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  1. Incidentally, that's from 2 weeks ago and it'd be high time for them to go fully public, seeing the show's supposed to be in two days...
  2. There's some info on the old LBGS website, which is now an automatic (temporary?) redirect to Music Radar. I must say, I've lost most of my interest.
  3. Definitely. There is only so much damage we should be prepared to do to our children's studies and careers. We've probably already exceeded the maximum acceptable. And we need the youngsters to pay for all the borrowing from future generations we've done in the last 6 months.
  4. Mr Richard Starling, who posted it on Facebook. Mine are still at the sorting out stage, but aren't very good anyway, due to my position further back from the band and a partly obstructed view.
  5. I replaced all of my Warwick straplocks with normal pins long ago. Stupid system.
  6. That makes perfect sense for an originals band who plays music venues, not a band that plays almost exclusively pubs and non-dedicated music venues. Edit: in reply to BigRedX
  7. ... weather permitting. Fingers, and everything else, crossed! 🙏
  8. I'm in awe of those who can both play and dance at the same time, without effing up either activity. However, to me, listening to a good bassline comes before watching stage antics. If all that was interesting in a band was the dancing, I'd walk out after a couple of numbers.
  9. I was thinking the same. Anyone got a link to that infamous thread, or Scott's explanation?
  10. Last year I bought the DT240 Pro (slightly cheaper than yours), used them a couple of times, then chucked them in a drawer and bought a set of PJBs for more or less the same price IIRC. I encountered exactly the same problems in the DT240 Pros that you describe on the DT770, so it's clearly a setup/specs choice by the manufacturer, not a dodgy item. Avoid both models like the plague, I'd say...
  11. TBH, I have been known to yell at the bass player to turn himself down, as well, or be taken off the PA*... * Low frequencies don't need the PA's help as badly as higher frequencies, anyway, especially at a distance.
  12. The key, for both of our bands, is to keep the backline volume just high enough for the band to hear themselves, and then have PA backup (even in 'acoustic' setups - you always need the PA for vocals anyway). That way, I can control exactly what the audience hears. I have been known to yell at guitarists until they lowered their combos' volume, or else. 😉
  13. We ask the manager/landlord what kind of performance they need from us, to keep an ear on levels during the gig (which they usually do, walking around the audience), and to tell me whether they need to go up or down. If they don't say anything during the first set, I will go to them and ask if everything's fine, which in the case of our bands it usually is. (I keep the volume under tight control at all times, social distancing or not.)
  14. Exactly. As far as I'm concerned, I'm as (un)likely to be able to attend a gig in Aberdeen as one in Milwaukee, so I'm just interested in seeing what others are doing.
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