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  1. Have we had Guy Pratt’s output on Pink Floyd’s “Pulse” yet? A master class in supportive playing, and choosing a tone/bass to suit the song.
  2. Extended range basses are perfect for certain situations; doubling synth bass lines in the 80s would have been much more difficult without being able to go lower than E. Horses for courses.
  3. Scott Thunes on Zappa’s ‘Broadway the Hardway’ album. Great, meaty tone that cuts through the mix and nice, tight playing too.
  4. Eurgh! Don’t fancy yours much!
  5. Doesn’t matter how crap it was, I’m still jealous.
  6. I’m a sucker for ash, but yeah, it can be heavy.
  7. I take issue with Iron Maiden repeatedly informing me that it’s “2 minutes to midnight”. It’s not, it’s twenty past two n the afternoon. come on ‘arry, have a word with yourself.
  8. Yeah, I ‘be got these in my Jazzes, and they are great pickups that punch way above their weight.
  9. FWIW I’ve had Boss, Aguilar, EBS, EHX etc... In the past and have settled on the Valeton; it sounds and behaves just like an OC2, is a fraction of the size and less than half the price of a used OC2. You might be surprised if you try one.
  10. Oi, Cornershop, Nooo! Not everybody needs a bosom for a pillow! Actually, it’s much more comfortable to use a real pillow, why would they be so cavalier about sleep health? why??
  11. Joey Ramone should have been brought to task for his claim that post ‘teenage lobotomy’ he was bereft of a cerebellum; any fool knows that to lobotomise a patient involves severance of prefrontal cortex connections, whereas the cerebellum is found in the posterior of the brain. flipwit.
  12. Playing mostly fretless, do I say yes or no?!?
  13. Change your volume pot to a 500k log instead of a standard 250k log - that’ll brighten ‘er up.
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