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  1. Running with the Devil, but slowed down a bit?
  2. Good input here all-round! I got my boy a used Yamaha dtxpress2 kit this year for his birthday at around your budget. Came with a seat, a pair of sticks, and a high-hat stand. Roland's gear is comparable in most ways but Yamaha is apparently easier to upgrade separate components or the computer of. Note! Floor-transferred noise is still a PITA if upstairs on wooden floorbeams. If the kit isn't going to sit on concrete/in the basement or whatever, look in to building a tennis ball platform. Fun to make and worth a days DIY. With all the cautions out of the way, it's fun to have a kit around the place. The kids love it, their pals love it, even the Mrs had a go once or twice! I got Samson SR850 headphones as they are cheap and do a great job. Sometimes I connect to our electronic piano through headphones out > aux in to play a bit amplified, it doesn't need much to sound o.k. As with most instruments but with drums especially, the real value is in lessons. Learning to play along with hits and favourite songs at any level is fun and gives great energy. We haven't regretted it for a moment.
  3. I understand the cool laid back sound of the music though it's not for me, but how do they end up with that singer? A mismatch if you ask me.
  4. There are plenty wider spaced 5 strings available. That said any instrument takes getting used to and adapting your technique. Have fun!
  5. To be honest, she's doing lead vocals here as well. Awesome thrash trio from Brasil!
  6. There's generally less distortion in thrash metal bass than assumed. Too much distortion kills attack and that's what you don't want as the music is usually too quick to let notes ring and develop. Low boosted a bit, mid cut to taste, treble boosted on the amp and the gain cranked near clipping, tone open on the bass. Roundwounds struck with gusto near the bridge pickup with a plectrum or fingers in typewriter-ish style. Any bass will do although a MM humbucker may need more tweaking than others.
  7. Get the ones that appeal to you the most. I have the Samsons and they are fine. The cushions are plenty big to go around big man ears but the material is rather plasticy pleather. That got a bit sweaty last summer. The Sonarworks free app feature them so there's more than enough to tweak about their sounds if you want.
  8. Oh boohoo. A bit of plastic got hurt cry cry. This guy has offered more solid / sound advice to musicians trying to improve than most forums have. Sure you can disagree with him, and it's easy to hate the way that he says things but he is sincere and usually gives good reason why. In an age where the pneumatic press channel has millions of subscribers and trash is literally becoming a threat to the human race, this anger at someone who destroyed one thing he gave plenty of reason to dislike is fairly futile to say the least.
  9. Is the wireless using lossy compression or throwing away part of the data?
  10. I use the Sennheiser HD 25-1 at home, comfy and pleasant with good detail in the low end. The HD200 are a different animal, not comparable! HD25 pads and wire etc are all available sold separately. Beyerdynamic DT770 pro are very popular cans among drummers. Many bassists like them too. If you want a neat headset that the dog can chew without great upset have a look at the Samson SR850! Owned and used by most studios, cheap but surprisingly flat response! Not for hifi but great for silent practice etc. Can not go wrong.
  11. If it were my value for money I'd look for a Kustom defender either the 5h or 15h. I use a 15h for bass at home and it's a seriously underrated piece of equipment!
  12. I have two feet but am 1.92 m tall. It doesn't do to hold with these freedom units.
  13. A demonstration should have cured that surely?
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