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  1. Really nice bass and it might help your sale to add the weight, as some of these are super light. GLWYS!
  2. Pete bought a pedal off me and all was excellent! Cheers!
  3. Bargainaceous £230 posted now, once and only price drop
  4. Mojomo now absurdly cheap £25 posted in UK
  5. Roberto bought my Fishman PlatPro preamp and, as before, all was ace. Cheers!
  6. Just to add, I bought a Trace Elf as a DI-plus dual solution to serve as emergency backup in case of amp issues and need for DI. Its not as small as a DI unit but its still teeny tiny
  7. Which ever of my Takamine TB-10 (high end, archtop EUB in Basses For Sale forum) or this sells, I will be keeping the other
  8. Hey Chris, afraid not, I already have a decent EUB (Azola) and its either the Takamine or the Azola going, to leave me with one EUB. I am cutting back to reflect the realities of my band/gigging situation. A few years ago I was in three different bands, playing different styles (acoustic and electric), now its just occasional gigs with Wily Bo.
  9. Here is Tony Franklin showing what these beautiful basses can do
  10. Nifty Sansamp pedal with two switchable channels (huge range, with everything from Motown to Yes to Geddy to Lamb-era Genesis to Geezer, as well as Mr Harris) and in-built tuner. Small footprint too and in vgc with tin. Spec here: https://www.tech21nyc.com/products/sansamp/steve-harris/ Selling as I am moving to a Paradriver, which also covers my upright bass needs. Cheapest online is £315, so how about £250 posted? Photos later but, as stated, its in good condition with Tech21 tin and external PSU.
  11. Wonderful, high-end arch-top electric bass cum EUB. Features the Cooltube preamp and piezo pickup, which together make it sound very DB-ish. Can be played horizontal, with strap, or fully upright on a supplied brass pin. Curved ebony board - a la DB - so can even be bowed. Previous owner @Happy Jack had his luthier inset big side dots on the side of the board to aid in intonation (a godsend, AFAIAC). Comes with amazing looking but heavy-as-heck faux snakeskin hard case and a much more gig-friendly Tm and Will padded cello case. Asking £1500 collected or meet up in or close to SW13 area (south of Hammersmith Bridge). No delivery I am afraid given the bulk of the bass plus two cases/bags. Here's an example of me playing it upright on the pin (always draws lots of comments): https://www.facebook.com/wilybo/videos/velvet-windows-the-wily-bo-walker-acoustic-band/2424423044506352/ Specs: https://www.takamine.com/TB10
  12. You know what these do. I already have an Fdeck and another acoustic-friendly preamp, so clearing the decks here. £75 posted within UK
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