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  1. Scarbee is now back!
  2. Quatschmacher

    Cog T-16 (v2) or T-70

    Please let me know if you have one or know of one. Thanks.
  3. Quatschmacher

    MIJ Fujigen History Precision Bass

    Cool. Shame Margate is so far from me.
  4. Quatschmacher

    MIJ Fujigen History Precision Bass

    What’s the nut width, please?
  5. Quatschmacher

    Feedback for jbasst

    Jonny just bought my Wonderlove. Clear, friendly and prompt communication and swift payment. A pleasure. Thanks, Jonny!
  6. I do. Not knowing which drive model is in use at any point is frustrating. Yes there’s more variety but only one preset. I agree that having presets is great and when using the hub it’s pretty easy. However, at the point of creating presets I need things to be easily accessible so as not to interrupt my creative flow. I found the Aftershock a hinderance in that regard. That being said, it is a fantastic pedal, just not for me.
  7. Quatschmacher

    SOLD - 3Leaf Audio Wonderlove (v2) envelope filter

    @dodge_bass, @sshorepunk, @basstimg, @radiophonic, @jbasst, @GisserD, @lee650
  8. I may well regret this but I think it’s time I started slimming down a bit more. These are now discontinued and so no new stock is available in the UK now as Bass Direct is the only stockist. This is incredibly versatile due to the loop, which is one of the main reasons I kept it. However, for the kinds of things I’m using it for (mimicking synth sounds) I’ve found that I don’t need the loop any more as my Mastotron fuzz is powerful enough to drive my other filters. And when using filter alone I have a preference for my Q-Tron. There are plenty of options for tone shaping on this pedal due to its having separate attack and decay controls. The (footswitch-activated) expression input is a cool feature and if you plug in something like a Source Audio Reflex or Copilot Broadcast, you can have LFO-controlled filter sweep too! Pedal is in excellent condition (with a couple of minor surface marks on the base) comes with original box (but not the rubber feet). The only trades I’m interested in are for a Cog T-16 (v2)/T-70, Moog LPF and Moog Phaser. Price includes postage.
  9. I hope they wouldn’t go that small. I was thinking of something like the Ventris. Though you might be right. That’d be a step backwards, I feel; having direct access from the front panel is wonderful. There’s precedent though, since they’ve already done something similar.
  10. I was mainly referring to the new price potentially dropping. I’m guessing they’ll replace it with one of the bigger One Series style pedals which has presets and a rotary encoder.
  11. If you really want one soon, I guess you may need to. They do come up but sometimes it takes a while. Apparently they’ve been discontinued (along with the whole Soundblox 2 line) according to Nathan Navarro of Source Audio so maybe the new price will drop once they introduce a replacement. Have you got a wanted ad up here too? I’ll keeo my eyes peeled for one.
  12. Quatschmacher

    3Leaf Audio You're DOOM Fuzz

    You’re very welcome. If people have a wanted ad up I like to see that they get first crack at it. I always appreciate when people alert me too.
  13. Quatschmacher

    Source Audio Aftershock £90 posted

    Isn’t that always the way? Did I buy yours? I forget.
  14. Quatschmacher

    3Leaf Audio You're DOOM Fuzz

    Oops! Hadn’t realised the person I tagged had already found (and is now selling ) one.
  15. Quatschmacher

    Source Audio Aftershock £90 posted