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  1. Me too, one of the most comfortable ‘perching’ stools, and comfortable lower down for that acoustic gig too 😎
  2. Oof tempted! Where abouts are you based and is shipping an option?
  3. I’ve been using AmpliTube with an iRig HD2 on iPad as my weekday practice amp, as I’m away from home Mon-Fri every week. I’ve been struggling with getting enough volume out of it without distortion to play along to Spotify playlists. Tonight I finally decided to look for something else and a google search suggested the iPads built in Garage Band app. I can’t for the life of me think why, but I’ve never really used Garage Band before but after a quick look around I discovered a clone of the Avalon U5 comes built into the app so I decided to give that a try and wow, it sounds great! The combination of the Avalon clone and my Sire V7 sounds gorgeous to my old ears. Started me gassing for a U5 again.
  4. I’ll throw in a vote for the Orange Bass Terror here, or the newer OB-1’s. Both a pretty much one trick ponies but it’s a hell of a trick and both cover that 70’s rock sound beautifully to my ears.
  5. Bugger, looks like I’m third in the queue 😤😎
  6. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  7. So finally the guys in the band are coming to the realisation that in-ears may be the future, and that our days lugging backline around may also be coming to an end. So thinking ahead, I’ve been considering my options for a good bass preamp. I could of course use my SWR Grand Prix, but that’s a piece of rack kit, and unless I can free up some space in the mixer rack, it would mean carrying another rack case. Im liking what I see and hear of the Mesa Boogie Subway preamp, do we have any users here on Basschat?
  8. So I liked the look of these when they first came out and a fellow bassist in my locality speaks very highly of his, and when this one popped up cheap on eBay and local to me I thought why not. Having also recently divested myself of a bass there was space in the stable (which Mrs JPJ would have only filled with household appliances or fitness aids never to see the light of day again) so a cheeky ‘will you accept....’ message later secured this bass for the same money the outgoing bass generated. The bass came without strings (risky I know) but the guy had solid feedback and I collected the bass from his home so I thought it was a risk worth taking. Whacked on a set of strings I had in the house and fired her up. Only had a ten minute play through headphones but it sounded like a Thunderbird to me with plenty of grunt and growl. I’ll add more here once I’ve spent a bit more time with it but first impressions are extremely positive😎
  9. I’ve been using the XR18 since it was first released, wonderful piece of kit and I love mine. Everything you’ve done seems sensible, and drums in a DCA is something I recommend to other XR users. The only thing I’ve found can be problematic is if like me you mix from the side of the stage whilst playing, quick adjustments are a little more tricky as the virtual faders don’t react as instantaneously as physical faders and this is why I’ve added an x-Touch to mine. There is a very useful user forum on the musictribe site I’d suggest you join if you haven’t already. Welcome to the family 😎
  10. In our house that is the equivalent to acceptance😀
  11. In my experience, placement of the mic can have as much of an effect on the result as mic choice. If I’m recording either my own or someone else’s bass cab, I like one mic close to the cone but off-axis and one about a metre away, and a straight DI signal too.
  12. Just a thought, but I wonder what the total asking price of gear for sale on here is at any given time. For example, at 9pm tonight (1st of August 2019) the total asking price value of basses for sale on page 1 of the ‘basses for sale’ forum totalled £38,000 and included some real high end exotic basses. I believe that accepted logic is a preowned bass sells for around 2/3 of original purchase price (subject to condition of course) so just how much money are we ‘wasting’ in depreciation in pursuit of our hobby? Please note: if anyone has the answer to this question, please do not share the results with my wife 😂
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