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  1. I put this together at the weekend. Had a bit of a nightmare with a neck I purchased on here. Had to return it and it sat with Parcelforce for a week, that persuaded me to just use what I have. So my silver series squire P became the main donor, little nerve racking as I did like that bass it punched above its value for sure. Everything matched up pretty well though so no extra holes required (phew). The build now has CS 62 P pups and a tonestyler. Strings are La Bella copper white nylon tapewounds 760C. They are a lovely string but think it could be better suited with something else or at least the smaller gauge. Shame I thought I'd give those strings a try but it's the second bass they don't quite work on (they went proper crazy on an unshielded Lakland). I will probably get a parchment plate made up in time but the black matched the holes so got first go. Nice little project. Might up the ante a bit and try and carve a neck now, any excuse to buy new tools!
  2. Looking to trade my rather lovely ACG Retro B fretless, ideally for an ACG 5 string (cash adjustments possible either way). Will also consider a straight sale to help fund an ACG build. 33" scale Swamp Ash body Fiddleback Eucalyptus top Claro Walnut Accent 3 piece Maple neck Cocobolo fingerboard with maple lines. ACG EQ01 Dual Filter Pre 41mm neck at the nut Weight = 8.5lb or 3.85Kg Here is the link to the bass on Alans website https://www.acguitars.co.uk/project/0381retrob4/ The bass hasn't left the house since I received it so is in as new condition . It is currently strung with Tomastik Infeld jazz flats. My only reason to move it on is I have fallen for the sound of the low B and think I'd get more use with a 5 than the fretless. Couple of photos added, pics on Alan's site are much better but shout if you require others. It can come with an as new Hiscox hard case or I'll knock a few quid off, collection/meet preferred rather than the current delivery lottery. If you are interested and have confidence in a courier and their insurance then let me know.
  3. More coats of Tru oil to go but had a play with some guards. Parchment would probably be better than mint but it gives me a sort of idea. Not a particularly nice example of tort either! Funny how I can admire others basses and think they look cracking for example with a perloid guard but know it's just not something I want. Same goes for gold hardware, can look killer but I just don't dig bling.
  4. Body taken to 600 grit, cavity painted with conductive shielding paint, first layer of tru oil applied. Have read many different accounts on how many coats of tru oil people use. I'll try and be patient and see how far I get. Latest plans looking like chrome hardware, hopefully a roasted maple neck and then pickguard dilemma's!!!
  5. I bought an Omega bridge from Andy. Comms, Packaging, delivery all first class. He's a gent as most on here will know!
  6. Bought a pickguard from Iain. Everything first class wouldn't hesitate to deal again. Top Man.
  7. Met up with Brian today for a face to face deal on a bass. Excellent communication and a very straightforward deal. He's a gent and I wouldn't hesitate to deal again.
  8. Yes I was pleased with it being one piece. Although I guess there are pro's and con's either way. Making this up as I go along but trying to apply a little logic! I'd think that with multiple pieces in a body you get to eliminate any weakness with grain direction/pattern particularly around horns and obviously cherry picking smaller pieces of wood. I can't help think a single piece of wood would transfer vibrations & resonate more 'true' though. I've seen luthiers charge more for single piece bodies but don't know if this just because one large piece of suitable wood is harder to source. Happy to be corrected and listen to others views on this? When I've asked around this area in the past I kind of get the general answer everything effects the sound but with so many variables seldom are two things the same.
  9. Taken the plunge on my first bitsa build! Was torn between selling a 70's Camel P bass or using the body as a base for a build as I thought it looked a bit special under the trans finish. Starting point was I probably have enough P-bass parts accumulated over the years to knock something together one way or another. I'd decide what level of refinement to take it too as it became clearer the level of finish time/patience meant I could achieve. First thoughts if things feel/look good are Natural body and a Status neck. Stripped it down and had a sand of the body to see what we have, just taken to 120 grit at the moment and more work to do but not unhappy with it as a starting point. Pretty sure it's ash from the grain. Crazy how ideas then start to build! I do like the open pore finish on a couple of Sandberg's I've seen, also tempted with ebonizing. All good fun having a dream and play about.
  10. Funny but I could swear that's my kitchen...... For clarity the pictures with the tiled floor were taken by me for my add when I sold this bass.
  11. £275 on this for the weekend. No takers and I'm thinking of stripping the body and seeing where it takes me.
  12. Cheers man, I am tempted but I want to give BB's a fair go and with 5's also being new to me...... GLWTS @Marky Screen fine looking bass.
  13. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  14. Yammy BB gas is still growing and also fancy trying a G&L happy to add cash for a L1000
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