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  1. One of the older Bongo VI basses...
  2. Today this beauty of a beast moved into the Bass Shelter at the mountain top: a Dingwall Afterburner I five string in the Heavy Solid make. A bit on the heavy side, but not too heavy. The tone? Well, to die/killed/be killed for... All wenge neck and bubinga body...
  3. Christian Olsson - Unicorn Basses - makes magnificent basses; they are top notch, among the best there is out there. https://unicornbass.se/site/ Good luck with the sale, Gabriel!
  4. I have an AccuGroove Tri112L too, that sounds fantastic, but these cabs fill the room in another way. Not just in front of... Well, I stacked some stuff on top of the 12 degree sloping top on the upper cab. No problems at all, no slip sliding away. Signal chain: bass -- Cali76 TX -- Jule Amps Monique -- Vanderkley Spartan -- two Bass Array cabs, one in each power amp for 2 x 8 ohms use.
  5. I got my two Genzler Bass Array 12-3 SLT today, and I am very pleased. They are as good as I expected. The line array works well up to "cable distance". Very good horisontal dispersion, and rather "homogene volume" as long as my cable stretches. I used to own a Bose L1 model " with two subs once; these cabs act a bit the same but sound oh, so much nicer. I did a serious garage sale around new year to get these. No looking back!
  6. I haven't tried that. Yet. Will do. Thank you, Sir!
  7. I had one of these babies a few years ago, the one with Lundahl transforler, the TX-L. Stupidly enough I sold it. I have browsed the second hand market for another one, but all of a sudden Origin Effects released a jubilee limited edition model, so I bought one. This time the TX without L. I kinda like this one too, and this time I keep it... I have yet tried it at home: Bass - Cali76 - Jule Amps Monique - Vanderkley Spartan - AccuGroove Tri112L. It is kinda addictive...
  8. My former Streamline: My first long gone L2 I used to have this: I also had this: ...and this: Now I only have this beauty: Here with a very potent mini gig rig:
  9. Skew basses like Payson and Dingwall demand skew rigs, hence my up and coming setup with two Genzler Bass Array 12-3 SLT (for slant...). I believe they sound as good as they look. Now just three-four weeks wait wait wait... Review will follow. I plan to use them with my Vanderkley Spartan with an Origin Effects Cali76-TX (the big sucker) and the Jule Amps Monique in front.
  10. Had this beauty of an Absinth bass been a five string, I had bought it immediately, as a birthday present to myself on the 29th(!!!) of December. 😄😄😄
  11. You will regret selling this; it goes to eleven...!
  12. Beautiful colour! What is the weight? What does the controls do?
  13. Well, it looked really broad. I had a SS1 BN; still miss it...
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