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  1. The future is here

    Back to the future as they say
  2. The future is here

    Full version
  3. The future is here

    But it’s not all bad 😂
  4. So many awesome 6 strings appearing lately 😍

  5. Sting new bass?

    Sting and Shaggy? That was an April fool thing, right?
  6. What Should I Replace My Wal With

    Surely they’ve hit their peak though, can’t keep going up?
  7. What Should I Replace My Wal With

    Aren’t those Simms pickups passive? I thought I’d read the battery was just for the leds? What preamp was in it?
  8. 1984 Vigier Passion

    Thanks. Excuse my ignorance but what does the Rom module do? Is it like a chip based preamp? Is it passive or need a battery to operate?
  9. That is an interesting bass. You have fine taste Mr Hellzero!
  10. Status Streamline 5 string bass for sale

    Hi what is the spacing at the bridge? i had a 4 string version loved it but tonally left me uninspired. This could be the way!
  11. 1984 Vigier Passion

    Hi what are the two blank dots near the controls for? Any options for tone controls? thanks!
  12. Fender Japan bitsa jazz gold

  13. Post on the bass arena unofficial Warwick forum. I know a few guys have been through this process there.