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  1. I find that an EUB without a fake bout (or a 'bracket' or 'spacer' or whatever it may be called) tends to spin, so my fretting hand has to do the fingering of the notes and the stopping the neck from rotating. So I need a bracket, and even better, I need a bracket AND the peculiar but highly useful T-endpin Eminence uprights have. @Passinwind, I hear what you're saying, and tripods for EUBs do look naff (and ugly) but my NS NXT is so easy and comfortable to play it makes anything else feel like too much like hard work! 😄
  2. I've tweeted and Facebooked this thread as Basschat. Good luck; don't give up, sometimes things lost/stolen in transit do turn up eventually.
  3. Been looking at those. As long as they don't blind the subjects (who do complain, I can tell you!) they are a good solution.
  4. Now it may be just the right time to do that... 🙄
  5. We've got those too, as softboxes, but we obviously could never set them up, in addition to the normal coloured lights etc., at the Dog And Duck. But we can try...
  6. All of our cameras - on paper - are more than capable of 1080-30. A couple can even do 4k. But clearly not in that studio - the green screen messes up their colour balance no matter what settings we apply. Not a problem, our gigs and rehearsal rooms usually don't have a great big green background. 😉
  7. LOL, I did those in Movie Maker and then Jack attached them! Or we wouldn't have had titles or credits at all! For a totally unknown, unsigned band, offering their first originals to the world, they are a must.
  8. Thanks for mentioning the colour correction - that was the first thing I suggested, but was shouted down by an already tired and over-stressed @Happy Jack. I had to insist that we added some sort of title to the beginning and credits to the end... We have bought some new cameras that produce better quality video, and we're testing them, while Jack is studying the effect of digital zooming on each camera's output. The light in that studio has the same disastrous effect on the quality of even our new Zoom Q2n 4k, as well as on that of the decent Canon 77D DSLR we are now using instead of what you see in those videos.
  9. This. On this: [No, even on a vintage bass like this, the bridge isn't actually green! We were doing some tests on a green screen for video editing, so I took these pics as well.]
  10. And hoping that all the updates get installed properly... 🤞
  11. Get a mid-range laptop. There are things you can't do properly on the phone, no matter how advanced the website's portable interface may be. And I'm not talking about video or audio editing, but things like simple uploads, opening downloads properly, full use of most social media, typing long messages on WharsApp or in reply to other types of posts, or even simply filling online forms. A laptop will still be portable enough, but far more powerful and stable than a phone.
  12. I'd missed this post! Rectified - I've just posted this thread on Basschat's Twitter. Hope the kit is recovered quickly - last thing we need, collectively as musicians, is to have what's left of our gear nicked.
  13. There you are. By far the stupidest method of publishing information I've ever seen.
  14. I can try to copy them one by one in a post, if anybody's interested?
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