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    Mmmm, maple and black.
  2. Awesome 'Faux'-C2 pedal. built like a tank too!
  3. Because then would be too tempting!
  4. Made this in a whim as I got into a debate about whether it was the best bass fuzz in the world. I still reckon it’s a close second to the coloursound bass fuzz, so I’m offering it up for sale. Gated octave fuzz with clean blend and toggle switches for harmonics and filter. I managed to source original specc’ed transistors and transformer, so it’s as close as you’ll get without paying £200 for one. no Velcro on the back, and a delightful (but not too bright) blue indicator LED. sold.
  5. Very. well, quite. My finger technique is very aggressive, so that doesn’t change, but all of my stuff has been built me to do specific things, so it’s fairly essential.
  6. That would be Slash surely, since he pinched his ‘Appetite’ LP.
  7. indeed - I struggled to source 3 MXR style (and size) knobs in a garish purple. They were to go on my equally offensive Yellow pedal. How else would you decorate a ‘Prunes and Custard’ clone?
  8. paul_5

    NPD Mu-Tron III

    The ‘squelchy’ feel of this comes from them being optical filters, instead of OTA chips, as well as a couple of other things, but an optical filter will always respond differently to an IC.
  9. I used mine as an experiment board - different pickups, tone caps, defretted it. It ended up in a skip cos it was made of chipboard, but it served a phase.
  10. paul_5

    EHX Qtron Nano

    The single best bassline for testing envelope filters, although ‘sir psycho sexy’ is a close second.
  11. That video - I can smell the bullschüt from here. https://reverb.com/item/49175471-1979-wal-pro-bass-rare-plain-face-earliest-example-frets-removed-to-play-fretless
  12. This ^. Mine mostly get used for funk/disco/ 80s synth pop. I’ve got dirt boxes for rock etc… but most of my work is functions stuff, where there might not be a keyboard player for those sort of sounds.
  13. FWIW I have an Aulos and Yamaha descants and altos, the Aulos sound slightly warmer to me, but they play the same.
  14. Rotosound Nexus on my fretless and Rotosound swing bass on my fretted.
  15. So, just to summarise: we want more knobs on our pedals, but we hate more knobs on our pedals. We like multi FX units, but also hate multi FX units. welcome to Basschat!! 😆
  16. Looks like they sit over the holes in the bell plate of the Jazz, and two of the knobs poke through. imagine having a double ‘glory hole’ on your bass. Most distasteful to my way of thinking.
  17. I *think* I can sort of see the rationale behind it - the bridge cover then becomes earthed to the wiring ground. can’t see any benefit to it though.
  18. The OC10 is amazing, and really tiny too!!
  19. I use mine in the ‘alphabet’ mode - assign a letter of the alphabet to each of the sounds you use, then use the middle button to cycle through them. Dead easy, and as has already been mentioned, takes up very little space on my (already full) board.
  20. First off, don’t update the firmware. There is a hack whereby any bass or guitar effect can be moved to/from an ms60b/ms50g, but this was removed in later firmware updates. If you only plan to use it for one instrument (guitar or bass) then update away. I really like my ms60b for most things; the modulation and synth sounds are really good, the drives are less impressive.
  21. That’s surely the most expensive way to buy a bass?
  22. Great little units, I wouldn’t be without mine.
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