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  1. I get that there are U.K. manufacturers and some great ones as been mentioned already but how far do you go with it. As others have said - how much of the components are U.K. built? Companies like Wal, ACG, Enfield and many others that design and produce pickups preamps bridges, where are those parts made?
  2. All I’m going to say is everything affects the tone. Try some lighter strings and see how you get on. Your playing will have the biggest influence on your sound (ruling out effects and extreme eq settings)
  3. I was in that imagination for several years! Not as much charisma though, I still don’t know how he had the courage to perform and he was a very sensitive emotional soul. Then again we weren’t headline at Glastonbury!
  4. Caught a bit of George Ezra and was quite impressed with the bass sound and playing. Not so much the songs. Bit of Hozier on now, surprised to see the bass player with a Skold 5 string sounds good too. On a different topic, anyone catch Goat Girl? Interesting outfit choice by the drummer 😂
  5. I’m hovering about signing up for the current 26 week accelerator............ Again. I think the last time an offer appeared for membership I was hovering and decided against it. I get confused by academy membership and enrolment in these specific courses. Why not have one membership and everything else is part of that? I hate choice 😂 What I have realised in my own playing is i have two modes of playing. Playing along to music - which had been my staple for many years mostly self taught with the occasional bout of lessons that I rarely kept up with. Much later on I picked up Scales, modes, arpeggios etc all from online stuff. What I've realised is I don’t play the same at all when doing these different types of practice. Most of the structure and form of my fretting hand goes out of the window when I play “music” and reappears when doing “scale” types exercises. I think it comes from years of copying whatever I’m listening to at the time. I wonder if I’m too long in the tooth to change my technique. Is it too embedded in me after all this time?
  6. I filled the P bass hole in my life - that I wasn’t aware I had until I played this particular bass - with a heavily relic’d Limelight. It was light, very resonant, had a jazz neck that was really nicely worn in and it sounds great. It’s probably a keeper....
  7. Always fancied a Wood & Tronics, they produce some great looking basses.
  8. Auction ended early. Last listed at £1400 start, no buy it now or offer.
  9. I would imagine, you could have gone to see the bass, had a chat and possibly bought it not using eBay. Seller saves on fees, postage hassle and maybe a lower price.
  10. It started at £2K on eBay and dropped every week. According to Warwick 1 of probably 2 made and unlikely to make again due to the chunk of Maple needed. The other one may have disappeared in a string of fraud while being sold. It’s a rare one.
  11. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  12. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  13. I know nothing of Warwick’s Rockbasses I’m afraid, but this may give you some info although it’s a slightly different streamer spec
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