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  1. Our guitarist setup a server in his laptop, but to be honest it had more latency than some of the public ones. When I looked into it to get a low latency private server you need to setup a cloud based one. The other key thing is WiFi has too much jitter, so you must wire in direct with an Ethernet cable to your router. I bought a cheap 20M Ethernet cable from Amazon so I could route to my music room without moving the router.
  2. Just done the toilet roll mod on mine (dt770). https://diyaudioheaven.wordpress.com/headphones/taming-the-treble/ Two sheets of Andrew behind the foam next to the driver. Much improved, the treble no longer hurts my ears. The bass still isn’t as full as my Sony’s but I’ve found a mod for that too!
  3. Just bought some DT770 pro's too and agree, weak midrange and a harsh top end, they are supposed to be fairly bass heavy, but these sound pretty tinny. My Sony XM1000xm2s sound a lot better. I'm wondering if they were defective then saw your post @dave_bass5 . Out of interest where did you return yours to? I wondered if I got your returned set! I got them to go with some edrums I'm getting for xmas, and from what I've read on drumming forums they are highly recommended, so I might wait till Christmas to see if they are any better with them.
  4. Looking to add a powered cab to my MB212. The 115 powered cab is a fair bit cheaper than the 212 powered cab has anyone tried that combination?
  5. That’s the way I’m reading it, but the wording is somewhat vague.
  6. I’ve tried jamkazam and jamulus. Jamkazam has more features like being able to play a backing track etc., however I’d probably go with jamulus in the first instance as it’s simpler, easier to setup and is open source/free. Jamkazam have just started charging for all but a limited service.
  7. That’s a pretty sobering read gafbass, I hope you start feeling better soon. I don’t think I’ll be getting in a rehearsal room until I’ve been vaccinated.
  8. I’ve now moved up from tier 1 to 2, so what’s the general feeling on rehearsals for tier 2/3 (for amateur pub bands). I’m personally not that keen anyway, both from the risk and the fact there are no gigs to brush up for anyway, but some of the others are still keen and think we are exempt from the rules as we get paid. It’s certainly not my livelihood and the occasional £50 I get for a gig really doesn’t make me a professional musician (in my opinion). Interested to hear what others are doing or if anyone has found any guidance for pub bands.
  9. Thanks Bilbo, Interestingly I was looking at some of your transcriptions and noticed you don’t indicate the key signature on most of them but add the sharps/flats as accidentals throughout the transcription. I find this easier to sight read as you don’t need to remember which notes need to be sharpened/flattened but I guess it’s not the way most music is written unfortunately.
  10. Thanks Doddy, It’s the extra layer of brain processing of flattening or sharpening the notes which Is slowing me down, so this will certainly help. Still wondering if an alternative method is to visualise the notes of the scale/key all over the neck and think in terms of the intervals between the notes rather than thinking in c major and sharpening or flattening the appropriate notes. Either way, it’s hard work!
  11. I’m trying to get my sight reading skills up to scratch. I’m Okish in Cmaj/Am or if there are are only 1 or 2 flats/sharps but I really start to struggle once there are lots of flats/sharps. Does anyone has a strategy for this, I’m basically just try to remember which notes I need to flatten/sharpen but should I be trying to think more in terms of scales?
  12. 41Hz

    HX effects as a mixer?

    Yeah, it was a lot easier than I thought - just added a return block at the end of the chain and that was it!
  13. Pretty impressed with Jamulus. I found logging into the router and turning WiFi off improved things much to the annoyance of my kids. I’m interested to know what delays people are getting? Best case I’m at around 30mS overall going on the fastest 9-10mS public server - so presume about 20mS Introduced by my interface/software. Are any others getting better than this? Did wonder if a better interface would help.
  14. Hi all, I was wondering if it is possible to use the HX effects as a mixer? I’ve bought a 2ch audio interface to use with Jamulus for band practice, but I need 3 inputs , bass, microphone and a mono output from my phone for a backing track. I thought I might be able to use the HX effects to mix the bass and the mono backing track into one output then send to the interface - Is that possible? I’m guessing something to do with the send return inputs? Thanks!
  15. Mmm, it might not be possible to setup after he shaved half the neck away, it’s probably bowing like a banana with any string tension on it.
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