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  1. Scales arrived. It weighs just under 8lb 2oz or 3.68kg
  2. Russ recently bought mountains of my old tat and is helping to keep me buoyant in these trying times. Flawless transactions throughout. Highly recommended!
  3. Thanks for the comments guys.
  4. Three Neutrik NP2rc right angle jacks. Two used and will need desoldering and one brand spanker, in packing. £8 including UK postage.
  5. Ikea bamboo monitor stand. Measures 51.5 x 24 cm. £15 including UK postage.
  6. DSL GEP25 Leather strap. Has had strap locks fit but used very little. £25 including UK postage. The DSL GEP25 Black (Beige Stitch) Leather Guitar Strap 2.5" features a special rolled piping added to each edge of the top leather made from medium weight leather. The result is a strap with no hard edge to dig into your shoulder, catch on your clothes or on your instrument. The extra width also helps spread the weight of the instrument over more of your back, shoulder blade and collar, reducing shoulder fatigue. Each guitar strap is handmade in Australia from hand-sourced highest quality leather. The top of each strap is made from tough but supple medium weight leather, while the backing is extra soft and comfortable full-grain garment quality leather. All leather is double stitched for extra strength. Top Colour: Black Stitching: Beige Width: 2.5inch Adjustable from 100cm to 152cm Very comfortable and so soft that it almost melts into your shoulder Handmade in Australia Genuine medium-weight leather Classic tough interweave tail for adjusting strap length Double stitched Adjustable length 100cm to 152cm as standard
  7. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  8. Tony very kindly sold me his Affirma fretless, which wasn't officially for sale at the time. I received lots of information and photos before hand, as well as photos of the meticulous packing process. The bass arrived safe and sound from Belgium and is a masterpiece of design in time-capsule condition. I couldn't be happier with it, and I'm glad to have made another bass-friend on this great forum of ours. Deal in complete confidence, guys. Thanks again, Alan.
  9. Neil bought some Jack connectors from me. I would like it to be known, he is the best jack connector buyer........in the world! In all seriousness though, deal with confidence. Quick payment, good comms, perfect, Cheers, Neil.
  10. They normally mount to threaded mounting points on the rear stays, usually found on town bikes but you can get mounting kits for frames without fixings, like this one: https://www.reallyusefulbikes.co.uk/framelocks/frame-lock-tightening-straps-lh-adaptor-4850-4850-lh-2-art-no-56240
  11. Weight added - 8lb 2oz/3.68kg A bit sad to be making this listing. This was my first ever bass. I've owned it for 26 years. Mummy and Daddy bought it for me when I was 13. But it's got to go. So...... This Yamaha RBX800A was made on the 14th of July 1988, in Taiwan. Body is ash, nice light weight. I recall weighing it some years ago and it was around the 8lb mark. I'm going to order some scales today if anyone is particularly picky about weight. Rosewood fingerboard with pearl dots. Frets are in good shape. The neck profile is lovely (if you like slim necks) measuring 20.2mm at the nut end and 23.7mm at the 12th fret. It's 40mm wide at the nut. For me, it's one of the most comfortable necks I've ever played. Controls are volume, blend, treble and bass. It has a 9V preamp and the pickups are active too, so it needs a battery at all times. There's no passive mode. The finish is Pearl White. There are numerous small marks and surface scratches and a couple of little chips, the worst being around the headstock as pictured, but nothing major. It's in good shape for a 32 year old bass. The tuners are not original, being chrome Ibanez replacements. These were put on before I owned it. There are two saddle lock screws missing The original manual is present, along with the silver plastic trim piece which goes on the headstock. These were attached with double sided tape and I removed mine as I thought it looked better. It's wearing new D'addario round wounds (45 - 100) and has a fresh 9v battery. These were top of the line in their day and it's shocking that they're not worth a little bit more. I guess that's largely down to the pointy headstock. It's a lot of bass for the money. It's comfortable to wear and play and sounds good. It was a really great introduction to bass playing for me and would make a fantastic first instrument for someone. Or maybe you're in a White Zombie tribute band. Collection preferred, from Colne Lancashire. Socially distanced of course. I'm expecting some packaging to arrive shortly though, so should be able to post soon.
  12. Any Dutch bike nerds out there? Maybe you'd like to become one? Sit up, slow down and cruise round in style. I have a few bits to shift: 1. Humpert Ergotec Stuttgarter handlebar. Stainless Steel, width - 555mm, rise - 74mm, grip length - 165mm, backsweep - 68 degrees, diameter 25.4mm Brand new, £15 SOLD 2. Humpert Ergotec Tall Quill Stem. Stainless Steel, 25.4mm diameter for 1 1/8" headsets. 25.4mm bar clamp. Briefly fit to my bike but basically unused, £10 3. Axa Solid Plus frame lock. Includes plug-in socket for extra security. Two keys. Excellent condition. £10 SOLD 4. Abus 52 frame lock. One key. Excellent condition. £10 5. Velo faux leather seat. Not exactly Dutch style but came off my Scott Sub Retro. Very little use, excellent condition. £10 6. Ergon GR2 comfort grips. Large size. Used, with a few marks, but generally good condition. Not remotely Dutch. £5 SOLD Prices don't include postage but for most items will be around the 3 quid mark. Or take the whole lot for £50 UK postage included.
  13. I’ve got some. Brand spankers. Willing to part with them.
  14. Build Your Own Electric Guitar by Martin Oakham. Includes full size plans for a strat style guitar. £10 inc. UK postage.
  15. Guitar Player Repair Guide by Dan Erlewine. Great book covering all aspects of guitar/bass setup and repair. £10 inc. UK postage
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