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  1. pst62

    The Musical Box

    If you haven't already, you chaps should check out these lads from Argentina. Steve Hackett has been known to perform with them.
  2. When challenged, he goes off on tangents without answering any questions asked of him and just attacks you. Comes across as unstable. It's a crime that ebay keep on allowing him to trade his monstrosities, he needs to be closed down.
  3. pst62

    What are you listening to right now?

    Brace yourselves!
  4. pst62

    What are you listening to right now?

    Immensely talented fella
  5. Surprise surprise the stereo Precision didn't sell...........What an appalling bodger!
  6. He sets himself up for ridicule, eg Cleartone Guitar Conversions......Don't they just look like they deliver? Hahahaha As for his 100% feedback! It wouldn't surprise me if he had family members and friends bidding on his MONSTROSITIES to attain that score.
  7. I'll second every word of that! I bought my Epi Classic Pro from Hartnoll's in Taunton back in 2012 for £399. Having tried the Gibson they had in stock, it never felt or sounded that superior that it made me want to pay an extra £700 for it.
  8. pst62

    What are you listening to right now?

    A bit of pre work listening.
  9. pst62

    Well, that's not right is it!

    It's not one from he who can't be named is it?
  10. Yes so true! But at the end of the day neither suffered for having a lack of big hits.