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  1. Here's a 1986 USA made Peavey Bandit 65 combo. Owned by my dad from new. It's only ever been used at home and is in great condition for it's age. It could do with a service as it has one or two scratchy pots, but it works. It has the preferred Scorpion 12" driver and includes the original footswitch for selecting channels and spring reverb. The clean channel on these is particularly good and has quite a flat response. That, and the bulletproof construction made them quite popular with touring country players in the 80's. I've even seen Chet Atkins playing through one! £50 Collection only I'm afraid from Colne, Lancashire.
  2. Bought Dylans EHX Freeze pedal. It arrive on time and is in superb condition. I do love a box-keeper. Another exemplary Basschat transaction. Thanks again! Alan.
  3. Yes, I'm using Thomastiks also. Very good match. The holy grail though, is La Bella White Nylon Copper. They aren't compatible with the piezos because of the nylon, but hopefully this will change soon. Tony is currently testing prototypes of new piezos from the original maker.
  4. I'm rather jealous of your extra string. I have the 4 string version. I wouldn't say Tony introduced me to these basses but I did have to hunt him down, via another very helpful guy in Italy, in order to buy mine. The internet is a wonderful thing...........sometimes.
  5. LD Systems 2u Rack bag. Thick rigid plastic frame, so lightweight but very sturdy. In very good condition, although there's a very small tear (pictured) and it's missing a zip puller on one side. Price includes postage. PRICE FLOP £25!
  6. Greg bought a pair of walking boots from me. Specialist bass player walking boots of course. It was a pleasant and flawless transaction. Deal with confidence. Cheers!
  7. Paul bought my Markbass Multiamp. It was a flawless transaction and I'd happily deal with him again. Thank you!
  8. These are supberb. My fretless (no.62😁) will have to be prized from my cold, dead hands. I'm sure our resident Affirma expert @Hellzero will be along soon to offer more outpourings of emotional AFR enthusiasm. If this was a five string I would be very tempted, myself. Best of luck with the sale.
  9. Tim bought my Markbass 102p. A flawless transaction throughout. Excellent communication and paid upfront, trusting me to leave it with his wife while he was out. I'm sure he was probably hiding upstairs so he didn't have to make me a brew when I got there. Thanks again Tim. Deal with confidence folks.
  10. Wow, this has been on here for ages. Come on chaps, as if nobody wants a red P-bass pickguard. This is what I had in mind when I bought it........
  11. At the moment no, but I’m on the hunt for packaging.
  12. Here's a Markbass Traveler 102p 8 Ohm 2 x 10 cab rated at 400W. Gigged, but very well looked after and in very good condition. This is the Italian made version. Comes with a lightweight Viktory cover.
  13. Markbass Multiamp Mono. 300W into 8 ohms, 500W into 4 ohms. Jam packed with amp models and effects. @MoJoKe has provided lots of useful info on here about these amps, which was a godsend at first as, if I'm honest the supplied documentation is a bit brief. Rest assured though, it's dead straightforward to use once you know what you're doing. The amp models are excellent, especially the Markbass ones, as one would expect. The effects are great too, featuring reverbs, delays, modulation effects, compression, octave, synth, overdrives etc. The Markbass Midi pedalboard is included which allows switching of effects, patch changes and activation of tuner/mute as well as tap tempo for the delays. IIRC these are around £250 new!! The amp is in near mint condition, aside from the small jimp on the side (pictured). I've done a small handful of gigs with it, but it's mainly been used at home for recording. It really is a belting bit of kit but sadly, in the current climate, it's a luxury I don't need. It's in it's original box with manuals for both the amp and pedalboard. I'll throw in a brand new USB A to A cable for use with the editing software which can be downloaded from the markbass website. The first shot is for glamour purposes only, cabs not included! (Although I am planning on getting shut of the 2x10)
  14. Selling this rather lovely Godin ACS Slim. It's a 2019 model in near mint condition. The nut is 43mm, so comfortable for those more used to electric guitar necks. Fantastic RMC pickup system and 13-pin output for use with Roland synths etc. I have the Roland GR-55 and can confirm that all the electronics work perfectly. I've become a Godin nerd since buying this, it's bags of fun to play, really well made, and the hexaphonic pickup system opens up a world of weird and wonderful possibilities, aside from Roland synth units. It comes with a Godin gig bag which, of course I forgot to photograph.
  15. Lovely Italian made Grisport Hawk walking boots. Worn once. I bought these direct from Grisport last month. Did my usual trick and got the wrong size. I wore them around the house for a couple of days, thought they were ok then went for a walk in them and decided they were too big. I’ve now ordered the same boot in a 9 so these are up for grabs. They are practically as new, although I have had to give them a quick clean after said walk and I’ve managed to put a small mark on the toe of the right boot - see pics. Also included are a pair of Grisport Sports Plus with gel shock absorber. I would say they’re a generous fit. I’m normally a 9.5 give or take. They come in the original box and price includes postage.
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