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  1. C4 only receives proper MIDI signals via USB (and for that it needs a USB host). The TRRS ports don’t receive proper MIDI signals, rather they receive Source Audios proprietary messages which are partially generated in response to MIDI receiver from the Hub.
  2. If the Helix is capable of sending out MIDI PC and CC messages then it’ll work. (If you’re looking at C4, do also check the Future Impact.)
  3. That is certainly how people seem to use OG these days, you were quite correct and nothing wrong with your English.
  4. There were a couple of patches I liked but fixing the problem took ages as I had to audition a bunch of stuff again. I'll upload some more interesting stuff. I might not post my really coolest stuff that I spent hours crafting though.
  5. I’ve stuck a few patches up I’ll add more later. @meercatzbass I’ve put my rendition of We Can Work It Out up (called “Greg P bass”). https://www.presetpatch.com/user/Quatschmacher @knicknack A word of advice, if trying to import the new patches Moog just released be very careful - it replaces the entire 256 patches, even though there were only 32 in the new pack. I lost my most recent patch but luckily the rest were backed up. Tedious though to have to put stuff back on.
  6. There was a guy on one of the FB sale groups looking for one of these; I’ll see if I can hook you up. I've posted a link on his wanted ad.
  7. In honour of the legend we lost just the other day, the great Paul Jackson:
  8. Beautiful! I miss my Sterling and wish I’d never sold it. This is seriously tempting (though brexit crap makes me hesitant). If it weren’t for Covid, I’d probably come over and get it and visit my family.
  9. The two pedals are identical apart from colour, the labelling of one knob (SUSTAIN on guitar, MIX in bass, though they are fully assignable anyway) and the default 6 presets.
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