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  1. I love Radial kit BUT ...

    Are the pictures at the bottom of the page not clear enough?
  2. Same goes for Amsterdam. If you chose the Netherlands then I'd advise Rotterdam. It is currently a more modern city with a more progressive population, and the cost of living there is much more affordable. Also access to Antwerp, Brussels, the Hague etc is a bit easier from Rotterdam. Good luck!
  3. Compressor Input, Output and metering

    The input decides how loud you want to be when hitting the threshold and start compression. The output makes up the gain loss from compressing, and is usually set that your overall sound is equally loud with the comp on or off.
  4. It's not religion or alternative medicine, it is a clearly described, measurable mechanism. Personally, I'm with Skoll on this one.
  5. Compress to impress!
  6. Last man standing ploy?

    Buurman & Buurman, or Pat&Mat as they're called in Czech Republic. They're awesome! (And my boy is at home with the flu)
  7. Last man standing ploy?

    I can only recommend it
  8. That was an odd rehearsal

    Yeah right. Grown ups don'play music. Everyone knows that!
  9. That was an odd rehearsal

    Really? Sack him even though there may be -relationship troubles -threat of income loss -death or illness of a loved one -mental health issues -brexitstress -a crush on the bandleader and now his heart is broken -insomnia -anything else -none of the above.... Have a chat, he may need a friend.
  10. That was an odd rehearsal

    So get in touch. There's probably more going on in the guys life, find out what's up.
  11. Frustrating

    What setting are we on about? Folksongs in the pub? Weddings and function where punters need to show their strictly skills? Progrock in small to medium venues? Musical numbers? Thrash Metal? Sometimes (quite a lot I've noticed) we forget that we all have a different frame of reference. Most bands I know rehearse their songs the way they need to be played on the night.
  12. A bit melodramatic don't you think? The amp can handle 4Ohm no problem. You'd hear the speaker distorting before anything serious happens.
  13. Just pay the Piper and get it done with.
  14. If I read the info right the extension speaker would be used instead of the native combo speaker? So you use the combo for small stages/rehearsal but the amp could drive a 8x10 at larger venues? The mi-bass extension cab would be used with the stand alone mi-bass top.