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  1. Awesome, all good info dude, thank you. I know the SL 12s are a lot more pokey and mid range focussed, compared to the now discontinued GS ones. The GS come across a bit scooped with lots of low end and sparkle, but I managed to get out of it what I wanted and I like mids. I guess it's not fair to compare to Barefaced cabs in a lot of cases, as it's just not like for like. If the DarkGlass 1x12 stands up though, that's quite an endorsement! Eude
  2. Thank you for the reply, much appreciated. The reason I ask about a comparison is the only 1x12 cab I really loved was an Aguilar GS112, with the tweeter. I seemed to kick out a lot of low end for its size. I paired it with a MarkBass LittleMark, but hearing a pair powered by an original AG500 left me weak at the knees! I moved mine on as I needed something smaller, more portable, as it was a bit of a lump and I didn't need massive volume by any means. I do miss it though. What model of Aguilar 1x12s did you have? Eude
  3. A very good plan 🤘 How does it compare to other 12s, if you've had any before? Eude
  4. Lovely stuff, is that the 1x12?
  5. I think it's actually by Ray Rogers, R Basses. Here's another one, quite different though >> https://reverb.com/item/563441-ray-rogers-r-bass-5-string-zebra-over-alder-w-lane-poor-pickups
  6. Very true. I'm a graphic designer and as much as there's a lot more you can do than Wix and Squarespace, for a basic site, you can't really go wrong with these web building sites, silly to pay pro money when you don't need a pro site. Cheers.
  7. How would you describe the difference in sound? Lovely cabs by the way! Eude
  8. eude

    18V to 9V Adapter

    I'm going very much all Rockboard here, so a single Rockboard daisy chain cable should do the trick... https://www.rockboard.de/kabel-und-verbindungen/rockboard-flat-daisy-chain-cable-2-outputs-angled-rbo-cab-power-dc2-a Thank you for your help folks! Eude
  9. eude

    18V to 9V Adapter

    Ah right. The 9V outputs are all 150 mA. I hadn't considered daisy chaining... All the pedals are fairly standard offerings, couple of tiny TC Electronic ones too, perhaps I could daisy some of them. Eude
  10. eude

    18V to 9V Adapter

    Hi guys, I'm planning a new pedalboard, and I need to power pedals, maybe 10 in the future, but don't want to go too crazy on the PSU. There's a nice Rockboard one, that has 8 X 9V and 2 X 18V outputs, is there anything out there that will allow me to adapt the 18V down to 9V? There's the Truetone V189, but it states "This cable is designed for use with the Truetone 1 SPOT PRO power supply" one various websites where its for sale. Anyone got any ideas? Cheers, Eude
  11. Can I be cheeky and ask what this cost all in? Really glad it's working out well for you, they're extremely appealing, especially the new 18" scale model. Eude
  12. eude

    Bass designs

    Warwick Thumb is another example of a bass with an exaggerated reach. I played one for many years, but I had to wear it very low to bring 1st position within easier reach when playing on a strap.
  13. eude

    Bass designs

    Personally, I love single cut designs, so much so now that I actually find non single cuts a little funny looking As mentioned above by a few folks, the extended shape comes from accommodating the additional scale length you get with a bass, when compared to a Les Paul or a Tele. All of that is moot is you play seated of course, but on a strap it REALLY matters, especially for us shorter bassists. You can get single cut basses, with more guitar proportioned bodies, Gibson make, or made a Les Paul bass for a while, with a marginally oversized Les Paull guitar shape, but it didn't sell well at all, like most Gibson basses sadly. I think in part that flopped due to the neck dive and extended reach for first position. Ultimately, I think single cut basses, esepcially modern style ones will forever be THE martime of the bass world. I love them, but oddly I hate martmite... The offset thing, the original marketing for the Jazz Bass noted that it was "offset" as one of the main USPs, so I have no idea why Fender seem to omit it from their more recent offset marketing strategy... Eude
  14. Really nice specs dude. Have you got an ETA? I expect it's a more complex build than the usual basses they make. Eude
  15. Although I'm a dyed in the wool Ashdown fan, I have the tiny wee Warwick practice combo, the BC10 and for the size and cost of it, it's marvellous! It wouldn't ever keep up with a band, but it's got enough going on to play with acoustic guitars and singers, anything unamplified. I expect the larger Warwick combos are even better. I would certainly explore the Ashdown Studio combos if your budget can stretch though, as I expect they're incredible! Eude
  16. Ha ha, significantly, sadly. However, I think with the increasing costs of US factory made Fenders, their Professional II and Ultra branded basses are actually in the same ball park! Eude
  17. I would agree that the above applies in your more common or garden factory made bass, i.e. when comparing a Mustang to a Precision bass. As soon as you talk about hand made basses, none of that can really be applied as you're not comparing apples with apples. I would argue that, just for example, a 30" 5 string Serek would likely have a better B string than a 34" factory made Fender Jazz 5 string. Just my 2p Eude
  18. The price on those Miezo basses is fantastic, the ETS bridge unit and tuner block alone would take up a very big chunk of the $480 asking price!
  19. If you want flats, try out TI Flats too, they are wonderful strings!
  20. Another vote for Netwtone here. LaBella do very nice short scale strings too by all accounts, but with Newtone, they can wind specifically for your needs. I play 31.5" scale basses and Neil winds a set based around a 0.100 E for me, designed to feel more like a 0.105 set, of that makes sense? Heavier, hex core I think is the trick They''re also wound to the exact length I need so the wrap round the tuner doesn't upset the witness point on the nut. Lots of clever stuff can be done to get the absolute best out of a short scale instrument when you know the right folks Eude
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