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  1. 💥 There goes the 2nd hand values again
  2. I’ve been watching Pino playing one of these the last few days. Seemed to be his jazz of choice for some time a while back.
  3. Yeah it’s a prose. I recognised the body shape from one I have. Was watching that on eBay. Congratulations!
  4. Great thread @funkle Enjoyed reading your updates and what effects minor changes and tweaks have on what appears to be a simple addition. Goes to show there’s a lot more than meets the eye even on a simple passive p bass. A reminder that custom instruments really are a bit of a shot in the dark!
  5. I know what you mean. Haven’t found or ever come across such a pickup, that senses across a large area. Maybe because you’d end up with an approximation of the sound, or the magnet would be so long it could cause string pull etc. There’s probably a very good reason for it?
  6. Then there’s the Atlansia Pegasus and some of their other “out there“ designs.
  7. @Jus Lukin Enfield Cannon? https://www.sims.guitars/enfield-guitars/cannon @KiOgon Warwick did something along those lines with Guy Pratt In action here Wood & Tronics do something similar with a single Jazz pickup under a wooden cover that slides to 4 preset positions.
  8. I can’t be the first to notice this isn’t his Musicman bass but the “whatever brand bass” from years back he used on some of the early recordings.
  9. Found the one I was thinking of, they aren’t the same or at least it’s a different neck plate/serial number
  10. I don’t know how true this is .... take it as you would if you overheard a conversation in a pub, I was on talkbass earlier and seem to recall reading someone mentioned that Aero made replacement TRB 6 replacement pickups. i guess it’s possible they do a drop in for a 5 string as well? Alternately and again for a 6 string TRB - which also don’t have a direct replacement available - someone had used an Emg standard size which left a gap at either end of the pickup but they had 3D printed some black “ears” to neatly fill the spaces.
  11. Was this the jv (at least my memory says it was a jv) that was for sale on here a while ago that had two split coils fitted?
  12. Either way it’s madness 😂
  13. That’s crossed my mind too, shortening the existing neck. Again would the headstock be able to be reattached ? I’ve just been reading through the build thread of your headless, awesome! I’m very interested to hear what the triple Sims pickup setup sounds like and if it’s worth the outlay? It’s something I’ve been mulling over recently and was amazed someone else had already done it!
  14. It wouldn’t need new body wings or a new body. Hypothetically the body would slide 2” along the existing neck through block and crudely put the excess overhang of the block would be chopped off. I get your point though it’s an awful lot of work.
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