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  1. The “peak” on the Proton is the resonance control. I much prefer the envelope detector on the Chromatron (same as Proton 4) compared to the Wonderlove I had.
  2. Yes, you can. There is a list of MIDI implementation in the manual. And as almost any parameter can be assigned as a Flexi destination with a vast choice of MIDI CCs as the source, you can control most stuff. See the sections on Flexi Controllers. I haven’t yet integrated the full NRPN assignments into the manual, which covers all parameters, but those have been made public on Talkbass as a separate file. Partly because it’s extra work and is likely to only be used by a few more experienced users.
  3. Where’d you get it from? Perhaps it’d be better for me to buy it from there once it goes back into stock in order to get the warranty.
  4. I’d particularly like to hear how the envelope follower handles long notes; sounds like it might warble a fair bit. Haven’t found anything that decays as smoothly as my Microtron IV yet.
  5. That doesn’t sound much like it. Ironically it (the Mono patch) sounds like one of the original Deep Impact patches. That’s a cool sound on the track.
  6. Looking forward to hearing all about it. If you decide to move it on, please drop me a line as I’d like to check one out (unless you plan to just return it).
  7. Re videos, I’m not even sure I have the nous to do screen capture with direct sound and mic. The manager functionality is something I’d been pushing for even before I got involved formally with the project. Took a good two years of being involved before my nagging paid off!😆 In the absence of videos, the tutorials I wrote in the manual are pretty useful for learning the ropes.
  8. The FI is a bit of an exception as it can be played with keys. I did a blindfold side-by-side with my Moog Subsequent 37 and most people couldn’t tell the difference and many preferred the FI. If you’re after 80’s stuff then the Korg Volca FM or Yamaha Reface DX are solid choices.
  9. I meant complete setups, but yes, saving different smaller chunks at various slot locations as individual files should also work just fine too. There are many approaches that would work and they are all a massive improvement on the old system.
  10. If I’d been keeping an eye out, I could’ve done the SW one as I could get down there (though would likely have to take some time off work to do so).
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