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  1. Thankfully, GAS will never be killed by a choice of tones on one single bass. We need to buy all the basses the Variax emulates, one by one, and compare their sound closely with the Variax, so we have a very clear idea of which basses we have to keep because, you know, it would never do to go out and play with a poorly emulated tone. God forbid. 😉 Having said that, I do like most of the sounds on that 705. PS - nice to meet you too, Mike - enjoy the bass. 👍
  2. I agree, and I'm not trying to open that can of worms. The Jazz bass for petite women is my contribution to the bass myths this thread is about.
  3. Plus one to the utter rubbish of referring to one's bass as 'she'. I'm not sure if it's more sexist, creepy or plain weird. Makes my skin crawl. (Same in the case of those idiots who refer to boats, ships and cars as 'she'.) Whenever I've referred to my basses as 'he' in revenge, I've been immediately corrected - bl**dy foreigner that I am - and told it's IT in English, not HE. Oh, really? 🤦‍♀️ Short scale only for wimmin - heard that, never took any notice. BUT: - Petite lady? Get a Jazz bass, the neck is lovely and thin, you'll be fine. (Forget about the horrible, misshapen, heavy-as-hell body, though, will you). Heh.
  4. Agree about the wonderful Ibby necks. @Skinnyman, make sure you're comfortable with tight string spacing. though (I love it, but I do have small hands). Incidentally, what's this eighth fret of which you speak? One of the advantages of a good fiver is that you can go lower, rather than higher, with your basslines, and play across the neck rather than along it. Depending on the genre, you may not need to go further than the 8th fret at all.
  5. I think it's mostly a marketing ploy, and it works brilliantly. Hence my doubts about getting rid of the purple low B ball end.
  6. Of course we don't need the colours. But both @Happy Jack and I are seriously OCD... 😎
  7. D'Addario strings on new, shop-bought Ibanez: Typical set of D'Addario strings bought as replacement:
  8. Although there may be a difference between string sets installed on new, shop-bought basses (two gold-coloured ball ends) and new string sets you buy as replacement. My two new-ish sets bought in Dec 2019 still have purple ball ends. It's a mystery! 😱
  9. D'Addario have now deleted the purple ball end! The low B comes in gold, like - erm - the E string. Pretty sad, if you ask me.
  10. The photos show the distinctive coloured ball ends - including the purple low B. They are D'Addario roundwounds - not sure what flavour though.
  11. @owen - Dunno about others, but I can't see any functioning links or photos in that thread from 2007?
  12. If the Stagg is similar to my old Harley Benton, the unamplified output coming from the pickup is rather low; acceptable when you plug into an amp or a combo, but rather hopeless when you try to plug in headphones directly and play along to your MP3, due to the high noise ratio. I'm afraid the only solution I found was to use a proper headphone amp. I have a PJB Bass Buddy with its own headphones connected to a desktop PC with a Soundblaster external USB sound card. That may be overkill, but it can deal with any pickup's output level. Mind you, the computer itself, especially the radio mouse, introduces noise into the circuit, but the level is acceptable.
  13. The neck can be moved by using a hex key (one turn is enough! Very quick adjustment). So clearly there is a joint of some sort, but the neck itself is not meant to be dismantled.
  14. To avoid the nightmare of transatlantic shipping, @Happy Jack and I had Gollihur send a bass to our family in Pasadena and then we literally flew to the US to collect it. (Yes we also got a holiday out of it!). It was less painful - but a bit long-winded - to take the bass on the plane, have it inspected and pay import duty, than risk international shipping, even with an excellent store like Gollihur. Even getting small, low value items shipped in the cheapest possible way from the US to here is a frigging nightmare. Avoid at all costs.
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