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  1. Welcome to the SWR fan club. in my experience, most SWR preamps need only subtle tweaks to achieve a great sound, and yes they do sound pants at the extremes. Re basses sounding thin, check your cranking the input gain as SWR gear can be sensitive to proper gain chaining
  2. I think I may have one I took out of an old Gear4Music acoustic bass I was going to repair but never did. Let me look in my parts bin in the morning. If it’s there your welcome to it for the cost of postage.
  3. Do we have any Cellists amongst our little community? Looking for advice as a complete newbie. I’ve always hankered after the soulful sound of the cello, and always promised myself I would take up cello when I retired. Recent events have taught me that retirement isn’t a certainty so I’m tentatively considering bringing my entry into the world of cello forward. Any and all advice gratefully received.
  4. Rule of thumb, top of the work bench needs to be at wrist height with your arm hanging loosely by your side
  5. Thanks all for the advice and I guess it has reinforced what I always suspected; that the move to LogicPro is next on the cards for me. I’m really a fan of the Apple eco system. I moved to Apple when I set up my own business back in 2012 as I was tired of the overhead of running the Microsoft alternative. In the last ten years I’ve only owned two MacBook Pro’s (the first one is still going strong after a hard disk change), and I think I’d have probably doubled that had I stayed with PC’s. I have to use a Surface Pro for my current consultancy job, and whilst it’s a lovely piece of kit, it’s still no match for Apple.
  6. So during lockdown #1 (yes I'm that old) I decided to get to grips with recording my bass, mainly as a self-improvement tool, and to get over the stress I go under every time the record light goes red. I made use of the inbuilt GarageBand on my Macbook Pro and surprised myself with the results, especially when using the clone of the Avalon DI. However, I now feel that I've gone as far as I can go inside GarageBand and feel I need to move on to a more fully featured DAW if I am to continue to develop my skills. The logical step (see what I did there?) appears to be to purchase a copy of Logic Pro, but before I treat myself for Christmas, is there a better option I should be considering?
  7. Not all 2 x10's are made the same. There's loads of useful stuff on here regarding cabinet design and more importantly cabinet tuning. A modern, well-engineered, boutique 2x10 liked the Barefaced will blow an old school 'stick 4 10's in a box" "designs" out of the water.
  8. Still here, why not treat yourself for Christmas?
  9. Still here, and the perfect Christmas present for the double bassist in your life 😎
  10. JPJ

    610 Cabs

    Owned the SWR Goliath Snr 6x10 that was an awesome single cab solution but way too big and heavy for your average pub gig or even worse, the upstairs/downstairs gig. That said, I remember Warwickhunt’s neo equipped Tech Sound Systems 610 that was an easy one hand lift in/out the car and I’d really like to try the Barefaced version with its crossover and three full range and three woofer arrangement.
  11. I thought the ‘heft’ debate had concluded that it wasn’t necessarily the amp topology (class A, B, D etc) that caused the lack of perceived ‘heft” but it was the use of switch mode power supplies commonly found in class D micro heads? But then again, I know nothing of amplifier design engineering so I may have picked that up wrong?
  12. Yes, but it’s a Goliath reconed with Eminence Deltalites so it’s all you’ll ever need 😂
  13. I’m either a Luddite or a dinosaur, take your pick, but those new fangled class D jobbies don’t do it for me. As I’ve posted before, I’m a complete SWR freak and my solution to the weight issue was to join a gym 😂
  14. Feels great. It’s very ‘lively’ and resonant. Just what you’d expect from a one piece body.
  15. So the wiring is complete, and the strings are on. First impressions are very positive, even if she does need a really good setup. Unfortunately, my tiny little Allen key that fits the bridge saddles on the Badass is no where to be found so the setup will have to wait until I can either find mine or buy another one. Only had the briefest of plugged in tests through my little TC BG250 208 combo as the family have retired to bed, but what I heard certainly sounded like a precision bass should. All-in-all, after taking a leap of faith with the body purchase I’m over the moon with the outcome.
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