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  1. Here's a very rough clip of what it can do. It'll take a bit of practice to make the changes smoother (and I was playing barefoot in the cold). I've got a few ideas of things I could add to it.
  2. Thanks. I’m feeling pretty chuffed with it. It’s better than I imagined it could be. I’ll have finished the open version later today as it’s literally the same but with one voice bumped up an octave. It’s a shame there isn’t another toggle command I could use to have this in the same bank. There is a global toggle but it toggles whole presets rather than individual messages within those presets, otherwise that may have been a simple way to do it. ... found a way! There is a bank engage function and I have a spare button! I can use it to flip between the two banks!
  3. Guys, I’ve smashed it! I’ve got one bank of the Morningstar MC6 MKII to give II-V-I progressions in both major and minor variations, with both up-down and down-up root movement, built off both the 3rd and off the 7th of the chords. The internal voice leading is all correct so that if you assign different wave shapes to the four oscillators you will get nice chromatic movement within a single voice. I’ve even managed to add variations on the I chords. It’s set up on two pages. Button A toggles between pages. Each page has a row dedicated to the major and minor progressions. Page 1 is built off 3rds, page 2 off 7ths. This bank covers the 4-note close voicings. I’m off to do the open variations. Very rough phone teaser video. Though I’m playing the pedal with my hand as I didn’t have a long enough usb lead to put it on the floor. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1FpZapY5lS3Il5_1TRTLJZd15t97FmqJc/view?usp=drivesdk 50586323-101F-43A6-98CC-CE4F1D178C6E.MOV
  4. Not sure. Make sure everything’s powered on and connected before launching the browser. You might need to go into the chrome settings to enable midi.
  5. Did you start the browser before or after connecting the interface? Is there a little keyboard symbol at the right of the address bar? When working correctly, you ought to see your interface listed in both boxes on the screen.
  6. Multiple messages per button (up to 16) assigned to a variety of different button actions (single press, double tap, long press, release, etc). It’s ridiculous the amount you can do with it. If I remember correctly from the manual, the ES-8 can only send two messages per button (though do correct me if I’m wrong).
  7. Read the FAQ section at the end of the manual or the section on updating (link in second post). You can update using the Chrome updater (again, link in the second post). That interface may or may not work (I don’t think it’s one of the tested and confirmed ones).
  8. I’ll send instructions once I’ve made sure it works. It’s quite a headflip to be honest. As a side-note, the MC6 MKII is amazing! I’ve just worked out how to use buttons to change in real time what messages the two expression ports control, which means I can switch between controlling synth volume, master volume, filter cutoff, modulation, portamento time or any MIDI CC I choose.
  9. It’s really stable for me. The only time I encountered significant tuner display wobbling was when there was LFO applied to the pitch via aftertouch so that the base pitch was wavering. This was a bug with the aftertouch implementation that got fixed before the release though. Do check that you’re not inadvertently sending any pitch vibrato (either via CC1 or otherwise). If it turns out that you are and if that is the cause then let me know as it’ll need addressing. What pickup configuration are you using when tuning? Neck pickup may be more stable due to fewer overtones. Try that and see if there’s any change.
  10. I’m cooking up something tasty in the lab. I’ve done the number crunching so hopefully I’ll get to implement something this evening. It’ll only be of interest to those of you who can send out 4 CCs on a single button press. I’m doing it for the Morningstar MC6 MKII but the method will work with iOS devices and possibly the Boss ES-5/8 (perhaps @GisserD will be able to chime in). If it works (which it should) it’ll open the door to configuring any 4-note chord shape you desire (5-note if you use your bass as one of the notes) at the touch of a button.
  11. It’s pretty easy to do though. Read the FAQs in the manual. I wrote one about reordering patches.
  12. Yep, register on the patch share website (link in second post) and download via pc from there. Then follow the instructions in the manual/faq for adding a patch to the pedal. Don't know the Bowie song well enough to recommend a patch.
  13. Yep, don’t risk anything less, and leave crush room between the outer and inner box.
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