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  1. Out of interest are you putting the HPF at the start or end of the chain in the helix?
  2. I always think rounds sound better than flats when I’m playing at home at low volume, flats sound a bit compressed and “flat”, however the magic seems to happen when you play in a band context and they just sound really good, even with the rockier stuff
  3. I switched to my jazz with flats and my sore finger was pretty much gone by Sunday morning. Stupidly got my pbass with rounds out and my finger started hurting within 10 minutes!
  4. Interesting point. How steep are roll offs on the Helix? With an analogue HPF if you set at 41Hz you’d probably still be attenuating the signal a bit at 50Hz.
  5. I was using a different bass last week and a few times the bottom E really seemed to over power the speaker and come out pretty weak and flabby, wondering if this would help.
  6. Wow, that is a pretty dramatic difference! Definitely going to try playing with this at the next rehearsal
  7. Are you talking about the low/high cut and low/high shelf - I don’t know what the difference is. Do line 6 publish a detailed explanation for each effect? I’ve never thought to use a HPF does it make a noticeable difference? I guess you only notice at band volumes. I will try them at rehearsal on Friday.
  8. Out of interest, what settings do you use for the BDDI, always interested to try other peoples settings!
  9. I hadn’t considered that, I don’t suppose how much you shaved off with this mods?
  10. These are £1.02 from CPC, they will let you use headphones with the HXFX, in fact you could get two and use the other for line in to play along with audio. Glad you like the HXFX, I was wondering if I was missing something not having the stomp, but the HXFX is so easy to use playing live, I think I’d struggle with the stomp.
  11. That looks lovely, are they chambered as standard, or did you get it modified?
  12. Any suggestions, my shoulder has been giving me a bit of grief recently. My pbass is about 8.8lbs and the jazz 8.5lbs, so not exactly heavy. I used to have an Ibanez SR1400 which was a lovely bass and nice and light but found the neck a bit narrow, also the D and G string were a bit thin sounding and I wondered if this was down to it being so light. so ideally something in the 7-7.5lb range, but with a pbass size neck that doesn’t sacrifice tone for weight. Any ideas?
  13. Thanks, yeah, it’s my index finger too. Will try some voltarol
  14. I got a shure MV88 recently and the sound quality is very good. There is an audio and video app where you can control the Mic gain, stereo separation, add compression etc. It has onboard DACs so it isn’t relying on anything on the phone. Somebody else in the band has a hand held zoom recorder and reckons the MV88 sounds better.
  15. You could try doing this way with 2x hxedit windows....
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