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  1. I fitted some of those Luminlay dots to my EUB for darker stages (the KK already had side dots). Mine are without the black outer ring and they are subtle but effective.
  2. Medium gauge 5 string flatwounds

    You can relax! Came home last night, restrung the Alien, tidied up the fret ends, lemon oiled the fingerboard and left it overnight to settle. Picked it up this morning and it’s like a different bass. Definitely louder acoustically without all the finger noise from my poor technique. Amazed how authorative the B string is, it sits really well against the rest of the strings. You can definitely ‘feel’ the low tension part, the strings feel played in already. Thanks for the recommendation!
  3. Medium gauge 5 string flatwounds

    Thanks for this, I’ve taken your advice and ordered a set. I’ll report back at the weekend once they are fitted and I’ve had a good few hours playing time.
  4. East Pre-Amps

    I’m a huge fan of John East’s work. I have a J-Retro in my main gigging bass, a U retro in my fretless, and an original Overwater filter pre in my original series, which I understand John was behind the design and building of. I also have his treble & bass, and mid boost units in my homemade P5. id say hover no more and hit that buy-it-now button. 😎
  5. So I recently scored a very nice Warwick Rockbass Alien 5 string acoustic bass. She arrived wearing a nice new set of Warwick acoustic bass strings (phosphor-bronze I think). Now on my Harley Benton 5 string acoustic I keep at work in Holland, I fitted a set of Fender 90505 flats and she came alive but alas it appears Fender don’t make these anymore. So I’m looking for recommendations for 5 string flatwounds. I’m considering the La Bella Deep Talkin Bass strings as they are a medium’ish gauge with a .128 low B. Any other recommendations before I take the plunge?
  6. 80,s overwater fusion bass

    What he said!
  7. Like a lot of folk on here, I too started with the Stagg, but couldn’t get the ‘sound in my head’ out of it so moved it on. i currently use a five string KK Baby Bass which on its own gets pretty close to the sound of an amplified DB, but has come alive since I added some bridge mounted piezo pickups. I blend the piezo with the underbridge magnetic pickup using a Headway preamp and I can get the sound I want. Quality wise it’s also a huge leap up in class and I can play it for hours without fatigue unlike the Stagg that was always spinning around in my hand (possibly as a result of my bad left hand technique). Having a reasonable sized body means you can lean the bass on your leg and use arm weight to depress the strings which again helps to lower fatigue. Interestingly, Emmylou Harris’s bassist used an Eminence on a couple of tracks at last weekends Country to Country gig. Sadly, the sound wasn’t the best and as a result it just sounded dark and boomy. id say try before you buy, I bought my KK secondhand blind based on other folks recommendations, but on reflection I was lucky.
  8. Precision bass

    So after years of playing active five strings, and after watching Nick Fyffe ripping it up with the Temperance Movement, I have serious gas to add a nice original looking precision to the stable. I don’t want to pay the ridiculous F prices, so I’m thinking Squier. VM’s look nice but most seem to have the added J pickup? Classic vibes look better but in my opinion blocks and bound just looks wrong on a P bass. My question is, what are the other sub £500 options for a good standard P bass with a rosewood ‘board?
  9. Old vs New Barefaced cabs

    I’m not a Barefaced hater, and I’ve always liked the look of the 2x12 and 2x15 variants for a single cab solution, but the price and lightweight construction has always put me off. When Alex started, his mantra was to be different from the main stream box shifters, and he talked a lot about three-way crossovers and separate mid-range drivers, but the current range appears to be lacking these ideas?
  10. Ceiling Mounted Wedges/Panels

    If it’s for home cinema, then you’d probably get a better effect from a single centre speaker directly below or behind the centreline of your screen. The longitudinal centre speakers in 7:1 really need to be at ear level when you are sitting in the ‘sweet spot’ of the room to be effective. For 7:1 to work effectively you need the right shaped room finished with the right materials. I have customers who spend literally hundreds of thousands on cinema setups and if the room is the wrong shape (which we tell them at the outset) then no amount of speakers makes a difference, even from high-end brands such as James and CAT.
  11. Overwater Bass

    Wow, beautiful bass and a bargain price😮
  12. KK Baby Bass

    Am I right in thinking KK are no longer in business? Since receiving my secondhand KK five string I’ve tried to contact them on more than one occasion without success, and now all pages (with the exception of the home page) of babybass.com are blank?
  13. Feedback for Greg.Bassman

    Just bought a Behringer DI from Greg. DI box was in A1 condition, still boxed in original box with instructions. Fast friendly comms, next day delivery, I’d say trade with Greg with confidence.
  14. NBD (well NFBU to be precise)

    So I restrung her yesterday with the Aquila Reds I bought at the same time as the Uke. The Aquila’s are noticeably lighter gauge than the Harley Benton strings, but sound no different in use. Add bonus is they do not smell like smokey bacon crisps, and it’s possible to slide up and down the neck without killing the note. Access for the string change was incredibly tight with my not so large hand only just fitting through the sound hole. The D string was a particular P.I.T.A due to the proximity of the bridge hole to a longitudinal stiffener. I also had to shorten the E and A strings to reduce the number of winds on each machine head. Other than this, the Reds are a massive improvement over the stock strings 😎