracking little basses these - I have the 5 string version. There is a 4 string in the classifieds on here I think, but this is what I'm referring to https://www.thomann.de/gb/ibanez_srmd200d_mft.htm
  12. I was about 11 when my Mum told me that Lennon was dead, I was confused for a while as I thought Lenin had already been dead for some time...
  13. They Call the Wind Maria - Harve Presnell
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