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  1. I've literally only ever seen high profile endorser types playing them, usually always in YouTube demos rather than in real life, and they all seem to have given them back. Lots people excited about trying them, but nothing but radio silence since the launch. Like I said, a swing and a miss... Given the fact you can get a completely hand made, fully customised instrument for less, the market for these basses doesn't exist. Eude
  2. Very true, the ideas in concept with the Boden are all sound, but they way they've been applied have let most who were keen to see the results down. The end result is only representative of the Boden. Looks like a pretty big swing and a miss from Strandberg from where I'm standing. Eude
  3. Before I moved to Newtone strings I used DRs most of the time, I always got mine from these guys >> https://www.ebay.com/str/Bass-Specialties/ Don't think I ever paid much more than £30 including shipping from the US for a 6 string set. Never got stung for any import tax either, unlike when I bought some custom La Bellas, but all that might be down to the package value maybe? Still, even with tax they're still cheaper than buying in the UK. Madness... Eude
  4. Have to say mate, that sounds marvellous, really full sound considering to diminutive proportions of the rig. I used to see a band play regularly, years ago in Glasgow and the bassist had an SWR Baby Blue 2x8 combo with the matching 2x8 extension cab and it was loud enough for a reasonably sized fairly lively pub with no PA support. I'm fairly sure those things maxed out at 180w too! They literally don't make them like they used to... Eude
  5. My 6er is wonderful! @Andyjr1515 certainly know's what he's doing! Eude
  6. eude

    ACG RetroB 5

    We have some more progress. The fingerboard is now blocked and will be getting glued to the neck soon. It's second from the top, Cocobolo with AI Maple blocks 😎 Eude
  7. Ooooft! That's working out well!
  8. Wow! I borrowed an Acoustic Image combo once for a gig, I think it was a 2x8" with one of the speakers firing downwards, similar omnidirectional concept and it worked really well, it even kept up with a loud drummist and filled the small/medium room, probably about 100 folks in attendance. I didn't realise they did stand alone cabs?... Tell me more. Eude
  9. New sofa, new bass porn shot. Eude
  10. I'm a very lucky chap.
  11. Fair enough, all I know is that the changes I've made, going from 35", through 34", to 33" and finally to 31.5", haven't resulted in anything negative for me, and I enjoy playing even more now. Eude
  12. It's called "Fractal Birch", it's a man made figured effort made by laminating lots of wood together, as far as I'm aware. Alan could give you more accurate info on it I expect. I rather like it myself 😎 Eude
  13. Feck, it's Sanctified, not Sin. Eude
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