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  1. paul_5

    Svt 410hlf opinions

    Great rumbly cabs but enough top to cut through a mix. Wheels are an absolute must!
  2. paul_5

    Damn, that’s some overhang!

    That looks like the ‘muffin top’ of the bass world.
  3. paul_5

    Adding Tube Warmth to Solid State amp

    That’s fine until you realise that you have to play every gig with your knob hanging out.
  4. paul_5

    Bright Flatwounds ?

    Ernie Ball Cobalts?
  5. A recent discussion with another player got me thinking about your 'top tips' for walking bass. We agreed that outlining harmony takes precedent over pretty much anything else, but I'd love to know what the great BC hive mind would make the top 10 list.
  6. paul_5

    Top Ten Jazz Mags for a Newbie...

    Are ‘bongo’ mags still a thing? Has it not all moved to the internet like most other periodicals?
  7. paul_5

    Adding Tube Warmth to Solid State amp

    Yes. Yes you are. 😉
  8. paul_5

    Top 10 jazz albums for a newbie

    I picked up a massive compilation of Paul Chambers’ work on Amazon mp3 for a couple of quid that’s well worth a listen. Min addition to what’s already been suggested I’d go for: Songs for distingue lovers - Billie Holiday Oscar Peterson meets Louis Armstrong Both amazing albums with great performances and really clear mixes; perfect for detailed listening or transcription.
  9. paul_5

    Vox AP2-BS

    Came across this the other day in a bass case. Bump.
  10. paul_5

    Feedback for DarylClayton

    As above, bought a book from Daryl and it arrived quickly and as described.
  11. Neck dive? Yes; your head would drop squarely into your hands to begin the disappointment.
  12. paul_5

    What microphone and why?

    Vocals wise I’m not too fussy as I’m mostly just shouting at approximate pitch. Cab wise I like an RE20 or an SM57 if I’m DI’ed as well.
  13. paul_5

    Equipment used for learning by ear?

    Me too. Dead handy for popping in and out of the bass case.
  14. paul_5

    Why do Pros use a P Bass...

    Most engineers that I know will favour a Precision style bass, simply because of the quick turnaround times between acts at festivals etc; it’s a sound that works and doesn’t require too much monkey business to get it to sound good in the mix.
  15. paul_5

    Patch cables. What do you use ?

    I've used George L's for years. I've had them for so long I can't remember why I switched, but recently a guitarist friend of mine used a cheap "6 for £10" patch cable to jumper channels on his amp and everything went dark. I leant him a George L one I had spare and hey presto, great tone returns. Solderless cables of this calibre are an absolute MUST if your pedals are mounted on a board and there's minimal movement between the pedals.