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  1. I have a Micro Tron IV and it's an amazing envelope filter, but the Up-Down switch is a really pointless feature. Both settings have totally different 'sweet spots' on the Gain parameter which are actually disappointingly narrow for getting the pedal to trigger properly. For 'Up' its from around 10-o-clock to 12-o-clock, for 'Down' it's all the way up (around 5-o-clock) to around 4-o-clock. Any other position either doesn't trigger the filter or leaves it open... So while the pedal sounds great while the Gain is in those sweet spots, you don't have much room to tweak at all. As you can tell from the positions I've given, the Up and Down sweet spots do not overlap even slightly, so when you hit the Up-Down switch, you have to adjust the Gain before you can even begin to use the pedal again... Which makes me wonder why they even bothered with the switch? It's not like you could hit it while playing live and carry on, you'd have to bend down and adjust the Gain.... So why not just make it a flick switch like the 3leaf Proton? Anyone else got one of these and experienced similar things? Genuinely baffling that this is even the case seeing as this is not the first incarnation of the Micro Tron...
  2. Appreciate the offer. What make/model gun is it? Might just be easier to get my own
  3. Thanks for the advice, might try this some time.. Would have to be careful with the heat gun, don't want to damage the wood underneath. What did you do after stripping and sanding? Did you apply any oils etc. to the wood?
  4. Hey! I've recently considered getting into understanding the insides of pedals (and circuits in general) and was wondering if anyone had any advice? Good places to start, sources of information, people to speak to etc. Something I might aim to take more seriously in the future, depending on work etc, but looking to get to grips with the fundamentals as a starting point. Thanks!
  5. Also, I ended up getting the Palmer I posted at the start. It's really good, lots of outputs and almost noiseless so would definitely recommend
  6. I have one of these, I used it for years and had no real issues at home or live. It's a little bit noisy compared to some higher quality power supplies so I replaced it a few months ago, but for the price it's decent.
  7. Haha yes, I do need to give the manual a proper read, I've been so busy lately (teacher training) and so I do appreciate the quick info. Hopefully one day soon I won't need to ask any more
  8. Looking for some advice. Programmed a synth sound to match the bass sound of the track below, and how it 'fades in' (ducks?), but the problem with the editor I find, is that I can't get the note to stay at its 'peak' for long enough. It'll fade/swell in, then after a certain time (the max isn't very long) it'll need to fade back down/suddenly go back down (parameter dependent). What I'm looking to make is a patch that will fade/swell in, but then stay at the 'peak'/open sound for as long as I hold it, but I'm not sure this is possible.. VCA/VCF section looks like this for the simple fade in effect.
  9. I gave it a read when I first bought the pedal about a year ago, but it was my first real take on programming, so I found a lot of it went over my head and I just messed around with the interface until I was able to make it do what I needed and was able to programme decent patches. I think now that I've got a better grasp of the pedal (and synths in general) it would probably be worth going back to it. I'll check out the pdf version, as my pedal was brought pre v3, so the manual that came with it might be outdated in sections now
  10. Thanks guys, I'm not sure how I missed this new feature. Appreciate the explanation on the individual reset sections as well.
  11. Anyone got any advice on starting a fresh patch, like a default, removing all parameters/effects etc? Maybe I'm missing something, but there doesn't seem to be a 'clear all' type feature, which is a bit annoying when you want to make a new patch. I don't always want to have to edit a preexisting one. On occasions I've taken two different patches, changed ALL the parameters so that they are the same, and they will both sound different... Like some of the features or elements of the old patch are still there in the tone or character... So it's really hard to just start from scratch and really get used to building patches from the ground up. I'm hoping I've missed a really basic feature that allows me to do this ha!
  12. Anyone else receive a message from monicabrownb asking them to email her? I can't tell if it's a genuine new user who might be interested in something I'm selling, or it's a phishing/spam account. 

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      Ignore, spammy spam

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      'monica' is toast.

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