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  1. Len, Stub and others that have PM’d thanks for your comments! It’s not too bad at the moment, just hoping it won’t progress to the stage where it stops me playing.
  2. Hi all, I’ve been having pain/stiffness in my fretting hand in the mornings for several months which seems to be getting worse. I eventually went to the GP a few weeks ago who was pretty unhelpful so thinking of asking for a referral to a consultant as I have private health cover. Does anyone have any recommendations for a hand specialist that is used to dealing with musicians/ problems associated with playing an instrument? Ideally in the south, but will travel for the right person.
  3. 41Hz


    This is well worth a watch if you haven’t already seen it.
  4. The brand new SR1300 I looked at a few months back had Tags saying KTS rods in the case so I think they all have them.
  5. I’ve just picked up the 5 guitar version and thinking of modding. @Bigguy2017 Before I drill, do you think I could go a bit more than the 40mm gap you suggest to get the basses even more upright or do you think the bars would be too far apart?
  6. I’ve ordered an irig and want to import audio tracks from Apple Music to play over and record myself. i haven’t used GarageBand before but just had a play around and it won’t let me import stuff from my Apple Music library. To get around this I wondered if I play a track from Apple Music with a 1/8 stereo cable out of my phone headphone output (with lightning adapter) to 1/4 left/right mono plugs then record the individual left + right channels via the irig would this effectively get a fairly reasonable quality stereo mp3 track from my Apple Music library? if this doesn’t work are there any other workarounds? edit- will be using GarageBand on an iPad (I don’t have a Mac)
  7. Recently got back into playing a few months ago after a bit of a hiatus, probably just overdoing it as some days I’ve been playing for a couple of hours or more - the longer I’ve been playing the day before the stiffer my fingers the next day.
  8. Anyone else get this? left hand finger joints are stiff first thing in the morning if I’ve played the bass the day before, initially can’t make a fist. Wears off within a few minutes of wriggling my fingers. Just want to make sure I’m not doing any damage or starting with arthritis!
  9. How do these look in the flesh? I’ve looked at a few pictures and the green seems to vary from bright green to a duller darker green - could be they change a fair bit with ambient lighting? Also considering the natural flat SR1300.
  10. Thinking about picking up an SR1300 with the ash natural flat finish. Just wondering how durable these are compared to a shiny poly finish? Will it pick up finger prints, get shiny patches or develop beer stains? Anyone have one of these or the similar SR600 who can shed some light?
  11. Thanks Aiden, I’m not sure I’d be able to neatly do the trussrod cutout with my dremel, so I’ll most like shell out for a new one.
  12. Mines a bit different, the truss rod hole is a bit bigger and it doesn’t have the screw above the neck pickup. By the way, your neck doesn’t look quite straight, though it might be the angle of the picture. Mine was like that- just slacken off the screws on the neck plate slightly and push the headstock until the E and G string are equidistant from the edge of the fingerboard and the retighten. I swear mine played better after adjusting.
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