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  1. Quatschmacher

    Cool new synth pedal - Meris Enzo

    Sorry, I meant “loads of filter pedals”. Of the ones I’ve owned and played I think there were only 3 or 4 that allowed this.
  2. Quatschmacher

    Cool new synth pedal - Meris Enzo

    There are loads of pedals which are like this. Admittedly I do like to have the feature wherever possible but it’s not a deal-breaker. There is a mode to switch between instrument level and line level in the global menu. Don't all basses come with a volume control? So at least any level differences between basses can be dealt with. Perhaps Angelo will be able to add a per-preset volume setting via a firmware update.
  3. Quatschmacher

    Feedback for Johnny Wishbone

    Matt bought my spectracomp today. That has got to be the fastest basschat deal ever as after he paid and sent me his address, it turned out he was just down the road so I popped round and delivered it. We had a nice chat for a while too. Deal with confidence. Many thanks.
  4. Quatschmacher

    SOLD - TC Electronic Spectracomp - FREE UK postage

    @Johnny Wishbone?
  5. I’m not really using this so it’s up for grabs. Comes boxed but without a USB cable. It came to me that way but they are standard ones so you, like me, probably have one lying around.
  6. Quatschmacher

    Musicman Stingray- trade for RW P bass

    Honeyburst is the best colour. Such a shame they discontinued it before I could buy a SLO Special in that colour. 2EQ is lovely too. Best of luck with the sale/trade.
  7. Quatschmacher

    Cool new synth pedal - Meris Enzo

    Alas, you’ve sold the last one. When’s your next delivery?
  8. Quatschmacher

    Cool new synth pedal - Meris Enzo

    @tonyxtiger is Mr. FXPedalrental.com
  9. Quatschmacher

    Cool new synth pedal - Meris Enzo

    Any chance you could post some bass clips?
  10. Quatschmacher

    Cool new synth pedal - Meris Enzo

    I presume since it’s distance selling there’s a straightforward return-for-full-refund policy should it not be to the buyer’s liking.
  11. Quatschmacher

    Cool new synth pedal - Meris Enzo

    Are you stocking them to sell?
  12. Straight sale preferred - gonna need money to pay rip-off estate agent fees in my impending house move.
  13. Quatschmacher

    If you could only choose one octave pedal

  14. Quatschmacher

    SOLD.Westfield P Bass

    Best to amend the thread title and preface it with a big “SOLD” so that it gets locked.