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  1. eude

    How good is the Zoom B3n? I brought one to find out.

    Thank you very much for sharing. Yeah, as close as I got to pulling the trigger on a multi effects, I found myself looking out problems and complaints about digital sounds, not helped by woeful and completely gutless demos all over YouTube, but your little video definitely tilts things back the other way! Eude
  2. eude

    How good is the Zoom B3n? I brought one to find out.

    That sounds EPIC! What settings are you using, and I assume you're kicking in an Octaver for the extra heavy tone? Typically, I've literally just thrown out the idea of multieffects and started building a bloody board with analog pedals... Eude
  3. eude

    Conway Instruments Taranis Fretless

    Oh dear, we may both be in trouble then...
  4. eude

    Any short scale Marusczyk Elwood owners?

    Wonderful, thank you! And, yes apologies for the derailment, my bad... Eude
  5. eude

    Any short scale Marusczyk Elwood owners?

    Ooooh. What's the specs?... Eude
  6. That's all very exciting, greta work mate!
  7. eude

    Warwick confusion

    If you fancy a 5 string, have a look at this... https://www.facebook.com/groups/BassPlayersMarketUK/permalink/2346532325358382/?sale_post_id=2346532325358382 No link to the seller, just seems a bargain. Eude
  8. eude

    Andyjr1515 meets his Nemesis?

    Nice, Aaron is a bit of a genius isn't he! All my ACG basses have Aaron's pickups in them, wound to ACG specs, although I have had them fine tuned a little, usually just overwound for a bit more guts and a little less treble. Eude
  9. eude

    Andyjr1515 meets his Nemesis?

    That is bloody gorgeous @Andyjr1515! Forgive me if the details are in an older post, but what's the spec on the pickup? Eude
  10. Oak on the right? I've always wondered how Oak would perform in bass construction...
  11. I think the "broad" bit of the Broadneck basses was more determined by the string spacing at the bridge, 19mm or maybe even 20mm? I played a Thumb Bass 5er for years and I really like 16.5mm spacing on my 6s, just feels like home. I go for 18mm on 4s and 5s though... Eude
  12. Ah, well if there's not enough wood, it's obviously not possible. Are you going by the usual Warwick 'Broadneck" specs, which would mean 47mm at the nut? All my 6ers have 54mm width nuts, but a little narrower isn't a bad thing, but I reckon 47mm would be too narrow... Also, headless 6ers rule, I've got two Eude
  13. eude

    ACG Fretless 5

    ACGs don't smell like 'pre-loved' basses too, which has to be a good thing A friend of mine bought a 70's tele, a guitar he'd dreamed of owning for 2 decades, bought it without seeing it in the flesh, it arrived, looked, played and sounded amazing, but it stank to high heaven of cigarettes. No amount of airing, or anything else would get rid of it, perhaps a total refinish, but then it would've lost it's 'mojo'. He sold it on, made a slight profit and made a bitsa tele with an 80's body and a 90's neck from ebay, gave it a bit of a kicking and he now has something that looks the part, sounds just as good, possibly better and doesn't stink. I was considering getting a YOB around my 40th last year, but his story very much changed my mind. My ACGs look, play and smell better than any 'old' bass Eude
  14. Fair enough my friend, but don't forget, 6 string basses are one string cooler than 5 Eude
  15. eude

    ACG Fretless 5

    ACGs are built in batches these days, timing is everything Eude