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  1. @JapanAxe @King Tut BBOT? Bent bit of tin lol? I've tried doing some googling of that acronym but all I'm getting is vague forum posts or 'baked beans on toast' haha @hooky_lowdown whatever sounds best to you man! I'm just clearing up a decade-long held misconception I've had ! Thanks for all the responses, been very helpful. I'm pretty happy with the tone of my new bass (besides how bright the new strings are but they're wearing in nicely) so I'll probably leave the bridge!
  2. @John Cribbin @chris_b Ah I see,. I was always under the impression it has something to do with inadequate hardware, rather than a tonal thing
  3. I've always heard Jazz bass bridges are terrible, my friend changed his to a Badass bridge a few years back and that seems to be very common if I'm not mistaken. Can anyone explain why? I've just bought a MiM 5 string jazz and I'm wondering whether I should considering replacing the bridge.
  4. https://www.thomann.de/gb/cioks_dc7.htm This one looks more like what I'm after with 7 outputs and selectable voltages. Also checking out other brands as well.
  5. Thanks, but that wouldn't solve the problem of needing at least 1 x 18v output
  6. Looks good, shame it doesn't have enough outputs though, and the DC8 version doesn't even have an 18v output
  7. What recommendations for power supplies (bricks) have you got? Been using a cheaper one for a while and it's producing a fair amount of noise now, so looking to upgrade. Needs to have at least 6 x 9v outputs and a 18v output Anyone have any experience with this: Palmer PWT 12 https://www.gear4music.com/Guitar-and-Bass/Palmer-PWT-12-Pedalboard-Power-Supply/2H1U
  8. I've got a sunburst Musicman Stingray which has taken some knocks over the years, and has a few on the front of the body now and they always catch my eye when I play it They're not awful, but enough for me to consider stripping the finish off the body. As it's a sunburst, you can see the wood through the finish for most of the body, and I think that body has a fairly nice grain to it, so if anybody has any recommendations for where to get the body stripped down/polished then I'd be very grateful! Thanks
  9. Anyone have any experience with these? What do you think? I'd love an SVT but I'm also considering cheaper and smaller options.
  10. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  11. The day before payday the bass I was looking at on a shop's site gets sold. Typical :(

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    2. prowla
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      I'm having a proper per-Xmas clear out and preparing to sell several 5's, so keep and eye out in the 'basses for sale' section in the next few days...

    4. lowregisterhead


      3 now listed, a fourth coming later today. Sorry for the shameless plug, but you did say you were looking... 🙂

  12. I thought this was going to be an Old 70s/80s Musicman... But it's literally a Vintage haha...
  13. UPDATE: Barnes & Mullins (the authorised Peavey store) have a spare saddle that they're going to send free of charge! Great guys
  14. Every rig rundown video or bass player interview seems to be with rock/metal players, or the usual suspects throughout history, anyone know where I can find stuff covering jazz/hiphop/pop/electronic in particular? Seems like players in those genres get far less coverage... Every now and then a channel like That Pedal Show will do something cool like this interview with Dishan Abrahams: (video below) I know about YouTube channels like Scott's Bass Lessons where he goes into a lot of old school players, but there only seem to be a few certain places to go for this kinda thing.
  15. Dug out my old Peavey Grind Bass for the first time in years. Where I'd taken off the E string at some point, a saddle part has gone missing from the bridge. I was wondering if anyone might know where to source a part like this? I've checked the Peavey site and contacted the authorised UK store listed in the repairs/parts contacts to see if they can help
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