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  1. Interesting. One of my favourite ever cabs was the 2x10 + 1x12 Schroeder with the 12” on the angled baffle slanting back into the cab. Proper single cab room filling solution.
  2. JPJ

    Plate amps

    I used to run a PLX with the Marcus Miller but the combination was almost as heavy as my SM1500. I may however have solved my own problem as I’ve just scored a SWR amplite which is a lightweight 400W into 4R single channel power amp.
  3. JPJ

    Plate amps

    Great answer, thank you for taking the time to share this. I’ll be interested to hear your further thoughts on the Connex option. 500W in to 4R would work for me. I plan on building a 2x12 version of the Basschat 1x12, and I’m much handier with wood and metal than electronics so I’m confident I could rustle up a reasonable heat sink.
  4. JPJ

    Plate amps

    Thanks Phil, interesting stuff. All I know about our ZLX’s is the make a nice sound. I’ll be watching closely the development of the basschat plate amp option.
  5. I started having hum issues about a year or so ago, so I bought a replacement PJB power supply. Unfortunately, that didn’t cure the hum, which developed into a crackle, then intermittent distortion, to finally a dead Bass Buddy. i really need to see if I can get mine repaired, but the PJB distributor Selectron-uk hasn’t replied to my emails.
  6. JPJ

    Plate amps

    So having managed to buy back my old SWR Marcus Miller preamp I’m back thinking of building a 2x12 version of the Basschat 1x12 project cab, but adding a plate amp to make it a powered self contained rig with the SWR pre. As I seem unable to find a supplier of a reasonably priced 500W into 4 ohm plate amp, I’ve been considering buying something like the replacement amp module from an EV ZLX PA cab. We run two of those for FoH duties and despite running quite hot, have been reliable for the last 3 years (would be 4 but for lockdowns). Am I mad for even considering this or is there a better plate amp option?
  7. Reminds me of back in the late seventies when I wrapped my Jedson sunburst short scale bass in black sticky backed plastic so that it would look like Phil Lynott's precision (it didn't).
  8. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  9. I recently commented on a thread on a Facebook SWR group about my preference for a 5751 valve in place of a 12AX7 and one of the replies said the 5751 had a gain factor of 70 versus 100 of the 12AX7.
  10. So I'm sat here in the man cave surrounded by 3,200 watts of amplification which in the face of yet another lockdown is almost worthless and I got to thinking (dangerous I know) that it might be more practical in the future to have a preamp in a pedal format and either a powered cab or a cab plus power amp setup. I've been down this road many times before, but looking back, it strikes me that this setup has certain advantages especially when it comes to recording. I'm particularly taken with the Mesa Subway Plus that looks like a bit of a Swiss army knife. Anybody here using one of these? I'm thinking (again, dangerous) that given the recent sale of Mesa to Gibson, it might be worth diving in before some accountant at Gibson HQ decides they are uneconomic to produce.
  11. Ibanez Tube Screamer Mini, £40 plus postage, or COVID secure door step collection from Killingworth. Great little overdrive pedal that works well with bass. Selling as I need to free up a space on my minimalist pedal board and this is the least used.
  12. Thanks Beedster, I'll give that a try
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