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  1. That is absolutely stunning @binky_bass, congratulations! I'll bet 12 days in transit was a bit of squeaky bum time, great to see it arrive in one piece. That is one amazing guitar. Eude
  2. I'm hoping to do some recording soon, so you can hear for yourself, I'll share a link on here when I'm done. On a personal experience note, I've not played any basses that have been great on the B string above the 12th fret, it could well be my technique of course 😉 Eude
  3. eude

    Dtc basses

    That is stunning! Congratulations! Eude
  4. I agree the build quality seems crap, but I have found mine to be very useful. Seeing that there are so many copies on the market, surely somebody, somewhere can do a knock off and make it high quality? Metal body, good quality electronics, USB recharge etcs. If I had the time, inclination, and a bit of money I'd do it myself! Be interested to hear what you think of the Donner one. Eude
  5. Sorry to see this incredible instrument possibly moving on again! I can appreciate the joys of a shorter scale though. Hopefully whoever gets their hands on this will keep it forever, if it was shorter, I would certainly be tempted, it's absolutely stunning! <ACG Nerd> There's actually 2 other Harlot SC S Types around... http://www.acguitars.co.uk/project/0025-harlot-s-type-5/ http://www.acguitars.co.uk/project/0012-harlot-s-type-5 </ACG Nerd> Eude
  6. Absolutely, if they built it to he bomb proof with better sound quality, surely they'd be on to a winner even at a higher price point? Eude
  7. I think these must vary wildly. Quality Control on these cheap plastic things is never particularly consistent. The build quality I would agree with, but mine has held up fine for a good 6 years or so now. The sound on mine is great though, loads of treble on tap too, too much, I tend to run the time at 50%. They must be very changeable... Eude
  8. Another vote for the Vox AmPlug here. I've had one for several years now, and as much as I was worried it wouldn't last given the build quality, it has been amazing! I actually quite like the way it sounds too, I believe it amp sims a classic Vox bass amp, whatever that is. @Dam1903 I've not had any issues with volume, but you can change input pad by pressing the power button for a moment when it's on, too long as you'll turn it off though I use this when I'm going between active and passive basses. Sorry if you've already tried that. Good over the ear headphones make a huge difference too, in ear headphones are pants for this kind of thing. I had some decent Audiotechnica ones that I use for a while but I'm not using my Meters OV-1-Bs and the sound is incredible! I do wish Vox would come out with a higher end version of this, or that someone else would as I would buy one in a heart beat. I know you can get better headphone amps, the Phil Jones thing and Ashdown do a lovely one now too, but the fact you can plug this straight into your instrument without any cables is liberating. Eude
  9. The ACG bodies in general are smaller than your average Fender P anyway, so they work just fine with shorter scales. All my ACGs are 31.5" scale and they work really well. Eude
  10. They're all at it. Skjold charge an extra $500 for an Ash neck, Fodera, an extra $1000! Ash, suitable for necks is usually cheaper to buy trade than even the most agricultural plain maple. At the end of the day, if people are willing to pay for it, these guys will charge for it. It's not right, but it's their business, we just need to decide ourselves if we could live with justifying these extra costs that are clearly a rip off, you don't need to look very hard to figure that out. If you want an Alembic? Good luck, I'd rather have a couple of other custom basses, and amp and a car! Eude
  11. Don't worry, you've just settled into one bass, kinda like driving a bus for living and then driving a car at the weekend, it'll feel weird. As you know, I've got a fair few basses, all ACGs, but that's moot in this, and I found if I play one for a while the others feel odd. Moving from 6 string headed, to 4 string with flats, to 6 string headless fretless to 5 string fretted could be confusing, so I make a point of rotating them often. I don't currently have the luxury of a space to have them all out at the same time, so changing whichever one is in the living room every week seems to work well for me. I think you need to consider them more like different paint brushes. Eude
  12. Update... Looks like it was a bargain!
  13. Wow! There's nothing special or different that they are doing to justify that price. Does that make it's asking price of £3500 in 84 reasonable? Insanity.
  14. I think new, now, something like that would be in the region of £20,000...
  15. Absolutely stunning! Eude
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