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  1. So I liked the look of these when they first came out and a fellow bassist in my locality speaks very highly of his, and when this one popped up cheap on eBay and local to me I thought why not. Having also recently divested myself of a bass there was space in the stable (which Mrs JPJ would have only filled with household appliances or fitness aids never to see the light of day again) so a cheeky ‘will you accept....’ message later secured this bass for the same money the outgoing bass generated. The bass came without strings (risky I know) but the guy had solid feedback and I collected the bass from his home so I thought it was a risk worth taking. Whacked on a set of strings I had in the house and fired her up. Only had a ten minute play through headphones but it sounded like a Thunderbird to me with plenty of grunt and growl. I’ll add more here once I’ve spent a bit more time with it but first impressions are extremely positive😎
  2. I’ve been using the XR18 since it was first released, wonderful piece of kit and I love mine. Everything you’ve done seems sensible, and drums in a DCA is something I recommend to other XR users. The only thing I’ve found can be problematic is if like me you mix from the side of the stage whilst playing, quick adjustments are a little more tricky as the virtual faders don’t react as instantaneously as physical faders and this is why I’ve added an x-Touch to mine. There is a very useful user forum on the musictribe site I’d suggest you join if you haven’t already. Welcome to the family 😎
  3. In our house that is the equivalent to acceptance😀
  4. In my experience, placement of the mic can have as much of an effect on the result as mic choice. If I’m recording either my own or someone else’s bass cab, I like one mic close to the cone but off-axis and one about a metre away, and a straight DI signal too.
  5. Just a thought, but I wonder what the total asking price of gear for sale on here is at any given time. For example, at 9pm tonight (1st of August 2019) the total asking price value of basses for sale on page 1 of the ‘basses for sale’ forum totalled £38,000 and included some real high end exotic basses. I believe that accepted logic is a preowned bass sells for around 2/3 of original purchase price (subject to condition of course) so just how much money are we ‘wasting’ in depreciation in pursuit of our hobby? Please note: if anyone has the answer to this question, please do not share the results with my wife 😂
  6. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  7. JPJ

    The Twins

    Because the headstock is asymmetric to the centreline of the neck, I’d go with the Warwick style angled back towards the player option. For me, the other options look haphazard and misaligned.
  8. JPJ

    Schroeder Cabs?

    I had a 21012 with the 12 on the slanted baffle. The best single cab solution I’ve ever used. Wish I still owned it but redundancy forced me to let it go. Would have another in a heartbeat. As others have said, they sit really well in the mix on their own and they have a room filling sound which I think is down to the speaker being in a slant port like an old fashioned bass bin.
  9. Subscribed, this sounds very interesting.
  10. Sorry to disagree, if you handled the bass you would feel that it is quite rough. At best its got a sanding sealer on it, nothing more. There are a couple of shiney areas due to use (forearm contour, bottom edge where it sits on your leg)
  11. Here you go, a quick snap from this mornings lesson 😎
  12. Seymour Duncan SMB-5A Alnico five string stingray style pickup with matching STC-3M4 four knob onboard preamp. Both are well used, but still working perfectly, Bought a long time ago for a 'Blingray' project that just isn't going to get finished. Collection or post at buyers expense.
  13. So since the turn of the year I have been having lessons at my local music school and I’m loving it. My tutor has a ‘jazz’ bass in the studio that he put together himself a few years ago from a new Fender body, and an older Fender neck. The neck has that lovely played in feel but the body, which was a straight out of the box unfinished replacement, feels just so tactile and ‘right’. I’m guessing it’s probably got a coat of factory sanding sealer on it, but that’s all. No shiny gloss finish or faked relic’ing, just the bumps and knocks you’d expect of a well played bass. Sound wise, it’s the most vibrant jazz I’ve played, but not in a nasty honky trebly way, just in a lovely musical way. Single notes ring out, chords sound massive but clean, and it really responds when you ‘dig in’. Perhaps this is the future, just unabashed naked wood?
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