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  1. That’s only 88 keys, a piano has 3 strings per key… 🤯
  2. Chuck Norris plays 5 string bass - on a 4 string bass.
  3. paul_5

    New pedal day

    I use the zoom ms60b for my chorus sound (among many others) even though I have a hand built analogue chorus (small clone clone) in my stash - there’s very little difference between the two to be honest, and the zoom takes up less space on my board and does more.
  4. Yeppers, black Jazzes with maple neck and black blocks and binding are a thing of beauty.
  5. Wish Away - Stourbridge’s finest The Wonderstuff.
  6. Will keep my eyes peeled dude. 😢
  7. Polytown by David Torn, Mick Karn and Terry Bozio. I think I discovered this album through this very thread.
  8. If all else fails then the zoom ms60b has some great synth options - the filters on there are great too!
  9. I did the whole tribute act thing in my 20s - it was hard work, but great fun. 'Twas a Queen act, aided massively by our singer looking (and sounding) uncannily like Freddie, and our drummer having the same hair as Prof. Brian May. As the bassist I wore shorts and a T-shirt, a la Wembley '86, but TBF, all of the attention is on Freddie, so it really didn't matter what we looked like. I think if the band has an iconic look (Angus, Freddie, Lemmy etc...) then I think it's only fair that you try to emulate that, but the sound has to come first.
  10. Sarah Brand does fretless singing - change my mind.
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