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  1. Doubling question

    The LS-2 is brilliant. Put bass A and it's effects chain (if any) in Return A, and bass B in to Return B. Set the dial to the top position for toggling A<>B. Adjust the level of each channel, loudest first to 12 o'clock which is unity gain, and lastly adjust the weakest signal to be as loud as the first. Problem solved!
  2. With Dead Skin Mask and all other Great Intro's a distant second.
  3. dropped bass

    This saved it. A spare headstock? Good thinking!
  4. dropped bass

    But don't. Just in case.
  5. I sing and bass in my originals band, you'd think I could remember the lyrics I write. Without the music I have near zero recollection of the words! It's become part of our writing process that we get the music right first, then I play and mimic sounds to get the melody and rhythm in place. Once I'm confident everything works I'll bring out the poetry and fit it in place. Without the music as my crutch I'd have great difficulty quoting even a single verse of my own material
  6. dropped bass

    Loxx. Do the trick for me. Nice and flat too.
  7. Advice on which Musicman

    Only some owners seem to experience this problem, usually after a home 'pro' restring and setup...
  8. Separating the artist from the art

    I try not to sponsor people whose ideologies or actions I disaprove of. Not saying I'm an angel but that would be hypocritical I think.
  9. Advice on which Musicman

    Get the one you like most, someone else will like it as much as you do.
  10. Engl 2030 rackhead. I've been using mine for 10months now. It's a straight shooter, easy to use, punchy as anything and headroom for days.
  11. I try to play the music I love. Can't imagine playing music that leaves you cold can lead to a passionate perfomance! Like working at a copy shop and calling yourself an artist, weird!
  12. The Cutting Edge of Music

    [quote name='YouMa' timestamp='1509973011' post='3402923'] Most overrated man in music [/quote] Not by a long shot, and I do not think much of him. It could always be worse bieberboybandbullpoo.
  13. The Cutting Edge of Music

    I thought this would be about the Gene Simmons bass!
  14. Semi shaped hole?

    Deusenberg, lovely instruments!
  15. Headstocks and tuners

    3+2. 4 stringers can't handle me.