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  1. It just isn’t the same
  2. Another lifetime member of the battered bass fan club here. I do own shiny unmarked basses, some quite expensive stuff. Where are these shiny expensive basses? All hidden away in their cases being precious and unloved....... The current favoured two? A heavily reliced Limelight P and a very used Ibanez Ric replica. Occasionally a Warwick Dolphin 2, but not even the big costly SNTCS or Pro1 versions that are both tucked away being pristine. Go figure.
  3. I had heard tales (couldn’t vouch for them personally) that the necks sometimes were prone to warping - not sure if this was only on the 36” scale models they made. Not the current versions but the older ones. Often been tempted by a Schack though myself being a headless fan.
  4. That is a nice looking bass. Probably plays and sounds great too if it’s a Shuker
  5. 30” scale? Standard string spacing? Is the body scaled down?
  6. Whoa!! what is this devils work?? Are these an actual thing now? I didn’t know about these. Very nice indeed
  7. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  8. Didn’t think I’ve ever see you putting this one up! Very cool 😎
  9. I believe it sold a while back off another site
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