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  1. Love my Bass Buddy, just waiting to get it back from Selectron where it’s been in for repair since July. Don’t forget the bass buddy does have a 10W amp built-in and I’ve used mine as an effective home practice amp.
  2. The original and best combination of funny shape and playability imho😎
  3. Selectron (UK) Limited look after PJB in the UK but I hope your not in a hurry. They’ve had my Bass Buddy in for repair since July and comms are very slow but that said Freda Jones at PJB has been extremely helpful.
  4. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  5. Here we have my Headway EDB-1 preamp for sale. I used to use this to blend the in-built magnetic pickup with a pair of J-Tone Red's on my KK Baby Bass before I realised that I didn't really need the J-Tones at all. Now that the KK has moved on to a new owner I no longer have use for this excellent preamp. Bought secondhand from here a while ago I can't find a mark on it. So for those who don't know, this is a two-channel preamp with jack, stereo jack, and XLR inputs, and both channels have their own gain. Five band very musical eq and a really useful switchable semi-parametric notch filter. Finally there's a master volume control, a phase reversal switch, a selector for Violin, Guitar, or Bass instruments, a mute switch, phantom power switch, ground lift and power on/off switch. Output wise, there's a standard unbalanced jack or balanced XLR. Can run on phantom power, or with the provided power adapter or from a 9V battery. This really is a Swiss army knife for acoustic or semi-acoustic instruments. Price includes UK postage oh and it comes in its original box .
  6. Try CH Guitars in sunny South Shields. Chris will be able to sort your hardware needs for sensible money https://chguitars.co.uk/
  7. Now sold, thanks to all for the interest.
  8. Hi Phil, Yes she is still for sale and all working perfectly.
  9. On hold until the 29th for a clandestine car park meet some where close to the border 😉
  10. So as I mentioned in another thread I recently blew the amp head in my TC BG250 208 combo and whilst I could replace it like-for-like, I’m considering just using the combo as a cab and adding a Markbass Little Marcus 250. One reason is I love the range of tones available from my SWR Marcus Miller preamp, second reason is having blown one TC I’m reluctant to go with the replacement option. Question is, are any of you lovely people using one of these Markbass heads in anger, and if so what do you think of them?
  11. She’s 3/4 scale, definitely more double bass than electric. There’s a great video of Ed Friedland playing one here
  12. I've just put my five-string KK Baby Bass up for sale in the classifieds section 😉
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