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  1. For me Genesis are thee prog band of the 70's. I had a ticket to see them at Newcastle City Hall on the Wind & Wuthering tour, but I came down with Meningitis three days beforehand. I like the post Hackett albums, but never felt the need to go and see them after he left. I make do with Seconds Out, it's a great and often overlooked live album, I hope one day they get around to releasing a version comprising the full show.
  2. John Deacon, Geddy, Pete Way, Gerry McAvoy, Ronnie Lane, Rutger Gunnarsson (ABBA), John McCoy, Algy Ward, Paul Gray (Eddie and the Hot Rods, The Damned, UFO), JJ Burnel, Bruce Foxton, Mick Karn, Colin Edwin (Porcupine Tree), Paul Webb, Nick Seymour, to name a few. As for Cronos, he actually is a decent player. I recall sometime around 1983/84, Venom met Rush, and being all star struck and such Connie say's to Geddy, "You are my biggest inspiration, I learned the whole Hemispheres album, from beginning to end!" Geddy replied "I hope I didn't cramp your style!"
  3. ....and also Nicky Wire and Stove king of The Manics and Mansun respectively. A different genre The Bass player in The Specials plays one. Like Jonesy says there's no rules, if you like the bass and the sound it makes, go with it.
  4. £70 is a great price for all that gear, sadly I don't need any of it apart from the Anodised guard. If you do decide to sell it separately please give me a shout. I have money waiting.
  5. IMHO Still their best album, Script comes a close 2nd!
  6. I bought Chris' Vintera pup off of him, he provided great communication from the beginning to end of the transaction. The bloke is a total gent.. Thanks again Chris.
  7. Can you remember what it's like with tone rolled off, I'm after old style deep warm, my current SPB 3 just isn't giving me that.
  8. For those interested, it is/was Pete's Black 79 bird, coil tap fitted during the Waysted era. shame that some fool put a Badass on it though.
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