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  1. What sort of truss rod adjuster does this have? Cross head or hex bolt? Can it be adjusted without removing the neck?
  2. I usually now run an octaver into it and then into the C4.
  3. I love putting mine through my C4; sounds massive.
  4. Excellent. I hope you give it a fair shot with the editor this time - should be much easier than last time. By the way, Rich Tone have a used UM-One MKII in stock. I think when I asked, it was right when we were still in the middle of v3.5 development so it might’ve got missed. If there is a new iteration then I’d hope to be kept in the loop and involved with it.
  5. I think you’re reading rather a lot into that. Not to pïss on your bonfire, but remember how long it took for the v3 and v3.5 updates to happen. Any wholesale reimagining would likely take a big chunk of time. I guess there’s perhaps a possibility of putting bigger chips in and using the same core code and hardware which might mean that the product remains unchanged but just has more power and code space for future features. I did ask about this possibility but never got a response. I see your ruse though: create excitement about and upgrade that isn’t even in the works, thereby artificially drive the price of v3 units down so you can buy one at a lower price. Nice try. 😆 If you want to support the growth and development of the company, the best way to do that is to buy what they have so they gain funds to power future products and to pay for the expertise of their workers. Did you also mention the attractiveness of a smaller housing?
  6. There is no v2; it was also a firmware upgrade. Basically there is FI I and FI v3.
  7. At the risk of repeating myself, there is no v4 planned, so you may be waiting forever. Correct. As detailed in the initial v3 post and in all the documentation. Given that, I wouldn’t expect a massive difference in price between a used v1 and v3. I’d base my pricing on their respective conditions. People will pay what they feel. I haven’t seen one go for under £185, I think. I paid nearly £300 for my used v1 but that was before v3 and the new lower pricing. I’m not bitter as I’ve had plenty of joy and work out of it.
  8. I have one and like it. It uses more space than Velcro as the fasteners take up room but I don’t like Velcro on pedals so was willing to compromise. Have still been toying with getting a bigger custom size Aclam board but want to wait until I have a better idea of what pedals I’ll definitely keep.
  9. @dub_junkie, didn't you say you were looking for one?
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