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  1. IMO it's more of a case of reverse sexism. I could argue that those young ladies did have an unfair advantage over the better-qualified-but-wrong-gender-or-wrong-age candidates, assuming that the ladies didn't fall into the trap of sleeping with the boss, and instead simply worked their way up the ladder normally. I have witnessed the opposite as well, young men being favoured over older, more experienced women by a female boss, without the need to sleep with her; just 'because'.
  2. I see what you mean. I think @Happy Jack and I may be older than you, though! And he plays mostly rockabilly, which looks like hard work, from what I can see from my sound engineer seat.
  3. Seems a lot of hard work to me! If we did that we'd end up getting to the gig pre-knackered, but still having to play 2 hours on DB, and then having to do all that in reverse to get home. The Precision still looks like the wiser option! 😉🙂
  4. Or indeed, get an electric upright, a semi-acoustic bass guitar, or a bass uke. (We've done all that!)
  5. If anyone's interested, my blog has finally been published.
  6. LBGS 2019 blog is up! https://wp.me/p2ZbyY-I6

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      Taylor Bitch-blues

      Good stuff !,  miserable outside,  I'll give this a look at.

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      gary mac

      Great job as always Silvia. x


    4. Silvia Bluejay
  7. TIs have been the lowest tension flats I've tried, and I love them. I've got them on my Hofner violin and they sound great. A few years ago I also bought a 5-string set with the intention of putting them on - I think - that same Fortress 5 that now has the Labellas. However, the low B did not fit in the hole in the one-piece bridge, not even if I had tried to mangle it, so I had to get a set of Chromes (Labellas low tension didn't exist at the time). I installed the Thomastiks on one of my 4-string Corvettes and kept them there for a long time. I must still have the low B somewhere, unused! Having said all that, the TIs do have the tendency to be floppy, especially the B and E, so in my experience they are slightly more limited in their use than the Labellas or Chromes. In terms of tone, they have their own recognisable sound, so it's a matter of taste whether or not they suit the music you play.
  8. You mean you have fitted Fender flats to your bass? If they're your first ever flats, be aware that they are the stiffest set of flats I've ever had the misfortune to try on (and almost immediately whip off) a bass of mine. While their tension may be all right for your hands, their tone/sound will almost certainly be different from the very high quality (and rather more expensive) Labellas.
  9. You can try lowering the action but, depending on your playing style and other factors such as saddle and pickup height, you may end up with buzzes and/or distortion. Easily fixed by taking the time to set up, obviously. As for the tension, I know that I find the normal Labellas (which are on most of @Happy Jack's basses) too stiff for my liking, but I love the low tension Labellas, even as a player of D'Addario Chromes and Thomastiks (both notoriously 'soft'). I do realise this may or may not help you; apologies if it doesn't.
  10. I'd also recommend Low Tension Labellas. I bought a 5-set at Bass Direct at the LBGS to put on my Warwick Fortress with old-style one-piece bridge, as I was fed up with having to mangle the D'Addario Chromes low B and E in order to make them fit in. To my ears the low tension Labellas sound rather like the normal tension Labellas, to be honest, as well as very different from the zingy D'Addario Chromes (which would emphatically NOT be the sound you're looking for). While I still prefer the tone of the Chromes, I am thoroughly impressed with the feel and clarity of sound of the low tension Labellas. They will definitely stay on my Fortress.
  11. Topic title just re-instated. Keep it coming guys, feel free to report deletions.
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