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  1. I never thought I'd ever be putting this one up, but I'm aiming to take up 5 string more seriously and have fallen in love with the Stingray 5H Special. This really is the best and most versatile bass I've owned and the playability in fantastic. If I could afford to keep her I would. There is 1 small chip which i have tried my best to fill/cover with the official touch up paint (which I will include), although after a bit of rubbing with a light grain sandpaper, i decided I actually liked the roadworn look so have left it as it is as per pic. I was going to make the whole thing look roadworn and started to rub the laquer down on the top horn front facing, which now looks dull (intentionally), although this is harder to capture in the photos and is unnoticeable unless you are looking in the right light and angle. Looking at the price of these new, and what they are going for on the 2nd hand Market, I believe this is fairly priced. Other than than the things mentioned above it really is in top condition. It comes with the original fender hardshell case, which is in vgc. I'm after a sale only £975, unless you have a Stingray 5H Special which I would obviously put cash towards. Many thanks Freddie
  2. Thanks, just checked and is roughly 8.6/8.7 pounds.
  3. Only a few months old from new (at the time of this post), cost almost £900. Only left the house once, still in beautiful condition, not a mark on it! Plays and sounds lovely. This model has replaced the Ray35 as from what I can see on the headstock, this one doesn't say Ray35 like the older models. Comes with the official case. Based in Swindon but willing to meet somewhere within reason. Happy to post if you arrange courier from your side, i still have the original box it came in so will be packed up tightly. It could do with a set up as I swapped out the heavier gauge strings that came on it with lighter Rotosounds 125-40 (I've never set up a bass myself). Grab a bargain £575 sale or part ex for Ernie Ball Stingray 5 plus cash your way, trade value £600.
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  7. I had the 4x10 and the 1x15. Together, beastly. Individually, didn't like the 4x10 that much, and the 1x15 had a nice tone and the best of the bunch. Still lacking a bit in the lows though.
  8. This comes in immaculate condition and with the official Vanderkley cover. Fabulous sounding and lightweight. Its the perfect 1 cab solution! I'm looking to go back to a smaller set up. The only trade I will consider is a TC Electronics RS212 (must be in VGC and ideally with a cover) + cash my way. Cash sale is £680 collection from Swindon. Thanks Freddie
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