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  1. eude

    The Official MARUSZCZYK CLUB!

    I can't believe you got away with this picture without any further questions! Firstly, its bloody gorgeous! Secondly, let's hear the specs mate, woods, electronics, scale etcs. Finally, some sound samples or even video would be awesome. Congratulations on a very sexy bass 😎 Eude
  2. eude

    What strings have the lowest tension?

    Newtone should be able to wind you a custom set with thinner cores to have lower tension. I get strings wound for my 31.5" basses in lighter gauges to have the tension of regular strings on a regular scale bass and they absolutely nail it. I'm positive they can help you achieve the opposite. They're made here in the UK, and are extremely reasonably priced too. Give them a shout, I expect you won't be disappointed 😎 Eude
  3. eude

    Neck radius

    Yup, completely flat, 0° radius. Works really well with the asymmetrical neck profile, which is also standard. I've been playing flat boards for some time now and they feel brilliant! Eude
  4. eude

    The Official MARUSZCZYK CLUB!

    I think the damage will be done for some now. We're not at barge pole yet, but it could get close sadly...
  5. eude

    Oh my, what have I done..

    And me!
  6. eude

    Upgrading an ACG

    The P Retro is an awesome little preamp, and although I love the versatility of the Uni-pre, which I have in both my fretted basses, I did find the ACG/East P Retro that little bit quicker to find the sweet spot. Might well just be the fact that it's that little bit simpler to use perhaps. Good news all round though Eude
  7. eude

    NBD - Alembic content!

    That is gorgeous, congratulations! Eude
  8. eude

    5 String Short Scales. Do they work?

    I do indeed have a few shorter ACG 6 strings. They're all 31.5" scale and the low B on them is ridiculously good. I doubt I'll ever go back to full sized basses ever again. You can hear the sound of my first 31.5" Alan made for me here >> https://m.soundcloud.com/eudeboy/sets/acg-salace-sc-e-type-samples I don't doubt for a second that even shorter can work too. A good luthier and with the right choice of strings will get you exactly what you want. Eude
  9. eude

    NAD - my Frankenstein Rig.

    Thanks dude, I have tried Ashdown, but they don't produce sleeves for the rack mounted stuff, it's a different size to the sleeved I've made contact with a couple of folks who will build a proper sleeve, just a little pricey so I need to be sure its worth it first. Congrats on the rig though, its a peach! Eude
  10. eude

    NAD - my Frankenstein Rig.

    Lovely set up! Where did you get the sleeve for your ABM RC head? I have one, in need to service and likely repair, but I'd prefer it in a sleeve... Thanks dude! Eude
  11. eude

    New ACG build (FINISHED!!!)

  12. eude

    SOLD ACG Krell 5 string bass SOLD

    Yeah, there's wriggle room on those Hipshot saddles, side to side. You might manage to get it down to 17mm maybe?
  13. eude

    SOLD ACG Krell 5 string bass SOLD

    Most 5 string ACGs are 18mm at the bridge as standard.
  14. eude

    Musicman SR5 Question...

    These guys are a UK distributor >> http://www.stringsandthings.co.uk/ They might be able to help? Eude
  15. eude


    Great to hear mate!