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  1. The shorter than usual scale and the narrow spacing will have helped too, but the flat board definitely plays an important part. It's a hell of a bass! Eude
  2. https://www.fender.com/articles/tech-talk/what-is-fingerboard-radius Smaller radius for chords, flatter board for single notes, according to Fender anyway. As far as I'm aware picking hand technique hasn't been a factor in the decision, not denying it could play a part in some folks' playing though. I find that floating thumb technique, which I rely on as someone with small hands playing 6 string basses, makes much more sense on a flat board. Like I pointed out though, it's all up to the individual. Eude
  3. Flat boards just make sense, to me at least. If you're used to an extremely radiused board, like on some older Fenders, or newer ones aping Fenders of old, it may feel odd, however you quickly get used to it. Radiused boards are a hangover from classical instruments like violas, when an arc made it easier to bow the strings separately. It was adopted on modern electric guitars, by Leo Fender I think, as it made it easier to play bar chords. If you look at classical guitars however, they're all flat. You can achieve a more consistent set up, especially on extended range basses, and also a more consistent attack to your playing. It's still one of those you say tomato, I say tomato things, but if given the choice I would always go flat now. Eude
  4. eude

    Cheap Fan Fret

    I would agree very much with this. As a life long 6 string bass player, along with 5s and 4s, I still get niggled, less often now, about a 6 string bass not being a "real" bass. The same applies here, nothing is pointless, just because someone uses a different paint brush to you, it doesn't make their choice any less valid than yours.
  5. I play 31.5" and 30.5" basses and Newtone very much keep me happy too. They'll make you anything you want, within reason and will try to meet your requirements with regards to strings tension, pliability, weight etc. There's a lot that can be done when things are all done by hand. They'll do Nickel, Steel, Round Core, Hex Core, Tapered, Exposed Cares, but they don't do flats yet, however I have bugged them about it for a while, so you never know, they could be on the cards in the future. Eude
  6. This little Mi10 cab would go great with that head >> I've got two Mi10 cabs and they're brilliant wee things! Even better, if you can find one of these >> Eude
  7. I don't think there'll be any issue with versatility or tone on offer, it just won't be all that loud. Class D has come a long way since those amps, and still has a long way to go yet I think, but for home use, and smaller gigs I think it'd be pretty good. Remember, the max load is 8 ohms, so you'll only be able to hook up one 8 ohm cab, but it puts out it max wattage at 8 ohms. For the money, I'd have an Ashdown over any of those others, especially the TC! Eude
  8. Ashdown will repair non Ashdown amps, or they certainly have in the past, and their customer service is second to none, might be worth giving them a shout?
  9. I had a similar wobble recently. I've amassed quote a collection lately, and I started to feel a little guilty about it, as I'm really only playing at home at the moment, BUT, I fully intend to get back out there once my youngest is a little older, and I know I would massively regret shifting any of them really, so hopefully it'll never come to it. Don't sell them dude Eude
  10. Why not keep the basses you know you'll regret selling and get an affordable workhorse P? Something like this? https://www.andertons.co.uk/brands/gl-guitars/lb-series-basses/g-l-tribute-lb-100-bass-in-3-tone-sunburst-3-ply-black-pickguard-vintage-tint-gloss-neck-with-brazilian-cherry-fingerboa Eude
  11. eude

    Cheap Fan Fret

    I expect a lot of that kind of bass playing for that style of music sounds exactly the same until you put it through the de rigueur DarkGlass signal chain, regardless of the bass. I'm not trying to be negative, just it seems to me you need a bit more processing to get the best out of the instrument in that genre. Here's a great example, there's a lot more eq in play and a delicious dose of dirt. I expect you might be able to get close to that sound with the bass above if you had the right outboard gear, and Nolly's chops of course... Eude
  12. Well you brought my build back from the dead into something absolutely playable and why beyond what I'd ever hoped for, something I'll be forever grateful for! Eude
  13. It's a fantastic neck joint. The whole neck's not shifted a jot since its arrival over a year ago, so it's been through everything an Edwardian house in London can throw at it, silly damp cold in the winter through to silly heat in the summer without even needing adjustment. The low B is fantastic on it too, given the shorter scale, the neck and the neck joint are playing big parts in that. I don't know why more people don't try this kind of neck joint out... Eude
  14. eude


    Doesn't look like you can get them from Amazon at the moment, but if you're brave, Alibaba have them... https://m.alibaba.com/product/60816702360/MiNi-5string-ukulele-electric-bass.html
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