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  1. I'm glad to hear this to be honest, if a player has to pay for an instrument, then you can be confident that they actually "endorse" the brand, rather than just selling out for free stuff. It's easy, or easier, for factory line bass manufacturers to give stuff away, as the cost to them is nothing compared to investment, time and effort that goes into a handmade instrument. Eude
  2. Wow! Seriously!? I know they'd topped €10,000 but that is a crazy jump! I remember buying Thumb BO 5er in the late 90's for £1300, hand made in Germany, roughly the same thing now would be £3700! They are incredible instruments, and I'll bet their custom stuff is out of this world, but again, wow! Eude
  3. Warwick's custom prices are now seriously silly, but, they're not quite Fodera silly, yet I guess if folks are willing to pay though, they will charge what they want. If I won lottery money, I'd certainly give Hans P Wilfer a call about a short scale 6 string Dolphin... Eude
  4. I watched that whole gig the other day and really enjoyed it! I've always rated We Borland, and Durst has still totally got it. I believe the main reason for Sam Rivers changing basses is the weight, he's not in great shape physically from what I've heard, his back really can't handle a weight of a Warwick these days. Still sounds like him too. Eude
  5. I would love to try the wooden cabs, I actually prefer the look of them to the Aero ones, but I can appreciate just how insanely well designed and made the carbon cabs are. I just prefer the aesthetic (and price 😉) of the wooden ones...
  6. The one on the right looks pants, I don't mind the one on the left though. Those basses are always going to sound like Ryan, because of his playing style and the fact the pickup placement is identical to the Thumb Bass. I think it's a bit of a shame though, I've always loved the look and the sound of Thumb Basses, and I think they look way cooler than those Foderas. I wonder what amp he's using with it, he's used Warwick amps forever too... Eude
  7. I don't think it's the Aero stuff, it's their regular wooden cabs, which are meant to be bloody marvelous too by the way.
  8. Thank you for that! The EKO on the whole sounds the best to my ears, but I think the SG has the edge when the neck pickup is soloed and the tone rolled off. Wonderful basses dude, enjoy! Eude
  9. I expect folks will likely pair their Digbeth heads with BF cabs as you can get a similar look and they'll be half the weight of the Laney cabs, which is a shame.
  10. Total sense, that's how I asked Alan to make it It's a super comfortable bass!
  11. Wow, my old Finn 6er! You've taken amazing care of it, it's an incredible bass too. If I hadn't moved to even shorter scales, I'd be seriously tempted to buy it back. Just for reference, something similar these days would likely be over £3k now, but absolutely worth every penny Best of luck with the sale! Cheers, Eude
  12. Thank you for the info dude, I look forward to hearing how it performs. I actually use 2 x 1x10s, but I was wondering if a more modern 2x8 would outperform that setup and speaker technology seems to move very quickly at the moment and my cabs are a few years old now... Cheers, Eude
  13. How capable is the 2x8? I've always been intrigued by little cabs like that. Currently using some older 1x10s but I wonder ifore modern 2x8s would do just as well of not better... Eude
  14. Yup, I've been saying this since the launch day! I appreciate some folks want big cabs for big stages, but if I'm completely honest I don't know many who actually do. Two high powered 1x12 cabs, that aren't crazy heavy is probably the safest bet for most folks I would expect. Laney have made light cabs in the past, fingers crossed they add something to the Digbeth lineup... Eude
  15. Very true, something actually unique to the player, unlike almost every other signature. Can't image they would sell many though. A lot of folks really dislike Limp Bizkit, but I think they're fun, they really do not take themselves seriously. I also really rate Borland's stuff he's done on his own, some of the Black Light Burns stuff is fantastic, and he's released some demos that never saw the light before for a band called Eat the Day, where he plays that weird 4 string bass guitar hybrid thing exclusively, along with another guitarist doing more regular guitar stuff. Worth checking out, and nothing like Limp Bizkit. Eude
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