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  1. eude

    Andyjr1515 meets his Nemesis?

    If it comes to modding the neck, I guess anything you do could rather be conveniently hidden in the single cut neck neck joint
  2. eude

    Andyjr1515 meets his Nemesis?

    Things come full circle a lot quicker thanks to the internet. There's still not a lot of bolt-on single cut basses out there, compared the the more usual set-neck or neck-through anyway, and I believe that Shuker was the first Jon had made, and certainly one of the earliest ones here in the UK, so it's probably engrained into the search engines now. Eude
  3. eude

    Andyjr1515 meets his Nemesis?

    Well hello there! That bass used to be mine, and that's my photo! Small world @Andyjr1515! It's a Shuker Single Cut 6er, my first foray into the world of custom basses. I sold it, about 8 years ago I think to another member on here who doesn't seem to be around any more. It was a lovely lovely bass, but I hadn't quite figured out what I needed in a custom bass at that point, and things like nut width aren't exactly easy to change. Anyway, that would be a fine way to put together a bolt-on single cut, but I can appreciate how tricksy it will be to have the body follow the taper of the neck beyond the fender block. You could however try something like this super sexy ACG >> Just use the neck bolt pattern as it is, and then the rest of the single cut shape beyond that point is purely visual, rather than part of the joint itself? Just throwing it in there If anyone can figure this out it's you thought mate! Eude
  4. eude

    Improving a Sadowsky’s tone

    It does look lovely, however I'd be tempted by a B/W/B one, just saying Eude
  5. I MUCH prefer his tone there to his more recent sound too. Eude
  6. eude

    Case/bag for s-s headless?

    Both my ACG headless basses fit nicely in a Fusion guitar sized case/bag >> https://www.fusion-bags.com/collections/guitar-gig-bags/products/urban-electric-guitar-gig-bag They're both 31.5", so a little longer than yours, but your basses should fit just fine. In fact, most guitar sized bags should do the trick. Eude
  7. eude

    6 String Bass Project

    I'd be a little concerned about the lower horn not giving you enough purchase for it to balance well on the lap. Perhaps extend it a little to compensate for the big ol' headstock and 6 tuners?
  8. eude

    Conway Instruments Taranis Fretless

    Oooooh... Looking forward to seeing this come to life! I see you've got yourself 3 treats now, and yet nothing for me. Eude
  9. That's really interesting. I used to do a lot of work with photographic companies and retailers, and one big camera company in particular who were my main client. We used to supply ads, banner campaigns etcs, every month to pretty much every single camera mag here in the UK and that didn't get you any favour when it came to how your reviews went, only the promise that they would actually review it. Eude
  10. eude

    The Official MARUSZCZYK CLUB!

    Nope. Yours is nicer dude, you can relax 😁
  11. I know @rockdog was trying to sell my old ACG one a little while back, however his ad has gone... Here's my original ad >> It's a 31.5" scale, so maybe not short enough, but it's a lovely bass, and SO easy to play. I very much wish I hadn't had to sell it and that I could afford to have it back Eude
  12. It's all subjective I guess. At least so far we're all agreed the new Bona bass mings though, on here and Talkbass!
  13. I think Ashdown do a pretty good job with the look and feel of most of their products, not necessarily to everyone's liking but I think for the large part they've always looked considered and professional. I also think the logo is great, it tips the hat to the other non-bass influences that got them going at the beginning, classic cars etcs. Eude
  14. Very good point, the subjective nature of a bass, and any instrument for that matter, almost renders the review process entirely pointless!
  15. Images of Bona's new signature have been going around for a while now, and I'm not a fan at all, but each to their own I guess. The design isn't all that original though, as mentioned above and all over TalkBass. A P/J hybrid is at least a slightly different stab at yet another Super Jazz, but it certainly misses the mark for me. I much preferred the look of Bona's Fodera is I'm honest, but I do like those cooky single cut basses...