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  1. Songs that radically changed the world for me: Psalm 69 - Ministry Cenotaph - Bolt Thrower (still tugs at my heartstrings) Internal Bleeding - Obituary (actually the whole a-side of Slowly We Rot, I never turned it off before the end. Internal Bleeding is just the first song)
  2. Don't lie. Fibs will always come back to haunt you. Either give him a second chance or tell him how it's not working out.
  3. That was a hard watch, what an annoying fellow. Spot on message though!
  4. a cheese board? You can always fill any cavities with epoxy.
  5. 15 year old me found inspiration with Corinne from Acrostichon and Jan-Chris from Gorefest among many others:
  6. I thought 'combat jazz' was an obscure martial art!
  7. Hmm my setup is iRig hd2 in to a 2018 iPad pro and haven't noticed latency in a sense that it interfered with my timing or the track I'm playing along to. Victor Wooten uses iRig to iPad on stage, surely he wouldn't if it was laggy? Maybe it's a solvable problem.
  8. Deal with it like an adult. Sit down with the both you, have drink of choice, talk about situation. Move from there.
  9. iRig and an iPad gives me a LOT of options.
  10. Opinions were asked and I gave one. I also share what little experience I've had with these tuners. Which are you giving me a hard time for?
  11. All of them look ugly and unprofessional. I have a Thomann branded one at home and it works barely.
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