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  1. I'm running an Ampeg SVP PRO preamp and an Amp B410HLF cabinet - both of which I love the sound of, but my current power amp (Laney SP300) is only delivering 150W (per side) into my cabinet, and as my cab is 4Ω I can't use the 'Bridge' mode - which would deliver all 300W to a single channel but expects an 8Ω load. What do other BCers use in their separate pre/power setups? Go!
  2. paul_5

    Expression Pedal

    Pitch shift a la Tool?
  3. paul_5

    Expression Pedal

    Wah? Trem /modulation speed?
  4. One word of caution, always make sure that you’re supplying MORE current than you need to a pedal/board; if you try to draw more current than a psu can deliver then the psu will go pop. Never give a pedal more voltage than it’s rated for, as this will cause the pedal to go pop.
  5. I bought a Hohner Baron bass (short scale thing) for £70 at a local music shop (I think it was Reidy's in Blackburn) and picked up a Marshall combo from somewhere else (don't remember where) at roughly the same time. They sounded crap. I saved up for a Trace Elliot AH 130 as soon as I could!
  6. Vintage Caline Orange Burst overdrive pedal. BNIB. Really clean example of this sought after effect. £350 plus p&p
  7. These things are brilliant; I dropped one I each of my Jazz bitsas and they sound amazing! Great price too - I paid £50 each for mine!
  8. Screenshot from my Ampeg AVP manual: -12db is a fairly significant amount of cut!!
  9. That whole album is superb!
  10. How easy would it be to have a drop down menu a la eBay?
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