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  1. Yes sorry,that is what I meant! cheers Al
  2. I’ve owned my old mc924 since new (1983).she’s pretty battered but an absolutely wonderful instrument.I’ve yet to play a bass that can it touch it in terms of fit and feel,and OMG a neck to die for! Tone wise only my Wals surpass it,but not by much in my opinion.I’ve never weighed it but never had an issue with a nice decent wide strap.I think Ibanez dropped a real clanger when they done the limited edition run some years ago but making them way too expensive and out of reach of most players .If they’d priced them realistically I think they would have been a best seller.
  3. Another hand up for the big baby here.amazing for a 1x12 cab.no experience of the other though,sorry .
  4. Hi mike,not quite the same as your situation but it may/may not be of interest to you! I had a super 12t and then brought a big twin gen 3. The bt is defo a’bigger’ softer/fuller sound/tone I suppose whereas the super 12 was more’in ya face’ middy.harsher if you like,less ‘oommphhh.interestinly I still found myself using the super 12 more as it seemed to cut through and I could hear myself better onstage.moved them both on in the end .i now have a bb3and a super midget .A more flexible solution for me I have found.Either one or t’other depending on gig situ and together they sound somewhere in between ,the super 12t and the big twin gen3 fuller sounding that the super 12t .In reality the bb3 more than covers what I need .im talking pub gigs and theatre shows aswell.How’s that for a technical response 😂!
  5. Don’t think these will be here long! Fantastic cabs! Good luck with the sale.
  6. My apologies to franzbassist then for derailment of his thread with my totally uninformed comment and I’ll remember to consult you hellzero before I ever dare post on here again to make sure I have my information correct 😁..oh and sorry to all the manufacturers too! over and out x
  7. Yes I knew tc had done it but not’many others’ so prehaps I should get out a bit more.congratulations mate,you’re obviously much more enlightened than myself! X
  8. Hope you get the problem sorted out.i notice you say it has a built in tuner,hallelujah!! At least one manufacturer has some sense.can never understand why most of them don’t offer this.think it should be pretty industry standard these days on amps!
  9. Hi,I have an older gen2 super12t and a bb2 gen 3 .both great cabs.the bb2 I actually think has a fuller smoother sound whereas the 2x12 is more harsh/middy but still cuts through.lugging wise the bb2 is easy to carry weight wise but still large enough to be awkward sometimes so I’ve ordered a super midget to pair with it for bigger gigs and hopefully use the midget on its own for rehearsals/small gigs.i use the bb2 with a tecamp puma 900,so 600 watts going into it at 8ohms.plenty loud enough really.great full range cab.i don’t think you’d be disappointed with one.cheers jeff
  10. Forgot to say I’ve been using a tecamp puma 900 for years which is fantastic and I’ve yet to try anything better but....
  11. Hi all,in my quest/wish to achieve an all home grown set up I’ve come across these but haven’t had time to try one yet.I prefer a clean/quick responsive type amp but not averse to being able to dial in some grit at all.i use barefaced cabs with tweeters.many years ago my first proper amp was a laney pro bass combo which served me very well.Any thoughts /experiences would be appreciated please.I noticed andertons in Guildford sell them which is pretty local to me. the videos I’ve found are informative but just wondering about real word experience/reliability etc. any comments greatly received.cheers
  12. +1 to all the above comments. Second to none for customer services imo
  13. Hi there,please let me know if this becomes available .thanks
  14. Played a one hour set at the marvellous festival near Bracknell/Wokingham way with ‘ no jacket required ‘ Phil Collins tribute.sun was shining,crowd were fantastic and the backstage crew and organisers were brilliant getting bands on/off with minimal hassle.all round a very enjoyable time! Great stuff x😊
  15. Although I do own American and Japanese basses,these days I pretty much always use British gear .wal/status/barefaced but like you Chris b I can’t think of/haven’t tried a decent lightweight amp built in this country so still use my tecamp puma 900 which I have to say is a fantastic bit of kit..if a decent British built non valve head came on the market I definitely get one! Aren’t barefaced developing an amp??
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