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  1. Moog synths

    I picked up a Sonuus G2M V3 to use with my bass guitar though the latency is still pretty off-putting. I’m running the Minitaur from a controller keyboard at present (until I can afford an industrial Radio MIDI bass).
  2. Future Impact settings - help needed!

    In each VCO there are 4 sliders in the “amplitude” section - saw, square, triangle and volume. I presume the sliders are for the volume of each waveform so what is the “volume” slider for? Is it like a master volume for that VCO after one has select the proportion of each waveform one wants to hear? That is, regardless of the mix of waveform sliders in any given oscillator, will that oscillator only make a sound if the “volume” slider in the “amplitude” section is above zero? Or is it the volume of the dry bass signal? It looks like I might have difficulty recreating some of these as each oscillator has 3 waveforms. The Minitaur only has 2 oscillators and only one waveform per oscillator can be used at once.
  3. Future Impact settings - help needed!

    You’re a star! Thanks very much!
  4. MXR Octave Deluxe M288

    THE best-tracking analogue octaver bar none.
  5. Boss SY300 SOLD

    Great price on this for anyone looking for one.
  6. Future Impact settings - help needed!

    Any Future Impact users on here? Would one of you kindly be able to send me a list or an editor screenshot of the parameter settings (oscillator types and volumes, envelope shapes, filter cutoff, resonance, etc) for the following Future Impact presets? I’d like to try and recreate them on my Minitaur. The patches are 1, 3, 6, 32 and 85. Thanks in advance! @HazBeen, @Bo0tsy, @tonyxtiger, @GisserD
  7. Feedback for pbasspecial

    Sold a Phase 90 to Paul earlier in the week. It was a straightforward transaction with friendly communication throughout. Many thanks.
  8. Anybody bought from Rubadub in Glasgow?

    When I popped back into my local store to get them to price match one of the guys who works there told me he’s bought stuff from them before, so that is reassuring.
  9. IE Oxide

    Ah, I wasn’t aware of that. Though I know this was the case for early versions of the Xerograph.
  10. IE Oxide

    Looks like top to me: https://ironether.com/pedals/oxide/
  11. IE Oxide

    @GisserD has a wanted ad for one of these.
  12. RAT distortion in a cable?!

    I reckon it’s an April Fool’s joke waiting to happen for an unsuspecting vocalist.
  13. If you could only choose one octave pedal

    I’m using flatwounds, which might make a difference to what is and isn’t boosted.
  14. If you could only choose one octave pedal

    I’ve never opened the back and done this as it’s always given me great results as is.
  15. Boss LS-2 Line Selector

    @Nothingman is looking for one.