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  1. It certainly is. She was back to the Overwater factory last year for a refret and some general TLC. Got to admit I removed the filter preamp earlier this year as I just couldn’t settle on a sound I liked so she’s got a John East Uni Pre in her now.
  2. Careful, before you know it you’ll be a full on Overwater addict 😂
  3. I was lucky enough to try the prototype of this amp and I think I was the one who introduced it on here. Whilst its labelled as 200w, I believe Martin measured the actual value at 280W hence why it sounds so loud. Still on my wish list, one day soon maybe here.
  4. Be careful, as I don't think the pickups are standard Fender sizes (certainly not on the five strings)?
  5. All my acoustic basses (I seem to have accumulated three of them☺️) are strung with nickel flats. I particularly like the La Bella low tension flats as these seem to suit acoustic basses.
  6. Doh, why didn’t I think of that. How do you cope with the smaller radius corners, do you need to use heat to stretch the film?
  7. Yeah I couldn’t find any 5 string versions online when I looked. That clear plate looks great though and it would work on the black bass as the neck pickup is drilled to the controls not routed like on many Fenders these days.
  8. So a few weeks ago I was sitting noodling on my Sire V when I noticed what appeared to be a protective film lifting from the scratch plate next to the bell plate. Thinking I mustn’t have removed this when I bought the bass, I foolishly pulled it and actually removed the top glossy layer of the tortoise shell leaving a dull lifeless brown shell pattern underneath. After searching online for a replacement and trying both Fender USA and Fender Mexico replacements with no success, I bought some BWB scratch plate sheet material and made my own. It’s not perfect, but I think the black looks better than the tort😎
  9. JPJ

    Advice please

    So this turned up this morning. First impressions are very good. Seems to do everything I need 😎
  10. JPJ

    Advice please

    So after much procrastination I’ve pulled the trigger on a Valeton Bass Dapper, largely based on our own Dood’s online review. Looks like it’ll do pretty much everything I need in a small form factor unit with the added benefit of a ‘flyrig’ style preamp.
  11. JPJ

    Advice please

    First a confession, I’ve never been much of an effects user. But like many, I’ve been faffing around with recording during lockdown and realise that there is space in my life for a bit of chorus, octave, and maybe even a bit of filter squelch. So my question is am I better collecting a few individual pedals or is there a modern multi-effect pedal that will do this without a tonne of background hiss (my only experience of multi effects was an early Zoom 501)? I’m not thinking Helix expense but open to other ideas.
  12. Hi Andy, I'm a bit of a novice in the double bass field but would a Headway EDB-2 not do everything you want?
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