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  1. So I'm sat here in the man cave surrounded by 3,200 watts of amplification which in the face of yet another lockdown is almost worthless and I got to thinking (dangerous I know) that it might be more practical in the future to have a preamp in a pedal format and either a powered cab or a cab plus power amp setup. I've been down this road many times before, but looking back, it strikes me that this setup has certain advantages especially when it comes to recording. I'm particularly taken with the Mesa Subway Plus that looks like a bit of a Swiss army knife. Anybody here using one of these? I'm thinking (again, dangerous) that given the recent sale of Mesa to Gibson, it might be worth diving in before some accountant at Gibson HQ decides they are uneconomic to produce.
  2. Ibanez Tube Screamer Mini, £40 plus postage, or COVID secure door step collection from Killingworth. Great little overdrive pedal that works well with bass. Selling as I need to free up a space on my minimalist pedal board and this is the least used.
  3. Thanks Beedster, I'll give that a try
  4. Afternoon chaps and chapesses, Does anyone have a contact for Phil Jones Bass support in the UK? My venerable old Bass Buddy preamp is exhibiting some bizarre behaviours suggesting that its not long for this world. I emailed [email protected] back in mid-December without reply.
  5. As most have said, this is really a solution for amps that do not have a DI out where you want your amp ‘tone’ to go to front of house. One of our guitarists uses something similar with his 100w Marshall. My personal preference is a DI box before my amp or at worst using the ‘pre eq’ option on built in DI.
  6. I dare say they are Neutrik combi connectors that can take speakon or regular jack plugs?
  7. This popped up on my Facebook feed. I think the clever chaps at Ashdown have answered the OP 😎
  8. Took the plunge and ordered one of these. Looking forward to firing it up later today.
  9. The fretted sister of my 1981 purchased fretless (with maple board). Out of all the basses I've owned, the Ibanez is the only one I won't be letting go of (huge sentimental value). These basses have the best necks of any bass I've played, GLWTS.
  10. Our guitarist does this very thing with a Behringer active DI box that sits between his 100W Marshall head and his cab. I feed it with 48V from the desk and get back the 'tone' of his Marshall.
  11. Can you please confirm the colour, and whereabouts in the Netherlands are you?
  12. Anybody here have any experience of the DiCosimo Audio Acoustic 360 preamp pedal? Got serious GAS for one of these but would value some firsthand experience before I pull the trigger.
  13. The neck definitely comes off my 5 string KK Baby Bass. Obviously its a full strings off job, but with the strings off, loosen the one Allen bolt on the back of the body and withdraw the neck from the body. I wished I'd known this when I had mine posted from Wales as Parcelfarce did unspeakable things which resulted in the fingerboard being ripped off the neck and a tuner bent beyond saving 😤
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