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  1. Heard a few from this album, it works for me.
  2. I've just ordered a set of nickel vintage fender bushings, they're the same low profile as the Gotoh's and they're the right fit.
  3. Hi J-L P I finally got around to getting a set of those Gotoh 640's for my Vintage Pro, and have found that the bushings are slightly too small for the holes. Did you leave the original Epiphone bushings in, or have you used the Gotoh's? If so, how did you get around that difference in size? I also noticed that the string pole (whatever it's called) could have done with being a bit longer.
  4. pst62


    Ordered Saturday, received an email earlier from Thomann saying my order has been shipped today.
  5. Such a sad day! He was a solid and yet a much underrated bass player. I was really shocked to see how frail he was when they did the Frantic Four reunion shows.
  6. He currently has the same 7 string Harley Benton advertised with two different descriptions priced at £1,200 and £1, 500.
  7. pst62


    "Thanks for your help and guidance chaps!"
  8. pst62


    FFS! How did I not see that?
  9. pst62


    Thanks ambient that's good to know. Thomann have never failed me with deliveries in the past, so I think I'll take a punt.
  10. I'm thinking of ordering some Machine Heads from Thomann, the total cost inc VAT and shipping is £111. Will I also get stung with import duty on their arrival into the country?
  11. I totally agree with Nancy about the look being much better a cheaper alternative to Kluson (well they were when i bought mine) are Gotoh GB640's, they also have the long stems and are available in reverse and forward gearing, they're also 'Resolite' and excellent quality.
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