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  1. I have considered it yeah, I guess either that or another MXR pedal? I haven't tried their bass fuzz yet...
  2. I do like the EHX Bass Clone, so I guess if I change one, it's likely to be the Bass Big Muff. I have tried the Nano one and it didn't sound as good. I wonder if it would be possible to put the Bass Big Muff into a smaller housing, but keeping all the same guts? I've seen a few regular Big Muff rehousing jobbies like this >> Another simpler, more sensible option might be to just have one delay pedal, but I love running a reverse echo into a digital delay, it's a lot of fun, but I guess not exactly useful in any real context bar mucking around...
  3. Reckon I need a bigger boat? If anyone can suggest a nicer way to lay this out please let me know! Considering looking and a slimmer Chorus and Fuzz this year to make some room, any suggestions? (The Ditto is just place holding fro my Spectraclomp which I've loaned to @Merton for now). Cheers, Eude
  4. If they could make a 600w Gnome just by doubling the height of the current model I think they'll really have nailed it. A 4 band EQ and Speakon connectors would be wonderful too...
  5. Thank you guys. I quite like the tone and feel of the TIs but o appreciate that they're not for everyone. Something more old school would be nice to try though. I might just give the LaBellas a go.
  6. That's interesting, I really like TI Flats, can I ask what's better about the LaBellas? Eude
  7. Really sad to see it go, but to be fair I hadn't really looked at it for a long while. I met some really good people through Finnbass, most of whom I have also met in real life, and I am proud to call friends to this day. To me, there was more of a social side to Finnbass than most forums, with a lot of silly and arguably "in" jokes, but almost everyone on there was also extremely knowledgable and kind. R.I.P. Finnbass.
  8. Gorgeous! How's it sound? I recall the extreme pickup locations made some really cool tones. Eude
  9. Never a truer word said dude! An absolutely stunning example too.
  10. This is where the ACG Filter preamp comes into it's own, the additional treble stack, or high pass filter on the EQ01 gives you the ability to dial in more detail to the sound, which you could lose with just the low pass filters, it just gives you a lot more to play with. This lets you explore more extreme settings without losing articulation. I expect the limitations of the Lustihand preamp and any other straight Wal clones could be a frustration if you were used to the scope available with a 3 band EQ.
  11. Why not go a bit crazy, mask up very carefully and put in some spangly Res nail polish?
  12. +1,000,000 here. I play 31.5" basses and the low B works just fine! A well designed, well made bass will always surpass limited expectations set by instruments built on a factory line. Cheers, Eude
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