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  1. Oh yea.... although back then the exchange rate was more favourable!
  2. Nice looking bass! Love the idea of getting a Scottish bass one of these days - either Chris or ACG. Too many basses right now (and a Serek on order...) Yea, Chris is great; he did some excellent work on the JB (added a P route in the neck pup position). I'll take a hit whatever I do but I think it's worth it - I guess the JB2 got 10% of my playing time, I suspect the LB100 fretless will get a lot more... ASAT's do dive but a suede strap helped and it wasn't much of an issue for me. I specifically ordered the LB100 with the 7 1/2 radius neck; I guess 9" or 12" is standard on G&Ls now? JB vs JB2 - not much in it really; the JB ways a tonne.... (way over 10lbs) but otherwise the pickups sound identical to me (and presumably they are wound the same). They both have 1.5" nuts, the JB is also 7.5" radius (not sure about the JB2 but it feels more like 12"). I'm actually thinking of giving the JB to MusicBroth; great bass but it just weighs too much for my dodgy back now (and I've modded the hell out of it so it's probably not worth much).
  3. Well I have what seems like a million dissertations to mark this month so I'm not sure when I'll get around to posting them (but I'm in no rush either); I'll let you know when I do though. I may chat to Chris MacIintyre and see what he recommends. Yea, those TF basses look amazing, I've been tempted many times.. Used to have an ASAT bass but never fully bonded with it; I think I prefer my G&Ls passive (but love active Sadowskys so go figure...)
  4. Photo of the JB2, LB100 and a JB
  5. But if you're interested, you're welcome to come around and look/play!
  6. It is, but the 1 5/8" neck seems to sit too high for it (but otherwise snug fit) - admittedly I haven't spent much time on it but it seemed to make sense to sell them separately (perhaps not?). I had to raise the bridge saddles slightly on the LB100 with the fretless neck (no truss rod adjustment yet) and it fits perfectly. Quick photo of the LB100+fretless...
  7. Withdrawn.... Decided to put the ebony fretless neck from my JB2 on the LB100 body; fits like a glove and plays like butter If anyone is looking for a G&L (six screw) quarter-sawn maple with matching finger board (G&L #12 Modern Medium C, 1 5/8 inch nut width and 7.5 inch radius) in Satin Vintage Tint finish, let me know. I'll do another sale post for the neck (and the sunburst JB2 body) soon anyway. Thanks for looking!
  8. Not yet but when I get back from holdouts the first thing on my shopping list! 😀👍🏻
  9. For sale: £1250, now £1100. No trades thanks. I ordered this from the US in 2015 and I’ve been the sole owner since. It’s a custom build G&L LB-100 in jet black with an empress body and a quarter-sawn maple neck. I’m selling it because my Sadowsky MV4-HPJ covers the same ground and more (although it is heavier). This is an extremely lightweight bass at 7.5 lbs. It’s in excellent condition - with only a few minor scuffs on the back (see photos). Specs: Body: Jet Back empress body Neck: Bolt-on quarter-sawn maple with matching finger board (G&L #12 Modern Medium C, 1 5/8 inch nut width and 7.5 inch radius). Satin Vintage Tint finish. Scale: 34” Pickup: G&L LB100 Alnico Frets: Medium Jumbo Tuning keys: Custom G&L Ultra-Lite Bridge: Leo Fender-designed G&L Saddle-Lock with chrome-plated brass saddles Electronics: Volume & Tone, passive. Case: Deluxe Tolex hardshell It’s been strung with the same flats since I bought it (Labella 760FL) and I’ll leave them on - a match made in heaven in my view but I’ll also put in the unused original D’Addarios in the case too. It comes with all the original case candy. Postage included: will be insured & delivered via UPS to mainland UK (please contact me if you live in remote rural areas like the Lake District, Highlands etc as they up-charge for those deliveries). It will be fully protected in double-wall cardboard packaging and bubble wrap. If you live close to Edinburgh you’re welcome to come round and try it.
  10. Embra


    Just sold a Q\Strip to Kev - super quick payment, easy to chat to and he comes across as a top bloke! Thanks!
  11. Brilliant little EQ and DI pedal which works great on bass or guitar (or anything else). Only used at home this pedal is in excellent condition; great as an end of chain sweetener. Price includes postage to UK address. More details: "The ‘60s and ‘70s are widely recognized as the heyday for professional recording console design. The EQ and preamp sections of these near-mythical vintage consoles are highly sought after, even to this day. Some of the most iconic guitar and bass tones in the history of recorded audio were tracked “direct” straight into these consoles’ channel strips. The Q\Strip was designed with sophisticated features that enable you to take these highly-coveted tone shaping circuits with you, whether you’re heading to a live gig or tracking in the studio or into your DAW. It’s compact, extremely cost-effective and in an ultra-convenient DI format. The 100% analog MOSFET circuitry in the heart of the Q\Strip provides the warmth, girth and larger-than-life tones for which vintage consoles are revered. Add in four bands of pro-audio-quality equalization, two parametric mid bands, as well as high and low shelving filters, and you have incredible control over how your instrument cuts through on stage or in a mix. The HPF and LPF give added control over the frequency spectrum whether you’re going direct with your bass, guitar, fiddle...or even a vocal. The Q\Strip is limited only by how far you are willing to push your creativity and how much of that juicy vintage tone you crave." FEATURES HPF cuts unmusical rumble associated with many instruments when going direct. LPF rolls off undesirable frequencies. Can also be used as a speaker simulator. When used in conjunction with the studio-grade EQ section, you can recreate different speaker cabinet curves so you can go direct with your favourite distortion and effects pedals. Very high impedance accommodates piezos and handles low impedance sources equally well. XLR is capable to drive power amps and has a -20dB pad to accommodate mic level inputs on mixers and pre-amps. 1/4-inch output has switchable +10dB boost on tap, which is useful to drive power amps or push tube amps into overdrive. Three modes of operation: 1. Phantom power via the XLR Output 2. Standard 9V alkaline battery (not included) 3. Optional power supply (Tech 21 Model #DC4) Smooth-action custom actuator All-metal housing
  12. Thanks! For me the Monarch shape is one of the most attractive basses out there and the topwoods are lovely - if you fancy losing an hour or two drooling, go over to their 'Newborn' gallery, they make some truly stunning instruments.
  13. For sale (no trades) £3100 including insured postage to UK mainland. Happy to arrange postage to EU countries but pm for a quote. It will be fully protected, cushioned and posted in a cardboard bass box; posted via UPS (or if you’re close to Edinburgh I may be able to deliver in person). Lovely bass, the best neck I’ve ever played but it’s going so I can plan my next Fodera; they are addictive… I’ve added detailed photos of the bass; it’s in excellent condition apart from two small blemished on the top (see photos). Comes with a fresh set of round wounds and a new battery (I’ll leave it in the case). Specifications ⁃ Medium-Weight Ash Body (8.9 lbs) ⁃ 3-pc Hard Rock Maple Neck/Pau Ferro fingerboard ⁃ 5A Flame Maple Top ⁃ Fodera/Duncan Dual Coil Pickups ⁃ Fodera/Pope 3-Band Standard Preamp ⁃ 34-Inch Scale, 24 Large Frets, 19.0mm Spacing ⁃ Nut width: 39.3mm (1.55 inches). ⁃ Gold Fodera 19.0mm Standard Bridge Webpage details (https://www.fodera.com/monarch-3/) “Hand-selected, medium-weight ash bodies with 5A flame maple tops matched with our incredibly stable, 3-pc quarter-sawn hard rock maple necks with Pau Ferro fingerboards, delivers deep, tight lows, transparent mids and just enough top-end to make for an incredibly balanced sonic palette. It also offers a 24-fret PLEK’d compound-radius fingerboard providing the effortless playability. Fodera/Duncan dual-coil pickups and the Fodera/Pope Standard Preamp with 3-band EQ. Designed in collaboration with Seymour Duncan, our passive Dual Coil pickups were designed to provide a punchy and focused tone with a natural and smooth upper midrange. Wired in parallel, these pickups offer a noise-free single coil sound with added body and weight yet come with the added flexibility of full single-coil operation providing the snap, warmth, and mid-range punch of classic single-coil Jazz Bass pickups. Designed for optimal performance, our 3-band Fodera/Pope preamp offers an incredibly low noise flow, a very musical sounding EQ, and active/passive operation for the utmost reliability and flexibility whether you’re on stage or in the studio. Together, these electronics let you tailor your tone, from deep and round to bright and punchy and everything in between."
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