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  1. This is really another creature than those amps I am used to use... Mostly, when using an amp, I just plug and play. With this one I have to tweak, tweak, tweak. Maybe an imaginary thing, but I feel it sounds different from time to time... 🤔
  2. It has another charachter than the amps I am used to. Took some eq:ing to get the tone that is "me". Mostly I go flat, but not on this baby...
  3. First a big box arrived after a long wait. I ordered it in October from a Swedish shop. I could have got it faster overseas, but I really wanted the 5 year warranty from the Swedish shop. I know Mesa had some issues previous with their gear... Under some supervision - kind of - from the Very Hairy King of the Basement I unpacked the amp... Then stacked upon the Genzler BA12-3 cabs for a test... /2krE48y]2021-01-12 - MESA 1[/url] by Roger Hedin, on Flickr Well, it sounded as I could expect. Not at all like my Spartan or Genzler amp, but more like a tube amp. It takes some tweaking to get things right, not just set and forget. I like it.
  4. I just had to... The headstock of my Steinberger XL2...
  5. I met Larry Hartke back in 2013 in NYC; he told me the bass at 9 o'clock, mid on full and treble fully off was as close as straight frequency response you could get. I really liked the amp; simple to use and well sounding. No bells and whistles what so ever...
  6. Thanx for the review/reflections! I have ordered one, and it will surface after the new years weekend. I will use it with my Genzler Bass Array cabs, either 2 x BA12-3 or BA210-3 + BA15-3 setup, depending on the scene/venue. The only Mesa amp I've owned was a Buster Bass top with a 115 cabinet, but that one sucked big! It was the most contra-intuitive amp I've ever owned. I couldn't get any decent tone out of it at all, just a lot of treble and super lows but nothing in between. I really anticipate getting the TT-800 in my hands...
  7. Update by Jan 1st: Buyer‘s from within UK should be aware that for imports from EU to UK since Jan 1st the UK VAT will be applicable. This VAT has to be paid by the UK buyer once the goods are crossing the borders. Note: As a private seller in EU I can not reduce the price for second hand goods as VAT has never been included in the price. (Quote borrowed from mr bassman.de) I have an OLD MM Bongo 6, one of the first. The Bongo 6 was introduced in the spring of 2008; my bass is "born" March 26th 2008. It is a black HH that has some mileage, but I had it refurbished when I bought it. There were some laquer flaws, but now it is black where it should be black. No dings in the wood. The neck is nice and smooth; plays like butter. December 31st is the deadline for you-know-what, since this bass lives in Sweden. Here are some pictures: A very nice bass; everything works as it should. Rosewood board on this; the new ones have ebony. I favour rosewood. I am very, very ambivalent giving this gem up, but it really ain't my cup of tea. String spacing at bridge is 17.5 mm/0.69-0.70". Delivered in the Hiscox case you see... Any questions: ask! Trades? Well, try me.
  8. This is a beautiful bass! The fingerboard looks very flat. What radius? What string spacing at the bridge? Case/bag? Is the body lacquered or oiled?
  9. I've played the four bigger cabs with the Spartan, but it didn't sound any better. Just more. Either/Or is the thing.
  10. I've ordered a T-800 and just wait for it to arrive, but here are all the Genzlers with Monique and Spartan... That old black Bongo 6 might - just might - be for sale, but I am not sure yet...
  11. Nope! I sent it back. Not convincing at all.
  12. I had one of these before, but stupidly sold it. (Oh, you've also walked down that lane...?) My previous one had the Lundahl transformer (TX-L), but when Origin Effects re-released the unit, and my toy account was full, I just bought a new one, only this time the TX. I love the old style bakelite knobs and the massive looks of it. And the work it does, of course... I also have an Empress that is smaller and has parallel compression abilities. It is also more usable for "compressor effects" while this big old box more or less sits there and makes life easier...
  13. Exactly! Unlike other amps, you have to turn the knob very much before things start to happen. Maybe just that...
  14. I tried the Sumo 1000 a couple of times now, but I am not fully satisfied... I found the volume level kind of low with the Monique in front, compared to using my Genzler Magellan 350. I have to do some more testing before I make my decision.
  15. An old thread, but interesting... I just found a second hand Sumo to use with my Jule Amps Monique and the new Genzler cabs arriving this week. The Monique dove cage into Sumo into BA 210-3 SLT and BA 15-3 SLT. Should be neat and devastating...
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