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  1. Pretty busy pub gig last night, plenty of dancing. Annoyingly lots of people wanting to shake my hand, some of them multiple times, usually just after I washed them! I’m expecting and kind of hoping the gigs I have in April will be cancelled once CV accelerates.
  2. @stewblack @Cat Burrito What were the numbers like last night, was it quieter than usual due to Coronavirus?
  3. ITALY EMERGENCY MEASURES 16 days after the beginning of the outbreak, the Italian government took decree today to take exceptional measures to contain about 16 million Italians living in the north of the country, as well as restrictive measures covering the whole country, valid until April 3: [source] Northern Italy under lockdown - Lombardy region (entire region all provinces) - Piedmont (provinces of Alessandria, Asti, Novara, Verbano Cusio Ossola, Vercelli) - Veneto (provinces of Padua, Treviso and Venice) - Emilia Romagna (provinces of Modena, Parma, Piacenza, Reggio Emilia, and Rimini) - Marche (province of Pesaro Urbino) Travel will only be possible in response to "duly verified professional requirements, emergency situations, or for health reasons" People with symptoms of respiratory disease and fever of 37.5 Celsius or above are strongly encouraged to stay at home and limit social contact as much as possible, including with their doctor Avoid gathering All schools and universities must be closed All museums and places of culture will be closed All cultural, religious or festive events are suspended Cinemas, pubs, theaters, dance schools, game rooms, casinos, nightclubs and other similar places shall remain closed All sporting events and competitions are suspended Ski resorts are closed until further notice Swimming pools, sports halls, thermal baths, cultural centers and wellness centers must suspend their activities Bars and restaurants can remain open from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. provided they respect the safety distance of at least 1 meter between customers - this provision also concerns other commercial activities Shopping centers and department stores must remain closed on public holidays and the days preceding them Places of worship remain open, provided that the safety distance of at least 1 meter is respected, but religious ceremonies (marriage, baptism) are prohibited until further notice National restrictions As in the north of the country, cinemas, theaters, museums, pubs, game rooms, dance schools, discos and other similar places will be closed Sports competitions are suspended with some exceptions looking serious in Italy now. Pubs closed! given we are around 10 days behind Italy in case numbers I wonder if this will be coming to us soon. I’ve got a pub gig next weekend, but after that I’m thinking it’s likely the ones I have in April will get cancelled.
  4. Flu is 0.1% I believe. So this is between 10-60x more deadly depending on what figure you want to believe. Based on known cases that have had a conclusion I.e died or recovered, the death rate is currently running at 6%, but could be lower than this if mild cases have been missed. https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/
  5. The big problem will be the NHS.... looking at the Italy outbreak 49% have needed hospitalisation. 9% are in intensive care, presumably on ventilators. the 1-2% death rate that is being quoted is based on current cases that have had full medical care including ICU. The government have said up to 80% could be infected. I think this is unlikely, but assuming 10% get it, that’s 6.6M people. If 9% need ICU care, that would be 600K people. We only have around 7-800 free ICU beds in the UK at any time, so I suspect most of the 600K people needing ICU care would be toast. This could potentially push the death rate closer to 9% once the NHS is overwhelmed.
  6. How do they compare sound wise to regular EXLs (or fender 7250s)
  7. About to order some more Daddario EXL165, but curious about the NYXL's. How do they differ apart from being £6 more?
  8. I don’t understand your logic on that one. It’s not really relevant if the spread happens with symptoms or not. You are certainly going to be exposing yourself more spending 4-5 hours in a confined space with 50-60 people crowding around you than you are staying in and watching Netflix.
  9. Indeed, I’m not concerned now as the chances of getting it are practically zero. Having said that their were only 4 cases in Italy 10 days ago and now nearly 1700, with 560+ today. If it continues with that kind of exponential growth it could become a serious threat very quickly. My question was relating to the impact on gigging if/when the numbers do become significant.
  10. Don’t forget the Chinese took very drastic action to contain this. Wuhan was completely locked down and people were confined to their houses. Pretty sure nobody was going to gigs in Wuhan. There isn’t the political will do do that in this country yet. Also we only have around 700 spare ICU beds in the UK and if 10-20% need ventilating once we get to 4-5K cases we could be in a lot of trouble and the death rate would climb,. Based on how quickly Italy’s numbers have increased we might only be 3-4 weeks away from being in that situation.
  11. I actually wouldn’t have an issue to playing to 4000 as there would be security keeping them at a safe distance! Haha
  12. When I go to the shops I don’t get drunks spitting song requests in my face, shaking my hand or hugging me!
  13. Anyone have any thoughts on this? Have a number of gigs lined up over the coming months. I’m not too concerned at the moment as the numbers of cases in the UK is pretty low, but I think it is quite likely to accelerate quickly in the coming weeks as it has in Italy and Korea. Once we get to thousands of cases in the UK I think I’ll be wanting to consider whether I still want a load of drunken possibly infected punters approaching me at gigs. My band mates don’t seem to share my concerns at the moment. Anyone else having these thoughts? Also if people start avoiding pubs anyway then I wonder if they will still be wanting to pay bands to play to half empty pubs.
  14. I got fed up of tripping over the 4way extension block and helix PSU, so bought a DC extension cable. Seems to work well. Will be trying it in practice tonight. https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B07QVD4TY6
  15. This young lady is super talented, using a budget bass too. EDIT - I see someone already posted another vid from her
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