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  1. @Happy Jack's band Damo And The Dynamites are trying to establish a monthly Rock 'n' Roll/Rockabilly night at this renowned music pub, with the help of one of the managers. If any of you are in the area and at a loose end next Tuesday, come and say hi.
  2. Silvia Bluejay

    Sound Engineering in the Real World

    The experts at work! 😮
  3. Silvia Bluejay

    Verily, a Prince amongst Fakers ...

    *noise of chains and locks being dragged in*
  4. Silvia Bluejay

    Michael Jackson covers- Yes or No?

    That's the Wagner dilemma once again. As a music listener, as opposed to performer in public, I separate the music from the character of the artist and play/listen to whatever I like.
  5. Silvia Bluejay

    Barneyg42, RIP

    That's our Colin! (Or Barney...)
  6. Silvia Bluejay

    Wireless PA controlled remotely by tablet

    Oh it must be 5-6 years old. We are planning to do our testing with it, and then, if we learn how to use an external router with the system properly, and decide to go that way permanently, we'll buy a new router with the necessary bells and whistles.
  7. Silvia Bluejay

    Barneyg42, RIP

    Thank you for all your posts, and especially this last one, Lisa. I didn't know your story. Now my thoughts are with you as well. Colin introduced himself as Colin when we newby Basschatters met him, and those of us on FB also knew him by his real name. What matters is that we're talking about the same lovely guy we all lost.
  8. Silvia Bluejay

    Wireless PA controlled remotely by tablet

    I've just dug out my old Plusnet Technicolor router I removed from my flat in Chiswick. We'll bring it with us to the 'tutorial'.
  9. Silvia Bluejay

    Wireless PA controlled remotely by tablet

    Interesting. One of the things I intend to sort out asap is adding security (WEP or similar), something that's mentioned in the manual, but in a rather obscure, unhelpful way. In general, if a person with a mobile phone is looking for a connection, noticing that it's secured should be a deterrent.
  10. Silvia Bluejay

    Wireless PA controlled remotely by tablet

    But rather worryingly, it doesn't! 😮
  11. Silvia Bluejay

    Wireless PA controlled remotely by tablet

    We'll bear that in mind. Thanks.
  12. Silvia Bluejay

    Wireless PA controlled remotely by tablet

    Thanks Si! We'll ask Jack's helpful bandmate a lot of relevant questions when we see him. We have tried the system with three tablets, all rather old but seemingly doing the job perfectly. The app doesn't appear to go heavy on the tablet's system resources: so far we have had no lag, no freezes or crashes, nothing. Not even any loss of signal, although admittedly the places we used the system at were relatively small. The actual distance between the PA and me was between, say, 4 and 8 metres, most of the time without obstacles (pillars etc.) other than people on the dancefloor.
  13. Silvia Bluejay

    Wireless PA controlled remotely by tablet

    IIRC we did all that, including turning off the wifi on the laptop, but we hit a brick wall in that the PA insisted that IP addresses be entered (no automatic recognition of any kind happening!) and we didn't know what to enter. Before BRX's helpful advice above, we couldn't find any relevant information anywhere. Even the user manual just tells you to enter one or more IP addresses in the same group. The point being, what IP address, FFS?
  14. Silvia Bluejay

    Barneyg42, RIP

    Damn, saw this on FB. So sad. I met Colin at the 2012 SE Bash, my first. I was sitting in a corner of the Auditorium, with my then newly acquired fretless Rockbass Corvette 5 which I wanted to test with someone's proper cab because its output sounded very weak on my practice amp. Only I didn't know many people in the room, so I was just standing there wondering what to do. Colin saw me, asked if I was OK, then immediately offered to plug my bass in his rig. He actually also played the bass for me (upside down), just to make sure it wasn't my then rather beginner-like playing that made it sound so weedy. (It wasn't.) We became FB friends the following day, and followed each other on there, and saw each other at a couple of other bashes. Then his health deteriorated, his mum died, but Kim remained by his side to the end. My thoughts go out to her especially. Love you Colin.
  15. Silvia Bluejay

    Wireless PA controlled remotely by tablet

    Thanks, we will. It was also my impression that, for a direct connection with no switch or router in between we might need something more than a normal Ethernet cable. We'll experiment again tomorrow.