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  1. Best call nurse, you've forgotten to take your meds again.
  2. And they were married for 13 years during which the press unrelentingly flayed them, ruining his career and sending him in to deep depression.
  3. LOXX. Schallers wore through and dropped my bass, as did Ernie Ball.
  4. 50 freedom units for a short bit of mediocre leather isn't great either. I think that's about what my Maruszczyk padded extra wide prime leather straps cost me.
  5. Give guitar some space and go grab a banana. Or lock in with rhythm guitar and hold down the basic riff.
  6. The Nordstrand MM 5.2 are a straight drop in I believe.
  7. As a discerning metalhead, please list some. Unbelievably Krisiun have been a recent discovery for me.
  8. I'm using the booster solely for confidence
  9. A simple beach shelter will keep the sun off your pedals. The lady can easily tell you whether they're on or not.
  10. If it's stupid but it works, surely it isn't stupid?
  11. Nothing before the show. One bottle of pilsner (33cl) during to keep the throat wet. Possibly one after all the gear is cleared away.
  12. I've just shelled out for Kali IN-8 monitors after trawling reviews for any pair under £1000. Spent the past three months looking at nothing but studio reviews etc 😁 The IN-5 could be a step better for bass than the LP-6 because the woofer is freed up for the bass and the mids are handled by a dedicated speaker. Good luck, make sure to listen to comparisons with quality headphones and take everything in the internet with a pinch of salt.
  13. My guitarist built me a custom bass and brought it to a gig where I played it for the first time. Didn't bring a backup either. It's still my main.
  14. JHS have all the rat, in a single box. https://www.jhspedals.info/packrat-release-mobile
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