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  1. Our PA is probably ‘small’ but handles the full band (drums, bass, 2 x guitars, 3xVOX, 1 x fiddle). The guitars and bass all have back line so I pan the signal in the PA to even things up out front. The PA comprises 2 x EV ZLX15P’s + 2 x Peavey Pro15 powered subs with a Behringer XR18 on desk duties and a Driverack for crossover/speaker management. One advantage of 2 subs is they provide a much sturdier platform for pole mounting the tops than stands and is more ‘drunk punter’proof’ in my experience. In reality, despite the ZLX’s being marketed at 1000W, we’ve probably got closer to 600W per side flat out, but this is more than enough for the venues we play where we are required to provide the PA.
  2. Looking great, very classy 😎
  3. Pre going on holiday bump. If you’re hovering or contemplating a cheeky offer nows your chance before I’m gone for a bit.
  4. This is a telecaster body I refinished using nitro in rattle cans from Rothko & Frost. To make sure I got a good finish, I stripped it to bare wood and then primed with grey nitro primer and finished with about six top coats flatting each one. After 6 weeks of curing I wet sanded with 2000 grit paper then hand polished with three grades of finishing compound. No lacquer was used. Personally, I wouldn’t clear over black.
  5. One of my earliest recollections of becoming aware of the bass as an instrument was when a boyfriend of my older sister brought his Precision bass to our house. Must have been mid-Seventies and he’d just bought it so it was the big TV logo, and that look has stuck with me since.
  6. The contrast between the stain and the binding looks great and it sets the bass off beautifully. That’s going to look really classy with chrome hardware 😎
  7. Haha someone else on the same journey as me. I’ve played for years with a smooth bass heavy ‘fat’ sound believing this to be the best, but then I had a tonal nirvana moment when I realised the power of mids. I now have a much more snarly tone that just sits so much better in the mix and I’m using the same amp and cab, just different eq and more recently the addition of a SansAmp.
  8. My small but perfectly formed bass board. Does everything I want/need and a lot more.
  9. So after a week of playing around with the X3 I am very happy with the purchase. I have made a fundamental pink torpedo-up in the layout of my board as I put the SansAmp before the X3 in the signal path which meant occasional clipping of the Sub’n’Up. This weekends task will be to put the X3 in front of the SansAmp which will hopefully solve that.
  10. There are a few, and the most obvious one is the PJB Briefcase combo that would probably suit your needs.
  11. I'm surprised its not more to be honest. I was talking to a builder pal the other night and he was telling me most materials are on 3 month lead times now. Good quality plywood is extremely hard to come by (I know one expedition camper van builder who is three months behind waiting for plywood deliveries) house bricks are now close to £1 per brick, and there is a shortage of roof trusses! As a small business trying to balance the books I can fully understand why Alex has had to increase his prices and I would expect order lead times to increase too.
  12. Its fine if you shim your monitor 😉
  13. Winner of the internet - Thursday 09-Jun-22 🤣
  14. I was hoping to stimulate just the type of debate we're having. In my forty years of dabbling in bass, loudspeaker performance is one of the biggest changes I've witnessed yet we're still basically repeating the same formula. I always feel I learn a lot from threads like this, so please keep the debate going.
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