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  1. Quatschmacher

    Very little to do with the Source Audio C4 Synth Pedal

    The reason why the Pralines “issues” couldn’t be sorted (a desire to have some LPFs in place of some of the BPFs) was due to its having a global resonance control and the fact that the circuit boards had already been manufactured. You may be aware that LPF and BPF respond differently to resonance. In fairness, Olivier did try out the suggestions and was very accommodating and gracious. In his new “Moutarde” he has made the filters all low pass and given them individual resonance controls. He’s actually now delivered the pedal that was asked for (though he was already working on it)! He has said he does want to move towards digital control (i.e. presets) but has acknowledged that it’s quite costly and that he has much to learn in that area.
  2. Quatschmacher

    Very little to do with the Source Audio C4 Synth Pedal

    I’d say it is a bit harsh. Olivier is a one-man company and doesn’t have anything like the R&D budget of a company like Source Audio (which is also a small company, but huge by comparison). He definitely is clued-up as to what else is out there but is carving his own niche. If he manages to sell enough pedals to customers to fund building what he wants to build then I think that’s great. If everything were ruled by budget and “what customers want”, there’d be much less creativity and that would be a sad thing.
  3. Quatschmacher

    Very little to do with the Source Audio C4 Synth Pedal

    The Glou-Glou stuff is 100% analogue.
  4. Quatschmacher

    Very little to do with the Source Audio C4 Synth Pedal

    @Embra has an Enzo. I don’t think this (SA C4) is too much in competition with the FI as the FI goes a lot deeper in terms of number of oscillators and waveforms; the new update will add significantly to the options available for modulation routing. The Enzo still offers options not likely to be included on the new SA pedals. What makes the SA appealing is that there’ll be finer control over the envelopes. I think I’ll leave my little PayPal pot alone until this comes out.
  5. Quatschmacher

    Very little to do with the Source Audio C4 Synth Pedal

    I’ve been following and contributing to this on thegearpage and am very excited about this. They’ll be at NAMM with it at the end of the month so there should be some videos soon.
  6. Behold: Turn off the PLL and it’s essentially a lowpass version of the Pralines, though with individual resonances for each filter (the Pralines has just one, global resonance control).
  7. Quatschmacher

    Wingbass - Sold

    Stick it through an octaver and it’s no different from the way you’d use a regular bass with one.
  8. Quatschmacher

    Future Impact owners’ resource page

    @mr zed, now that you’ve joined the club, make sure you have the means to hook up to your PC by the time it arrives so you can try out all the great shared patches, either via an audio interface with MIDI ports or via a dedicated USB-MIDI adapter (there’s a list of ones already tested for compatibility on the Panda site).
  9. What did I tell you? Knew it.
  10. Also, I know two people who tried mine at the weekend and would probably be interested. I have no way of contacting them until tomorrow though.
  11. I thought you’d be buried with this! P.S. have you tried the patches I recently created and shared?
  12. Quatschmacher

    MusicMan Caprice 2018 SOLD

    A lovely bass and a true gentleman seller. Buy with absolute confidence.
  13. Quatschmacher

    FX help

    Definitely check out the Enzo. I tried it the other day. It should do what you need. For example for your pitch shift needs, you could either turn the knob to shift pitch or use the expression morph function to just have a specific interval dialled in between the toe-up and toe-down positions.
  14. Quatschmacher

    Pedalboards... recommend a good, light one.

    I think this might be the way to go for me too, thanks for pointing it out.
  15. Quatschmacher

    Cool new synth pedal - Meris Enzo

    Try TouchOSC first, it’s free and pretty powerful (though it has couple of quirks such as toggle buttons sending midi in both press and release with no way to disable one or the other). You could actually get a hardware MIDI controller for it as all parameter are controlled via CCs. There are some products which are just units with a bunch of knobs that can be freely assigned. I really hope Meris refine it too. Angelo seemed to be taking the stance that it was complete as is, which is a little disappointing - admittedly it’s pretty amazing the way it is but surely there’s room for improvement if the hardware and firmware allows. I certainly wouldn’t mind getting one. I wish this had been around when I first started buying pedals as it would have saved me much time and money (though I have enjoyed the journey and have learned a lot on the way).