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  1. The HP has additional features to the standard Forte as well as the extra power. I’ve heard nothing but positive views on the HP and there have been several free updates to the HP made available to existing owners by Jim Bergantino. I would recommend anyone to check out these amps and also the B|Amp.
  2. Thanks for the heads up. I’ve upgraded the firmware so there’s less chance of bursting into flames but no improvement on the dropouts. 😆
  3. Yes, I have tried swapping channels and using the Auto/channel scan option but I’m still getting the dropouts unfortunately. I suspect you’re right about interference. I don’t have the same issue with the Sennheiser XSW-D in the exact same location so I guess that is better at rejecting interference than the G10S. The Sennheiser will be on my pedalboard for live use and I’ll keep the G10S as I can live with the dropouts for home practice.
  4. I'm experiencing regular dropouts with the Line 6 G10S during home use. These are no more than a second but it's enough for me not to trust it for gigs. I like the form factor and (as I bought a used one) I've live with this for home practice. I've had no issues with the Sennheiser wireless (see below) so that will be on my pedalboard for live use from now. https://en-uk.sennheiser.com/xsw-d-pedalboard-set
  5. +1 for Dave Wilson. Top quality craftsmanship and a great guy to deal with.
  6. I always take two basses. Shortly prior to lockdown, one had lowered tuning needed for 2 songs in our set as it was quicker to change bass for these than re-tune before and after these songs. Having said that, I've always taken a spare as I don't want to be the person that causes a gig to stop if anything happens to my bass (luckily I've only had one failure in 20+ years of gigging). I've also enjoyed the opportunity to play two different basses at a gig rather than have one bass that get's played all of the time and the others never leaving the house.
  7. I’ve just tried the G10S with my active basses (Stingray Special and a Status) and I’m glad to say that it is working as expected without any obvious issue. I’ve not done a comparison with my Sennheiser wireless so I guess it will just be personal preference that decides which one goes on my pedalboard and which is for home use.
  8. Thanks Dan. Prior to seeing your reply I bought a used G10S primarily for home use. I’ll try it with my active basses when it arrives and report back. If there is an issue I can either use it with the adapter or sell it for what I paid for it. Regards, Gaz
  9. Has anyone tried a Line 6 G10S with active pickups? Andertons have a note on the product page on their website to say that it isn't compatible however the guitarist is my band is using a G10S with active pickups without any issue. Would be interested to know if anyone has used this system with a Stingray Special or any other active pickup bass?
  10. After using a Line 6 G30 for years I picked up a Sennheiser system that has a built in tuner. Only home use so far but no issues to report and I'm preferring the Sennheiser bug-style transmitter to the Line 6 transmitter that was in my back pocket or attached to my strap. https://en-uk.sennheiser.com/xsw-d-pedalboard-set
  11. For 95% of the time* it’s: Fingers Ernie Ball super slinky’s (45-100) nickel Musicman Stingray Special Sennheiser XSW-D wireless Lava cable Bergantino B|Amp (parallel compression & overdrive engaged) Bergantino NXT212 * The other 5% is various effects pedals for specific songs.
  12. Lockdown 3 edit........plus.... a Stingray Special 4HH, a Sennheiser XSW-D wireless system (pedalboard version), a Cioks DC7 power supply. a Pedaltrain Classic Jr a MXR Phase 90 I'm glad Boris has signalled a path out of lockdown because this lockdown GAS is getting pretty expensive.😂
  13. I've had one bass failure (Stingray battery during the opening number) and three amp failures (Trace Elliot AH400SMX x 2, SWR Workingman's 180 x 1). I didn't have a spare amp at the time and luckily the Trace Elliot failures were both during sound checks at local gigs so I was able to borrow an amp. Since then I've taken a spare amp to all non-local gigs. The SWR was loaned to a friend at short notice as a backup as he suspected his amp was developing an intermittent fault. When I asked the next morning how they gig had gone he said "It was great but the amp blew up during the 2nd set". I asked why didn't you just use mine, to which he replied "I was using it at the time". Unlucky for both of us. 😂😂
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