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  1. Fair enough dude. If I won the lottery, I'd have that custom Dolphin 6, I'd imagine it would cost something similar to your SC7!
  2. I've had (pie in the sky) quotes through from Warwick in the past, and they seem pretty good to deal with and I've never heard any horror stories, it's just the prices that I can't get past! Warwick are completely flexible now on what they will build, which would make one of my dream basses finally possible (a 32" Dolphin 6 string with a Ziracote top), but their prices have more than doubled in recent years! I have to say, I would second EAD's suggestion of an ACG, even though you already have one, just think how many ACG's you could buy for £15,000! I know where my money would go Sorry if that wasn't really any help... Eude
  3. ACG 6 string Finn SC Classic

    It is a veneer yes, and I think you're right about it being cross cut, but Alan is the man to ask about that. Very chuffed with how this is turning out! Eude
  4. ACG 6 string Finn SC Classic

    Bit of progress Eude
  5. ACG Salace headless fretless

    Another cracker! I remember back when this bass was made, seemed crazy to have a solid wenge body, but as with a lot of Alan's stuff, it just makes perfect sense once you see/play it Congrats on another lovely bass added to your collection mate. Cheers, Eude
  6. [quote name='ped' timestamp='1509465704' post='3399150'] Now, I saw a lovely headless ACG at the bash, any ideas who owned it or what model it was?! [/quote] Aha! That was mine too, glad you liked it! It's a Salace SC E Type ([url="http://basschat.co.uk/topic/272124-acg-salace-e-type/"]linkie here[/url]), and just like the fretless above, it's a 31.5" 6 string. Merton brought it, and my Krell SC E Type 5er (which is 33" scale and will be up for sale very very soon), along at Si's request so he could have another go before he ordered his custom ACG. Eude
  7. [quote name='walbassist' timestamp='1509460624' post='3399085'] Stunning bass! I took the same picture with my two! [/quote] I can't lie, your shot inspired mine
  8. This bass [size=6][b]REALLY[/b][/size] is the best bass I have ever played, never mind owned. I can't get enough of it! The craftsmanship is sublime and the sound is absolutely incredible! There's some kind of magic as a result of the wood combination, and the low B on this thing is ridiculous, especially considering it's 31.5" scale length! The top, I know very little about, the words "Fractal Birch" and an accompanying picture was all I needed to make my choose it for this bass. Alan at ACG seems to be able to get his hands on very unique materials, there's also Fractal Ebony, and Fractal Walnut too. Probably some kind of Voodoo I expect... There will definitely be some sound samples appearing as soon as I'm able... and more pics Eude
  9. It's here, and it's absolutely incredible! Eude
  10. New ACG build

    Hot damn!
  11. [quote name='Sibob' timestamp='1508702850' post='3393936'] Eerrmmmhhhgggddd Si [/quote] It's ridiculous isn't it! Eude
  12. [quote name='SpondonBassed' timestamp='1508419219' post='3392062'] That's quite a nice tint in the top. It makes it look like an expensive cake with marbled icing, perfectly applied. I want to take a big big bite. Tasteful in more ways than one. The sound on this has much to live up to but I have every confidence in your ability seeing what you've done so far. [/quote] Thank you mate, there's no tint, it's just how the top comes out! Glad you like it though, and I'm sure it'll sound lovely, Alan is a true master of his craft. [quote name='TheGreek' timestamp='1508431250' post='3392179'] More I see it the more I like it.....Spondonbassed's comment about the icing on a cake is spot on... [/quote] It does look rather tasty, I'm very much looking forward to getting my hands on it, hopefully next week! [quote name='Merton' timestamp='1508435185' post='3392223'] This is gonna be a cracker! [/quote] But of course Eude
  13. New bass day - ACG recurve

    Hot damn. It did work, but the link has gone now... Congratulations though buddy, lovely looking bass, and I know it won't be your last ACG, I'm an addict! Eude