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  1. The bass, the beer, the Bass Gear t-shirt, the music room, and the stuff on the walls! 😊👍
  2. @Happy Jack has a few weird ones, but I'd say this is the most notable... 😎
  3. The next step down in a bass is a low F#, and up is a high C. I remember @Dood once owning a 7-string tuned F# - B - E - A - D - G - C, I think? Looked and sounded awesome.
  4. I'm usually too busy keeping an eye and an ear on the band to start conversations with drunk punters, but one day I probably will! But I don't expect a coherent reply... 🙄
  5. It happened again, tonight - twice. Junkyard Dogs gig. Middle of the second set, a young guy comes to me and asks me to play some Rod Stewart. Usual reply, along the lines of 'Fraid not, he's not in the setlist'. 'You have a setlist?' comes his reaction. 'I thought you were choosing the music...' I'm beginning to get the impression these people believe I should have even more power over the band than I already have. Hmm... 😄🙄 Beginning of the third set, girl comes to me, and goes straight to the point: 'Are you the DJ?' 'No, I'm the sound engineer.' 'Oh.' *walks away* She clearly didn't think I was even worth talking to any further, not being the DJ.
  6. Thanks for that very interesting site comparison, with technical bits, @lemonstar. I'm on several other music sites too, but Basschat is the only one I visit regularly and I'm happy to have been moderating since 2012. To answer your query about the calendar, after the interface redesign in Nov 2017 we have been trying to figure out how to get the best out of it, but IMO it's still not user-friendly enough: every event has to be added to it manually (which is fine), but then, well, they stay there. No reminder feature, no particular main page prominence to the calendar, etc. I think that's another feature the admin team will be looking at in due course. @charic is our developer, and he's working on this site alongside his day job, so his availability is limited, and there is always a need to prioritise tasks.
  7. See, if you had a sound engineer, that girl would ask him/her instead, and be extremely surprised when told they can't 'play' that song. As per my OP.
  8. At one Dogs gig at the White Hart we were forced to wait on stage, in the alcove, for about half an hour after the gig, just so some space would free up on the floor, so we could start breaking down and loading out. At another gig there, there was a massive fight, complete with spilt pints and broken glass, right in front of our extremely expensive subwoofer placed on the floor, stage left. At Ye Olde Swan, the guy who tried to sleep in Jack's DB case also walked off with it a few minutes later, once it contained his shiny Ali DB. We ran after him, of course. He was too out of it even to realise what he was doing, so we had no problem taking it back from him. He then proceeded to try and wrestle an extension lead from my hands, at which point I angrily yelled at him. That seemed to work - he went away... The Wheatsheaf in Dunstable is a friendly place. I'm not keen on the layout and the area where the band has to set up, as there seems to be no decent place where I can be more or less in front of the band with my tablet and the camera. No complaints about the manager or the crowd.
  9. Oh, as we were also talking about birds, I thought you meant to show a tit on that photo.
  10. Christ I remember that too. In fact I think we took video! 😮 (No, I won't publish it.)
  11. I'm also loving the concept of 'inequality amongst piers'! Keep 'em coming, guys! (npi)
  12. LOL that's fine, no prob. There are a number of women here who feel comfortable enough to post regularly. There are a few women hiding behind monikers that don't reveal their gender. Even counting them in, we're a small minority. I attribute that to the fact that this website's regulars tend to be mostly over 40, and there are far fewer women over 40 who play bass, compared to younger women. I am thoroughly enjoying this thread, and I don't find it male-centric, to be honest.
  13. No defensiveness there, just stating the fact. That sort of nonsense gets spouted far too often at left-handed players without taking into account that it could equally be applied the other way round.
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