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  1. I visited GC once in college, but I didn't inhale.
  2. I saw it this morning nd thought the weak point was the 'special guests'. Why, just why?
  3. My pedals are even cheaper - I (mostly) build them for about £10 a pop! Admittedly I've just spent 3 times that on my Lovetone Meatball clone, but that's something special!!!
  4. So you’re getting even less wood than you pay for? Pffft!
  5. A touch of compression before the octaver, and roll the tone on the bass back a little - less harmonic information into your octaver means it’ll find it easier to find the right pitch.
  6. Great ‘all rounder’ microphone; I’ve used them on brass, saxes, cabs of all shapes and sizes and drums. Always a great sound and a solid build too.
  7. Always been curious about the Julia, how does it compare to the EHX small clone?
  8. Shame about the East P-Retro, I think John had some issues with availability of the battery that used on thee, so they were discontinued.
  9. Margaret on the guillotine - Morrison's own brand.
  10. Any chance you can desolder it and photograph in more detail?
  11. Valve preamps are a great halfway house between all tube and all solid state (or class D for that matter), my favourite of all being the Ampeg SVP PRO. I've also used mic preamps (TL Ivory 5051) and digital units (Zoom etc) straight into a power amp with good results. Once you decide to go modular the world of options really opens up.
  12. About half of this forum is now green with envy!!
  13. I had one of these as my first bass amp. I think I gave it away when I outgrew it, and it was worth every penny.
  14. Is that a 5 string pickup on a 4 string bass? Pourquoi?
  15. Hughes and Kettner Red Box was developed for exactly this situation.
  16. You are MDP and I claim my £5! 😄
  17. Surely you mean unleashed an SWR cab?
  18. ‘Kindergarten’ by FNM, featuring the 147th best bass solo in the world by Billy Gould.
  19. Seems perfectly reasonable.
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