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  1. Quatschmacher

    FS: Korg Minilogue

    Let me know if you want to do this and I’ll get his mum to post it over. In fact, we’d only need to swap out the removable pin section (it just clips off).
  2. Quatschmacher

    FS: Korg Minilogue

    Is the plug the official Korg KA-350? If interested, I’d happily swap your EU one for a proper Korg UK one. The reason being that I bought my son a Monologue with a UK PSU but he lives in The Netherlands.
  3. Quatschmacher

    SSBS TAFM, Empress Comp, Broughton Josh Wah

    Only the lack of a downsweep has stopped me.
  4. Quatschmacher

    If you could only choose one octave pedal

    That’s a feature from the BOD and is quite useful.
  5. Quatschmacher

    If you could only choose one octave pedal

    I’m definitely interested in this. If it has the same great tracking of the MXR BOD with the sound of the OC-2, then along with the lovely blue livery and a small package, what’s not to like? Also, more headroom than original I’m hoping will translate into more gain on tap.
  6. Quatschmacher

    3Leaf Chromatron - new filter!

    Where? And any other bass clips that the first one that was on TB?
  7. Quatschmacher

    Mark bass traveller 102 cab (Italian)

    Where are you based?
  8. Quatschmacher

    How does neck thickness and shape affect feel and playability?

    I definitely felt it, more so when anchoring my thumb on the E string and playing the G string. I have shortish fingers.
  9. Quatschmacher

    How does neck thickness and shape affect feel and playability?

    Sterlings actually have a slightly narrower string spacing at the bridge (1/16” less) than Stingrays according to the EBMM specs. I found the difference a plus when I compared.
  10. Quatschmacher

    Moog One polysynth

    It looks visually similar to the Memorymoog. I’ve watched all the Moog live-streams and it does sound great and the architecture is well thought-out. I like the fact that all editing is possible without recourse to a PC editor program.
  11. Quatschmacher

    Redwitch, Aguilar, EWS, Markbass, samsamp..

    The Octave in the Red Witch pedals is wonderful sounding.
  12. Quatschmacher

    2015 US Fender Precision

    Cool, I could get the train or bus to you.
  13. Quatschmacher

    2015 US Fender Precision

    I wonder if it’ll be third time lucky for me with this one. I’ve missed it the last two times it’s come up. I’m in Sheffield and on the 18th will receive the remainder of the money from the sale of my fretless when the eBay buyer comes to collect. By the way, if you’re after a nice Sterling then Wunjo has my old one (the one I sold to @Gardenerben earlier in the year) and it’s wonderful, though they are charging £500 more than I sold it (and £600 more than what Ben offered it for here when unfortunately had to admit it was a bit heavy for him).
  14. Quatschmacher

    If you could only choose one octave pedal

    Is the sound with the glitching the Valeton? If so, and the non-glitching sound is the Boss, then I prefer the latter as it has more bottom. The Octabvre is more like the Boss in that (in Tim mode) it has a lot of bottom end.