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  1. Dazed

    Bug*er that went quick

    My biggest miss was at the beginning of the year. An all original early 60’s working Ampeg B15. On ebay for £800 buy it now! I made first contact with the seller, genuine chap selling it as he’d not used it for years and had it stored in his loft. How he got it up there is another thing 😂 I coincidentally was travelling to london the day after too. While i was chatting to the seller to check it out some one hit the buy it now button. Gutted. I imagine it’s been peddled out for £2500+ by Andy Baxter now......
  2. Dazed

    Acoustic bass

    A Rick Turner would be my weapon of choice. No acoustic value, but looks the part, doesn’t have the fat uncomfortable body and they sound amazing. Second hand should be in your budget but might take a while for one to pop up. If you do go acoustic you’ll possibly go through the ring of string choices. From my experience don’t fall for the Phospher Bronze acoustic strings! Scratchy noisy things. Much preferred flats and tape wounds but that’s only my opinion.
  3. Ok so I know little about how any particular amp generates its own sound or voice. Can anyone enlighten me? Following on from this, is it possible to change that voice? Yes I realise a different amp may be simpler but I’m interested in the how this works. Finally, if you have an amp with a single tone control, is it possible to change it to 3 (or more) comtrols - bass mid treble for example. Hopefully this makes sense to some of you 😁
  4. I was actually interested in the Ghost system and not the bridges - I just wanted to confirm the single bridges wouldn’t need additional parts if I went for the whole package. However unfortunately they won’t fit my intended purpose 🙁
  5. Do the single bridges come complete - so they can be used as they are without the piezo pieces? Would you consider splitting? thanks
  6. Always liked the look of these. They don’t sound bad either! GLWTS
  7. Dazed

    Wood & Tronics Zoid 5 Custom 2017

    Thanks Dan! Is the ramp removable? Are these the W&T pickups that physically shift position or just multi coil types with a switch?
  8. Dazed

    Wood & Tronics Zoid 5 Custom 2017

    Of course now I’ve posted the above the link has now worked 😂
  9. Dazed

    Wood & Tronics Zoid 5 Custom 2017

    Do you have the weight of this beauty? is it just me, the YouTube link is failing to open. I’ve looked but can’t seem to find this bass on YT.
  10. Dazed

    Any Ritters Out There?

    And so is the sales advert https://rvrb.io/ritter-r8-singlecu-a8xtp0 https://reverb.com/item/14221504-ritter-r8-singlecut-acoustic-hollowbody-bass-piezo-first-ever-redwood-body
  11. Dazed

    Ash Instruments

    I haven’t been around here much lately....... protecting my wallet 😂 so first off Hello For the last couple of years I’ve had a thing for a small bodied headless bass. Compact, light-ish weight, portable, ideally 5 or even 6 string. I’ve always liked headless basses, liked the Hohner Jack I owned 25+ years ago. Often think of picking up a Steinberger type but as far as I know the 5’s have a narrowish string spacing which I can’t get along with and there isn’t a 6. There isn’t much out there really that ticks all those boxes. I did own a Streamline briefly and for whatever reason really didn’t enjoy it, more the tone than anything else if I recall. So, I visited here earlier in the week and had a mooch around, ended up in the For Sale area as usual(!) and I came across a posted link to something and ended up on the bass direct website. There I found this! http://bassdirect.co.uk/bass_guitar_specialists/Ash_Instruments_Six_Headless.html I’m intrigued! It doesn’t look particularly comfortable to play- no lower cutaway, so I guess a strap is always required and I don’t love the shape, colour and a few other things 😂 I’m curious if any of you have been in there lately and seen it or actually played this thing and had an opinion to share?
  12. Dazed

    Headless designing

    @jebroad did you get any further with the build? There was a guy Dmitry in Ukraine designing and making a headless system. The website is Mera Guitars http://meraguitars.com/eng/parts/mech/submarineb.html Individual units similar looking to something I think ABM produce but looked much nicer to me. Very helpful guy too.
  13. Dazed

    Warwick Dolphin Pro 1 - SOLD

    Not for long 😁
  14. Dazed

    Warwick Dolphin Pro 1 - SOLD

    Amazed you still have this Andy! Love a Dolphin. Have 3 😂