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  1. Feedback for andybassdoyle

    Just bought a Subterranea from Andy. Really pleased with it. Good communication and prompt postage. Many thanks.
  2. Feedback for BNB71

    I bought a Manta Filter from Chris and it was sent promptly, was well packed and in the condition described. Many thanks.
  3. If you could only choose one filter pedal

    No, I hadn’t realised they make you buy their own expression pedal which is a bit annoying.
  4. If you could only choose one filter pedal

    Argh, you’re making me regret not having said yes to these two when Andy offered me them in a bundle with the Subterranea for a really cheap price.
  5. If you could only choose one filter pedal

    OK, the Manta is really cool. Wish I’d tried this sooner.
  6. If you could only choose one octave pedal

    Just got the Subterranea today and it is very OC2-like but with a filter than can be opened right up to be way buzzier than even the Octabvre MKII can get. And the two waveform voices are so cool. It plays really tightly down to A on the E string, after that it’s patchy. The only down side is that it is ridiculously sensitive to even the slightest vibration so it’s a bit noisy. It could do with a gate on it. I’m very curious about the new one he’s making. (Taylor emailed back today saying he probably won’t be putting a gate on that one either but is making a new gated fuzz.)
  7. Post your pedal board - Basschat style!!

    You could totally turn these pictures into one of those spot-the-difference games one finds in kids’ magazines. 😆
  8. Aguilar Octamizer - postage included

    Might be opportunity to inform your loved ones what you would like for Christmas, @lee650!
  9. MXR Bass Octave Deluxe

    For anyone who doesn’t know, this is one of the best tracking analogue octave pedals out there. It’s certainly the best one in that regard that I’ve tried so far. Mine gets down to (and sustains) bottom F no problem.
  10. Post your pedal board - Basschat style!!

    Not quite, @Jonse - you may want to try connecting the envelope jacks to each other on the two Chunk pedals if you’re running the fuzz into the filter - it makes a huge difference to the response: Skip to 7.30 to see the comparison.
  11. Aguilar Octamizer - postage included

    I’m amazed this hasn’t gone yet. Maybe the universe is telling me to keep it.
  12. Black Friday Deals

    Probably beyond most people’s reach but these pedals are great and have €120 off on Friday: https://glou-glou.org/
  13. If you could only choose one filter pedal

    Have you seen those Manta demo videos with the Hot Hand controller? That does dubstep stuff really well.
  14. If you could only choose one filter pedal

    @GisserD, if I’ve interpreted correctly and you are the person who bought Andy’s Xerograph, would you mind sharing your experience with it with the rest of us? Thanks.
  15. If you could only choose one octave pedal

    Annoyingly I’m ill and in bed today and the Subterranea and Manta are sitting on my desk at work having been delivered this morning. (I need to try and get out to the post office at some point to post the MXR BEF I sold.)