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  1. Is anywhere doing pedal repairs at the moment? The person I've used previously isn't responding to emails.

    1. TheGreek


      Have you tried Mal Crawley in Stevenage? 

      07549 65 85 95
      139 Lonsdale Road, , Stevenage, , Herts SG1 5DF,
    2. AinsleyWalker


      @The Greek I haven't, I'll give him an email. Thanks!

  2. Paypal Friends and Family is not safe but paying via Paypal Goods and Services is the safest option as the buyer has total protection against any potential scams. That is why most gear pages on Facebook and forums like this usually only recommend buyers use Paypal Goods and Services. This is from UK GUITAR / AMP / GEAR EXCHANGE:
  3. I've got a 2u rack mounted amp in a bit of a clunky flight case that's also far too deep. Any recommendations for tidy shallow 2u cases? I always see nice sleek flight cases, but then online I can only really find bulky Gator-style ones
  4. Yet it's been up for sale for months! Had a few people show interest/arrange collection but then would stop replying... 🙄
  5. Thanks everyone for your suggestions! Really appreciate it! looks like I'll be getting in touch with Dave Wilson and Walshy
  6. I recently stripped down my beat up MM stingray and plan to get it refinished in sunburst, as it originally was. Does anyone have any suggestions for good places to have it refinished? There is a small area on the smaller horn that needs filling in/levelling out, but that should be simple Any places near London/Herts/Beds preferred
  7. I used to have a Foxrox and it was great, but it's worth noting the octave up is distorted, unlike a POG etc
  8. £244 actually! Well if I don't get on with it and you're still after one at some point you can have first dibs 👍
  9. Thanks for the heads up! I took it will let you know how I get on with it
  10. Looking at these myself, not sure whether to go for the regular bass fuzz or the JR
  11. Conveniently sized tuner, nice clear display. +£5 for postage.
  12. Great preamp/DI pedal. Very versatile and is brilliant for both live and recording purposes. Only selling as I have more than one of these. There are few small marks as shown in the pics. Comes with original box. Price includes UK postage.
  13. I bought one of these from the US about a year ago, shipping fees only got calculated upon arrival... eye-watering.... but no regrets, great pedal
  14. Great bass amp, I've owned it since 2011, used for a couple of gigs over the years and packs plenty of power. The flight flight case alone cost £70 new. (Flight case does have lids, not shown in pics) Responsive EQ with bass, middle, treble controls as well as 2 low mid and 2 high mid sliders. Sub-frequency and Valve Drive switches/controls add for even more flexibility. Fully functioning in great condition, never had any issues. One knob missing (see sub-harmonic dial) Comes with power lead. Output power 500 watts RMS Made in China in 2006. Collection or meet up preferred. Any questions drop me a message.
  15. Saw them at the Forum in 2015, was a good show!
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