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  1. This is a new one I haven’t seen before. Gareth, how did you get a copy of the ebay transcript?
  2. Right Owen. You are off my Christmas card list. Messing up my no new (or used !) gear chasing with fancy bass shop links.
  3. Warwick but only a broad neck version - 20mm adjustable bridge. Their standard 5 strings have adjustable bridges too but top out at 17.5mm which has always bugged me!
  4. Proper yawn fest that demo. I appreciate slapping but that’s just such a limited ad. Shame.
  5. Here you go my 2388 came with a rickenbastard trc fitted but this was in the case 😎
  6. Yeah you wouldn’t believe how many hours I spent yesterday searching for info on this! That’s encouraging that you didn’t have to replace anything. I’m assuming it was a Warwick?........With F holes.... an Infinity or Infinette? And you were able to rework it to a proper active /passive switch that’s another bonus 😎 Shame this was over a decade ago as I’d really like to see how it was all connected up and copy it. It’s a Pro2 I’m fiddling with. The bridge pickup is mostly lost on me so I’m planning to put beefier passive pickups in to hopefully improve the nasal thin sound.
  7. Digging up a post from the dead here...... @warwickhunt John do you recall having to replace the blend pot when going from active MECs to passive Wizards? I’m looking at replacing some gold active MECs with passives and so far I’ve found the balance pot is 22 or 25k but would have to be changed to 250k to work properly with passive P’ups. It’s using the BEC2 2 band MEC Preamp. I’m curious what effect the blend pot value has (and tight 😄) thanks Daz
  8. Ok so where did I safely store those Entwistle PBXN Pickups I bought 3 years ago that I’ve been looking for, for over 2 weeks.

    Have you seen them?

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    2. prowla


      In the box

    3. Dazed


      Update: 2 JBXN, 1 PBXN , Pair of Bartolinis, at least 1 pre amp and 2 sets of strings still unlocated. 

      On the plus side, the above box of strings, an early battered Status graphite minus all its hardware (that I’d long forgotten about) an Akai Headrush pedal and several boxes and suitcases full of vinyl have turned up!


      The Status may get a thread of its own in time. 

      thanks for all the suggestions!

    4. prowla


      A Status Graphite project, now there's a thing...

  9. You are not alone. I don’t get Yes. I also do not get Rush. Go figure
  10. I get the impression from the playing Jon Poole played a lot of the bass lines on the later recordings. I could well be mistaken and it was Tim. Distinctively different style to Jim!Jim!Jim! Since being introduced to their music a few years ago I became completely hooked on it, after an initial repulsion, I was border line obsessed with their ‘tunes’. By all accounts Tim was a lovely human being. Certainly a talented, if under appreciated musician, composer and producer.
  11. Tried bronze acoustic strings from Ernie Ball. Not for me. Put some black nylon tape wounds on. Much happier. No scratchiness and the volume was usable unamplified. As with most acoustic basses though if you want to play with anything else it’s really going to need to be amplified.
  12. Another lifetime member of the battered bass fan club here. I do own shiny unmarked basses, some quite expensive stuff. Where are these shiny expensive basses? All hidden away in their cases being precious and unloved....... The current favoured two? A heavily reliced Limelight P and a very used Ibanez Ric replica. Occasionally a Warwick Dolphin 2, but not even the big costly SNTCS or Pro1 versions that are both tucked away being pristine. Go figure.
  13. I had heard tales (couldn’t vouch for them personally) that the necks sometimes were prone to warping - not sure if this was only on the 36” scale models they made. Not the current versions but the older ones. Often been tempted by a Schack though myself being a headless fan.
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