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  1. So what is the string spacing ?? One post it’s 19, another 18.5 and another 17 or 17.5? Truss rod? Electronics?
  2. Hi Zom does this have a truss rod? Can you give some info on the pre amp and controls please. thanks
  3. I have a TRB 6ii , just a thought, were these pickups and electronics used in any other of the models? TRBX / RBX etc. The pickups each have a pot on the preamp board that takes the pickup from single coil mode to humbucker which although subtle is audible. The pre is active only, treble mid and bass pots, master volume and a balance pot, but I believe you can add a passive switch. The pickups look like the ones fitted in the pic posted above by Machines of the red RBX765.
  4. Hi are these genuine Elixirs? Would you have the packaging? I’ll have them please if they are legit and the coatings aren’t damaged. No offence intended, but there were some fake elixirs knocking around a while back. thanks
  5. The model is usually stamped on the head front or back, the ii models seem to have it on the back. The ii is a bolt on and as Andy mentioned don’t have the scallops - which aren’t the same as the slap cut on the JP models. as the slap cut . Although saying that there were several productions of them so there may be the odd anomaly. Helpful no? 😂 I think the original TRB 5 also had a split neck pickup whereas the later ii had soapbar shaped pickups. Bass direct have a TRB 5ii and a TRB 5P (piezo) in stock so you can see the differences https://www.bassdirect.co.uk/bass_guitar_specialists/Yamaha_TRB_5_II.html https://www.bassdirect.co.uk/bass_guitar_specialists/Yamaha_TRB_5P.html
  6. 💥 There goes the 2nd hand values again
  7. I’ve been watching Pino playing one of these the last few days. Seemed to be his jazz of choice for some time a while back.
  8. Yeah it’s a prose. I recognised the body shape from one I have. Was watching that on eBay. Congratulations!
  9. Great thread @funkle Enjoyed reading your updates and what effects minor changes and tweaks have on what appears to be a simple addition. Goes to show there’s a lot more than meets the eye even on a simple passive p bass. A reminder that custom instruments really are a bit of a shot in the dark!
  10. I know what you mean. Haven’t found or ever come across such a pickup, that senses across a large area. Maybe because you’d end up with an approximation of the sound, or the magnet would be so long it could cause string pull etc. There’s probably a very good reason for it?
  11. Then there’s the Atlansia Pegasus and some of their other “out there“ designs.
  12. @Jus Lukin Enfield Cannon? https://www.sims.guitars/enfield-guitars/cannon @KiOgon Warwick did something along those lines with Guy Pratt In action here Wood & Tronics do something similar with a single Jazz pickup under a wooden cover that slides to 4 preset positions.
  13. I can’t be the first to notice this isn’t his Musicman bass but the “whatever brand bass” from years back he used on some of the early recordings.
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