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  1. Vintageguitar.com says "The 450B’s block-shaped markers started at the first fret. The company’s catalog noted the “tropical imported body woods,” including Shedua, Bubinga, Afrormosia, and Swetenia, and that the 450B weighed approximately 10 pounds."
  2. Same guy that messaged you back in May. Sounds like you two should talk? PS, love the bass, very Shergold vibe as someone noted above
  3. Phil bought my custom shop 51 P bass and was extremely straightforward to deal with. Paid promptly and waited patiently (over a month, longer than I ever could!) until he could come down to London to collect. Also very understanding about social distancing on collection (as my wife is at risk). Recommended!
  4. I bought a Plat Pro preamp from Marc. Very keen price, delivered incredibly quickly (arrived less than 24 hours after I paid!!!) Excellent stuff
  5. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  6. There is no UK retailer at present, as far as I am aware. This means you have to buy direct from the manufacturer. List price of Zloty 2790 = £573 at today's exchange rate, plus you have to factor in delivery cost from Poland to UK .. so all-in thats probably a bit over £600 .... plus the wait for it to be made to order and delivered (mine took about 3-4 weeks to arrive).
  7. Gorgeous bass. I have one in [Cliff Burton/Metallica stylee] black gloss (which I have discovered is a birds eye maple refin!). Might help if you add the weight as these vary somewhat. GLWTS, its lovely! Edit: aah, I see you added a pic. c4kg. Nice! GLWTS
  8. Jan bought my Tecamp Puma amp. Very friendly, quick to pay, couldn't be better! Enjoy!
  9. Sadly bedroom use only. My two bands are both 'on hold' for various reasons and not even rehearsing. Really enjoy playing it though, super slick, easy neck, very lightweight (just over 7 pounds) and usable range of sounds, despite volume knob only!
  10. I generally play fingerstyle these days but also play pick, especially in rockier bands (eg cowpunk band) - and in those circumstances prefer a lighter gauge pick (I can play much faster due to less resistance). If its the bite and attack you prefer of the heavier gauge pick, maybe play around with your EQ and pedals? A tad more overdrive, use a compressor to alter the sound shape slightly, that sort of thing. Bet you can come close
  11. Bought some La Bella strings from Chris. Super friendly comms and fast delivery. Couldn't be faulted. Cheers!
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