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  1. Hi, can you tell me what the mark is on the back if the neck of the bass please? It looks a little like a burn mark but I'm it's not! Thanks. Alan
  2. Price Drop: Now £1800. £1700 final price drop. In a moment of sheer Lockdown Madness I bought this new only a few weeks ago from a music shop in Germany. I was convinced that it was exactly what I wanted! Unfortuately to get the natural finish that I wanted I had to buy from overseas and that has meant additional costs ... but having received it I quickly realised that I am definitely a jazz type bass kind of player. I just much prefer the ability to be able to pan the pickups. Anyway I am based in Cambridge and can ship anywhere in the UK. No trades thanks. The bass itself is a fantastic instrument with a lovely smooth roasted maple neck and rosewood fingerboard. I have set it up with a low action and it is honestly one of the easiest and most comfortable basses I have ever played. I live in Cambridge and would be happy to talk about meeting up. Have kept the box it was delivered in so can use that for a courier as well. Here is the spec and a few photos. Model StingRay 4 Special Size 13-1/2" wide, 1-5/8" thick, 44-7/8" long (34,3 cm wide, 4,1 cm thick, 114,0 cm long) Weight 8 lbs, 8 oz (3,86 kg) - varies slightly Body wood Ash Body finish High gloss polyester Body color Classic Natural Bridge Vintage Music Man top loaded chrome plated, steel bridge plate with vintage nickel plated steel saddles Pickguard Black Scale length 34" (86,4 cm) Neck radius 11" (27,9 cm) Headstock size 8-3/4" (22,2 cm) long Frets 22 - High profile, wide, stainless steel Neck width 1-5/8" (41,3 mm) at nut, 2-1/2" (63,5 mm) at last fret Neck wood Select roasted maple Fingerboard Rosewood Neck finish Gunstock oil and hand-rubbed special wax blend Tuning machines Custom Music Man, lightweight with tapered string posts and ergonomic clover design Truss rod Adjustable - no component or string removal
  3. What a superb bass. The tone sounds fabulous and overall it looks like one helluva 5 string. It is a great shame that for UK buyers we have to add 20% plus to the cost and from bitter experience buying anything from the EU at the moment is a nightmare to courier. But good luck with the sale!
  4. Yep it is a great bass to play and ... starting to have second thoughts about selling!
  5. Hi, it is 2014 and yes it has the hard fabric case. Hope that this helps.
  6. Thanks szunaP ... i took the description from elsewhere but think you are right and have updated ... and ... you are quite right that it is an excellent bass for slap!
  7. Dunlop super bright stainless steel 45 to 105... they seem to work really well with this bass
  8. Sadowsky UV70 Price drop to £1700 £ £1500 for limited time only as I have decided to pull the trigger on another bass! Olympic White that has aged Sadowsky case included. Ash ( I am told) with maple fingerboard, 20 frets, 10” radius, 1 ½” nut, white blocks and binding and thin matte nitro finish Full size body Tortoise Pickguard Sadowsky Hum-Cancelling J-Style Pickups Well balanced with superb definition at all the right frequencies, these pickups do it all with ease. They work in tandem with the active electronics to produce a wide range of tones to suit any application. The VTC (Vintage Tone Control) works by rolling off the high end to produce a slighter warmer sound. This is a great adjustment to have when you want to sit a bit more delicately in a mix. It is one of the many finer details that really help to bring out the best in your playing. There is a small chip in the neck joint that I have tried to show in one of the photos. It was there when I bought it from BassDirect. Fabulous bass that sounds terrific fingerstyle as well as slapped. Moving on as I have GAS! Happy to deliver within 20 m of Cambridge. Any questions don't hesitate to get in touch.
  9. Hi, is it possible to see a photo of the neck to get some idea of the action that is possible on this please? Thanks.
  10. Is there an adjustable truss rod? What are thecelectronics ( pre amp) please? Thanks
  11. What are the elctronics please? And is there a truss rod adjustment at the body end of the graphite neck? Thanks.
  12. Hi, has this bass been de-fretted or was it made as a fretless with block inlays? Cheers.
  13. Hi, Bought the PJB HA2 headphone amp in April at the start of lockdown. Incredible quality but have just bought an expensive AER amp that has headphone out and aux in so need to claw back some funds! Looking for £200 but will include postage. It really is as new and comes with the original packaging including leads and everything else. It is the second model in the Bighead series of headphone amps and it is a step up from the first model. It has a high resolution USB audio interface and long lasting lithium ion battery that is rechargeable. It is a headphone booster amp as well as a two band eq for bass. More information at: https://pjbworld.com/cms/index.php/product-ha-2/ Here is a review on YouTube:
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