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  1. paul_5

    Geddy's Lee's Big Beautiful Book of Bass

    Nothing on the Wals that he used for about a decade then?
  2. paul_5

    SSL SiX 

    Nice! Looks like someone's really thought about the EQ (switchable bell curve on Hi and Low) Compressor on the XLR inputs and a G series Buss compressor too. Still kind of pricey though...
  3. paul_5

    Do you play with your watch on?

    I don’t like anything round my wrist when I’m playing; I even roll shirt cuffs back if I’m playing a ‘suit do’.
  4. paul_5

    Cracking live albums but a bit meh in the studio

    ‘A Show Of Hands’ by Rush is my preferred album for a lot of their keyboard-heavy 80s output, just adds a bit more life to the material. Superior to the sterile studio sound they had at that time.
  5. paul_5

    How good is the Zoom B3n? I brought one to find out.

    I’ve recently replaced the majority of my analogue effects with one of these; digital effects have come s LONG way in the last 20 years!
  6. paul_5

    Refurb macbook pro ?

    Not specific companies, but get the fastest processor you can afford. Everything else that you need (SSD and oodles of RAM) can be upgraded later; you can’t ‘upgrade’ your processor at a later date. Also I’d check the IO ports on the left hand side, as older models will still support FireWire and newer ones won’t, look at which interface you’ll be using and plan accordingly.
  7. A master of bawdy, tongue-in-cheek musical tomfoolery.
  8. paul_5

    Michael Jackson covers- Yes or No?

    Groom criminal?
  9. I’ve got Dunlop flats on my fretted bass and cobalts on my fretless. As a direct comparison I’d say the EB Cobalts are a touch brighter and lower tension than the Dunlops, almost identical to round wounds really.
  10. paul_5

    Can you hear it?!

    I can go from 25Hz to about 15kHz through a pair of Grado SR60s any normal listening volume. Not as bad as I thought it would be.
  11. paul_5

    How Many Straps Have You Got?

    My main strap is a 3" neoprene one for my dicky shoulder that I use for both basses and skinny guitar. I've got a couple of others lying around that I don't really use. Big, fat, stretchy straps are the way forward.
  12. paul_5

    What are you listening to right now?

    'Blood and Rockets' from the latest offering by the Claypool Lennon Delirium. The whole album is brilliant!