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  1. Attendees / Gear list 1. MacDaddy - Custom Shukers / Rob Allen Mouse / Peavey Vypyr VIP III 2. Binky Bass - Binky 10 string, USA Conklin 8 string, ACG 9 string, 3 x ACG 6 strings, Reiver 7 string (geeeetar), GR Bass Dual 1400 & GR Bass AT410+, Helix LT, Pinegrove straps, Richter straps etc. 3. Cetera - Spector (USA NS2 & NS2X, Euro Classic, Euro LX (w/Haz),Euro 'Rachel Bolan', Pulse II ) Wal Mk1 'Geddy Lee', Fender FSR PJ with East pre, Hamer Impact, Pedulla Buzz 4 fretless and maybe Jackson TBird, GK400RB, GK Legacy 800 & Tech21 VT500 Heads, Genz Benz Neox212 cab. 4. Frank Blank - Jabba short scale fretted, ACG SS Recurve, Ibanez SRC6, QSC K12.2, HX Stomp. 5. Merton - various ACGs, Zoots, Conway Instruments basses, Glockenklang Blue Rock, Barefaced Two10/One10 6. Eude - ACG Finn SC Classic 6 string, ACG RetroB 5, ACG TKO Modern 4, ACG ChubstRR Mikro 6 string, 2 X ACG Mule 4 strings (on loan from ACG), GK Legacy 500, 1 or 2 Barefaced One10 Cabs, Dod 250(r) modded with @Sibob
  2. Loads of options out there, I've got a Rockboard and I just stuck the power supply to the underside with velcro >> Total self promotion here, but I have a Rockboard PSU for sale that would do the trick nicely, has all the cables and stuff you need too. >> It has 8 x 9V outputs and 2 x 18V, and fits very nicely under any of the Rockboards
  3. I think folks will pay what they can for things, much like cars. Things are worth what they're worth to their target market. I am surprised that Jaydee don't charge more though...
  4. I loved that design, nearly bought a 5 string one in the late 90's, ended up with a Warwick Thumb BO 5 instead though... Something like this... I never saw that mad pink one though, gorgeous!
  5. He certainly only plays the Status stuff live from what I've seen, he does have a lot of other basses too though
  6. Looking at the dimensions, these guys do a classical guitar bag that is long enough internally for a Fender Mustang Bass >> https://www.protectionracket.com/products/guitar-cases/item/classical-guitar-case-standard possibly a little too deep though.
  7. TGI do not make short scale bass bags, regardless of what Bass Direct tell you They only make guitar and full scale bass bags, if your short scale bass has a minuscule headstock, or even better, is headless, it will fit in a TGI guitar bag though...
  8. That's a tricky one, there's very little out there. Bags made for offset Fender guitars, Jags and Jazzmasters tend to fit pretty well though, I know Gator do one.
  9. Colour me interested!
  10. As a player of 5 and 6 string basses with 31.5" scale, I can wholeheartedly say that scale length is only part of the puzzle, doing the other bits well can make the effect of scale length fade away. I play ACG basses almost exclusively, but @Andyjr1515 took a huge 6 string bass I built myself and brought it back to life with a 31.5" scale neck to replace the 36" one I'd foolishly gone for. The low B on that is lovely too. In isolation, the low B on a 35" or 36" is always going to be better, assuming the bass has been built properly with considered material choice and decent construction, but in almost every other context, you'll be glad you went for a shorter scale 😎
  11. Percy plays Ibanez basses now, and he doesn't sound any worse, just saying...
  12. There has been mention of a class D Handbox on their site for some time, does anyone have any experience of it?
  13. I think it's safer to say, "heavy wood sounds like this", "hard wood sounds like this" etcs. In my experience, I know I like the sound of a heavier body, with a hard top and fingerboard, in a bolt-on flavour.
  14. I do think it's part of it yes I expect there's a special sauce being brought to the table with the Wal pickups and preamp, that's undeniable, but I also think a lot of what people want to hear is being effected by materials, construction and technique. It's also extremely rare for bass to be recorded in any kind of virginal context, unaffected by anything else as part of a signal chain.
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