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  1. I bought this fabulous combo from a friend, when he got rid of some surplus studio equipment, and got it WAY too cheap. EBS Neo Gorm 212.
  2. THOMASTIC FLATS, hmm ... Everyone knows that most string producers tend to omit the important information how long the practical string length is. Thomastik Infeld is not only bad at informing, they are also completely unwilling to answer if asked. Sauerkraut! Well, I was in contact with Brink's Music in Katrineholm, Sweden, as I work a dozen stone throws from there. They could tell that the string lengths on a Long Scale set can actually be used on many basses with 35 " scale, if not strung through the body. Here are the actual lengths: From the ball end to the beginning of the silk wrap. G - 96 cm = 37.79" D - 95.5 cm = 37.6" A - 96 cm = 37.8" E - 93.5 cm = 36.8" B - 94 cm = 37" I wanted to use their Jazz Flats on a Dingwall Super P5 with 32 "- 35" mens watch, which worked great, as seen here:
  3. I am a fan(!) of fan fretted instruments, and found the perfect passive allround bass earlier this year: a Payson Supercharger bass with Nordstrand BigRig and NP5 pickups. Everything from modern to really old school in one instrument.
  4. Nope! There is a smaller - and uglier - model that is short scale:
  5. Is this the same model as the ones made in the 80's? Does it have adjustable truss rod?
  6. Lucky buyer! This bass looks like something you could end a good dinner with: vanilla ice cream, chocolate ripple, strong coffee... Mmmmm!
  7. I played my 37" - 34" fan fret Payson bass. It sounded HUGE. The bass was nearly zero in the PA.
  8. I hope someone has a camera...
  9. For tomorrow's gig I asked my guitard: "Shall I use one or two?" Without hesitation he said "TWO!" That demands an explanation. We are gigging on one of the town's bigger stages, with massive PA support. Massive! Still, it is nice to have a lot of air pressure behind the back, so I go for a twin 810 setup with two tube heads. Necessary? Heck no! Will it feel good and look good? Absolutely! They are not identical, but close enough. I have to work a bit with getting the cabs equally high. Just for visual appearance. The Super Bassman into Bassman 810 Neo, daisy-chained to Bassman 100T into Hughes & Kettner 810, masked as a Fender cab. Jule Amps Monique in front of everything. This is surely the first and last time I do a stupid thing like this, but I can always blame the guitard: "You said I should!!!" 😁😁😁
  10. Does it have Fender spacing or Scott Devine spacing?
  11. Is the top a thin veneer or a bent top? It sure looks nice.
  12. During the last trembling minutes before the United Kingdom leaves the European Union I bought a Fender Bassman 115 Neo cab from Paddy; I feared for an expensive and loooong journey from there to here, Sweden, that is, but lo and behold: shipping £47 and here today on Friday, sent on Tuesday the same week. Astonishing! Anyway, the cab arrived in the same condition as it went, well functioning and good looking. Just look here, what a lovely couple: Transferwise made it a swift affair, and Paddy is a real gentleman to deal with. I will miss this market place when Brexit is a fact...
  13. NOT MINE!!! I just had to show what is out there... This should be an intimidating rig: the EICH Amplification XXL cab under an EICH amp head... XXL Cab Features High-quality 2 x 15“ Ceramic speakers TE15D High-quality 2 x 12“ Ceramic speakers TE12D High-quality 4 x 10“ Ceramic speakers TE10D Neodymium tweeter 2 x NT 1 Tweeter Switching System Extremely lightweight construction Classic grill cloth Speakon® connectors Non-slip rubber feet Two high-load 80 mm castors Two sunken side tray handles and one edge handle Wooden protection rails Ampfixing Specifications Model: XLCab Configuration: 4 x 10" + 2 x 12” + 2 x 15" Ceramic speaker Power RMS: 2400 W Horn: 2 x 1” NT1 horn with tweeter switching system Sensitivity: 105 dB Freq. Response: 26-19.000 Hz Impedance: 4 ohms or 8 ohms Connections: 2 x Neutrik Speakon® parallel Tweeter Switching System Dimensions: (W x H x D): 74 cm x 157 cm x 41 cm / 29.2" x 62" x 16.2" WEIGHT: 70,55 kg / 155,5 lbs
  14. It sure looks nice! I had a 50's Classic many years ago, and found that bas really stiff and "unfriendly". It had very "stifling and sluggish" tuning machines. How does this one work? I believe they are sold without chrome covers; if so: good! Playing with the covers on is like driving a car in the garage... Nice bass!!!
  15. In what way does it differ from the production model? (IF it differs, that is...)
  16. Message sent! I cannot always use these babies: Super Bassman on top of 810 Neo, and Bassman 100T on my "Fenderized" H&K 810 cab. I want a small cab for my 100T.
  17. Pity you are there and I'm in Sweden... Exactly what I am looking for.
  18. I'd better eat my hat... I show them sequenced...
  19. Talk is talk... I said: "If I were..." but I ain't. My back would kill me. I have no room with high ceiling either. Let's see... - Bassman 810 Neo - Hughes & Kettner QS 810 Pro - 2 x TKS 2126 - AccuGroove Tri 112L - Acoustic Image combo - Fender Bassman 100T - Fender Super Bassman - Vanderkley Spartan I forgot my birdcage Monique, she adds some 8" too...
  20. If I were to stack my cabs I'd have a 14' 8" stack. Without amps. Add some 2' 1" for the amps, and another 15" for the combo... That makes 18'... or something...
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