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  1. As the great David Ellefson says in a Facebook post from yesterday, The cancer has no hope!
  2. If it's the same person I have in mind, yes, definitely! But nothing is confirmed just yet.
  3. Imagine if he had bought an Alikat aluminium double bass for me too, to justify buying his... 😮😎
  4. LOL if @Happy Jack and I followed the same pattern on each new purchase, we'd own even MORE basses that we already have! (His kids don't live with us and earn more than us, and I only 'do' cheap shoes... )
  5. Thank you Andy for reminding us that not all musicians' wives are idiots. 😎
  6. Still weirdly upside down, though! 😂
  7. He also appears to play upside-down lefty, a major faux pas... 😂😮
  8. Not until tomorrow, though, by the look of it. The hosting company's status isn't promising for today. Meanwhile, Firefox still throws the usual message when I try to reach the LR site: Warning: Potential Security Risk Ahead. :/
  9. Haha! Excellent topic. We're a two-bassists household, so we have a lot of bass gear! I can often be seen going around the house dusting those basses that are on stands, as opposed to in cases. Sometimes I wipe them down with a damp cloth, if they're particularly grubby! I include fingerboards and the 'underside' of the strings. I have a large makeup brush (I don't 'do' makeup, anyway) to dust pickups, bridges and headstock tuners. I keep an eye on the state of my basses' fingerboards and oil them when necessary, even if I'm not changing the strings. Same with cleaning the frets. On the basses I use most, I regularly check action/truss rod, saddle height, nut height (on the Warwicks) and intonation. I have been known to be OCD enough to tighten a tuner's screw if that tuner is slightly looser than the others. I have changed hardware on a couple of basses, and turned an electric upright from righty to lefty, but I don't feel confident enough to change pickups, or to do heavy duty cosmetic work such as sanding down the lacquer and changing the body colour. I'm @Happy Jack's strings and general setup tech... 😎
  10. Both hacking and a virus were mentioned in previous posts, but that message from Mac doesn't mention either. We have been assured that LR itself hasn't been hacked or infected.
  11. This is what has been discussed in various Facebook groups:
  12. Some opinions and recommendations in this thread.
  13. That's the point. I really loved your Wingbass when I saw it at the SE bash. If I end up buying one (they do lefties, yay!) it'll be for noodling and playing differently from the usual, not for holiday practice.
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