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  1. I used to have the original Promethean combo, which featured the head you're talking about. It's an awesome piece, very loud with a nice warm tone. The graphic EQ is very useful and all in, if I'm honest, I wish I'd never sold mine. I have no idea why on earth they stopped making them, but it was a bad move. The newer ones are a bit pants... If I was you I'd go for it 😎 Eude
  2. Really nice buddy, congrats!
  3. eude

    Zilla Cabs

    I needed a nice amp sleeve made up for an Ashdown ABM and went with Mike Walsh of Zoot Basses fame and he knocked it out of the park, he even managed to ape the sleeve design on the newer IV series and it's perfect. I'm delighted Zilla didn't get back to me. He used to make great cabs under the guise of Purple Chilli back in the day, light weight, but more burly than the Barefaced stuff. I think Zilla and Barefaced are very much apples and oranges here, but if Mike was still happy to make cabs, he'd maybe be somewhere in the middle. Eude
  4. eude

    Zilla Cabs

    They're not fantastic at replying to emails or returning calls. I ended up going elsewhere for what I needed. Eude
  5. I play 31.5" scale 6 string basses with custom strings, with a 125 taperwound B and it works perfectly. I reckon some custom strings are likely the way forward then. Eude
  6. Newtone strings are your friends here, custom made to your specific requirements. Give them a shout, but keep in mind a good setup will really work wonders too. Eude
  7. I think they're a standard foot switch type of arrangement, so if you can find something with the same number of switches and the same connectors for less, you should be fine.
  8. Cost me less than £100 to have my ABM which wasn't working, diagnosed, repaired, serviced and cleaned up. Bargain really, given the age of it. Fantastic communication before and during having the work carried out too. I think they can pretty much repair any ABM head on site, of any age. Eude
  9. I've just had an ABM EVO II serviced and repaired at Ashdown HQ for very little money in the grand scheme. ABMs are awesome amps, however I think the IIIs were assembled overseas, whereas the IIs and IVs are UK made? Correct me if I'm wrong. Happy hunting! Eude
  10. Sorry, should add Huawei P10 and Chrome here.
  11. Same issue here. Something to do with an advertising change?
  12. Oh, and you'll love the Salace SC E Type shape, it's super ergonomic without looking weird. Eude
  13. I'm 5"6' and shrinking thanks to carrying my enormous children on my shoulders. I reckon a 26.5" 6er might be the first bass that would look about right on me! Eude
  14. Awesome! I've been thinking along these lines myself! Will it be tunes B to C? Eude
  15. Completely agree, strings vary SO much in tension and feel too. I use custom Newtone strings on my basses, would to compensate for the loss of tension due to the shorter scale, but I popped a set of stock SIT Silencers on my fretless 6er as I had them lying around, and the tension on them, even though they're designed for 34" scale, is actually really good. Custom strings really help, but as you stated, you might find that regular strings work just as well. Eude
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