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  1. I’d plump for a cable, but definitely longer than the one above, with a right angled TRS jack plug just in case it gets bumped. Your sound / recording engineer won’t thank you if it gets knocked out by accident because it’s a 2” long metal plug sticking out of your amp like a chapel coat peg.
  2. This, on the other hand, is a thing of beauty… Les Claypool’s ‘Rainbow’ 6 string fretless Carl Thompson.
  3. I always loved this, even before I’d heard the album. Not sure I’d pay money for it though.
  4. Lemmy’s ‘Rickenbastard’ has to be one of the most iconic basses ever.
  5. I did this to my P bitsa, but put the MM in the sweet spot, and made the P pickup a reverse P. I made a stingray preamp but mounted it in a pedal, as I’ve got passive MMS in other basses too.
  6. I'll combine both of yours into: The Queen is Dead - the Smiths.
  7. I like to have a play with this: http://www.ysw-tct.com/kisekae/cnv_common_mv/ss.aspx?p1=PB&lng=E before changing anything, it’s a useful toy for making mock ups before committing to buying or routing anything new.
  8. Every intro on ‘Roxy and elsewhere’ by Zappa, especially ‘penguin in bondage’ and ‘cheepnis’.
  9. I use my ms60b for chorus and phaser (and synth patches) but the octaver isn’t great; the pitch shift set to an octave down is better.
  10. Also, we’ll done to Happy Jack for keeping bees! Love those stripy little bastards!
  11. Just watched that and thought “God, aren’t they noisy though?!” and then I realised it was the chainsaw…
  12. My playing career is more ‘Songs you wish you hadn’t played’, but there we are. 😄
  13. I’ve always loved ‘Suck on this’ from Primus. Great sounding recording with lots of energy and quirkiness.
  14. Freddie Mercury had a couple of great pieces to the crowd on some of Queen’s live stuff too.
  15. Yup, “this is what not to do when a bird sh&ts on you”. \thread
  16. Just listened to this and it’s not in tune. Could be his guitar wandering a bit, but it’s painful in places.
  17. Pulse - the Pink Floyds live after death - Maiden and a special mention to A Show of Hands by Rush - the bass run down on the last track (side 4 if, like me, you had it on vinyl) is what inspired me to pick up the bass at the tender age of 17. Decade of Aggression - Slayer BBC Sessions - Led Zeppelin
  18. Kiss with a fist - Florence and the machine.
  19. Ler (Primus guitarist), Graham Coxon (Blur guitarist) or Björk.
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