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  1. It’s because he’s no longer selling to retail stores, he said as much a while back.
  2. I’ve noticed that the switch seems to actually have four “positions” rather than simply on/off: 1. Off - main LED lit, dry signal present, unboosted; 2. main LED is lit but dry signal is muted; 3. main LED unlit, dry signal is muted; 4. main LED lit, dry signal present and mids boosted Just wondering if there might be some way to turn the mid boost switch into a deliberate dry mute switch.
  3. 1951. The first P bass had a string-through body. 😆
  4. Presumably you could borrow something like a future impact and do captures of that to get great synth sounds. I’d be curious to hear the results.
  5. Get in line, there are folks with long-standing wanted ads on here!🙂
  6. By the way, there’s a nice Sterling in the bass gallery right now, might even be your old one.
  7. Argh, I had a lovely Lakland PJ with 38mm but I could’ve traded a while back. Unfortunate timing as I’ve just bought a Sterling. By the way, isn’t the fingerboard morado (pau ferro) rather than rosewood on the UV70s?
  8. No idea. All the emails I sent bounced. Only thing I got to stock was posting to the cog Facebook page. I could probably get hold of him with a bit of effort as he’s a friend of a woodwind tech I know, but I don’t want to pry.
  9. It’s a very deep pedal and, to be honest, I felt pretty overwhelmed when beta testing it as there is just so much stuff it can do. Check out this guy’s patches: https://neuro.sourceaudio.net/?search=Gazza&scope=user&pedal=Ultrawave Bass He has done a bit of work in replicating more “traditional” sounds. If you dig into the editor, there are quite a few non-foldback options. I tended to get more pleasing results using single-band or a low number of bands when making patches but have to admit that it’s a pedal I haven’t really touched for quite some time as distortion is not something I use a lot of. It’s crazily capable but one needs to spend a chunk of time with it to fully plumb its depths.
  10. This is my second purchase from Ash. I bought a lovely Musicman Sterling from him at the weekend after he’d kindly held it for me. It duly arrived today in great shape and is a lovely bass. I’m so glad to finally have one of these again; I’d forgotten how great they sound and how comfortable they are to play. Transaction was smooth and communication great throughout. I’d happily deal again. Many thanks!
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