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  1. And sold! Thanks for looking and for all the comments!
  2. No, I ordered it direct but that one Mark sold was an inspiration for sure (if you look carefully, you can see that one is MW-070 and mine is MW-075; mine doesn't have the dummy coil either). FWIW, I've just paid my deposit for the next one (Midwestern 2, 32" neck, black body, jatoba fingerboard, black pickguard and bi-sonic pup) - should be ready by December 😀
  3. Price drop: £1800 A Serek Midwestern short scale (30.5 inch) with Dunlop flats and Jake's B90 pickup (passive). The bass weighs 3.2kg (7.05 lbs), balances well and is a ton of fun to play. The body is made of African mahogany (Khaya spp.) I'm selling it to fund my next Serek build. Current new price as specced is £2490. More details here: https://www.serekbasses.com/basses/midwestern/ In Jake's words: "The Midwestern is a short-scale powerhouse that is compact in size, but does not lack in tone. Think P-bass meets EB-0. The Midwestern is made up of a lightweight Mahogany body and a 30.5″ scale Mahogany set neck making it effortless to play, and easy to travel with. Inspired by vintage Midwest-bred designs, this is our simplest and most utilitarian offering. However, updated with modern hardware and electronics as well as effortless playability, you won’t believe this is just a humble short scale bass!" Nut Width: 1 5/8″ Nut Type: Bone Scale Length: 30.5″ Frets: 20 Med/Wide Nickel Fingerboard Radius: 12-14″ Compound Body Thickness: 1 3/8″ Overall Length: 40 5/8″ Weight: 7 lbs Tuners: Hipshot Ultralite Bridge: Hipshot 2 Point Supertone Finish: Nitro Lacquer ORIENTATION: Righty FRETS: Fretted FINGERBOARD WOOD: Jatoba PICKUP: Serek B90 BODY FINISH (SEE SPECS SECTION FOR COLOR CHART): Solid Color Satin TV Yellow PICKGUARD (HEAD BADGE WILL MATCH UNLESS OTHERWISE SPECIFIED): Brown Tortoise TUNING KEYS: Lollipop STRINGS: Dunlop Flatwound GIG BAG: Standard Gig Bag
  4. Update 10th Feb: SOLD elsewhere David Barber's classic little EQ pedal. It's in excellent condition with velcro on the bass. Postage included to the UK. Price new in the UK (with postage, VAT &Royal Mail fee) is approx £154. from the website: The compact Linden E.Q. brings those golden tones of yesteryear to your modern bass rig, the Linden E.Q. captures the sweetest and most recorded bass E.Q. circuit in a simple foot operated box. The Barber Linden is a ultra high headroom device that employs a sophisticated power scheme to draw 25 working DC volts from a standard 9 volt supply, resulting in far superior headroom over a standard 9 volt powered pedal. The E.Q. circuit is derived from the great flip top amps that were manufactured in Linden New Jersey, our new pedal pays homage to these great portable bass amps and their excellent eq. The Linden's eq is a perfect balance tight and powerful low band with a seductively sweet high band that is somehow "charmingly aggressive" without any abrasive shards that could offend. The new compact version has two toggle switches to allow you to choose from EQ curves for aggressive upper mids, open highs, or softer mids for aggressive playing styles, and the second toggle allows you to choose between normal, bright and tight input path. Improve your bass rig today with a Barber Linden E.Q. 4.4"x2.4"x1.1" enclosure Powered by standard 9 volt - tip supplies. Current draw 40ma A8AB4AE1-1A61-48BF-A075-6E42F82EA83A.heic CADB7C11-E6A2-4DAE-A95A-2E56A67EED84.heic A43A612C-27BD-4180-92DE-FB6741C79597.heic 79D03518-D7C1-408B-BC95-27E161161D19.heic 1285F4AF-D135-4854-981B-51C320E4718E.heic 67932951-CFC6-4B5C-9FDE-568A1F9503F4.heic 5BB966AA-F4B6-4A9E-9F3B-2F54106A6D85.heic
  5. Sure, it shouldn’t take much to get a quote from UPS.
  6. I sold a G&L LB100 to Alain. He's a great communicator, the payment was quick and easy and a he's a joy to sell to. Thoroughly recommended and a credit to this site.
  7. Weight: 8lbs No trades thanks. Mensinger Cazpar 5 string 32” scale bass. This is a recent custom order with Adrian and is ‘as new’ condition. It was ordered in strung E to C (and I haven’t changed them). I’m selling it as I just not into five strings (tried twice, lesson learned this time hopefully…). This bass was delivered in early September and is in mint condition (I’ve maybe spent 3 or 4 hours playing it). Tempted to order this again in a 4-string version; it’s a great player, excellent build quality and I’d definitely go for the Haeussel PJ set up with the Aguilar preamp again. 32” is a lot of fun too. I still have the double-wall cardboard postal box; price includes insured postage to mainland UK, pm me for a quote to Europe. I also have a G&L LB100 for sale too. Specs: Solid-body alder body with an eye poplar top wood. Body Finish: Matte Neck Construction: Bolt on Neck Wood: Hard Rock Maple (1-piece) Neck Finish: Matte Nut Width: 45mm Fingerboard Wood: Katalox Fingerboard Inlays: White Acrylic Dots Fingerboard Radius: Without Radius Headstock Type: Matching Headstock (Natural) Headstock Logo Mensinger 'White' Pickup Combination Split Coil/Single Coil Set; neck pup Haeussel PB 5 SPC, bridge pup Bridge Pickup Haeussel JB 5 HB Onboard preamp: Aguilar OBP-2 TK, active 2-band Hardware Color Chrome Bridge Spacing: 19mm Bridge Type: Standard Big Knobs Type: Dome-Style Tuner Type: Standard Y-Style String Type: Nickel (EADGC) Nylon Gigbag Medium Size tee-shirt (unworn!) Weight: 8lbs. Mensinger Cazpar
  8. SOLD I ordered this from the US in 2015 and I’ve been the sole owner since. It’s a custom build G&L LB-100 in jet black with an empress body and a quarter-sawn maple neck. This is an extremely lightweight bass at 7.5 lbs. It’s in excellent condition - with only a few minor scuffs on the back (see photos). Specs: Body: Jet Back empress body Neck: Bolt-on quarter-sawn maple with matching finger board (G&L #12 Modern Medium C, 1 5/8 inch nut width and 7.5 inch radius). Satin Vintage Tint finish. Scale: 34” Pickup: G&L LB100 Alnico Frets: Medium Jumbo Tuning keys: Custom G&L Ultra-Lite Bridge: Leo Fender-designed G&L Saddle-Lock with chrome-plated brass saddles Electronics: Volume & Tone, passive. Case: Deluxe Tolex hardshell It’s strung with an unused set of round wounds. It comes with all the original case candy. Postage included: will be insured & delivered via UPS to mainland UK (please contact me if you live in remote rural areas like the Lake District, Highlands etc as they up-charge for those deliveries). It will be fully protected in double-wall cardboard packaging and bubble wrap. Check out my Mensinger Cazpar 32" fiver too If you live close to Edinburgh you’re welcome to come round and try it.
  9. Oh yea.... although back then the exchange rate was more favourable!
  10. Nice looking bass! Love the idea of getting a Scottish bass one of these days - either Chris or ACG. Too many basses right now (and a Serek on order...) Yea, Chris is great; he did some excellent work on the JB (added a P route in the neck pup position). I'll take a hit whatever I do but I think it's worth it - I guess the JB2 got 10% of my playing time, I suspect the LB100 fretless will get a lot more... ASAT's do dive but a suede strap helped and it wasn't much of an issue for me. I specifically ordered the LB100 with the 7 1/2 radius neck; I guess 9" or 12" is standard on G&Ls now? JB vs JB2 - not much in it really; the JB ways a tonne.... (way over 10lbs) but otherwise the pickups sound identical to me (and presumably they are wound the same). They both have 1.5" nuts, the JB is also 7.5" radius (not sure about the JB2 but it feels more like 12"). I'm actually thinking of giving the JB to MusicBroth; great bass but it just weighs too much for my dodgy back now (and I've modded the hell out of it so it's probably not worth much).
  11. Well I have what seems like a million dissertations to mark this month so I'm not sure when I'll get around to posting them (but I'm in no rush either); I'll let you know when I do though. I may chat to Chris MacIintyre and see what he recommends. Yea, those TF basses look amazing, I've been tempted many times.. Used to have an ASAT bass but never fully bonded with it; I think I prefer my G&Ls passive (but love active Sadowskys so go figure...)
  12. But if you're interested, you're welcome to come around and look/play!
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