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  1. Agreed, the pre alone is worth very close to that!!
  2. Short answer is yes, a load of less than 8ohms will knacker your amp. Running the 2 cabs in series will give your amp a load of 20ohms, so it’ll be safe, can’t guarantee it being loud though.
  3. That should do it. You pipped me to the post with that DHA. Enjoy!
  4. If it’s a Dave Hall then you’re fine; they have a relay circuit inside that doubles the voltage, so plugging 9v in will give the tube 18v. They’re centre positive though, so you’d need to invert the supply.
  5. Rolling back to an earlier OS on MAC is a real pita. Basically you’ll need a copy of the installer and then you’ve got to partition the HD, install the old OS, move all of your stuff across and then boot from the new partition (old OS) and delete the partition with the newer OS on it. Unless of course you’ve got a Time Machine backup. You*do* have a TM backup, don’t you...? I didn’t; that’s how I know how to do this! 😉
  6. Ampeg SVP PRO from the mid ‘90s is my oldest piece of kit that I use regularly.
  7. I Could Have Lied by RHCP. Flea just sits in the roots and locks in with Chad’s kick. Superb playing.
  8. Bass head with a ‘line in’ (PA feed for example) that would blend with the bass signal and then broadcast to IEMs, either plugged or wireless.
  9. What’s the DC resistance of the 2 pickups? You could find that there’s a significant drop in output when they’re Wired in parallel.
  10. Brilliant piece of kit; a no brainer at that price.
  11. I think they’re just glued in, so a sharp knock on the pole pieces might just do it. Place a scrap piece of wood over the top and hit it with a hammer?
  12. Geddy Lee. Changed everything for me. Heard his amazing ‘corn flakes’ tone (you all know what I’m talking about) and bought my first bass the following week. He’s been through countless amp/backline endorsements and s fair few bass manufacturers, but has always been a 66Swingbass player, as am I.
  13. My ears are telling me that ‘Don’t stop believing’ is fretless with a touch of overdrive.
  14. Why not just use a seed tray from your local garden centre?
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