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  1. What strings are on on that first clip (brand, type and gauge)? They sound great!
  2. Presumably the £465 was for when the advert included multiple pedals totalling £465. There is no way to amend this bit currently.
  3. Simple fix - start using it. You know you’re going to regret letting this go.
  4. I have no real idea of timing as I’m not the one writing the code. The feature set is now finalised and the code has been restructured to accommodate them; several of the most recent new features have already been implemented in the version we’re currently testing and are working well but I’m not at liberty to discuss contents further. Trust me though, it’s going to be worth the wait! They are busy on the final few features and editor now. Much of the newest stuff is to make the mod matrix (flexi) more powerful and expressive.
  5. You might get more hits if you put “deep impact” in the title as that is what people are more likely to search for.
  6. Just bought a Fender American Standard Precision bass from Mike today. It was a smooth and easy transaction with clear and prompt communication. He was kind enough to drive an hour each way and deliver it to me in person. Always nice to meet a nice fellow Basschatter too. I’d have no hesitations in trading with Mike again nor in recommending him to others. It’s transactions and interactions like this that make me glad to be part of this community. Many thanks!
  7. Hi, you mentioned this has the ‘63 pickups; did you fit or get these fitted yourself (as they aren’t standard for this model)?
  8. Yes, I had to sell my other three when I needed money for a recent house move. Really want to have at least one other after this fiasco.
  9. Also, the larger TV logo. The standard 75 reissues have the later, smaller font.
  10. V2.2 is an interim release with some bug fixes, a couple of new features and will allow your current patches to be saved in the new .pr3 format. The juicy stuff is coming later in the v3 release. I was sent a bunch of new stuff yesterday but won’t get chance to play with it until Saturday. Irritatingly I still haven’t experienced the improved tracking first-hand, despite having had the new firmware for weeks now as my bass is still with the luthier!
  11. You’ll be able to verify it works as when you go back to the list of for-sale items (not by using your browser’s back function but rather by using basschat’s back arrows) you’ll see your post is now the first one in the list again. It also gives you a confirmation that you’ve bumped it. It works fine and keeps the thread free from clutter.
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