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  1. I find those Marshall 412 guitar cabs can have some weird dispersion effects and sometimes moving a few feet can help. Other thing you could do is get a pair of decent over ear headphones - this will quieten things down a bit and protect your ears - you can get one of those cheap behringer p2 headphone amps and take the DI from your RM800 so you can hear your bass. I really struggle to play if I can’t hear myself properly.
  2. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  3. Thanks for the detailed explanation @EBS_freak, I’ll take a good look through the thread you mention, currently I have 17db dB attenuation in my earplugs so 26/27 dab would be a big reduction. I guess I could also style out wearing noise cancelling headphones on stage, I think in ears would be a better look! I’m surprised nobody makes something like the retrofit ACS driver I mentioned but like the ZS10 with a good number of drivers that can be easily retrofitted into custom plugs without having to resort to irreversible silicone sealant.
  4. @Paul SThat looks pretty good, ideally I’d want something reversible that still gives some hearing protection, I wonder if there is something similar where the tips are the same size as a standard filter. @EBS_freakWould it really be that bad? Ordinarily I’d be wearing noise reducing earplugs anyway and I’d still intend to use my 212 combo on stage, so I’d have thought adding even a single driver would sound better than just earplugs alone. We tried in rehearsal and I was using Sony over ear noise cancelling headphones and it sounded really good.
  5. Not heard of them, who makes them? I assumed the acs ones are the same shape as the filters so you wouldn’t have to silicone them in - would be good to be able convert back to earplugs if the the drivers suck.
  6. I’ve got some ACS custom earplugs and noticed for £99 I can convert them to IEMs https://acscustom.com/uk/products/in-ear-monitors/universal-fit anyone tried these? Or tried something similar, I presume you replace the filter with a driver?
  7. Certainly great news @lancer managed to order without issue. Really tempted to put in an order. I thought there was an EU rule that below 150Euro the shop could cover the duty/vat, but above that figure the duty has to be paid to the courier by the recipient when it’s delivered. I think I read that was the situation with Thomann orders, unless the rules have changed?
  8. I also suspect there is something wrong with the pricing, has anyone successfully bought anything from them. Was tempted by the ABM600 IV at £506, but they are listing the ABM300 for £511 so something isn’t right.
  9. Just stumbled across these - £80 and opto based rather than digital. Not seen these mentioned much on here, are they any good?
  10. @BassAdder27 Was half thinking about getting an ABM600 or RM800. How does your ABM600 compare with your RM800? Is the extra weight/cost of the ABM worth it?
  11. Tell me about it. Now looking at the Roland FA06. Probably overkill for something that will get used for 2-3 songs max, so maybe I need to reset to something cheap and cheerful
  12. And now you've got me looking at this😁 I see you can download a cover band preset bank for it, which would be useful for lazy buggers like me. http://axial.roland.com/articles/the-cover-band-collection/ looks a bit cheaper than the ds61 with a better organ/synth trying to work out what the advantage of the ds61 would be over this?
  13. That’s interesting, I’ve been drifting up in price since I started looking at this and the Juno DS61 was looking like a great choice. Am I correct the phrase pad thing can be used to trigger wav files that can be loaded in? Only real downside is it a bit on the large side. btw- There’s one on gumtree in Bridgend at 325 which seems a bit of a bargain, but a bit too far for me to travel, so might be useful for someone nearby.
  14. The footswitch thing looks really useful, especially to fill things out if you only have 1 guitarist, but for what I’m thinking I just want a cheapish small lightweight keyboard with some decent sounds built in, that can occasionally be used on some songs when there is a keys intro etc. I’m playing in pubs where space is a premium and I don’t want to be messing around with laptops etc., that will likely get beer spilt on them, knocked on the floor or nicked. So far the MX49 mentioned earlier, or the Roland Go:keys, look like they might be contenders.
  15. Just had to look that up. https://www.gear4music.com/Recording-and-Computers/Keith-McMillen-12-Step-Chromatic-Keyboard-Foot-Controller/IKX?origin=product-ads&gclid=CjwKCAjwkN6EBhBNEiwADVfya8N7ZtGTHfJajkC9XwY3vVPS8g5gNnTnRVx6yHS4jAZDiNrEYUGQ0hoC4MAQAvD_BwE Not sure how you make use of the the 5 note polyphony though unless you are an octopus🤣
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