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  1. Not at all, that's just what it looks like. If you're a rock 'n' roll band it doesn't matter. If you're a pro function band it matters. YMMV.
  2. +1 The few times I've allowed people to use my rig the first thing they did was whack everything up to eleven. Thus demonstrating a lack of intelligence and a lack of regard for other people's kit that was so profound that I now won't lend my gear to anyone under any circumstances. Nope!
  3. Me too. Makes it look like the band are such alkies that they can't wait until they've finished their set before they have a drink. I'll take water onstage because I need it, but I'm always very careful where it goes (i.e. in my gob).
  4. Holy Mother of God! That's stunning. I'm a righty but it doesn't matter. I'd gladly swap the strings round and play this upside down in a cack-handed manner! It's amazing. GLWTS. Massive Wal GAS now, dammit!!
  5. Lending equipment to a bandmate?

    Yes, or if GG Allin wanted to borrow a microphone.
  6. Lending equipment to a bandmate?

    I'd rather lend stuff to complete strangers than friends. It's a lot more trouble when you break a friend's nose. Just joking - I'd never do that to anyone, especially a friend. I'd leer at his girlfriend, though.
  7. The most 80s bass case you'll ever see

    Oww, my brain!!
  8. Olympic white jazz with a difference

    I thought I was reading the bum wipes thread for a minute. Micromesh is fantastic. It doesn't clog like sandpaper, it's really fast and it doesn't wear out. You just rinse it under the tap, dry it and reuse it. Great stuff.
  9. Harley Benton B550 anyone?

    It may even have been a CMI, it was a long time ago.
  10. Olympic white jazz with a difference

    Actually I agree. What I do is drill then finish. But I plug the holes and cavities first with tissue and tape. If you're filling and/or painting and/or wet-sanding you don't want any moisture in the holes - it will expand the wood and blow your finish.
  11. Harley Benton B550 anyone?

    Absolutely. I well remember my Avon EB0 copy and my Kay bass with Audition amp. Terrible - and would put off all but the most starry-eyed from ever taking up the bass. And my current go-to bass is a HB PB-50 Precision. Modded admittedly, but that's what it is. Sweet!
  12. GAS - Yes, But Why..?

    That's right - you can fiddle with them for a while, then leg it.
  13. Harley Benton B550 anyone?

    I didn't buy it as an investment, but you never know... another 20 years it might be worth £70! You still get a lot of Strat for £68.
  14. Harley Benton B550 anyone?

    Harley is a Thomann brand. Got mine before the £ went tits-up, but you can still score a Strat there for around £68.