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  1. Tried bronze acoustic strings from Ernie Ball. Not for me. Put some black nylon tape wounds on. Much happier. No scratchiness and the volume was usable unamplified. As with most acoustic basses though if you want to play with anything else it’s really going to need to be amplified.
  2. It just isn’t the same
  3. Another lifetime member of the battered bass fan club here. I do own shiny unmarked basses, some quite expensive stuff. Where are these shiny expensive basses? All hidden away in their cases being precious and unloved....... The current favoured two? A heavily reliced Limelight P and a very used Ibanez Ric replica. Occasionally a Warwick Dolphin 2, but not even the big costly SNTCS or Pro1 versions that are both tucked away being pristine. Go figure.
  4. I had heard tales (couldn’t vouch for them personally) that the necks sometimes were prone to warping - not sure if this was only on the 36” scale models they made. Not the current versions but the older ones. Often been tempted by a Schack though myself being a headless fan.
  5. That is a nice looking bass. Probably plays and sounds great too if it’s a Shuker
  6. 30” scale? Standard string spacing? Is the body scaled down?
  7. Whoa!! what is this devils work?? Are these an actual thing now? I didn’t know about these. Very nice indeed
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