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  1. Conscious decision, as it's not easy to show the entire fingerboard from the side in a 'legible' way in a photo. All those dot inlays, bar none, are stupid anyway!🤦‍♀️
  2. And we mods have been given an extra shield! I'm lucky that my pic, by sheer fluke, has a small empty space at the bottom left and at the top right, so it's not obscured by all this, er, visual clutter. Yes, you can still see that the bass is a Warwick Corvette!
  3. Same here - no theme button. Firefox on Win 10.
  4. Hovering with the mouse over someone's name doesn't bring up the option to look at their profile, when the name is in olive green (Supporting Member). It works with mods, admins and names in black font. In the case below, I don't get a popup if I hover over Woodinblack. Same here. I don't get a popup if I hover over casapete, for instance.
  5. LOL LOL, it all seems to have become visible 40 minutes ago! 😂
  6. @Reggaebass I've tried clicking on the badge above my avatar on my replies, and on the one on my profile. Nothing happens! 😱 Perhaps I can only see other people's! 😮🤔 I know, first world problem... 😉😂
  7. I was checking the same thing on @Happy Jack's profile. While I am able to see the list of achievements and ranks, and his 'great content' badge, on his profile, I can't see the list of ranks on my own profile. If I click on my current rank on my profile, it takes me nowhere.
  8. Ok, I had discovered some of that, but I would also like to access the Rank list in the screenshot in previous posts, if still accessible. And thank you.
  9. FYI, the same problem appears on Firefox on mobile (Android).
  10. Doing well, but the wrong colours issue is still not fixed, see example below. (Top banner; on Firefox, Win 10)
  11. My Firefox is having trouble with the top of the screen on Basschat - the colours on the right:
  12. I think it is. Ped said from "around" 9am, not 9am on the dot...
  13. Adblock Plus for Android. As a matter of fact, I think that only happens on the tablet, because I have Adblock turned completely off on the PC, and still get no ads at all.
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