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  1. Actually, it seems it’s one of the ones I haven’t uploaded. Sorry! I tweaked it after I recorded this clip:
  2. For those of you who were wondering how I achieved the C4 chord freeze, here’s the secret if you want to try it yourselves: It’s twofold. Firstly to get a single chord to play regardless of which note you play, you need to decouple the pitch detector from input 1. So you need to send a MIDI message which switches the pitch detector onto input 2 (making sure you’re not sending any audio into that input unless you want some kind of side chain effect). Secondly, to get the infinite sustain, you need to send (up to) four messages to switch voice 1-4 envelope source to off. My method works best if you use two different envelopes for filter and amp, that way you can have the amp envelope sustain infinitely but still get some filter movement triggering each time you pluck. You need to set up MIDI assignments for the five messages in the C4 MIDI map in the editor. You can set up your controller to send the above messages on a press and revert upon release (momentary). Or you could set them up to toggle on alternate presses (latching). As a further thing you can also send a message to disengage the filter envelope from input 1 to prevent filter movement during the freeze, but there are two problems: It’s currently impossible for the C4 to simultaneously react to pitch detect input swap and envelope detect input swap. Also, at the point you disengage the filter envelope, the cutoff closes to the set value rather than the envelope completing its cycle.
  3. I posted a version of the bass for Cruel Summer a while back.
  4. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  5. Custom shop is just that - it allows buyers to mix and match specs, “customise” if you will.
  6. You’re welcome. I’m sure it’s lovely but I’m after a 70s-style one - I love rosewood with pearl blocks and white binding. I’m even considering getting another Lakland built in that spec.
  7. Just hit 2000 downloads (actually missed it). Thanks to my followers. I’d do something to celebrate but am away from my gear for another ten days or so. Looking forward to hearing what you’re all doing with my patches.
  8. The octave up is by their own admission not the best. Polyphonic pitch has a bit of delay. Have you tried using a monophonic octave up?
  9. This is a lovely bass folks and an equally lovely seller. I had the pleasure of trying it. A bit later I wanted to buy it but unfortunately Latif was abroad when I got in touch so I ended up ordering a new Lakland while there was an offer on. I couldn’t justify buying a second one so had to decline when he got in touch. You could buy this and save a tonne of money and not have to wait the 6 months I’ve had to wait for mine to be built.
  10. Lovely. Had this been rosewood I’d have been very interested. I’m curious which bass you’re keeping when you’ve got these beauties up for sale. An honest seller and a lovely guy to boot. Check this one out people! Good luck with the sale, Latif!
  11. I just got a BEF again, shouldn’t have sold it in the first place. Have you tried the Fwonkbeta too?
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