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  1. And this ladies and gentlemen, is the definition of addiction 😮😉😂
  2. What a cool setup! I’ve always loved the PJB stuff and will own another briefcase one day soon. Hope you don’t mind me saying but that photo has a whiff of Spinal Taps Stonehenge about it 😂
  3. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  4. Guess it depends how you route your tuner. I much prefer a mute on the amp.
  5. Looks good, but no mute? When will manufacturers learn this is essential on a gigging amp.
  6. Now sold to our very own Bassman Sam 😎
  7. @Skybone sorry, no case. Where abouts are you based?
  8. Well colour me shocked. My band was playing a multi-band event with backline provided yesterday. Early Facebook photos from the gig showed an Ashdown Mag combo was the house bass rig. Now I've never really learned (or tried in truth) to get along with any flavour of Ashdown, so knowing the sound guy and his rig, I threw the BG250 208 in the back of the car 'just in case'. On arrival, the previous band's bass player had used his own rig and the house Ashdown was no where to be seen - RESULT! In came the little TC. I stood the amp on my leads trunk to get a little more height, turned the master up to just below half, and went for it. Unbelievably she coped admirably without any complaints. This little thing continues to surprise and amaze me in a nice way.
  9. Another vote for the TC BG250 208 from me. Granted I’ve upgraded mine to put the full 250W through the combos internal speakers (in truth a marginal improvement) but even in stock trim, these things are built for the coffee shop style and acoustic gigs. If I could ween our two guitards off their 100W Marshall’s I’d happily gig with it more regularly allowing the PA to do the heavy lifting.
  10. Epiphone Thunderbird Vintage Pro bass for sale. Recent purchase but as good as this bass is, and it is good, I'm a five string player at heart and this is just sitting on a stand unused. Purchased recently on a whim, I'd been told how good these basses are, and every word was true. This is as close as you are going to get to a seventies Thunderbird for less than £2,000. This bass snarls, barks and bites like a good Thunderbird does and the vintage style pickups have all the tone and authority of the originals. This is a neck-thru version made in Indonesia. Recently restrung with Daddario EXL's. There isn't a mark on the beautiful black finish that I can see. I'm pretty firm on the price and as there is no case or gig bag with the bass, its strictly collection only from Newcastle or very local delivery/meet halfway is a possibility. Any questions, fire away!
  11. Me too, one of the most comfortable ‘perching’ stools, and comfortable lower down for that acoustic gig too 😎
  12. Oof tempted! Where abouts are you based and is shipping an option?
  13. I’ve been using AmpliTube with an iRig HD2 on iPad as my weekday practice amp, as I’m away from home Mon-Fri every week. I’ve been struggling with getting enough volume out of it without distortion to play along to Spotify playlists. Tonight I finally decided to look for something else and a google search suggested the iPads built in Garage Band app. I can’t for the life of me think why, but I’ve never really used Garage Band before but after a quick look around I discovered a clone of the Avalon U5 comes built into the app so I decided to give that a try and wow, it sounds great! The combination of the Avalon clone and my Sire V7 sounds gorgeous to my old ears. Started me gassing for a U5 again.
  14. I’ll throw in a vote for the Orange Bass Terror here, or the newer OB-1’s. Both a pretty much one trick ponies but it’s a hell of a trick and both cover that 70’s rock sound beautifully to my ears.
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