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  1. Anyone got any patches that are like the bass synth tone in this: I made one the other day that is pretty close but, it just doesnt quite sit right in the mix. Hard to get the slow upwards swoop while retaining thick low end throughout
  2. Thanks for the insight! I'm using the Vintage Deluxe not the Ultra though, by the way!
  3. Yeah I've heard about the volume hike which is a real shame because if not, it'd solve both my EQ/drive needs
  4. So I've had my Vintage Deluxe for ages and always used it as a drive pedal, but I'm finding myself needing a preamp lately so I've started using it as a preamp/EQ section early on in my chain. I see a lot of people using the Tone Hammer for a similar role and I wondered how the two compare. Anyone have any opinions on the two pedals and the their abilities as drive/preamp pedals?
  5. Thanks! Fixed this issue by doing exactly what you said for another issue, had forgot about the FI Editor issue ha! But now the FI Editor and the pedal itself aren't communicating.. There were no issues last week when I last tried hmm I'm changing my MIDI Preferences to use the Roland UM-ONE MIDI interface but when I apply my settings they don't save for some reason. Not sure why, the cable is being recognised by my PC, the drivers installed when I used it the first time and it's on COMP mode.. Any ideas?
  6. I've got the Future Impact editor, however it always opens the window way too big, meaning I can't see a lot of the options on the bottom row. I'm unable to resize the window manually. Any idea what I can do to prevent this?
  7. Tbh I can't even remove the knobs, i'm pulling harder than I would need to with any other pedal I have and they aren't moving at all.. I think I might contact Panda and see what they say.
  8. Nope, no mods. Just owned it from new, nothing changed (except patch parameters)
  9. Is it normal for the Output knob to be really stiff to move? Mine has been much harder to move than the other two controls since I got it new. It works fine but just seems weird
  10. All you needed to say was "yes that is damage not dirt". I wasn't attacking you, I was simply asking so I can be sure of condition (as the previous commenter also did) as I know of someone else selling the same model Proton in better condition. I am aware you offered G&S if the buyer covers fees. I personally have never bought of someone who asked this, nor have I ever asked a buyer to cover fees when I've sold items. It's not against any rules though so, that's your choice. Nobody slandered anyone, I did not falsely accuse you of anything. I simply expressed why I may be reluctant to commit to buying this, which I believe to be fair enough seeing as I cannot see any items you've yet sold and therefore there is no feedback available. Good luck with your sale.
  11. Is it not against the rules to post an item for sale on here asking for the buyer to send money through Paypal Friends & Family? If not, it should be!! I see at least 1 scammer get called out on Facebook per week and it's ALWAYS because the buyer sent payment through F&F. 

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    2. Marc S

      Marc S

      I've used F&F a few times - usually when it's someone I've had some contact / discussion with, and had time to decide whether I have any cause for concern...
      I wouldn't use it for some stranger on a Facebook group though

    3. mart3442


      Buyers choice, use your common sense......


    4. ambient


      If the buyer can’t or won’t collect, them I insist on friends and family, or bank transfer. I know several people who were scammed by people buying stuff, then claiming is not received, damaged, faulty etc. My sister-in-law even had an empty box returned to her by a buyer. 

  12. Is that dirt on the font on the top of the pedal or damage? A little bit put off by the condition and that you're asking for people to send money by F&F... That's usually banned on most sites as it's how people get scammed. I see at least one person get scammed due to paying by F&F on Facebook per week.
  13. Is it possible to switch existing patches this way? For example I want the first 9 patches to be the ones I use most often, and there are one or two (such as 32 and 43) that I would like to swap in for 4 and 7. Can I simply change the file names (so change 04 to 32 and 07 to 43 and vice versa for both) as you suggest and then 'write all'? Or is this only for adding new patches?
  14. I've got a Future Impact and it's great, but it would be great if I could put all the patches I use closer together. Anyone know if it's possible to move/swap/renumber the patches?
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