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  1. In Thomanns defence (or the contrary) the errors in the name of the song and shift in key or position could very well be down to copyright.
  2. AEADG is my tuning, has been for over a decade. No flop. DR DDT heavy set on my basses.
  3. What Dead Kennedys bassline isn't good?
  4. Victor Wooten? Thunder at as an attacker? Les Claypool as eccentric libero?
  5. Baseballs, MXR, the ashdown worked fine too but is quite large.
  6. Hide the rockwool between the bookcase and the wall: happier everyone! For a fun decoupling project look up 'tennisball platform'.
  7. The live album I hate the least is "marooned" by Sodom. On the whole, live albums are utter tosh and should all be destroyed except for the people that are actually on them as a memento.
  8. Even though the ringing often fades, the damage is real and irreparable.
  9. If I recall correctly, his amp failed twice in a row. He said sod it put in everything fresh: replace amp, cab, cables, bass; the lot. Walked to the front of the stage, points angrily at bass, points at dude and shove the bass towards his face before turning round to fetch the spare one.
  10. Thanks for posting both vids! By switching between them it's clear the BPM difference is trivial to minor at most. The Anthrax version is however produced a lot better, imo of course and I'm quite biased.
  11. Bolo


    Does that bit of silk mute terribly? It may not even be that audible. I love playing on DR strings DDT5-55 heavy G: 55 😧 75 A: 85 E: 115 B: 135 SKU: 6-00781-00334-6
  12. I saw a video by Taylor showing they just use Turtle Wax on all their guitars. From the cheapest Mexico made to the bespoke £8k and up!
  13. Forgot Red Fang!
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