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  1. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  2. That looks ideal! Does your drummer fancy renting out to other bands? Think there would be a decent demand!
  3. Out of interest has anyone managed to organize outdoor rehearsals. I’m thinking of contacting local farmers to see if any of them would allow us to use a field (ideally away from residential areas). Better still would be an open sided barn with power, but I’d take a field right now.
  4. I won’t be going to pubs or gigging under the current conditions I.e. thousands of people getting infected everyday. I know the government is concerned about the economy, but rather than all the lock down easing we’ve had over the last couple of months we should have taken the pain and stayed in hard lockdown and kept R low to reduce the numbers as fast as possible. Possibly by now we might have got the infections down to zero like New Zealand and be able to open up with confidence. I think the governments strategy will do more harm to the economy, especially if we get another peak.
  5. I’ve got a Vox amplug and a Zoom b1n. The zoom sounds better and has the effects, the vox is great in that you can plug it in and walk round your house/garden playing, also has a line in so you can connect your phone and play along to music. If I’m going away anywhere and want to practice I take the vox. The main negative for me is there is quite a lot of hiss. I’d happily pay 2-3x the asking price for the vox if they put in better quality less noisy amplifiers
  6. Anyone thinking of practicing indoors should read the erinbromage link posted earlier. Singing is particularly bad. From the article....... Choir: The community choir in Washington State. Even though people were aware of the virus and took steps to minimize transfer; e.g. they avoided the usual handshakes and hugs hello, people also brought their own music to avoid sharing, and socially distanced themselves during practice. They even went to the lengths to tell choir members prior to practice that anyone experiencing symptoms should stay home. A single asymptomatic carrier infected most of the people in attendance. The choir sang for 2 1/2 hours, inside an enclosed rehearsal hall which was roughly the size of a volleyball court. Singing, to a greater degree than talking, aerosolizes respiratory droplets extraordinarily well. Deep-breathing while singing facilitated those respiratory droplets getting deep into the lungs. Two and half hours of exposure ensured that people were exposed to enough virus over a long enough period of time for infection to take place. Over a period of 4 days, 45 of the 60 choir members developed symptoms, 2 died. The youngest infected was 31, but they averaged 67 years old. (corrected link)
  7. The key thing for a beginner is playability and to be honest the budget Yamaha and Sub ray4 I have are just as playable as the US Fender Jazz+ pbass I own. One of the best bass players I have seen on YouTube absolutely kills it on a £300 budget bass. Amazing tone and feel.
  8. Can anyone give any tips to get get an organ type sound. Ive got an HXFX that I’ve mainly been using for pitch shift and a bit of compression, so a bit of a noob on the other effects. I want to recreate the organ sound at the start of mr Crowley (OZZY)
  9. Pretty busy pub gig last night, plenty of dancing. Annoyingly lots of people wanting to shake my hand, some of them multiple times, usually just after I washed them! I’m expecting and kind of hoping the gigs I have in April will be cancelled once CV accelerates.
  10. @stewblack @Cat Burrito What were the numbers like last night, was it quieter than usual due to Coronavirus?
  11. ITALY EMERGENCY MEASURES 16 days after the beginning of the outbreak, the Italian government took decree today to take exceptional measures to contain about 16 million Italians living in the north of the country, as well as restrictive measures covering the whole country, valid until April 3: [source] Northern Italy under lockdown - Lombardy region (entire region all provinces) - Piedmont (provinces of Alessandria, Asti, Novara, Verbano Cusio Ossola, Vercelli) - Veneto (provinces of Padua, Treviso and Venice) - Emilia Romagna (provinces of Modena, Parma, Piacenza, Reggio Emilia, and Rimini) - Marche (province of Pesaro Urbino) Travel will only be possible in response to "duly verified professional requirements, emergency situations, or for health reasons" People with symptoms of respiratory disease and fever of 37.5 Celsius or above are strongly encouraged to stay at home and limit social contact as much as possible, including with their doctor Avoid gathering All schools and universities must be closed All museums and places of culture will be closed All cultural, religious or festive events are suspended Cinemas, pubs, theaters, dance schools, game rooms, casinos, nightclubs and other similar places shall remain closed All sporting events and competitions are suspended Ski resorts are closed until further notice Swimming pools, sports halls, thermal baths, cultural centers and wellness centers must suspend their activities Bars and restaurants can remain open from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. provided they respect the safety distance of at least 1 meter between customers - this provision also concerns other commercial activities Shopping centers and department stores must remain closed on public holidays and the days preceding them Places of worship remain open, provided that the safety distance of at least 1 meter is respected, but religious ceremonies (marriage, baptism) are prohibited until further notice National restrictions As in the north of the country, cinemas, theaters, museums, pubs, game rooms, dance schools, discos and other similar places will be closed Sports competitions are suspended with some exceptions looking serious in Italy now. Pubs closed! given we are around 10 days behind Italy in case numbers I wonder if this will be coming to us soon. I’ve got a pub gig next weekend, but after that I’m thinking it’s likely the ones I have in April will get cancelled.
  12. Flu is 0.1% I believe. So this is between 10-60x more deadly depending on what figure you want to believe. Based on known cases that have had a conclusion I.e died or recovered, the death rate is currently running at 6%, but could be lower than this if mild cases have been missed. https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/
  13. The big problem will be the NHS.... looking at the Italy outbreak 49% have needed hospitalisation. 9% are in intensive care, presumably on ventilators. the 1-2% death rate that is being quoted is based on current cases that have had full medical care including ICU. The government have said up to 80% could be infected. I think this is unlikely, but assuming 10% get it, that’s 6.6M people. If 9% need ICU care, that would be 600K people. We only have around 7-800 free ICU beds in the UK at any time, so I suspect most of the 600K people needing ICU care would be toast. This could potentially push the death rate closer to 9% once the NHS is overwhelmed.
  14. How do they compare sound wise to regular EXLs (or fender 7250s)
  15. About to order some more Daddario EXL165, but curious about the NYXL's. How do they differ apart from being £6 more?
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