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  1. Bought on this forum in April for the same price and basically the same condition etc, bar changed strings for 'old school' style Pyramid flatwounds (has tweed hard case, candy etc etc). Obviously not left the house in that time ... Original FS ad link here: I adore the looks and the history but - having given it a couple of months 'crack of the whip' - I just am not comfortable with the chunky neck over extended periods of playing (I prefer short/medium scale and my other Precision has a skinny 70's neck). I broke my left hand a decade ago and I cannot cope with clubbier necks, unfortunately, despite how lovely this bass is. Socially-distanced handover in SW13 (south of Hammersmith) or post for £30 on top within UK (£60 to EU). Pics below including two different 'tug bars', original maple and black dyed maple one courtesy of Rick's Fine '52 PS, no trades thanks. Kind of need the money given COVID impact on finances
  2. Doh! yeah I forgot that was Jaco. It was the funk machine
  3. Clarky


    Nice! I had one many years ago that I got Sims to refinish to look like Mani's fireglo 3000. I think this web pic is my old bass
  4. I did for a time own the Alleva Coppolo prototype Precision (with two J pickups) that was made for Willie Weeks while touring with Clapton (pictured). Gotta say provenance alone doesn't make me want to keep a bass. Although I would make an exception if Rob Trujillo were to donate Jamerson's bass of doom to me!
  5. Crikey, I didn't know of that provenance @Happy Jack. As with other Wals I have owned, though, I liked the concept and aura of the brand more than the reality of playing it, so I am not sad to have moved it on.
  6. Said quietly, I paid Leszek £580 for my R-400 a month back, albeit the figure will move with the sterling/zloty exchange rate
  7. Its about 9 and a half pounds so at the upper end of what I am comfortable with but balances well with a wide strap, so all good thanks! My last one was well over 10 and that was too much
  8. Just appeared in their shop. Droooool!
  9. I nominate @hiram.k.hackenbacker
  10. Not guilty. It is only one of 3 basses ever manufactured that I haven't either owned (and sold) or played. Or is it 2? 😁
  11. Clarky


    New (1984) Alembic Day Spoiler in black Cliff Burton style livery. Very battered but now benefiting from judicious application of black nail varnish and a good polish of the brass bits!
  12. 1984 Alembic Spoiler arrived at Clarky mansions today
  13. Newly arrived, battered 1984 Alembic Spoiler. Get your Cliff (Burt)on!
  14. Love everything about this, the design, the backwards tuners, the provenance. I bet there are a ton of us on BC who would snap this up if we could afford it. As others have said, GLWYS
  15. The silver Midwestern 2 with Novak Thunderbird pickup in their shop is way cool https://www.serekbasses.com/product/serek-midwestern-2-bass-novak-thunderbird-inca-silver-metallic/ Edit: and now Sold, so link is gone
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