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  1. Looks good that. Like the slight offset look of it and that lovely rosewood.
  2. Dazed

    Semi hollows

    Warwick Starbass is another option
  3. Do you not need to use a (I forget the term) carnet-something-or-other now when travelling abroad with instruments? Ive considered several swaps in Europe but it just seems too much hassle/red tape/extra costs now. Thanks Nigel!
  4. Tis a thing of beauty and a true classic.
  5. Thanks @Hellzero I’ve sent you a pm.
  6. Can you provide a photo of the break from the side please to show how far along the fretboard the join is relative to the frets? Is the truss rod the removable type?
  7. My 81 has a single guide
  8. Close, it’s French Walnut.
  9. That’s exactly what I thought @cocco Has a Ric vibe about now. Looks good 😎
  10. Similarly to the suggestion above, a photo of the body wood, possibly edited in photoshop to look like the body and inserted under the clear cover.
  11. You could paint the under side of the Perspex or stick some vinyl cut appropriately to cover the cavity. The clear really works well with the bass itself.
  12. Thanks @BabyBlueSound With that said, why do we need short scale specific sets and not just cut down standard length strings? When I was looking at SS string sets a while ago I noticed they were often a significant price jump up compared to their long scale versions.
  13. Is the Starstream short scale and have you cut down standard length Elixirs for it? No issues ?
  14. Saw that on Facebook I think. Glad someone bought it and saved me from myself. Always liked Wilkes basses and you don’t see many about.
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