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  1. Dazed

    NOW SOLD!! Limelight ‘73 P Bass

    I. Do. Not. Need. Another. Limelight. Precision. Please don’t reply to any pms I may send 😄
  2. I’ve recently acquired an Ibanez from a certain period when allegedly law suits were popular with a certain chap that shall remain nameless 😉 so the ************ copy has rounds fitted and I haven’t come across them before. They feel quite worn so could have been on for years. I do quite like them. They are light to mid gauge at a guess, quite low tension too. Nice tone too probably very different from when they were new. They have emerald green silks at both ends of the string. I’m not sure what else I can add. Anyone able to shed any light?
  3. Dazed

    What are you listening to right now?

    This. Beautiful. Unsettling. Haunting. Manic. Richard Dawson - The Vile Stuff
  4. Dazed

    Does anyone actually use their B string?

    I had the same craving lately! Although I haven’t played one, I do have a short scale 4 but haven’t played it for a long time, I’m really intrigued with some 30” 5s I found. Mainly Callowhills, which are going to be impossible to find as Tim sadly passed away a few years ago and very few seemed to leave the States. I’d you haven’t already have a look at them. Although you may, like me, develop a want for something that cannot be bought!
  5. Dazed

    Does anyone actually use their B string?

    I do always wonder this, how did you end up buying the Jazz if the B is a let down?
  6. Dazed

    Does anyone actually use their B string?

    Within the last week, through a rollercoaster set of events over the last 10 years I now (well almost) have all of my basses in one place. I mainly play 4s but like 5s too. I can see the advantages of playing a 5 - extra range, less shifting, wider patterns etc but always end up on a 4 string. In my mind I think I should stick with a 5 and have a major cull, if I only had a 5 then I would naturally just play that. Things that stop me doing this: 1. So many “name” players get by their whole career without ever using anything other than 4 strings - why do I need more 2. I like the feel and am more comfortable on older instruments that have lived. I’m realising I don’t like new instruments. In the last 5 years I’ve bought and sold loads of basses. The ones I’ve kept and that get heavily used are a Limelight heavily reliced 50s P replica, a slightly abused Warwick Dolphin pro2 and mostly recently a mid 70s Ibanez ‘Backer copy that has blown my mind! All are 4 strings and not available as a 5. I have 5 5s and none of them get a look in. It isn’t about quality or price tags. If there was something that could be give me that same ‘feeling’ mentally and physically of an old slightly rough around the edges pre loved 4 string with 5 strings then maybe I would make the change permanently, which leads me into point 3 3. The way I see it, I’ve played for 30+ years on and off, predominantly 4 strings. If I switched to only 5s then I think the only way for me is to remove all other options and get rid of the 4s......and that I think would be something I would regret later on. To build the same comfort and confidence playing a 5 is obviously going to take time and effort. While the ‘easier’ 4s are around I just won’t do it. I guess I need to keep looking .... or stop looking altogether and accept I’m happy with 4 strings. Of course this could all just be an excuse to keep buying basses. It is all just GAS?!
  7. Dazed

    Strandberg - somethings cooking - boden bass

    I think I read they’re using big rigs and blades on the two models
  8. Thanks jaccjazz I'd seen that clip and found a couple of others recorded by owners but they are pretty bad quality so don’t really give much of an impression.
  9. Dazed

    NBD at last!

    That did catch my eye too but I just couldn’t live with the colour. Congratulations! Is there much difference between it and the combustion you had?
  10. Dazed

    Strandberg - somethings cooking - boden bass

    Well the thing is you could easily get a headless fan fretted bass custom made for, I imagine, a fair bit less than these are being offered for. Then again something has to pay for all that advertising and marketing
  11. Dazed

    Heavily Reliced basses

    The thread wasn’t about the great ‘relic’ debate and everyone has a preference and opinion. Simple as that who cares if you do or don’t like them. I don’t like tomato’s but I don’t make a fuss because you might.... @Bobthedog I’m glad you got to try them. For the record I love my Limelight heavy relic, and if it had a shiny new finish I wouldn’t have even considered buying it. Did you end up buy anything?
  12. Dazed

    Strandberg - somethings cooking - boden bass

    Enough to justify the outlay?
  13. Dazed

    Strandberg - somethings cooking - boden bass

    It just sounds like another modern bass to my ears. Far too limited choice for the cost. The price doesn’t translate sonically. Is it all in the experience of playing it?
  14. Dazed

    Clear B string

    A few years back I purchased a very reasonably priced (cheap) Prose fretless 5 string from a fellow BCer. It wasn’t too pretty and still needs tidying up. The B on that thing is ridiculous. I think it has an artec pickup, no preamp cheap individual bridge units and odd (non matching tuners) and it easily competes with my Warwick’s and was vastly superior to a Stingray and a couple of Fender shaped 5ers I had in terms of handling that fat string and string to string tone and feel. It was strung with Elixirs which made me use them on a couple of other basses. I don’t know if it’s the bass construction ,strings or a combination or both but something about it works very well. So it’s not all about cost and the latest greatest of components.
  15. Dazed

    Dingwall Porn

    Just on the off chance any of you Super P or J or PJ 5 owners are thinking of selling or have one of these lying unloved somewhere - let me know 😁