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  1. Dog Days Are Over by Florence and the Machine
  2. Been revisiting Jamiroquai’s ‘Energency on planet Earth’ this week with Stuart Zender and Andrew Levy sharing bass duties. Awesome, awesome stuff.
  3. paul_5


    How did you manage to look at it long enough to photograph it, and not pick it up?
  4. Made using the fuzz dog pcb with an internal voltage doubler for increased headroom. treble, mid (switchable between 200Hz and 1:2kHz) and bass. Top row is gain and volume. £40 to you good people.
  5. Made using the fuzz dog pcb with board mounted pots etc... 2 extra knobs Instead of the internal trim pots. Top row is the standard big muff ‘volume, tone & drive’ and the bottom row are diode blend, scoop etc... £40 to you good people.
  6. Having a bit of a clear out, so this is up for grabs: 1U 390W at 4 ohms per side power amp, will do 780W bridged into 8ohm. 1/4” unbalanced and XLR balanced inputs and outputs in Speakon connectors. I’ve used this as part of my live rug for 6 months and it’s never skipped a beat. Original tech specs are here: http://www.expertelectronic.co.th/new/สินค้า-281-soundtech_ps-802_power_amplifier_2_x_390_watts_.html it’s heavy, so would prefer buyer collection, as it will be quite expensive to post.
  7. I’ve pretty much always used effects. By far the ones I use the most are overdrive; I have 3 channels of varying degrees of filth on my board. Occasionally I’ll use chorus, but only on covers to replicate the recorded sound.
  8. God Gave Rock and Roll To You by KISS. Quite an interesting little intro that segues into mediocrity. And not in a good way.
  9. WRT the stacked knob wiring I’d put the one that you use the most on the top-it’s easier to get hold of that one on a gig.
  10. If I was having a master tone control then I think I’d have the 2 volumes on a single stacked knob and the tone control on its own.
  11. 2 stacked knobs with volume and tone for each pickup, just like the old Jazz basses used to.
  12. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  13. Do you have a separate preamp (sans amp or similar) that you can plug into the effects return socket? That will tell you if your power amp stage is working,and it’s just a bad / broken connection between the pre and the power stage. not sure if the di out on there is pre or post eq, if you can try it with another valve (12ax7) that would be the first thing I’d do.
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