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  1. Correct, might also want to check out Sinister, Gorefest and Pestilence if you like going Dutch.
  2. This list represents a major part of my formative years! A few personal additions because I'm feeling nostalgic, in no particular order:
  3. Hence their popularity on the festival circuit
  4. Dissapointing to read the disrespect on here for other people's likes/fave music. Much goodness in this thread too luckily. There's no heavy enough for me personally, although extreme and heavy are not synonyms. While the Zorn type free jazz influences make for extreme music it often lacks the impact to be heavy I think.
  5. Bolo

    Gear fads

    Dingwall has been popping up everywhere, they're the new Tobias/MTD. Darkglass is definitely a hype, I'm not seeing any metal bassists with them though. Zero in my circles at least. Class D lightweight amps and Neodymium everything might be hip still?
  6. Make it a flip top combo
  7. Bolt Thrower The Reverend Horton Heat
  8. The second headstock looks nicer to my eyes, but I'm not a fender fan in general.
  9. To what end? A bit of dust isn't going to affect the material or sound.
  10. MM basses were 2400-2600 the past few years at least. The rest is probably due to Covid and the B situation.
  11. You can call it what you want, a piezo is exactly like a pickup a registration of movement. This is translated to a value in electrical current. The electric bass guitar is not an acoustic instrument.
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