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  1. Correct me if I'm wrong, but these reissues has the wider neck and string spacing at the bridge than the first "generation" of SB-1000. The first ones were very narrow...
  2. Wow! This one is just gorgeous!!! Those swirls in the bubinga... ❤️ Pity you won't trade for a 1984 Steinberger XL2. Pity you are on the other side of the tax and custom fence. I once had a beautiful Streamer Stage I broad neck; still miss that one... Good luck with the sale!
  3. Well, well, well... Since I just by chance - or something - happen to have TWO Monique preamps, I've decided to sell one amp setup, the one to the right in the picture. The Jule M700 power amp is practically the same as one of the Spartan's power amps. Both are Hypex modules, and I can manage with just the Spartan's two Hypex power amp modules; they can drive all four Genzler cabs. No need for double amp setups. I don't have to publish a lot of specs; all you need to browse can be found on the internet. (Not that there is much to browse; easier rig to handle is hard to find...) Everything is as new, except for a minor scratch in the lacquer on the power amp. I covered that with a Sharpie, but it can be seen if you want to see it. The Birdcage has the original soft case, and the power amp has a plastic camera case type of "briefcase". No speakons or patch cable, just the European type of power cables are included. The price direct from Jule is $3175 for the pair PLUS shipping and VAT and customs costs. That's around £2300 or 2700€ plus VAT and customs costs. No trades! I sell the set for £2000/2330€ plus shipping at buyer's expense. Unfortunately, Brexit made shipping to the UK a very bad affair for the buyer... And: I use Transferwise for swift money transfer and minor costs. Never PayPal; they should be called ChargePal. Or the old fashioned bank transfer way. Here is my feedback page: Have a nice weekend, folks!
  4. Well, the piano belongs to the Missus...
  5. No - it's not Geddy's old; however, I bought it from the UK before Brexit (Those were the days) ... The condition is excellent, everything works, everything is original except for replaced wear'n tear parts in bridge/tuners, which are sold as original parts from https://www.headlessusa.com/bass-jaws I think Babicz is the maker of these... The old worn parts are included for those who are interested in such things. The detachable leg rest a memory from the previou- s L2 model - remains. The newer XL2's have that ugly hinge support permanently mounted. This one is called a "transition model", due to some DNA from the old L2 as well as from the XL2... String holder/adapter for single ball strings is included. The original bag remains and is in a condition like fly infested mummy; it can be used if you get a new zipper and are a little good at sewing. The bass also has an original Steinberger hardcase. ] Note that the tuners are at a bit of distance from the string holder / string jaw holder, due to use of washers in the new mechanics... I have checked prices on all XL2s that are for sale around the world and see that the average price of these is just over £3400, the condition not taken into account, and without considering any cost for shipping, customs and VAT. This one is in pristine condition, no dings and scratches, just a little black worn off on the string holder up on the neck. (Sharpie pen fixes it ...) Since the bass and I are in Sweden, I set the price to 30000 SEK (2950€) plus shipping. Since I bought it, I have spent about 4000 SEK (£340 / 400€) in renovation and extra accessories. No trades! Serious bids are considered! Can be shipped at buyers expense. I use TransferWise - not PayPal, since they charge a LOT. My feedback page:
  6. Well, it could make a foundation for a home studio...
  7. I've had a crush on Steinberger basses since the early 80's. I got my first, a fretless lined L2 in 1984, in Hamburg at Bernhard Kurzke's Music Center N:o 1. It was an early one with three digit serial number. I owned that bass until 2006, when I sold it to a nice guy in Berlin. After a few years the itch started, so I got another one, an XL2 1986, but I traded it in a weak moment. Then I got my third: a 5 string XL25, but I couldn't cope with the VERY narrow string spacing, so that one went on a one way trip too. Then I found a nice four string XL2 from 1984 here on BassChat and bought it. It is in pristine condition, but it had a serious failure when I was preparing for a gig: one of the threads in the bridge/tuner broke... Anyway, I have changed all the tuner parts for new made in much better material and construction, bought from https://www.headlessusa.com/bass-jaws I kept all the original parts in a drawer, but they are really worn out. Now the bass works as a dream; I also bought the string adapter from them, not the ugly ones you see here: https://www.headlessusa.com/string-adaptrrs but a black sleek model that looks like it belongs on the bass. The bass has the old style detachable leg rest; I believe this is one of the so called transition models, with some DNA from the L2 and some from the XL2. But... I don't use the bass. It just stands there in all its glory. I also try to thin out the stock and only keep the basses I really use. I tend to go to two of my five strings most of the time. I am seriously thinking about selling it, but I'm not sure about that. The value on these basses is steadily increasing, so selling it may be a very bad idea economically. (Or maybe not.) Also there is some affectionate value, but not that hard, since this isn't The One I got when I was young and hungry; now I am only old and well fed. So my question is: What would you do?
  8. I am glad we are different and have different preferences... The amp is really good if you like Mesa and all its "peculiarities", but personally I am not comfortable with that. Good quality, a lot of possibilities. My preferences are somewhat simpler, without the bells and whistles.
  9. Well, I ordered one, got it, tried to like it but couldn't stand an amp that DEMANDS a lot of tweaking to sound good in the way I like good sound. I found the amp very shrill with no bottom. I had to twiddle the life out of the knobs to find a decent tone. I don't like decent - I like good. After a month trying to like the amp I traded it for yet another Jule Amp Monique and matching Jule Amp M700 power amp. Still, yesterday I traded a bass for an older Mesa combo with just a few controls: the Carbine M6 212 combo. Maybe that one is a keeper...
  10. Well, now I've tamed the beast. It really sounds nice. Another nice. But nice. I like it.
  11. Well, put it this way: I have some tweaking to do... I listened to the DVD Rush in Rio tonight, and the tone Geddy has is kind of clanky too, just way sharper...
  12. A friend described the tone in this amp with one word: "clanky"! It is, kind of, compared to my Spartan...
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