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  1. Nice Jap PB for Not Much

    Ha! Smarties, readies, wonga, folding, beans, cabbage - call it what you like, I don't have any of it.
  2. Nice Jap PB for Not Much

    Ha! I don't think I ever owned that one. Or the other one. EDIT: No wait, I DID own the Dakota red one. Didn't recognise it because of the bloody tort guard and cream pickup covers... That's a truly great bass. But of course I don't have the readies for it, as usual. Tsk!
  3. Nice Jap PB for Not Much

    I am a fan of maple boards. And I suppose if I wanted a rosewood board I'd be better off buying it in the UK and sidestep the CITES thing.
  4. Nice Jap PB for Not Much

    Well that's peed on my chips. Thanks for the info, though.
  5. Nice Jap PB for Not Much

    Oh dear. Really?
  6. Nice Jap PB for Not Much

    NOW we're getting somewhere! It only remains to agree on exactly how many Smarties you think would be reasonable...
  7. Band Feuds

    Ha! I suppose if it does happen again you could hide inside it, or something. Sorry, I didnt think this through.
  8. Nice Jap PB for Not Much

    Do you mean one tube at a time or one Smartie? If the latter, the postage to send tens of thousands of Smarties individually would cost far more than the bass! It would be a novel method of hire purchase though...
  9. Tips for taming volume of acoustic drums?

    I tend to agree, but back in the real world, finding a better drummer is much easier said than done! If I were as uncompromising as I'd like to be, I'd never be in a band, I'd never rehearse and I certainly wouldn't do any gigs. Having said that, the band I'm in currently has an excellent drummer and I'm grateful for that.
  10. Tips for taming volume of acoustic drums?

    In both cases it can be done, but it's a huge effort which makes you hot and irritable.
  11. Tips for taming volume of acoustic drums?

    Oh my God, you said the 'c' - word!!
  12. Tips for taming volume of acoustic drums?

    I suppose for a traditional old-school drummer, a possible solution would be an electronic kit that looks like a regular kit..?
  13. Bass player exclusion

    Absolutely. In parts of East London it's de rigeur to look like a Victorian butcher or an Edwardian cricketer, for some reason. I won't do it, me. As a modern Victorian it would be a step backwards.
  14. Tips for taming volume of acoustic drums?

    The only idea or tip I can provide is 'get another drummer', which I'm sure you don't want to hear. I know how difficult finding a good drummer is, and I know how much more difficult it is to find a good drummer who can consistently play quietly and in time. In my experience, a drummer who has been hitting hard for decades is probably half-deaf if he's not been using ear protection and there's no way he will change now. If he's a reasonable chap he'll use Hot Rods and that would be my first port of call as it's a cheap, simple option to try first.