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  1. Shorter scales have come a long way. Having them expertly made and then great strings to match help too. As much as bass building is getting better, I think strings have really come along recently, having said that though, I've found even regular scale strings feel and sound pretty darned good on my 31.5" basses. Here's a wee snippet on my 30.5" ACG, this is wearing full scale flats too, and the low E string is bloody marvellous! >> I think the bulk of the magic is in the ACG though, something the OP will be realising this week Eude
  2. No, I wasn't lucky enough to own that particular ACG. Ever since going down the custom route I've been going shorter and shorter, and I've settled on 31.5" now for all my basses bar one shorty which is 30.5". A full scale bass would've been too big... I've owned and sold a lot of ACGs on my journey, but I doubt the ones I have now will ever leave. Here's my main squeeze for reference... Eude
  3. What an absolute peach, congratulations! This was one of a few of @skelf's early basses that absolutely set my world on fire, and set me on a path to owning more ACGs than I know what to do with! I can't believe how good the condition of the bass is, it looks as good as new! Enjoy it, then more pics and sound samples please Eude
  4. Holy crap! Absolutely stunning! Eude
  5. I've found that if Zilla are busy, they aren't bothered about bringing in little jobs like amps sleeves. I had contacted them about my sleeve before going with Mike Walsh, I got a ballpark figure after about 4 unanswered emails, chased it up by phone, which again took several attempts over several days before any one actually picked up, followed by another couple of unanswered emails. Mike swept in, beat the Zilla price and the end product is absolutely fantastic! Mike also makes very nice cabs too Eude
  6. If he had, there wouldn't be Musicman or G&L, both of which play a big part in the bass and guitar landscape I do find all this Fender wheel reinvention tedious and frustrating, but I guess I'm just not their target market. If I was a guitar player, I would certainly be coveting a new Jazzmaster, but their basses are just meh to me these days, have been for a very long time now if I'm honest. Eude
  7. Can we report Fender for "fake news" on this one? They regularly market their refreshes as ground breaking, brand new, better than ever before, and all they are ever really offering is a few new colours, and if you're lucky a pickup combination they haven't offered for 9 months. I am SO bored with this stuff, I appreciate that's just my opinion, but surely most of you find these announcements massively underwhelming? Eude
  8. Here's a pic for reference...
  9. Another vote for Mike Walsh from Zootbass, Mike made a sleeve for my Ashdown ABM RC and it's beyond what I expected, absolutely perfect with incredible attention to detail. Eude
  10. Wow, looks like they already tried this a while back >> https://www.andertons.co.uk/guitar-dept/guitar-pedals/multi-fx-units/second-hand-fender-mustang-floor-pedal-inc-box-psu Wonder if they might look to revisit it at some point, even just for us bassists...
  11. Exactly what I was thinking. The guitard stuff they do has been well received too. I wonder if they've already got something on the way. It seems a very logical thing to do... Eude
  12. Zombie thread here... Just thinking out loud really, but why on earth don't Fender put their modelling software into a nice solid pedal housing, like their new range of effect pedals? I reckon they would be on to a bit of a winner there, they've already done all the hard work, there's specific guitar and bass versions, working at two levels too, basic and fully fledged. Surely they would fly off the shelves? Eude
  13. eude

    ACG RetroB 5

    Well guys this bass is incredible. Everything I hoped for, expected from an ACG and more. I honestly can't really argue that I "need" any more basses now. Should I be happy or sad about that... Pic for attention... Eude
  14. I've met John on numerous occasions and he has no real reason to remember who I am, I'm not a pro, or a serious player on any level any more, and yet he always recognises me. He's an absolute gentleman and as stated above the designer of some of the, if not thee best preamps in the world. If only the world had more John Easts! Eude
  15. Am I right in assuming that the Alpher boys weren't involved in the refinishing then?
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