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  1. And this looks like it might be useful to watch.
  2. Well, it should be sitting in the groove in the endpin base, rather than on the endpin itself - that's for sure.
  3. Looks like they were having a cab shootout!
  4. None taken, it's not an offending photo or we would have pulled it. Just unnecessary.
  5. Naked man holding dead animal... errrm... nah. 😮 Two wrongs don't make a right anyway... 😉😎
  6. We could all have been spared that photo, and we would be happier. Here's one of a Marleaux Diva, sight for sore eyes.
  7. Gratuitous, and not funny at all. The following is one of my own photos from NAMM 2020. Jens is king.
  8. Indeed, it may be a good idea for all of us to help secure Asset Of Community Value or Listed status for any pub we don't want to lose. We know of a couple of places in Chiswick which are out of harm's way thanks to this. That necessitates the landlord and regulars to team up and start the paperwork. Often, the brewery will be totally against it, and will have to be fought off. CAMRA has helped in the past, IIRC, and might do again.
  9. Unless they are located in a thoroughly undesirable area, most of those pubs will be sold to property developers long before there's any sort of recovery, let alone a boom in new customers.
  10. Always unplug, no matter what. The input jack closes a circuit - and uses battery power - even when you're set to passive.
  11. I've deleted yesterday's tweet with the link.
  12. Shared on Basschat's social.
  13. This was shared on Facebook earlier.
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