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  1. Bass suggestions?

    Another +1 for ACG from me! IF you want a 5 string fretless, they have this one in stock right now >> http://www.acguitars.co.uk/project/0267-salace-e-type-fretless-5/ Eude
  2. What bass would you get for your 50th?

    That sounds amazing!
  3. ACG 6 string Finn SC Classic

    Thanks dude! The low B is great, it's down to the kind of Voodoo you get when someone makes an instrument diligently and expertly by hand, and some custom strings. The combo of ACG's remarkable skills and the Newtone strings makes it all possible. I don't have any recordings of this bass yet, but I do have some of my headless ACG 6er, same scale length, here >> I'm so happy with the 31.5" scale length now that I don't have any basses any bigger, and they're all 6 strings tuned B to C! Eude
  4. ACG 6 string Finn SC Classic

    I think it would be forgiven for anything right now, just look at it!
  5. What bass would you get for your 50th?

    That's wonderful news! Care to share the spec?
  6. ACG 6 string Finn SC Classic

    Well this little puppy arrived last week... As I'm sure you can expect, I'm beyond delighted with it! It's exactly as I'd hoped, and so so compact and playable. I'll have to try and get a picture of it alongside a full sized Jazz Bass for reference. My other basses are both 31.5" 6 strings too, but they're headless, so even smaller as a result... As I hinted at, this bass is intended to be a bit of a homecoming, based on my first ACG but tweaked to match my now more refined and elegant tastes, and it's hit the spot perfectly More soon, and some proper pics taken in daylight, and maybe even some sound samples! Eude
  7. Oooh, I'm going to have to pick a copy of that up! Thanks for the tip. Now back to the original topic Eude
  8. Very cool mate! The B Series pickups are extremely good pickups, which I'm more than happy with in my basses, but the MC Series are a whole new ball game, the pick up every bit of your playing and are wonderfully balanced and even sounding across the whole range of the bass, a real hifi experience if that makes sense? I'd have them in all my basses if I could afford them, and if they were available in my narrower string spacing, but they aren't for now It looks like Alan has a bass with MC Series pickups in stock at the moment, so if you're lucky, you should be able to give it a go and see what I mean... Eude
  9. You won't be disappointed, the Krell looks cool and is really ergonomic too (much like all of Alan's designs). If you can stretch to it, go for the MC Series pickups too, they're are amazing. Can't wait to hear how you get on. I'm expecting another delivery from ACG Towers tomorrow Eude
  10. Another vote for ACG here. Best basses I've ever played/owned, and I'm sure you could get something really special within your budget. ACG do carbon fibre reinforced necks and multi-laminates so you won't have any issues with stability. I know Alan has made a bass tuned an octave below low E which works perfectly too, so low C won't be a problem at all. Eude
  11. Scale change: Fretted/fretless

    Hey mate, I went from 34" to 36" to 34" during the first 14 years or so of playing to 33" for about 10 years and now I only play 31.5" basses. I wouldn't worry too much about muscle memory, with a bit of practice it'll become second nature. You might find that you'd rather replace your other basses with shorter scales too, as that's what happened to me If you are having issues with reach due to arthritis, I would go as short as you can. I'm not the biggest bloke and going shorter and then shorter again was an absolute revelation for me, and when the bass is built by someone who knows what they're doing, Alan at ACG would be my recommendation, there's really no loss in tone, only a fatter sound to the upper strings and register, which isn't exactly a negative side effect. Where are you based? If you can get to South Croydon, you're more than welcome to come try my basses out. Cheers, Eude
  12. ACG 6 string Finn SC Classic

    Ha ha, I certainly can't endorse such activities, but I certainly can doff my cap!
  13. ACG 6 string Finn SC Classic

    Actually, it's going to have an East Uni-pre 4k this one, and there is a switch, for Series/Parallel/Single Coil operation of the RFB pickup. Toast? I'm not sure, but often, the RFB pickups in Series are pokey enough to scorch a bran muffin at 10 paces... Eude
  14. ACG 6 string Finn SC Classic

    And only yesterday I got this one... So achingly close! Eude
  15. ACG 6 string Finn SC Classic

    I've been neglecting this thread terribly, sorry! A few weeks ago, I received these wonderful photos... Eude