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  1. I intended to buy a Rosewood JB neck from Northwest, but settled on a Maple board (£127 satin finish one, as the Rosewood was OOS) Sadly I had to return it, as the project I was intending to undertake had to be shelved. From what I could tell it seemed like a quality neck, no sharp frets edges, and no visible flaws in the construction. Their necks sell out pretty quickly, so they must be doing something right.
  2. Billy Sheehan. Who'd have thought it? with all that guitarist drivel he insists on trotting out on his Yamaha!
  3. In 1988 Ruud Gullit played Bass in a band called Revelation Time. They had a hit with an Anti-Apartheid song called 'South Africa', surprisingly the song got to No. 3 in Holland.
  4. These scammers were widely reported on around 6 months ago, yet Facebook still hosts their links. Seems like Facebook are more concerned that people may be offending other people than fraudsters ripping people off.
  5. Here's my 2014 Chinese 70's CV, It's currently strung with flats, I love it! Earlier this year I bought a 2020 CV Jazz, and tbh I couldn't get on with it. Wasn't there something about the recent CV's being re branded VM's?
  6. The Phenomenal Buckethead! WARNING Strobe lighting!
  7. Been driving tuther half up the wall with Suzanne Vega's Luka, The Black Kids' Hurricane Jane, The Manics' Sleepflower & From Despair to Where & Olivia Newton John's A Little More Love. I only recently found out the ONJ line was played by Toto's then Bass player, David Hungate.
  8. I think the first song I learnt was Walking on the Moon.
  9. I bought and returned one of their Jazz basses (the JB-75MN Black Vintage series) back in December, play-ability wise it was spot on straight out of the box, Two things that let it down. You could've sliced bread with the sharp frets along the underside of the neck, and it weighed enough to anchor a medium sized fishing trawler.
  10. Did The Damned get a mention? They recorded two of their finest albums there, The Black Album (1980) and Strawberries (1982) and The Damned being The Damned got up to some expected buffoonery. eg. taking the Tubular Bells out into the court yard and blasting them with a shotgun at three in the morning.
  11. The thing is even if he gave you an address, who's to say it's genuine? Also he could easily give you a contact number, verbally entice you into paying him and then just bin the sim card. If I were you I'd would follow my head. There's far too many scammers out there! especially when it comes to musical Instruments.
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