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  1. fx pedal rentals review (fxpedalrental.com)

    Looking forward to it, @tonyxtiger - I'd like to rent the Data Corrupter.
  2. If you could only choose one filter pedal

    Sounds pretty cool. How is it at tracking faster lines? I've found passive basses work much better on effects than active ones.
  3. Cog Effects T-16 Octave pedal

    Damn it. I’m trying hard not to buy more pedals.
  4. Rhodes Piano Stage 73 Mark II

    Now on eBay too.

    If this had been rosewood it’d have been mine long ago. Beautiful bass.
  6. I realised after I’d posted as I then actually read your post properly. Hope you manage to find one.
  7. Moog synths

    Yep, I missed the first batch from Andertons. They’re due to have them back in stock next Friday.
  8. Will probably help people to find this if you add that it’s a 75 reissue. Lovely bass, I just sold my rosewood version the other day.
  9. FS Sadowsky metro HPJ Price drop

    Might be worth a try. I’ve just managed to sell two basses in a week.
  10. FS Sadowsky metro HPJ Price drop

    I was about to tag you, Duncan, in case you were looking to rectify your error
  11. Feedback for Pilchardo

    @Pilchardo (Rich) just bought a bass from me. Communication was prompt, clear and friendly. He paid me a deposit last week and came to collect the bass today and paid the balance. All arrangements were made without fuss and he turned up at the agreed time and place. I’d happily trade with him again. Many thanks, hope you enjoy the bass!
  12. SOLD - Fender Japan 75 Jazz natural ash/rosewood

    This has now gone to its new owner.
  13. Fender Olympic White AVRI '62 Precision

    Sadly too wide for me. I can cope with the newest Fender Professional series but nothing wider.