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  1. He sets himself up for ridicule, eg Cleartone Guitar Conversions......Don't they just look like they deliver? Hahahaha As for his 100% feedback! It wouldn't surprise me if he had family members and friends bidding on his MONSTROSITIES to attain that score.
  2. I'll second every word of that! I bought my Epi Classic Pro from Hartnoll's in Taunton back in 2012 for £399. Having tried the Gibson they had in stock, it never felt or sounded that superior that it made me want to pay an extra £700 for it.
  3. pst62

    What are you listening to right now?

    A bit of pre work listening.
  4. pst62

    Well, that's not right is it!

    It's not one from he who can't be named is it?
  5. Yes so true! But at the end of the day neither suffered for having a lack of big hits.
  6. This has always worked for me!
  7. pst62

    Where do I even begin?

    That would not surprise me at all! I'd love to see a video of him doing one of these 'Cleartone conversions'.
  8. pst62

    Real or epiphone?

    It's a Gibson! Two quick ways to tell A. Bridge placement B. Neck heel. With the Gibson, The Bridge is further back and they have a rounded heel. Epi Bridge is closer to the Bridge pickup volume pot, and the heel is almost squared. Also, this real or Epi thing is a bit off, my Classic Pro plays better than the Gibson I tried.
  9. pst62

    It is Insanity isn't it?

    Like I said........... Insanity!
  10. pst62

    It is Insanity isn't it?

    Ooh I'm quaking in me boots! If he's gonna do things like that he deserves to be derided. Imagine the outrage and ridicule thrown at them if Fender had come up with that idea.
  11. and so he should, he's owned plenty, also his Badbird Bridge impressed Geddy Lee so much that he's had them fitted to his Thunderbirds.