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  1. From a TB article: The CEO of Rickenbacker himself highly recommends TI's. He stated that they are very similar to the Electro flats that were the factory strings on the 4001 back in the 70's. Having played both, I strongly concur.
  2. Back in the day, a long time ago, when I had a Rick 4001, the afficionados on the Ricky forum waxed lyrical about how the TI Flats were perfect for the bass
  3. Bought a nice old mojo'd Shergold bass from Dunc. Excellent transaction. Only upsetting thing is to see the post immediately above was from the sadly-departed MB1 (RIP)
  4. I know someone who might be interested. Will ping him a message
  5. I just bought one of these from danweb22. Not had chance to fully explore its capabilities but early indications say it really delivers that 70s SVT sound with a nice gradient to the breakup using gain
  6. Old school spiral bridge saddles so the string spacing can be adjusted
  7. And with my A width neck 71 Precision
  8. Clarky


    Two AVRI 62 Jazzes (82 and 99) and a 72 P bass with J width (A) neck
  9. Now that I look there is a difference, with more of a cutout on the Fullerton (perfect for my ahem physique)
  10. My newly acquired 1982 3TS AVRI J alongside my 1999 AVRI J in LPB
  11. Just picked up this beauty. New best friends with my 1999 AVRI 62 in LPB. Yum
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