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  1. I bought these for my P bass at the start of this week but they are a bit too high tension for me (I prefer lower tension eg TIs). In excellent, near mint condition - bar being trimmed slightly for a 4 in line Fender headstock £23 posted
  2. Best purchase of 2019 was my mojo'd competition blue '71 Mustang, worst was a 2019 US Mustang P/J (felt soulless and was sold pretty quickly) Best purchase so far in 2020 is a RA fretless Mouse
  3. You got a right barg there Alan, its a beaut
  4. My Americana band at the Upton Blues festival, set opener https://videos.files.wordpress.com/cRmqS76f/storm-warning-reprise_live-at-upton-blues-festival-2019_dvd.mp4
  5. https://videos.files.wordpress.com/cRmqS76f/storm-warning-reprise_live-at-upton-blues-festival-2019_dvd.mp4
  6. Sure thing. I have a band practice that won't get me home until after midnight so may have to reply tomoz
  7. OK I have concocted a box out of bits of cardboard and bubble wrap and the bass itself will be within this in its hard case. Postage via UPS standard delivery to Ireland is £30 if you are still interested @sub-a-dub? You have first dibs. £24 by UPS standard if sub-a-dub is no longer interested and the next-in-line potential buyer needs post to a mainland UK address
  8. Frank just added to his ACG arsenal by buying my Recurve in an always-friendly and perfectly executed deal. As said above, Frank is an asset to the BC community 🙂
  9. Understood Sean! I would only post this, even with its hard case, if I could be certain I could pack it safely in cardboard and bubble wrap. Let me think on
  10. Not sure if anyone has posted this up yet but here ya go. The front end of the MB Vintage amp. Not sure the big clunky Gain and Master controls will be to everyone's taste (they replicate those on the head) but seems like a useful feature set. No idea of pricing as yet
  11. For scale (pic 2). I am between 5 foot 10-11. Sorry I look like someone just peed in my shoes
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