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  1. Best place for it - you can't put that big violin under your chin, can you? 😱
  2. High enough to reach all the frets, low enough for the top horn not to hit or squish my right breast (I play lefty). Yup, gender-specific setup. Heh. 🙄😎
  3. No, no, no! Get your trolling right. It's Paul McCartney and/or, or vs., Mark King. AND only a sunburst Precision with tort pickguard. And Jaco only needed four. Not good for metal. There you go.
  4. I've seen too many unpredictable things happen to instruments at gigs where I've helped out with photography and/or sound. Straps and/or straplocks irretrievably giving way, guitar jack sockets suddenly developing a terrible hum, strings breaking, machine heads becoming stripped, guitars and basses hitting the floor, cables being pulled out of speakers, in the process breaking the speakon or plug... I could go on. We gig with as many spares as we can carry. Regarding being disliked by the sound engineer if you have more than one instrument, well, it's the sound engineer's job to make you sound good no matter how many different instruments you play. He or she is not meant to sit there staring at his/her phone and complain if s/he has to do some work! For Damo And The Dynamites I have to change the level and EQ on the bass channel every time @Happy Jack moves from bass guitar to double bass and back, and I also have to change some settings on Damo's guitar channel when he breaks a string in his main guitar (at least once every gig) and quickly switches to his backup, which sounds different. The frontman/guitarist in The Junkyard Dogs gigs with three guitars, all different, with one set up for slide. But adjusting it all is perfectly feasible on the fly at a gig.
  5. Pah, all this when for once I wasn't actually wearing a mask at all! (What with us being outdoors etc.) It has also fought off several attempts by other bassists to buy it. No, it's NOT for sale. 😉
  6. Next time, hopefully, we'll also be able to record a stereo DI track directly from the desk, which we couldn't do on Sunday. That will give us the sound of exactly what we are sending to the PA, but without picking up the punters' orders being barked at the waiter, the kids' screaming, the noisy motorbikes roaring past. etc. etc. which inevitably happens with the cameras.
  7. However, it's somewhat less than good for metal.
  8. You can get yourself tested. The 'passports' have so far been suggested (by the Govt, not the hysterical press) only for mass events such as football matches, sold-out theatres and cinemas, and similar. Nobody has - as yet - mentioned requiring a Covid passport to go to the pub, and presumably that covers also playing music in a pub.
  9. Without turning this into a spurious debate about 'what's really inside these vaccines' and similar crap, I am one of those people who has strong reasons to believe they can't have the vaccine due to allergy. (I am awaiting a call from the hospital to carry out tests to ascertain.) Whenever vaccine passports or similar have been mentioned, the metaphorical small print of the news articles always explains that having taken a recent negative test, and in some cases having had Covid recently, would be just as valid. That's in order to avoid being discriminatory to people like me, to pregnant women, and to people with other conditions. In my opinion, most of the insistence on 'Covid passports' (which I think is the term the Govt is actually using, as opposed to 'vaccine passports') is aimed at having as many people as possible panic and get the jab, which is the main point of the exercise. The more of us are inoculated, the closer we get to that fabled herd immunity - new, vaccine-resistant strains permitting. All this caboodle may very well end up being quietly dropped, except perhaps for foreign travel.
  10. From what I understand, the UK Bass Guitar Show has nothing to do with the former LBGS, now UK Guitar Show. But if the latter really has relinquished any pretence to be catering to bass as well as six-string guitar, I'm happy that an alternative is being offered. I won't be attending, though.
  11. LOL I'm female, don't do Precisions or 4-stringers, and hate cats. I'm with @Maude on this... 😉
  12. Anyone mentioned Metallica/The Four Horsemen? Although they swapped instruments only occasionally.
  13. I agree with Lozz, but would also add that low B strings themselves are notorious for sounding muddy, especially on 34 inch basses. The longer the scale, the best the low B sounds (Dingwall's 37 inch B is majestic!). My favourite low B flatwound, in terms of clarity, is currently the Labella Low Tension. I can't advise on roundwounds, as I don't use them.
  14. Instant cure for GAS - not worth buying from Europe, nothing can get here from the Far East, not worth buying from the US... 😉🙄
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