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  1. Would it be worth buying on th cheap and having Ashdown resurrect it? I got an ABM EVO II for free, for spares or repair off a local pro who had 3 other working EVO IIs and was moving abroad. Sent it to Ashdown, and for under £100 it was repaired and serviced. They're able to fix up everything they've made as far as I'm aware... Eude
  2. Yup, they stopped being a bargain before Brex*hit, and for the money back then, I would have been absolutely looking at a full custom from a UK builder like ACG or Shuker instead. If Brex*hit makes the prices even higher, I think there might be less of these coming into the UK. Eude
  3. Lovely stuff Pedro. I'll be following this one closely. Eude
  4. In the grand scheme, the ABM heads aren't exactly that heavy anyway though, much lighter than any older Trace gear or a Peavey Mk VI head I had back in my youth. If you've not been near lightweight amps, I think you'd probably find the ABMs lighter than the equivalent Laney or Hartke offerings, their latest version is the lightest yet! I've got a Class D Ashdown MIBass 2.0 for home use which I've used for small gigs, but I also have a full fat ABM EVO II for if/when I get back to gigging properly again. Ashdown ABMs are the only amp I've been unable to break, they take anything you can throw at them and keep kicking. Ashdown also have insanely good customer service and 5 year warranty on new gear. A good friend of mine has an EM EVO II, the 800 watt model and it's very impressive, super loud and although I've not heard it at a gig you'd be heard pressed to guess it was class D. Whatever you go with, I don't think you'd be disappointed. Eude
  5. I don't think I ever put my fretless ACG on here. It's a Krell SC E Type, headless, fretless, chambered, 6 string and it's a 31.5" scale. I absolutely adore it! Eude
  6. Wow, that is stunning! This one will be headless too right? That is going to be one tiny wee bass! Put me down as extremely jealous Eude
  7. Proper Old School. Loving it.
  8. That is stunning, congratulations! I spotted the post on @Manton Customs handy work too, impeccable stuff. Enjoy it! Eude
  9. That's a lovely spec buddy! Can't wait to watch it come to life! Eude
  10. Nothing too in depth, just intrigued by the lighter gauges and the fact they've worked out well for you. I want to pop a low B on the bass I question, E to F isn't really suiting me, I just don't really use the High F, and based on the above, I will be ordering some strings from Neil early next year! If the kids leave me alone for 5 mins I might just order them after Xmas. Eude
  11. Stunning! What's the rest of the spec mate? Eude
  12. Nice. Looking forward to seeing more, and hearing how you get on with those gauges. I've got some starting at 0.115 on the low E for my 26.5" bass, and I find them just too thick. Eude
  13. Wow this is one crazy "save" as you call it, very much looking forward to watching this one progress! It's in safe hands, I know from my own experience Eude
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