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  1. I do that with my Yamaha RBX270. Leave the strings on, takes 2 minutes to take the neck off. Always take it on holiday/work trips, fits nicely in a largish suitcase. Also take a little vox amplug headphone amp. Don’t forget to pack the screwdriver so you can put it together at the other end.
  2. Thanks for the heads up. That would have been ideal, but I’ve already committed to the BB735 for sale on here, so I’ll see how I get on with that.
  3. That’s a beauty. I’d already agreed to buy the BB735 advertised on here, but otherwise I’d have snapped this up.
  4. Thanks, I think they have narrowish string spacing unfortunately.
  5. Thanks for all the tips.... I hadn’t looked at the 425, I assume it is just the previous version of the 435, is there much difference? That Peavey looks nice, but I guess I’d have to wait for one to pop up for sale. I’ve got a MM sub4 so know they are great, mine has 20mm string spacing so assumed the sub5 would be generous too, but found out they are only 16mm, which makes me a but hesitant. I was going to bid on that Maruszczyk Elwood 5 mentioned previously but I found out it had been ordered with the extra narrow bridge instead of the 19mm it comes with normally - shame as it went for a bit of a bargain price in the end.
  6. Yes! It’s a lovely bass but as I’m just dipping my toe into 5 strings so didn’t want to break the bank just yet.
  7. Shamberg. 🤣 Yeah, I’d looked at those, a lot of bass for the money, I’d seen some reports the HBs could be pretty heavy and the QC can be a bit inconsistent but I guess if you get a lemon you can send it back. Currently thinking for £350 I can get a Yammy BB235 or TRBX305. Based on the sound clips I think the 235 sounds better, but I already have P, J and PJ basses so the 305 would add a more modern sound. Plus the 24 frets would be nice. Is there a big step up with a BB435, I don’t hear the 235 mentioned as much.
  8. Yes, I’d consider one of those. That looks very nice! I’ll keep an eye on that thanks.
  9. I have a MM Sub4, it’s a great bass for the money. The sub5 was definitely on my radar and I was thinking of posting an ad to see if anyone wanted to swap a 5 for my sub4 I’m also a Yamaha fan, my first bass was an RBX270. The sires look like great value.
  10. Thanks guys! I’ll take a look.
  11. I keep thinking about trying a 5 string, but I’ve been a bit reluctant up until now in case I like it and it makes my 4 strings redundant. Ideally I’d like a 34” scale length so it doesn’t affect my muscle memory switching to my 4 strings. Also I don’t get on too well with narrow string spacing - prefer a pbass neck to a J, though not sure if it is the spacing or the thickness/width. Any suggestions? I don’t want to spend loads in case it’s not for me, ideally under £500 but might go higher if needed.
  12. I think I’ve come to realise I’m not really a pedal person. The one thing I couldn’t live without however is the pitch shift on my HXFX. I use it for Eb, D and C tunings for various songs we do in the band. I’ve finally updated my hxfx to 3.0 and the new poly capo tune does sound a bit better (less warble but at the expense of a bit more latency). You can get away with it in the mix however solo’d at home it’s a bit unnatural. As this is pretty much all I need I wondered if I’d be better served by a £80 digitech drop rather than the HXFX. Has anyone tried one vs. the helix?
  13. Hi, Just got my first set of labella low tension flats and they have little numbered cubes on each string at the ball end. A quick google brought up some suggestions from the talkbass forum that you take these off, however when I put them in the ferrule and apply tension the cubes allow the string to rotate freely. When I take them off they don’t rotate easily, so I’m thinking that actually leaving them on may help prevent the strings getting twisted when I wind them onto the tuning pegs. Any thoughts on this?
  14. Surely this should be one the list......🤣
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