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  1. Bass Punk

    Tokai Love Rock Les Paul

    Thanks for the info. Will amend ad.
  2. PRICE REDUCTION £400 M25, Jct 9, Surrey. Ok so this is a bit of an odd ball being fretted and fretless!! I have no idea of the true value so have priced for what I think is a fair price. Only my opinion. This is from 1983, has a thru neck and was originally fretless. In the early 90's I had 7 frets put into the neck. Don't ask!! Anyway they could be taken out or you could fret the rest of it or play it as it is. It came out of the Matsumoko factory. It's Pearl white but has aged over the years. Double coil pup and dual sound switch. This has a great tone. 24 frets, 34" scale. Comes with the original hard case. Good general condition only problem is the vol knob which works but does not want to turn off completely. Probably an easy fix. Open to offers. Any questions just ask. I do not ship anymore, so if your local to M25, jct 9 message me, meet up or you could arrange your own courier. A couple more Lefties going up soon for sale to fund a new purchase so keep your eyes open.
  3. M25, Jct 9, Surrey. Made in conjunction with Tanglewood. These basses were originally about £580 new and really are a great bit of kit for the dough. Passive pick ups with an active 2 band eq. Bright setting operated by a push/pull on the vol knob. Great range of tones. 34" scale. 22 frets Flame Maple top in Transit Blue Gloss. Has had a shim put in the neck heel, this does not affect playability. Open to offers. I do not ship anymore so message me to meet up or drop by. Happy for you to sort your own courier. Have really enjoyed this one, only selling to fund new purchase. Any questions just message me.
  4. M25, Jct 9, Surrey Made in Korea, mid 90's I believe. Flamed Cherry Red with Creme binding. Thru neck. 22 fret medium scale. Great condition for it's age. These are quite rare, but I just don't play it anymore and a new purchase beckons. Only a very near offer for this one as I do love it. I do not ship anymore, pop round, message me for a meet or arrange your own courier.
  5. What's happening with this rig, see its on eBay as well, happy to do a deal but getting no reply to pm.
  6. Bass Punk


    [size=5][color=#FF0000]Sold pending pick up & payment[/color][/size]
  7. Bass Punk


    Bump for last price drop otherwise i'm gonna turn it into a coffee table! [size=5][color=#ff0000]Now £200[/color][/size]
  8. Bass Punk

    SOLD*Luna Dragon Left/Lefty Bass For Sale.*SOLD

    Bump for price drop or trade.[color=#ff0000][size=4] [size=5]Now £180[/size][/size][/color]
  9. Bass Punk

    Most hateful song on your covers bands set list?

    You & Me - The Wannadies Wannadies says it all!! & we haven't even played it live yet. Rest of the band think it's great, i just don't get it when we play mostly punky fast songs.
  10. Bass Punk

    SOLD*Luna Dragon Left/Lefty Bass For Sale.*SOLD

    Price drop or trade bump
  11. Bass Punk

    pub band songs suitable for a 3 piece ?

    We lost our 2nd guitarist 2 years ago & have never looked back, more space musically & on stage. More money as well. We do all sorts from Jam, Supergrass, The Clash, Black Keys, Greenday, well you get the idea. We've just adapted & i can't see us going back to another guitarist. Good luck
  12. LUNA ANDROMEDA DRAGON BASS - LEFT HANDED, LEFTY £200 or would consider some sort of trade This is new, still has the plastic on the back cover's & truss rod cover. This bass comes out of the Dean factory & retails at £399 This active bass has a good range of tones. •Abalone Dragon Inlay •Featherweight Sculpted Basswood Body •Bridge: Monolithic •Weight : 7 lbs •Neck: Maple/Rosewood •Mother-of-Pearl Inlaid Moon Phase Fret Markers •Pickups: Active J-Style | MM-Style •Scale Length: 34" •Nut Width: 1-5/8" •Finish: Raven Gloss Priced to sell at £200 [attachment=128603:DSCF3806.JPG] [attachment=128604:DSCF3807.JPG] [attachment=128605:DSCF3805.JPG] [attachment=128606:DSCF3808.JPG]