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  1. Thanks. Looks like it maybe just a bit to tight for me to put behind my door - too much risk of bashing the protruding bit of bass body. Thanks for taking the trouble to provide the extra photos.
  2. Thanks, is the neck of bass at the back still inside the footprint of the rack? I can’t quite tell. If it is, then I can just measure the space to make sure the rack footprint fits.
  3. How far out to the side do standard 34” bass necks protrude? Basically the space where I’d need to put one is tight so could do with knowing how much the basses add to the depth needed. Are the castors lockable? Thanks.
  4. Beautiful. Although I do wish they had kept the sculpted heel joint from the standard series as it’s so much easier to play the high frets on.
  5. Glad it was useful, it really is an awesome resource and fun. Envelopes on C4 are not true ADSR, rather a set of pre-defined shapes where you can alter either the attack, the decay or both via the envelope speed knob. The sensitivity knob adjusts how much envelope depth reacts to playing dynamics. The filter depth knob controls how much the cutoff is affected by the corresponding envelope. Frequency moves the starting cutoff value.
  6. Does this have the noise-reduction resistor mod already done?
  7. Are you familiar with synthesis to any degree already? If not, check out the following link and it should make the editor make more sense. https://learningsynths.ableton.com Glad you’re enjoying the patches. Check out the Spectrum patches too as they work on C4. Also, remember to adjust the input knob on any user patches you click on to set the correct level for your bass; the manual tells you how to do this properly.
  8. Just posted some new patches.
  9. Is this the version with the white screen/black text or the black screen/white-blue text?
  10. What improvements were those?
  11. Would you consider selling the two separately? @dodge_bass do you still need a controller?
  12. @dodge_bass, @thisisswanbon, here is my tutorial patch: https://neuro.sourceaudio.net/preset/DyV1RQhBhF
  13. Start by browsing the user patches. Remember to readjust the input knob and volume knob for each one before you assess its suitability. (See the manual to see how to set the input level correctly.) I posted some Filter Twin patches already you can search and filter by keyword, pedal type and user so you should be able to find them. Search for C4 (with compatibility box ticked), my username and keyword “twins”. As regards learning, I put together a patch which is set up to help users explore the features. In the patch’s description the is a link to a post on Talkbass where I wrote a mini-tutorial. I’d suggest looking through that. ( @dodge_bass, it might be worth your while too.) I can’t remember what I called the patch but it will be obvious when you see it. I’ll have a look and amend here and link to it.
  14. You can easily sequence the future impact with a cheap sequencer or a daw.
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