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  1. Did the singer help with the load-in?
  2. Good call, love me some Dread Zeppelin!
  3. Ah Kauffman, Elvis’ favourite Elvis impersonator.
  4. No Doubt’s “Rock Steady” album. Some great input from Sly & Robbie and Prince on this one.
  5. I know!! I almost bought one 10 years ago, but the font put me off.
  6. I’ve just done exactly this - gone from a B1four back to an ms60b. yes, the functionality is very much reduced, but the MS60b has more synths, which is primarily what mine’s used for. Running the MS60B in a loop pedal means that I have a master switch to bring it in or out of the signal path, and I use the MS60B foot switch to cycle through my pre selected patches.
  7. My Bitsa Jazz/MM fretless. Love it!
  8. Space - big cabs do not make for domestic bliss, also they’re really heavy!
  9. I’ve been really impressed with the Wilkinson Musicman/Jazz combo - switch either pickup on individually or run in parallel for the standard ‘stingray’ tone. Not expensive either: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Wilkinson-Platinum-WJM-Bass-System/dp/B01M0RSO1M
  10. Shame - I’ve got a rosewood NW Jazz neck on my ‘bitsa’ P bass and it’s great. Worth holding out for.
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