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  1. Absolutely, if they built it to he bomb proof with better sound quality, surely they'd be on to a winner even at a higher price point? Eude
  2. I think these must vary wildly. Quality Control on these cheap plastic things is never particularly consistent. The build quality I would agree with, but mine has held up fine for a good 6 years or so now. The sound on mine is great though, loads of treble on tap too, too much, I tend to run the time at 50%. They must be very changeable... Eude
  3. Another vote for the Vox AmPlug here. I've had one for several years now, and as much as I was worried it wouldn't last given the build quality, it has been amazing! I actually quite like the way it sounds too, I believe it amp sims a classic Vox bass amp, whatever that is. @Dam1903 I've not had any issues with volume, but you can change input pad by pressing the power button for a moment when it's on, too long as you'll turn it off though I use this when I'm going between active and passive basses. Sorry if you've already tried that. Good over the ear headphones make a huge difference too, in ear headphones are pants for this kind of thing. I had some decent Audiotechnica ones that I use for a while but I'm not using my Meters OV-1-Bs and the sound is incredible! I do wish Vox would come out with a higher end version of this, or that someone else would as I would buy one in a heart beat. I know you can get better headphone amps, the Phil Jones thing and Ashdown do a lovely one now too, but the fact you can plug this straight into your instrument without any cables is liberating. Eude
  4. The ACG bodies in general are smaller than your average Fender P anyway, so they work just fine with shorter scales. All my ACGs are 31.5" scale and they work really well. Eude
  5. They're all at it. Skjold charge an extra $500 for an Ash neck, Fodera, an extra $1000! Ash, suitable for necks is usually cheaper to buy trade than even the most agricultural plain maple. At the end of the day, if people are willing to pay for it, these guys will charge for it. It's not right, but it's their business, we just need to decide ourselves if we could live with justifying these extra costs that are clearly a rip off, you don't need to look very hard to figure that out. If you want an Alembic? Good luck, I'd rather have a couple of other custom basses, and amp and a car! Eude
  6. Don't worry, you've just settled into one bass, kinda like driving a bus for living and then driving a car at the weekend, it'll feel weird. As you know, I've got a fair few basses, all ACGs, but that's moot in this, and I found if I play one for a while the others feel odd. Moving from 6 string headed, to 4 string with flats, to 6 string headless fretless to 5 string fretted could be confusing, so I make a point of rotating them often. I don't currently have the luxury of a space to have them all out at the same time, so changing whichever one is in the living room every week seems to work well for me. I think you need to consider them more like different paint brushes. Eude
  7. Update... Looks like it was a bargain!
  8. Wow! There's nothing special or different that they are doing to justify that price. Does that make it's asking price of £3500 in 84 reasonable? Insanity.
  9. I think new, now, something like that would be in the region of £20,000...
  10. Absolutely stunning! Eude
  11. Same here, slides in, covers content, fiddly to close when you have fat fingers or are a little clumsy with a mouse, seriously frustrating. Hopefully an easy fix!
  12. If only @Frank Blank, unless the OP wants to do s straight swap from my Ashdown gear I expect this one will get away...
  13. We all know the Peavey will be 10 times more powerful too. Eude
  14. Thanks dude! The strings are custom wound by Newtone. They're currently in the following gauges. 115/95/75/55/40/22 I tend to prefer a lighter string these days, not silly light, but a 100 E usually. These feel a tiny bit heavy but it's a compromise for to get decent tension. I believe the cores are thicker than usual. I am going to try B to C as I mentioned, I think I'll push the B to a 135 then round the rest down by 005. I'd recommend Newtones to anyone, whether you have weird requirements like myself (most of my other basses are all 31.5" scale, 3 of which are 6 strings tunes B to C), you just want nice strings. To me, they're regular nickels are half way between DR Sunbeams and Lo Riders, which is a very good place to be indeed in my opinion. Also, I've been trying to get some decent recording done with this bass, but being locked down with 2 young kids and a full time job that has done nothing but escalate is proving quite a series of obstacles! Cheers, Eude
  15. How short are we allowed to go here? I've recently acquired an amazing ACG Micro Bass, a 6 string based on the Reiver ChubstRR guitar. It's 26.5" scale, currently tuned E to F, but I'm going to try out B to C as down tuning has actually worked quote well, and that's with a 115 string... It's got a Flamed Maple top, and Quilted Maple back, hand coloured by Mrs ACG, on a White Limba body Bolt-on 5 piece Ash/Bubinga neck with a AI Maple fingerboard. Two FB humbucking pickups with an East Uni-pre preamp and Chrome Hipshot hardware. The look of it is something else, I given how different this instrument was going to be, I thought why not go a bit crazy and I absolutely love it! Cheers, Eude
  16. I've got two Mi10 cabs, the predecessor to these ones, and with a powerful amp, they kick out a hell of lot of tone and power. A bit of compression is required to tame a low B a bit at volume to protect the speaker cones, but all in, they are fantastic bits of kit, and I expect these newer 1x10s will be even better! Enjoy! Eude
  17. I know what you've done, so I can't play.😉 I owe you an email! Eude
  18. That's one thing I was worried about with this as they're selling on Reverb, their own Shopify store and eBay all at the same time, and there's some crossover in the goods, sorry hear you've fallen fowl of that. Would they honour the price and hook you up with a new one? Eude
  19. Drats. Who else is there? Picato? Are they even a thing now? Obviously Newtone can do the right length but they only do Roundwounds, right? I know Neil was interested in trying Flats but I don't know if he's anywhere near yet... Eude
  20. How'd you get on? I've recently taken delivery of a 6 string ACG Micro Bass and I'm keen to know what other options might work string wise... Eude
  21. I've had several 33" basses with a low B and there's not once been an issue. I now actually play 31.5" basses with a low B and again, no issues if the bass is designed and built cleverly. Eude
  22. eude

    FMC bass cabs

    That looks wonderful!
  23. I was half way through writing something similar, but hearing it is much better proof. A longer scale is only part of the puzzle of a good low B, it's the easy bit to get right though. I play 31.5" basses with low B's and the B is playable and extremely musical. Is it as tight as a Dingwall 37" low B? Of course not. Would anyone really notice in a band context? I highly doubt it. Only the real scrutiny of isolation would allow you to compare the two, and I would argue that some would prefer the sound of a shorter B, the massive piano string sound isn't for everyone. Eude
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