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  1. Bear in mind that the expression pedal hasn’t got any audio signal running through it, so there’s no signal degradation in whatever you use - whether it costs £17 or £170, it’s just a potentiometer, some connecting wire, and a pedal with a hinge.
  2. I had a compact for a while, but honestly preferred an old TE 1153. Horses for courses though.
  3. It’s probably not as easy, but increasing the value of the current limiting resistor that’s in series with the LED would make it dimmer.
  4. Wow, that’s a really good job!!
  5. We need to be careful about fish jokes -my friend’s dog fell overboard and got eaten by a shark. Porbeagle.
  6. You may as well; if there was ever a plaice for fish puns, this is it. also, welcome Eloo
  7. Hungry like the wolf - Duran Duran
  8. I’m not a fan. The SX I had years ago had the older headstock. I have a maple jazz neck on one of my bitsa basses at the moment, and I’ve toyed with making up some veneers to cover it up!
  9. I think this fella would find a way to let you know who he was...
  10. Please do, would love to know what it’s like.
  11. I’ve got a Vintage (brand, not age) SG that plays beautifully. I’ve retro fitted a Bigsby style trem, and put coil-tappable humbuckers with push/pull pots to go between humbuckers and single coils. At its default setting it’s wired as a pair of single coils, and I find that I rarely bother with hunbuckers- it sounds great like that.
  12. Upgrade your snare to one with a mesh head - arguably that’s the one you’ll be using most often, than think about your kick. a better quality sound module will help too, but I think the feel of the snare is the most important thing.
  13. The Nether is a very respectable octave pedal!
  14. One caveat to my vox amplug useage - I use the ‘clean’ version, intended for guitar. It doesn’t have the metronome or bass amp sims (but the fender bassman setting is pretty good), but I often like to practice without any amp sims, just to concentrate on my technique. It’s also really useful for playing guitar through - so there’s that.
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