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  1. The advantage for me is as all my main electric basses are 5’s and that I only use the EUB live occasionally and then only on a few tracks, the mental translation is easier. In all honesty, the B string isn’t as authoritative as the others, and you need to be much more precise with your right hand technique to get a low C or D to really bloom. Maybe as I progress as an upright player I might get more out of the low B, but for now it’s little more than a visual/tactile reference when moving from the electric bass. My only DB experience prior to the KK is a Stagg EUB, so I don’t really feel the extra width as the KK neck isn’t as chunky as the Stagg.
  2. Hi Al, It’s a 5 string KK Baby bass. I’ve fitted it with a pair of J-Tone Reds and blend these with the stock under bridge magnetic pickup using a Headway EDB1 preamp. Im relatively new on DB, but having played fretless for too long to remember, I’ve found the transition easier than I expected.
  3. Here’s my ham fisted contribution
  4. Yes, the Kill (and their Alta Ego’s Bon Jovi Forever) are indeed a great band, but all the bands played out of their skins on Wednesday (even if I say so myself) and just over £3,000 was raised on a cold mid-week January night. Hats off to the rock loving music fans of the North East who came out and made this event a huge success.
  5. Any basschatters in Newcastle this Wednesday night might like to pop along to the O2 Academy on Westgate Road for a multi band charity fundraiser in memory of a lovely lad and fine vocalist who was taken way too soon last October aged just 42. Monies raised are going to create a fund to provide bursaries to young musicians. 5 top bands for a tenner and all proceeds going to help young musicians chasing the dream just as Rod was right up until his untimely death. If you are around, please come along and support this gig. You can even heckle my hamfisted bassery at no extra charge 😎
  6. 1972 Telecaster Bass re-build

    Lovely bass, and all them holes are just mojo - you'd have to pay Nash or Limelight a small fortune to drill them for you I've always loved the 70's telecaster bass with the mudbucker at the neck. I almost bought one on my travels in Europe a while back with a view to adding a P pickup in the normal position but stupidly decided against it.
  7. Show us yer fretlesses!

    And the third and final one, my Ibanez Roadstar RS940TV from 1982
  8. Show us yer fretlesses!

    The second is a bitsa I put together using a ‘vintage’ relic’d body, an allparts unlined neck, Tonerider P & J pickups, and a Kigon stack knob harness giving volume and tone for each pickup
  9. Show us yer fretlesses!

    Here’s the first of my three: Overwater Perception 5 defret and refinish by DWilson Guitars.
  10. NAD: Orange 4 Stroke 500

    Me too, and its on my virtual wish list too!
  11. Anyone owned an Aguilar AG 500 SC?

    Buy with confidence! I’ve used mine on stages large and small over the last two years. It does have a bit of a ‘baked in’ Aguilar sound but it does have a powerful but simple EQ to play with. Only problem I’ve encountered is the LED’s for power on and mute failing but my local tech sorted both of those easily.
  12. Upgrading speakers on existing cabs?

    I must have been lucky then, because the upgrade certainly released something that wasn’t there before. Maybe a happy coincidence of a better spec’d driver that just happened to work in the same box?
  13. Really small combo/cab+amp

    Take a look at the TC Electronics BG250 208, its pretty small but can still hold its own in a rehearsal or quiet band situation. I've upgraded the 8" speakers in mine to give a total load of 4 ohms meaning I get the full 250W output without an extension cab. Personally, I prefer this combo to the PJB Briefcase it replaced. It 'breathes' a little easier and is warmer and more natural sounding to my old ears.
  14. Pickups

    I’m using J-Tone Reds in the wing slots on my KK Baby Bass to blend in with the magnetic pickup. I found the mag pickup either too dark or too thin on its own, adding the J-Tone Reds and blending the two with a headway EDB-1 gives me a realistic DB sound. Happy to recommend the J-Tones