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  1. HAHA! I knew someone would notice it. It's a roller banner created by me with two images taken from separate places on t'internet, photoshopped so the cab and the amp are the same width. (Which makes the Matamp way too big, compared to reality). The banner's purpose is to cover a multitude of sins - in our case, mostly the wireless desk and external router my tablet connects to for sound engineering purposes.
  2. I've deleted the email address.
  3. @Adam_02 you can also post a Wanted ad, if you are after a certain cab as opposed to just browsing. Also, I would recommend you delete your email address, which on this thread is currently public.
  4. Flatwounds all the way for me too. I don't do rounds anymore.
  5. I'm not sure whether you're being serious or facetious. There may be no mention, at this moment, of that particular power amp you name, but sure as hell the Amps And Cabs section is all about rigs? Different rigs - if you search a bit, you'll find debates, controversy, fanbois and fangirls of certain amp or cab makers, all kinds of info about new and vintage models... you name it. And there's also the EUB Double Bass section with its own ecosystem that includes specialised rigs. 😉🙃
  6. Hasn't happened to me to be asked to turn down the bass in particular, as opposed to the whole band, but my usual response to similar silly questions is as follows: - shows tablet to the complainer, moves slider in question down while they're watching. - withdraws tablet, turns round, moves slider back up to where it was originally. That's unless it's the pub manager asking, but in that case I'll pull down the main slider rather than just the bass.
  7. Also, I'm not sure how this works in practice:
  8. Regarding payment of royalties, this is what the PRS website says. TBH, I think an updated version of the old-style Italian printed setlist would still be preferable, and more precise in giving the most popular authors their proper share. In the era of computers, mobile phones and the Cloud it wouldn't be much red tape to contend with.
  9. The PRS rules in this country have always baffled me. In my youth, when I lived in Italy, every band had to produce and sign the complete list of the songs they would play at every gig, and if they also played recorded music, they would have to list those songs too. The pub would counter-sign, and everything would be promptly sent over to the equivalent of the PRS office, for royalty payment. If you didn't do it, the police would eventually get you and both the pub(s) and your band would be fined. This country is a bleedin' free-for-all from this point of view. Never seen any band being asked for a list of songs they played live or over the PA. I have no idea how artists get their dues here. Ah, but we're getting our country back from EU red tape, so all will be fine, won't it. 😮
  10. We have our own rockabilly playlist that we use at most Damo And The Dynamites gigs, and occasionally for the Junkyard Dogs. We try to replace the house music with it wherever we are allowed to. It definitely helps, not just because it sets the mood, but also because I have control through the tablet over when to turn it off as the band goes on stage. The bar staff always seem to need yelling at several times before they bother to turn off their (usually) crap house PA to make sonic room for the band.
  11. It's probably very easily fooled by songs that are recorded a bit too fast or too slow, which messes up the pitch. however, I uninstalled the demo version and continued to use MyEars 2.1.
  12. The software writes down the entire song as a piano stave by default. It doesn't just show single notes. You can choose to print out only one instrument, say double bass (there is no provision for electric bass), but you'll still get some chords as opposed to just notes. I remember checking a few songs with the software and at least one third were transcribed in the wrong key. If the real key is minor, you can't have the software re-transcribe it correctly. Not just pointless but a waste of time and disk space.
  13. I can't see how having a song, originally in A minor, transcribed in C major can be of any use at all. If the song starts with an A minor chord, replacing it on the score with a C major chord - and so on with each chord through the song - can only be a hindrance. Or am I still missing something? 😮
  14. I've had Anthemscore for a while (demo version) but I can't for the life of me find how to change a notation transcription into the correct key. As in, I ask the software to analyse, say, a song that I know is in A minor, and the damn thing comes up with Eb major! So I go to the dropdown menu in the appropriate field to choose the correct key to re-transcribe, and can only see SOME keys, not all. A minor is NOT among them, because the list only gives major keys. Not sure where I'm going wrong, but on this basis, I wouldn't recommend the software, and I won't be buying the full version. Unless of course I'm being an idiot and someone can explain where I'm going wrong.
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