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  1. Well, I'll be... That is a stunner! Looks more real than the real deal! I can offer a real heavy duty jackhammer Arnold Schwarzenegger style in a trade. No? Well, I tried... A really nice bass! (And yes - I HAVE a jackhammer...)😁
  2. Beautiful! Would an early black Bongo VI with rosewood board be interesting as trade/part trade?
  3. I really like this bass. Good looking, maybe a little bit too flamboyant, but really neat. The placement of the bridge pickup is the thing, in my opinion. My main basses are fan fret Dingwalls and Payson, but this one would definitely suit me well. Weren't it for the Gig Lockdown... I like it, but my bank account doesn't At the moment.
  4. My friend Erik did a demo on that particular bass: You find him on YouTube, FaceBook and here: erikarkoATgmail.com https://www.youtube.com/user/erikarko https://www.facebook.com/archisland?sk=wall&fref=gs&dti=58812007552&hc_location=group_dialog
  5. I got myself an old Bongo VI a while back: a really good bass! A bit heavy, but with a tone to die/kill for...
  6. Which blue colour is the most correct? I believe it can be tricky capturing the correct colour temperature with a cell phone camera. (If that was what you used...) The more turqoise blue or the more baby blue-ish?
  7. I promised a review... Now I've used my little Genzler combo on rehearsal. It looked a bit wimpy next to my Super Bassman rig, but it played surprisingly strong and really neat. Even the guitarist appreciated it. Of course less bottom, but it did the job and more. I used the Bongo VI, so the combo had to eat a little low frequencies. We all know that we play loud in rehearsal rooms - louder than on stage. This little combo will definitely be sufficient - and sound good - as stand-alone at club gigs.
  8. Well, the mobile phone did its best to give me a "bigfoot thumb". My hand covers the width of the amp anyway. Both hands cover the top of the amp.
  9. Well, I haven't tried it live yet, but my livingroom is big and the wife is forgiving... I mean, I have my (smaller) rig parked here, my 10+ basses on the wall, the upright on a stand; she has a six foot grand piano in the middle of the room, and still we have room for a dining table, six book shelves and a twelve by nine feet sofa in front of the TV. And a fire place. The room is like a smaller jazz club. I tried the combo with my upright equipped with a Realist Lifeline, and the volume I got out was more than adequate, with a tone to my liking. I was a bit sceptic to the 1 Mohm input, but it worked well. I have some preamps I can use to beef up the signal from the piezo, but seriously, I think I won't be needing them. The eq in the 350 had enough sculpting possibilities to make me happy. Conclusion: on a smaller stage, like a jazz club the amp is more than enough and sounds as good as you and your instrument sound and play. For electric bass, the amp does the job well; I tried it with my MM Bongo VI, and it sounded good. Still, PA support is needed if you play with "the standard average guitard" and a hard hitting drummer, but for playing with musicians with good judgement I believe this little baby will stand out well... Think about this for a while... We tend to play with higher volume in our rehearsal rooms than we are allowed to use on stage. I use my Fender Super Bassman + Bassman 810 Neo at rehearsal, but will use my smaller "wedge rigs" at gigs...
  10. Today I got my tiny, tiny, tiny Genzler combo delivered. I just had to put it on top of my Genzler BA 12-3 Slant cabs, but it won't sit there. Oh no! My plan is to use it with my upright bass (and electric for small gigs) instead of using one amp and a two channel preamp for electric and upright. One rig for electric and one for upright, no fuss... Anyway, it is kind of cute... It is really small... 😋😋😋
  11. Anything by Unicorn Bass... https://unicornbass.se/site/
  12. Music Man Bongo VI with my compact rig: Origin Effects Cali76-TX (not visible) - Jule Amps Monique - Vanderkley Spartan - 2 x Genzler BA 12-3 Slant...
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