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  1. I see your point. Sorry, was extremely tired all day and detail passed me by.
  2. The MXR ones don’t; the digital ones are also solid really low down.
  3. One of those hooked up to the FI will accomplish the same thing as it responds to midi note messages.
  4. A quiet pad can easily be triggered from the bass without a thud. You just need to set a longer VCA and/or VCF attack time in the patch.
  5. Actually also check out the Disaster Area MIDI Baby and MIDI Baby 3. If you only need a few functions and expression control, these look pretty cool.
  6. Young Jedi, you are quite mistaken. As with all these things, you have the option for the messages to be latching or momentary as you desire. You’ll have to try harder to be awkward. 😆
  7. All the ones I mentioned have a -2 octave in addition to the -1 octave.
  8. Boss OC-2, OC-3, OC-5, MXR Vintage Bass Octave, Valeton OC-10, Source Audio Spectrum or C4, KMA Audio Machines Moai Maea, TWA Great Divide, TC Electronic Sub ‘n’ Up (normal and mini versions).
  9. Depends on your needs really. I’m a big fan of the Morningstar stuff and @HazBeen is selling the excellent MC6 I sold him when I upgraded to the bigger MC8. If you wanted something with 12 buttons for the twelve chromatic pitches then a Macmillan 12 step or something might be better. Or some kind of midi organ foot pedal. I’d honestly suggest starting with the MC6 or smaller MC3 though.
  10. Yes, that has been possible since v3 was launched using SYNTH mode. Any MIDI controller capable of sending note-on/off messages will work. Your phone will do it.
  11. This can be done using the FI’s SYNTH mode as you can use a latched MIDI note from a keyboard/MIDI controller to play the synth bit but still send the audio from the bass to the filter and effects.
  12. A couple of new FI patches: SHM 2.mp3QM p2ds des away lpf 1.mp3QM p2ds des away ntch 1.mp3QM S&H&M LR bass.mp3 @owen soon you're going to be VERY happy...
  13. Sounds great! What’s the track? One of my favourite filters.
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