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  1. I'll be writing a series of NAMM mega-blogs throughout Feb and March! It's a great show.
  2. Spotted along a wall, in an empty space large enough for a decent-sized booth. Nuff said. LBGS/UK Guitar Show, please take note. It can be done.
  3. They're probably all here at NAMM rather than at their desks! 😉
  4. FYI, Roger told us that a Chinese company stole his logo years ago, and while he is fighting to get it back, he can't use it on the headstock of the Chinese line. So the basses currently have just the name of the model and when they are officially released, they will have a special round logo based on the letters RSD (Roger Sadowsky Design). Photos to follow in due course!
  5. It's gone 3pm here in Anaheim and we've managed to talk to John Hall at the Rickenbacker stand, say hi to Roger Sadowsky with a promise of a chat later, spent some time with Tomm of Stonefield, talked to Sheldon Dingwall, and spotted several other familiar exhibitor faces we'll get back to when it's less busy. Watch this space!
  6. Many thanks, both! I'm creating two events on Basschat's FB page, as we speak.
  7. HAHA! That's all I'm given, blame FB! Could you please post the full name and address of the venue? It'll make my job easier.
  8. OK, I now seem to be ready to create that Facebook event! If I enter the postcode in the location field on the Event, FB gives me this: St.Cuthbert's Pre-School Playgroup Doveridge Is it correct? And the date is 09/05/2020, am I right? Ta.
  9. From that point of view, it's very much like it used to be at the LBGS in the past: the bigger booths have a performance space and a timetable with guest names. Some of them will be well-known artists, other will be less well-known but equally, astonishingly good. The performances usually last 20-30 minutes. Last time I went (2018), the Markbass stand was one huuge stage, with amps and other exhibits all around it, and they had big names with entire bands playing there. We also saw Lee Sklar at the equally huge but not stage-shaped Warwick booth, and Jack kept bumping into Bootsy no matter what booth he was visiting (and thought he was stalking him!). Best thing, however, is randomly meeting Basschat members you've last seen in person at one of our bashes or at the LBGS. Familiar faces and familiar accents in a sea of bass players and other musicians from around the world.
  10. We are also finally able to attend The Bass Bash on the Thursday evening, and I'm especially looking forward to seeing Tal in person for the first time, and saying hi to Cody, who has given masterclasses at the LBGS a couple of times.
  11. See also This Thread *. *Link deleted, as I've realised the two threads have been merged, so 'This Thread' now is 'this thread', if you know what I mean? 😉
  12. Wouldn't think so, @Newfoundfreedom! That'd need an audience of old metalheads. We're a very fast-dying breed...
  13. @MacDaddy should we also add Let's Dance? (Double sigh.)
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