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  1. What do people recommend for fitting a tweeter into my 1x12” 50l cab? It’s got tons of heft, but I need more snap and definition. My woofer goes up to 3kHz.
  2. paul_5

    PJ Bitsa

    Neck, tuners, screws and neck plate sold, Body, pup, bridge etc... left.
  3. “I got rhythm”. Again and again.
  4. paul_5

    Your Go To Bass

    This bad boy: 2 piece ash body, fretless Jazz neck and round wounds. owes me the better part of £250.
  5. Supervising the kids’ e-learning and waiting for the caffeine to kick in.
  6. Tone controls on passive instruments are a low pass filter, they work by cutting frequencies above a point defined by the tone knob; any passive circuit can only cut frequencies, not boost them. If you want to boost the top end then you’re going to need an external power source to create enough electrical energy to do that , so that’s an active system or outboard preamp.
  7. I use the box amplug - dead amp day, cheap and various models available. I went for the ‘clean’ guitar one, as the bass one was ok, but coloured the sound too much for my liking.
  8. Kreuger? Is that who does the woodwork?
  9. Looks like it’s initially been roughed out by freehand routing, then left.
  10. “Do I need new gear or am I just bored?” you’re kind of new here, aincha...
  11. **SOLD** Bought this from another BCer recently, but a change in musical direction means that it’s no longer needed. not in the best condition underneath, and the battery holder is missing, but to be honest most of us use a power supply for our boards or use phantom power anyway. Works perfectly as a pedal, DI or preamp straight into a power amp. **SOLD**
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