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  1. They're Red Hot - Robert Johnson (& RHCP)
  2. Didn’t Motley Crue used to do warm up gigs as the ‘Four Skins’?
  3. Classic rock = Dragons and shagging, denim and leather. did I miss anything?
  4. paul_5

    Budget multi fx

    I really enjoyed the Zoom MS60B and B1-on, then I heard the quality of effects on the Line 6 M5. Granted, it will only do one effect at a time, but as part of a bigger effects board it’s got all of my modulation needs (and a couple of ‘wants’) covered!!
  5. Up for grabs are 2 from my private stash of home-made clones, so both have Velcro on and are powered by 9v centre negative adapter (standard pedalboard supply). Left pedal is an EQD Cloven Hoof v1 fuzz, with the usual gain, volume and tone controls, but with an added mid control to ensure you’re heard in the mix. My favourite fuzzzzz. All dressed up in a My Little Pony finish with light-up eyes! The blueberry is just that a lovely dark overdrive that will do gentle break-up to mid gain. I played about with this one so that there is more control over the lower gain sound to really nail the ‘edge of dirt’ sound. Price includes delivery to a mainland Uk address of your choice. £25 each or £45 for both. sold.
  6. That’s a verified layout, and if it works some of the time then it’s working all of the time. I’d hazard a guess that the problem is the off board components and/or wiring. when you soldered the potentiometers were they set to minimum (fully counter clockwise), as soldering with them while they are anywhere but this setting makes it easier to damage the track. Just because the led lights up doesn’t necessarily mean that the switch is fully working - just that the two lugs for the LED are. If bypass is ok then I’d have a look at the in and out of the board first, then check all the other off board wiring.
  7. Connect the hot wire from the pickup directly to the middle lug of the tone control.
  8. You can take the guesswork out of this by using the mathematical formula for calculating the corner frequency (point of roll-off) for a passive low pass filter -which is exactly how the tone control on passive basses work: 1/2(piRC), where R is the resistor value, C is the capacitor value, and Pi is delicious. Failing that there are a couple on online calculators, I tend to use this one... http://sim.okawa-denshi.jp/en/CRlowkeisan.htm
  9. 500k pots will brighten your tone, so if you're after a slightly dull sound out of your bass then that's not the way to go. 0.01µf is 10nf (nanofarrads), if you want something in between this value and no cap then pop a 0.0047µf (4.7nf, sometimes written as 4n7), as that's the value that's closest to the halfway point. The code for this value of capacitor is 472, though some brands of capacitor have the value printed on.
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