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  1. Cheers for the comments. It was fair outlay but well worth doing and I'm really pleased with it. In fact I now prefer this finish to the standard unfinished neck. As much as I'm really enjoying playing this I'm trying to be sensible with a 'one in one out' approach since I bought my 2018 Special.
  2. Price reduced to £925.
  3. I’ve got a 2005 3EQ, a Classic and one of the new Stingray Specials. All are great basses and build quality is top notch on each one. I tend to use them all without boosting or cutting the on board EQ but occasionally slightly boost the bass and/or treble on the Classic and Special. I haven’t had an issue with G string volume and think that’s probably due to not excessively boosting bass and treble. I agree with previous comments that the Low end is very focussed (in a good way). If you are able to I suggest trying both a Classic and Stingray Special, particularly if you are considering buying new. They are both great but different in many ways (eq, neck profile, body shape, weight). I’m gigging with both and at the moment am using the Special more.
  4. gazhowe

    Band Lighting

    The LEDJ Q Colour is a good light if you just want one per side to provide a stage wash. They are too heavy to velcro to PA cabs but you could get a bracket to fix them to PA speaker stands/poles.
  5. I’ve just received a 25ft Ernie Ball cable too following registration of my new Stingray Special. Even though I don’t need another cable and the cost to Strings and Things is probably very little it’s a really nice touch and I really appreciate the gesture.
  6. Pretty much like for like replacement for me: Aguilar AG700 amp, Bergantino 410 cab. I'd replace my Stingray's (Special and Classic) but would consider upgrading my Status S2 Classic to an S3.
  7. gazhowe

    MM 2018 Stingrays

    My Charcoal Sparkle 4H is very comfortable with a very smooth and fast neck. Build quality is excellent as you would expect for a bass costing £2k+. I've just done the first two gigs with mine this weekend and it just sounded fabulous. So far, and probably with a bit of bias because its new, I prefer the sound of this to my other Ray's (a 3EQ and a Classic). The bass control isn't at all boomy when boosted and it is easy to dial in a variety of great tones. The biggest difference IMO is that it doesn't have the top end raspy quality of the 3EQ which was a planned approach according to the Musicman promo video. I've been using my Ray's as backups to my Status S2 for years but this is so good I think I'll be using this as my main bass for a while. 😎
  8. The last item that made a real positive difference to my sound was the Aguilar AG700 I bought last year. The last item I bought was a Stingray Special in Charcoal Sparkle on Saturday. I’m gigging with it this weekend so don’t know yet if it will make a positive difference to my sound but it will make me look more sparkly. 😎
  9. Markbass MoMark 800w Class D modular amplifier for sale. Price: £390. I'm not interested in trades thanks. I can ship within the UK at buyers expense or meet locally if preferred. I'm based in South Shields, Tyne and Wear if you wish to inspect or try this out. Please PM me if interested. The price includes rack mount ears and I'll also include a Boshma 3u shallow rack case for free (rubber feet are missing from case). Spec as follows: Power: 800w Class D (800w @ 4 ohm, 450w @ 8 ohm) Height: 2 rack units: Weight: 7.7lbs / 3.5kgs Front panel: Solid state preamp, Mute switch, 4 band equalizer with 2 semi-parametric EQ controls, Master level out, VLE (Vintage Loudspeaker Emulator), VPF (Variable Pre-shape Filter) Rear panel: 2 x Speaker outputs (Speakon / quarter inch jack), Effects loop (parallel), XLR DI out with pre/post EQ switch and ground lift, Tuner out.
  10. Musicman Stingray 3EQ in black with a maple neck. Price reduced to £925 including shipping within the UK. I'm not interested in trades thanks. The bass was manufactured in June 2005 and I've owned this from new. The serial number is E47241. This model was built with a plain (unlaquered) neck and I had this professionally cleaned and lacquered by DWilson guitars last year. The bass is in very good condition (there is one very small paint chip on top edge that isn't visible from the front). Weight is 9.6lbs / 4.35kgs The bass with be shipped in a Gator case (see pics). The pics show the bass with the original black pick guard and also a mirror pick guard. Both are included in the price. I've also recently put on a set of D'Addario NYXL's (45-100). The bass is located in South Shields, Tyne and Wear if you are local and wish to inspect and try before buying. I can meet locally for a sale if preferred. If you have any questions please PM me.
  11. gazhowe

    MM 2018 Stingrays

    My Charcoal Sparkle 4H arrived today and...wow! The neck is fantastic and the bass looks and feels great overall. When I first lifted it out of the case I was very (pleasantly) surprised at how light it felt. I've just weighed this in at 8.2lbs, against 9.6lbs for my Classic Ray. 😎
  12. gazhowe

    MM 2018 Stingrays

    Likewise, I’ve just ordered the same from Andertons. My need for shiny and sparkly new things is killing my wallet. Damn you Basschat! 😂
  13. gazhowe

    Markbass power section question

    Thanks for the clarification.
  14. gazhowe

    Markbass power section question

    I’ve got two MoMark modular Markbass amps (500w and 800w). I’d always thought that the 500w was Class A/B and the 800w was Class D. I recently took the 500w to an amp tech to have it checked over and was surprised when he told me it was also a Class D. 😳 Both amps sound great, as does my Class D Aguilar AG700. If you try an amp and it sounds good to you then I don’t think it matters what’s under the bonnet. 😎
  15. gazhowe

    New Amp GAS, but which one ?

    I've got an AG700 plus 2 Markbass Momark amps (500w and 800w). The Momark is a modular design and I've used these with a tube and solid state pre-amp. There's plenty of headroom in the above for pub and larger gigs and they've worked well for me doing rock and pop covers paired with a Berg AE410. Both the AG700 and Momarks are clean sounding amps and I've spent a bit of time trying different dirt pedals to provide drive (eventually settling on a Darkglass VMT). The tone controls are intuitive and make it easy to dial in a good sound with either amp. As with anything, it's your ears and opinion that count so I would try them all before deciding if possible. Alternatively you could possibly look for a used one that you can move on without losing much if you need to.