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  1. Hmmm I was going to build myself a P style bass this spring but I doubt I could make anything that sounds as good as these do for anything like the asking price of this....very tempting.
  2. Oooh that looks great! What is the weight of this beauty?
  3. Wow What a beauty. Times must be tough if this is still here.
  4. Is this still up for grabs ? My daughter is looking for a first bass this looks ideal.
  5. Hi Rodacademy, What are the strings on the spectercore are they coated if so how do they get on with the piezo in the bridge? I am looking for a 5 to string E to C for some noodling.
  6. For all your vaneering needs http://www.originalmarquetry.co.uk/
  7. On hold for some one who is coming to give it a try this saturday
  8. Behind the jack plate [attachment=151038:IMG_3379.JPG]
  9. Hi Bagsieblue, This is the one pre amp version. As basulike66 was asking I have had a look under the jack plate and there is a neat drilled hole. This is larger than would allow a barrel jack to be reinstalled as is, it would need to be plugged and then re-drilled to a smaller diameter to refit a barrel jack should anyone want to go down that route. I will try and get a pic up in a moment. Pete
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