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  1. Steely Dan and related offshoots are unlistenable to me. I get that they’re top flight musicians and the recording quality is superb, but Yacht Rock really irritates me to the point where I get a bit twitchy.
  2. I’m not familiar with either of those models, but I bought a pair of ZST10s when my old sennheisers died and we’re then discontinued. The ZST10s sound amazing and fit surprisingly well. They’re now my ‘go to’ for my MacBook, iPod, practice amp; in fact anything with a headphone socket!
  3. I’m not particularly offended by any kind of music, but the things that I’m more (ahem) ‘selective’ with are country music, EDM sub-genres, and Adele.
  4. I've done a bit. I played for a couple of bands a while ago but I'd rather play bass these days.
  5. Could be worse, you could be restringing a double bass...
  6. All about that (b)ä$$ - Meghan Trainor
  7. "spent" says you, "invested" says I.
  8. Yes, downstreaming can be contentious for the elderly, even if they’re not as confused as Nigel.
  9. Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention do collaborations count e.g. Metallica and the SFSO?
  10. There is NOTHING I would change about this track!! Love it.
  11. Been on my p bass for roughly 2 months and lightly used. these are 40 to 100, and about the same tension as my usual 45 to 105 rounds. great sounding, and not even properly worn in, but I’m going back to tapes on this bass. Traded for a set of tape wounds.
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