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  1. Based on this thread I downloaded Sinatra at the Sands. Just fabulous (the Basie Orchestra are so on top of their game it's amazing)
  2. Adrian bought a double bass string off me (v expensive gut one) and all was good!
  3. Clarky


    [quote name='Truckstop' timestamp='1423859323' post='2689895'] Obviously I respect your opinions no matter how dogshit they are. [/quote] Top response, TS!
  4. Clarky


    [quote name='Marvin' timestamp='1423844213' post='2689653'] Did you mention what basses were being used to Mrs C? And if so did she reply with a "oh, good grief! ", in a slightly exasperated manner? Because that's what Mrs Marvin would have done if I'd pointed such a thing out [/quote]On this occasion I kept the bass identification to myself :-)
  5. Clarky


    I was there last night as well - Mrs C is a big fan. Not my cup of tea but, as stated above, they put on a very good show and the front man's banter was excellent. Bassist (geek alert) played a black Fender Jazz mainly but a black Jack Casady appeared for a song or two
  6. Edgar Froese's untimely death made me drag out a copy of Ricochet which I hadn't listened to in years. Just sublime. Why did I forget it for so long?
  7. Top marks Dave/Rev, superbly helpful response - and bang on the mark
  8. Never really a fan but Visage was part of the backdrop to my musical youth (I bought the first Spandau Ballet single 'To cut a long story short' on release and flirted with New Romanticism). Makes me sad in an utterly selfish way, as I am of a similar age and he was there in the NME etc that I used to read avidly as a teen. I said it was a selfish viewpoint but thats how I feel
  9. If I was nearer Scotland, I know what I would be buying. Rabbie's Duke is pure DB porn
  10. Too many to mention, as I am of a certain age and thus reminisce! Just picking two though, from my early teens, Lamb Lies Down on Broadway - Genesis. Late teens, Closer - Joy Division
  11. BOGOF ... also known as buy one [or] get one f*cked
  12. [quote name='Marc S' timestamp='1423574943' post='2686484'] Bought some strings off Clarky a while back All I can say is, he's a top bloke to deal with If he says it's in good nick - it is GLWTS matey [/quote] Cheers Marc! And sold pending :-)
  13. The most highly praised metal wrapped gut G out there, as used by Chris Wood and other greats. Sounds fab with Spiro EAD but I am sticking with plain gut. Its only a month or so old, gigged a couple times and on the bass for perhaps 3 weeks. Virtually mint (or at least as mint as any DB string is having been fitted and then removed). £65 posted to you (UK). New price at Stringzone is £90 (Thomann is c.£85 inc post to UK but currently out of stock)
  14. I have always admired this bass Rabbie - the chocolate matte finish is gorgeous and I have no doubt it plays and sounds fantastically! If DBs could be slung in a cardboard box and posted through Interparcel for £20, like electric basses, it would be very dangerous for many of us on BC :-)
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