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  1. Not necessarily. Other fretless basses I have owned have dots between the frets (eg Fender factory standard Precision fretless) and here's another Aria SB1000 fretless with dots in the exact same position https://www.richtonemusic.co.uk/product/aria-pro-ii-sb-1000-fretless-bass-w-case-2nd-hand-yaria101922/
  2. Tim bought a CIJ Jazz bass from me and all was good! 10/10
  3. Or £575 collected/meet near me (Barnes rail station)
  4. How does £599 including UK delivery sound?
  5. Really nice playing, somewhat battle-scarred black/tort CIJ 1990s (1993 or 1997?) '62 RI Jazz bass. With custom US pickup additions, sounds great. About 9 pounds too, so a good weight for a J. Bought only a month ago, but I enjoyed playing it so much (after a longish spell with primarily short scale basses) that I went the whole hog and stumped up for a stunning 1999 US AVRI 62 Jazz in lake placid blue. Hence this is surplus to requirements. Price includes 48 hour UK delivery in a rather rudimentary but functional hard case. Can also be picked up from SW London (Barnes) *No trades thanks* Original ad here, more pics to follow
  6. lol! Not with LPB (at least for me)
  7. This just arrived, such a nice colour and rather hot IMHO Better pics than mine in FS ad http://davidjpym.com/page295.html
  8. Maybe you have a dusty xxxx though? 😂
  9. Fabulous handmade short scale bass but I now have a few fabulous basses and my cowpunk band, for which this was bought (a replacement for my Mustang), looks to be toast. I bought it from BC six or seven months ago (ad link below with tons of pics and specs) and have since sourced a black s/p and TRC from Serek for more of a Gibson TV yellow look. Still have the tort s/p and TRC. Very light bass and plays slickly with flats. Collection south of Hammersmith Bridge or post at cost. UK-only after some post-Brexit horror stories (2 of which I have been involved in). No trades due to aforementioned surfeit of basses and lack of opportunity to use them! This normally results in PMs along lines of "hi mate, sure I can't tempt you to trade with a xxxxxx ..." but to be clear. No trades, thanks! Previous FS link
  10. Great to hear you are back and recovered Gareth! Nice colour bass and Mustangs are soooo fun to play. GLWTS!
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