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  2. Shout outs to Facebook sellers listing massive job-lots with prices for individual items, who then go and turn down serious buyers looking to buy an individual item in the hope that someone will take the lot instead... So naive. 

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  4. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  5. BUMP! Really need this gone soon, listening to offers
  6. (SOLD) Bought from Bass Direct in early 2020. Currently in the same condition I received it in. Best 5 string I've played at this price point, big punchy sound with a very versatile EQ. Small mark on headstock and small ding in the back shown in pictures. Active three band EQ, Humbucker pickup and two single coil modes selectable with the 3-way switch. Jack socket professionally replaced. Pickup from Clapham Junction preferred but can meet within a reasonable distance. Does not come with a case.
  7. Thanks for the tips. It's working for now, with a new fuse in. But I will aim to replace it when I'm able to. Not good at all...
  8. @Stub Mandrel Problem solved, just needed a new fuse as expected. I put a 3A fuse in the UK plug adapter and all is working as expected. But to answer your questions, The EU AC adapter was plugged into the UK plug adapter, I then plugged that into an extension cable which caused the sparks and all my electrics to go off. My brick was not connected to the AC adapter when this happened (which was just an oversight, I would normally connect that first). And yes I agree the Thomann adapters are great, I ordered an Eden combo from them a while ago which came with the type of adapter that you're describing.
  9. I've just checked my emails and it turns out I ordered this from Gear4Music, so I have no idea why it doesn't have a UK plug...
  10. Thanks for the reply. So do you think the entire power adapter is finished? It wasn't plugged into the brick at the time, so that would not have been affected. It sparked when I plugged it into a cheap extension cable. I've since binned that extension cable. I've since tried my adapter from a different extension cable but it is not powering the brick.
  11. I'm using a Palmer PWT 12 to power my board (https://www.gear4music.com/Guitar-and-Bass/Palmer-PWT-12-Pedalboard-Power-Supply/2H1U?origin=product-ads&gclid=Cj0KCQiAtJeNBhCVARIsANJUJ2EaUvoVsWY9YcCD5E6RH0i0j_skk8t8b8088_sy1x75KBzUGreIyxsaAk9yEALw_wcB) Never had any issues with it until today. I just plugged it into the usual extension cable I use to practise and it sparked, knocking off all the electrics in the flat, bar cooker power and lights (none of my pedals were connected to the power brick at the time). I've got all the plugs etc back on, but my power supply adapter isn't working. Mine has a European plug and has a UK plug adapter (provided by supplier at time of purchase) EDIT: I have just checked my emails, and I ordered from Gear4Music at the end of 2019, so I have no idea why it has a European plug. The UK plug adapter has a fuse inside, so I planned to replace that and try hooking it up again. However when comparing the info on the fuse to the info on the UK plug adapter, there are differences The fuse itself says: 13A, 250V, BS1362 The UK plug adapter says: FIT 3A (5A) FUSE BS 5733 250V 2.5A (5A) I know very little about this kind of thing so I am hoping someone might be able to help me with the following: A) Was the wrong fuse in there? B) What kind of fuse I need to go and get now? Thanks! EDIT: Replacing the old fuse with a new 3A fuse has solved the problem, thanks!
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