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  1. Me too, what's happening?! Could he fix it? Can it be fixed? Has it been turned into a clarinet? Eude
  2. I vote Newtone. I adore their strings, I've got their steels on one bass just now and I'm really liking those too, weird having only played nickels for years and years... Eude
  3. That is gorgeous! Congratulations! Eude
  4. I think they've probably had their moments, as have most manufacturers to be fair, but by and large their customer support has always been great. The ABM stuff has always been well made, I think it's some of the cheaper stuff that perhaps got a bad rep. I used to use a rehearsal space in Glasgow and I kept blowing up their stupid Ampeg SVTs, eventually they bought in an ABM, for us tricky bass players, and it never missed a beat. Real workhorse stuff. And as far as the Superfly being a bit crappy, I think it was the first commercially available class D bass amp on the market, which nobody ever seems to give them props for never mind all the extra crazy stuff it did too. Sadly, I think Ashdown are a brand that some folks like to bash, and I have no idea why. They did but after Gibson, who bought it from Kaman. I got my first TC amp just after the Gibson takeover, as far as I'm aware the original work done by the real Trace engineers was still in effect with Kaman, and then Gibson came in and ruined everything. For some mad reason though, folks were selling off pre Gibson stock cheap, even though it was far superior! It was a good time to buy... Personally, I'm a very big Ashdown fan. Eude
  5. eude

    ACG RetroB 5

    We're even closer... Eude
  6. How did I miss this thread before now?! I own a fair few ACG basses and have played many many more, so hopefully I can give you some of my impressions of the bits you're asking about. Righto, pickups. The regular ACG pickups, the B Series ones are hand wound by Aaron Armstrong, and come in several flavours these days and in 3 casing sizes. There's the original FB which is a sidewinder humbucking pickup which gives a nice modern jazz bass vibe, with more midrange and a bit of natural compression to the notes. There's the RFB pickups, which are more like a Musicman pickups, with the magnets side by side, giving a more ballsy tone. These can both be augmented with the switches you mention, to give you access to series, single coil and parallel modes. I appreciate that the series mode always sounds better, as it's bigger, but there's subtleties and nuances to the other two modes which are worth exploring too. There's the SB, single coil pickups, which come in a '70s style' now too, which are very much Jazz Bass style pickups, and finally the PB, Precision Bass style pickups, which can also be reversed for a more modern take. All of the above can be tuned to a certain degree by using different magnet types and having things underwound or overwound too, as these are hand made to order it's no huge hardship. MC Series pickups are a very different animal! As @EMG456 stated, they are punchy and detailed, very detailed. My experience of them is that they pick up every single thing on the bass every subtlety come across in quite a hifi manner, you basically get EVERYTHING you play and every note regardless of position or string sounds even and balanced throughout the entirety of the bass. If you've got the budget I would go for the MC pups as it just gives you more to work with, unless you're looking for more of a vintage tone vibe. The preamps. The original EQ01, which you've had experience of, had a wider sweep than the DFM, but now the filter sweeps are the same on both preamps. The main differentiator now is that the DFM has a different stack for the treble control, which is basically a sweepable treble/mid boost which is easier to use than the high pass filter on the EQ01, but obviously less flexible. I've had, and still have some basses with Uni-pre's and ACG filter preamps, and if you're a set it and stick guy, and you really like to go for that burpy midrange on the back pickup, I would stick with the filter preamp, probably the DFM, dialling in that kind of tone is an absolute breeze with that set up, and technically, you could still have a different tone set up with the other filter on your 'spare' pickup to blend in or switch to entirely for a different sound on the fly, something you can only do when you have separate controls per pickup. I really like the spec you've come up with, but I'd be careful weight wise as a Sycamore body might be a little heavy. You thinking bolt-on or set neck? Hope that helps and that you made it to the end of my post! Cheers, Eude
  7. eude

    ACG RetroB 5

    Sooooooo Classy.
  8. I hear a lot of folks saying you can get a lot more than that done to death djent bass sound out of DG kit, but it's hard to find examples. If anyone has any good links to share with that kind of stuff I'd be keen to hear them... Eude
  9. Yup, I don't doubt that, I love me a bit of Ashdown. I need to get myself over to Ashdown HQ sometime soon. I wouldn't argue that the MarkBass stuff sounds bad, just that it looks a bit naff in my humble opinion... Eude
  10. Speaking as a Graphic Designer too, it would not take much studio time to significantly improve the look of the MarkBass stuff though, if they did use an external resource, they're some of the way there already, they have a strong brand ID the products just need a bit of finesse. I'm sure there would be several graphic designers willing to give some input in exchange for some gear, there seems to be a few of us bass playing graphic designers out there. They do however need to shoot whoever came up with that red with gold knobs look for the Limited Marcus stuff. Eude
  11. To be fair, it doesn't seem to stop them selling, but I see less of this stuff here in the UK these days. I appreciate that they've tried to make their offerings stand out in their own way, but I think "Homer Simpson's Dream Car" is the perfect analogy of their product design ethos. Maybe us stuck up Brits don't appreciate their flamboyant Italian styling, but I think it's more likely that they need to employ another designer to work on the aesthetics of their products as every single product they've released in the last four of years has been a swing and a miss as far as appearances go. To some, it's not important, and I get that, but to most of us it is... Eude
  12. What and absolute beauty!
  13. It works brilliantly, mine are actually 31.5" scale! Here's some samples of my Salace, with some low B thrown in >> https://m.soundcloud.com/eudeboy/sets/acg-salace-sc-e-type-samples And here's some samples of my AJR Guitar Mods rebuilt 6 string fretless, same scale length >> https://m.soundcloud.com/eudeboy/sets/ajr-6-string-fretless-samples-round2 What are you planning/plotting? Eude
  14. Wow, one of my favourite ACGs ever! Good luck with the sale mate. Eude
  15. Oh dear, one worse than Papyrus, but not quite as bad as Comic Sans...
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