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  1. pst62

    What are you listening to right now?

    I met them after the Mayfair and Dingwalls gigs in Newcastle in 82 & 83 respectfully. They were all down to earth apart from Scabies, who was up his own derrière on both occasions.
  2. pst62

    What are you listening to right now?

    Totally Agree Frank! But for me, this is a great album all the way through, sadly though, as you mention the production let's it down especially on the Bass side of things, Algy Ward is playing some great stuff down in that muddle of a mix.
  3. pst62

    What are you listening to right now?

    Yep, big influence on me when I started playing. (Still is!) He lives in your neck of the woods these days. He's on their latest album, Evil Spirits.
  4. pst62

    What are you listening to right now?

    The Damned's Friday 13th EP from 1981. Paul Gray's playing is wonderful and his Ric sounds immense!
  5. pst62

    2017 Squier CV P Bass?

    They were first produced in 2014. If you're after one they're cheaper at Thomann. https://www.thomann.de/gb/fender_squier_classic_vibe_70s_p_bass.htm
  6. pst62

    2017 Squier CV P Bass?

    I bought one back in 2015. They're still available on Squier's web site.
  7. pst62

    Be aware!

    Just a heads up (in case anyone here has thought of splashing out) there is no mention of these being re-issued on the official Tokai website. However there is a warning that counterfeit basses with their brand name on are being sold on eBay. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Tokai-Hard-Puncher-TPB-OWH-Precision-Electric-Bass-Guitar-in-White-Padded-Gigbag/382512461595?hash=item590f84f71b:g:pjEAAOSwEARbGpop
  8. pst62

    Hipshot Ultra Lights.?

    Take one off, measure the hole in the headstock, if it's 9/16" the tuners will be 3/8".
  9. pst62

    Stringbusters? any others?

    There's a few on here who've had your experience including myself. If you paid by Paypal raise a dispute, they'll get your cash back, they did for me.
  10. Exactly my thinking, however I am getting used to the feel of it.
  11. Every other Thunderbird I've owned (with 3 point bridge) have had their saddles stepped. As in E being the highest and G being the lowest.
  12. Any of you other chaps with the new Vintage Pro Thunderbird find that their bridge saddles are aligned like this?
  13. I found one on aliexpress for $5.99, filled details in to order one, but stopped in my tracks when it insisted on having my mobile number. (WTF?) Did you encounter the same thing? and if not do you recall which vendor you got yours from?
  14. Did it fit without having to make new holes? and how long did it take to arrive?
  15. pst62

    New Machine Heads for Aerodyme Bsss

    There's no GB650's on Gotoh's official site, I'm guessing you meant GB640's? If so, they are available in the UK here. https://tonetechluthiersupplies.co.uk/gotoh-gb640-res-o-lite-bass-machine-heads-nickel-4l.html?SID=4c2177c1b1f14f64fa4e389e117572de