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  1. Wonderful little amps! Mines been my main gigging unit for a good 5 years plus.Never let me down 😊.GLWTS
  2. Sorry to hear of all your troubles 😕.I have to say I sent a very expensive bass to Corsica by fedex just after Christmas.As you can imagine I was VERY nervous about the whole thing but it got there ahead of schedule in 3days undamaged and everything went very smoothly though I did make sure it was bloody well packed/protected.Maybe I was just lucky? Relieved though!!
  3. Wonderful,different rare, sexy and and....just because 🥰x
  4. Great stuff,really enjoyed that,a beautiful merger of two wonderful pieces.well done x
  5. Certainly off on a tangent this one! Crunchies (Marley)tiles as we call them in the trade are considered low risk .personally I never screed over them as 9/10 times they come up pretty easily with a large scraper,and therefore can compromise the strength/bonding of the new subfloor surface if just gone over.wear a decent mask obviously,double bag then seal with tape.some local tips take them,some don’t,best to check in advance.99% of us in the trade use Ardex NA two component latex when faced with having to cover old bitumen adhesive residue as it’s a very good tried and tested product..Never use a water based latex,even with a primer! Then once your nice new solid/stable floor has been laid you can sit down in confidence and play your nice 5string to your hearts content!😁
  6. I posted my recent experience on another thread but in case anyone missed it. posted a bass to Corsica (France) couple of weeks ago.Absolutely first class service by fedex (£130)express delivery,insurance by secusus but luckily no problems.Bass was just under 5 grand.Buyer had to pay french import tax plus handling charges which added up to €1375 before the bass left this country.so I would presume it would roughly be the same the other way round for anyone receiving from the EU now
  7. I hasten to add I’m interested in the 2015 onwards reissue models,not the old original ones.cheers
  8. Hi all ! I’ve delevoped an itch for one of these ,but have never tried one .My main concern however is can they do anything other than that boomy mushy neck pick up sound which they are mainly known for??pretty much always use the bridge pickup on all my basses as I prefer punchy fingerstyle type growl, not too harsh top end.whats the output like of the bridge pickup on these,as I’d be using it 95% of the time.Or,am I in fact just barking up the wrong tree? I’m definitely not a flat wound string player.All the vids I’ve watched seem to be doing the boomy type vibe? Also do they make a 34 scale.Im after advice on USA made models only please. Thanks for your help/time in advance..cheers jeff
  9. I’d never shipped a bass before and last week had to send a£5000 bass to Corsica.Used fedex express service.picked up 10.30 am on the Tuesday,delivered safely by 10.00 am ish on the Thursday ahead of schedule.pleased and very much relieved.unfortunately the buyer was hit for about 20%.french import tax.fedex give clear instructions on what labels to print and how many of each you need to send with the package.I insured with secusus,as someone on here had recommended but luckily didn’t have no reason to contact them so I can’t comment on how well they would have dealt with any claims. very impressed with fedex though! Hope this is of some help to you.
  10. Word of warning for our European friends! sent an Alembic Stanley deluxe (very reluctantly) to Corsica last week.buyer unfortunately told me he got hit for €1375 import tax to France.I did warn him to check and that there may be extra charges etc due to brexit,in fact I tried to’put him off’ as i by then had a potential uk buyer.As he was insistent that he wanted the bass I felt it the decent thing to do as he was first in the queue.Never been so bloody nervous in my life when the bass was collected by the courier I can tell ya!!! BUT BIG BIG SHOUT OUT FOR FEDEX.first class service! Picked up Tuesday morning,delivered safely on the Thursday ahead of schedule! Never been so relieved in my life.followed fedex instructions on correct paperwork required and didn’t undervalue it as it would have voided the insurance in the case of a claim.Felt very sorry for the buyer but if this stops someone else getting caught out in the future then some good may come of it I guess!
  11. I’m a flooring contractor by trade so use knives everyday,it only takes half a second to slip but weeks even months to heal! I’ve had a few nightmares over the years.Rushing a job and not thinking through is the usual recipe ! Less haste more speed is the way indeed!
  12. Ibanez roadster II or an MC924 (though slightly over budget I guess) 😊
  13. Yep ,bass ,lead,amp.As simple as possible!!😁
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