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  1. Ha ha, significantly, sadly. However, I think with the increasing costs of US factory made Fenders, their Professional II and Ultra branded basses are actually in the same ball park! Eude
  2. I would agree that the above applies in your more common or garden factory made bass, i.e. when comparing a Mustang to a Precision bass. As soon as you talk about hand made basses, none of that can really be applied as you're not comparing apples with apples. I would argue that, just for example, a 30" 5 string Serek would likely have a better B string than a 34" factory made Fender Jazz 5 string. Just my 2p Eude
  3. The price on those Miezo basses is fantastic, the ETS bridge unit and tuner block alone would take up a very big chunk of the $480 asking price!
  4. If you want flats, try out TI Flats too, they are wonderful strings!
  5. Another vote for Netwtone here. LaBella do very nice short scale strings too by all accounts, but with Newtone, they can wind specifically for your needs. I play 31.5" scale basses and Neil winds a set based around a 0.100 E for me, designed to feel more like a 0.105 set, of that makes sense? Heavier, hex core I think is the trick They''re also wound to the exact length I need so the wrap round the tuner doesn't upset the witness point on the nut. Lots of clever stuff can be done to get the absolute best out of a short scale instrument when you know the right folks Eude
  6. I think that construction and string technology has really come a long way recently, so I think a shorter scale bass makes for a great proposition now, they're not just plummy sounding "beginner" basses any more. I do think that there being so many of them all of a sudden has a chunk to do with them being trendy, but I don't think they will recede back to how things were a few years ago. I personally have gone shorter, 31.5" in my case, and I really can't see any negatives. Eude
  7. That's a really cool bass! I think that some folks have now realised that a bass doesn't have to be huge to still be a bass. There was a classic, weird little bass back in the 60's/70's, not quite sure when, which was regarded as a wonderful bass for recording when you needed that big thick short scale tone, the Airline Pocket Bass, which has recently been reissued by Eastwood >> https://eastwoodguitars.com/collections/bass/products/airline-pocket-bass That's a 26.5" bass, and they haven't struggled to sell them. Modern pickup technology, modern strings and considered construction have made it possible to create super usable, yet compact and easy to play instruments that sound great! I hope we see a lot more of these wee beasties! Are you going to make yourself another one like your last one? Cheers, Eude
  8. My Oh My! What a stunning bass! Eude
  9. Thanks for the heads up @BassBunny, but it's not quite the right thing. The factory built NEO combo is smaller, lighter, it also has a tweeter and different porting. This is a fantastic combo, but I really need something that wee bit smaller so I leave it in the living room Good luck with the sale @funkydoug Cheers, Eude
  10. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  11. I saw it on Instagram, sounds fantastic! Be interested once you get it to see if Jake's managed to make Dunlop manufacture a medium scale low B string... Hopefully it arrives very soon! Eude
  12. Love it, I actually prefer that design, and I much prefer a bolt-on single cut too Amazing.
  13. If you fire it off to Ashdown, it's probably the typical Class D circuit breaker problem, my, MiBass 2.0 had it, same symptoms, nothing from the speakers, but the headphone out worked. Or of course, anyone who buys it could Eude
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