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  1. As others have said, protect your hearing! I've had Tinnitus for around 34 years and believe me it's not fun. Once you have it, the only time it's gonna stop is when you pop your clogs.
  2. If you're referring to the 1997 bolt on necked versions I'd agree with you, as the only thing Thunderbirdy about them is the body shape, the neck is un T-Birdy, more like a precision. However the Epiphone Classic Pro and Vintage Pro Thunderbird IV's are excellent Basses! Though both are now discontinued as Epiphone will apparently be releasing US builds in the not too distant.
  3. The only sticker I've ever put on a Bass.
  4. He's obviously ignoring the three of you as he's been on here today. I've had ignorant Arschlochen not replying to PM's in the past. At the end of the day you've just gotta think feck them!
  5. I love them, IMHO they look fantastic, you've just gotta be careful with them! The lull headstock looks like something you'd see on a cheapo Strat copy, and the Jackson, well the hideousness speaks for itself.
  6. As a big fan of the Thunderbird, I cringe at the sight of the offshoots that have sprung up over recent decades. I don't care how great they play/sound/weigh etc. IMHO, they're bastardised monstrosities! Ibanez and Yamaha's have never appealed either!
  7. Thank f**k for that! Now the niggling can stop.
  8. Neither did he around that time with that Davy Crockett hat looking mullet.
  9. Getting back to the title of the thread. I saw Queen twice, once in 1976, at Edinburgh Playhouse and again at Newcastle city hall in 1979. At the Edinburgh gig, he had a Les Paul as his back up, though as I recall he only used his Red Special. (and they didn't play Fat Bottomed Girls like the BR film suggests) At Newcastle he used his Red Special and a Telecaster for Crazy Little Thing, he also had a what looked like a sandy coloured replica of the Red special that remained on it's stand. Brian used a Satellite Strat for the Video of Play The Game, I'm sure I read somewhere back in the day that he also used a Strat on the song itself. There's also footage out there of mimed performances on European music shows where he's uses a Les Paul and a Strat though miming doesn't count does it? oops I forgot about his acoustics.
  10. No never! They should be only be on guitars, as should Mr Sheehan and his ilk IMHO.
  11. Me too....I bought mine off of a mate for £50 1983 to use solely as a back up, couldn't get away with it, would of made a decent boat anchor.
  12. I've a set you can have, all I need is your address and they'll on their way tomorrow. PM me.
  13. Yeah, and we've all seen the tens of millions spent on absolute stinky poo labelled as modern art!
  14. A topic on The Ramones sure does bring out the snobbery in you "real musicians!" FFS! When you've wrote songs that are known the world over, done the world tours, had your music in movie soundtracks, had the album releases and sales figures to justify your high and mighty stances. Your opinions might be worth something!
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