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  1. 3 strings too many for my agricultural style of bass playing but WHAT A WORK OF ART!
  2. La Bellas sold. Only Dunlop 40-100 short scale flats left, good condition barely used on 2+2 headstock Serek Midwestern, £20 posted (new £45+)
  3. I used exactly the same rig at my last gig, which was one week before the March 2020 pandemic lockdown (the upstairs music room of the famous Olympic Studios in Barnes, which is now a cinema downstairs). Sounded fantastic and the volume was probably only on 1 or 2! GLWYS
  4. I wouldn't pay a premium for Alan Davey's bass. However, he is a very good player if somewhat heavily inspired by his predecessor Lemmy. Take a listen to Right to Decide from the album Electric Tepee for some prime Lemmy 'Space Ritual' type bass lines
  5. Mike bought a rather luverly preamp off me. Whole deal was as smooth as a snake. Top stuff! Many thanks Mike
  6. My eyesight must be shot as both this and the bass on eBay appear to have chrome hardware to me!
  7. Gotta say - in the interest of fairness - this does look like the bass (pic from 2014)
  8. I am going to trademark a new website: Guiarchat
  9. To save you the effort: "Rickenbacker Bass Guiar(used To Be Alan Daveys From Hawkwind). I bought this of hawkwind ex-bass player roughly 5 to 8 tears ago I had a letter stating the I bought this of Alan davey its a fire glow rickenbacker Bass guitar,which they don't make any more but I,ve misplaced it somewhere and it was signed by Alan in the letter so if I come across it I'll put it with this beautiful guiar,there,s not a mark on this fantastic jem,it comes with his psyedelic warlords and tombstone aroma stickers that and hawkwind fans might recognise plus it was used on a few of his solo albums..sorry about the photos not doing this bass guitar any justice as they were taken of my phone "
  10. Description takes some beating https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/154798317333?hash=item240ab2df15:g:Pq0AAOSwylRh5CE9
  11. Matt bought some DR Sunbeam strings from me and all was grand. Cheers!
  12. Prompted by this thread, I tried a set of DR Pure Blues 40-100 in place of my La Bella 760FLs. Initial impressions very good. Similar to Sunbeams (very, as in they are also nickel wound, round core) and more punchy than flats. May end up going back to flats, as thats my comfort zone, but enjoying these rounds for now.
  13. I get the original faker ban (although you may be right Jack that times have moved on in regard of their litigiousness) but struggle to understand banning FS/FT posts involving demonstrably genuine R***s, with serial number etc to prove.
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