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  1. I literally would not look like I look, know who I know or do what I do if I hadn't heard the few albums that influenced my life choices as a teen.
  2. Add to this a good dose of town hall reverb and it's a recipe for an annoying evening for both audience and band.
  3. It's psychological really. Or at least how much it gets to you is. Everything you can do to enjoy a wholesome life helps against how irritating the tinnitus is. Sleep well, eat healthy, de-stress, improve your fitness, reduce alcohol/caffeine/nicotine/fastfood, enjoy music and company. The better you feel the less your ears will bother you. Mindfulness or meditation and cognitive behavioural sciences seem to help a lot of people with getting some grip on the situation.
  4. It's possible that higher frequencies not listed have greater attenuation (or 'loss') and distortion levels stayed below that threshold. I'd have to see recent and more elaborate test results and know more about the testing protocols that were followed. Many hearing test focus on the speech spectrum, the frequencies that contain 99.8% of speech information. Roughly 125 Hz - 8000 Hz, with emphasis between 500-4000 Hz.
  5. As a hearing professional this is highly unlikely based on the results of the hearing test posted above. They show very mild hearing loss up to the 4 kHz, and that one can be attributed to age related wear. Nothing there would even indicate monitoring by an ENT. Suggest you let people be people. The ability to perceive stereo or not might be evolutionary, perhaps a bit like colour blindness (which also manifests in different variations). Perhaps general hearing was sometimes more useful than directional hearing, who knows.
  6. Extrapolating from production numbers about 300 stingrays were produced before 1977. http://www.musicmanbass.global/serials-pre-eb-sting-ray/ Very cool that you got to see some big shots with fancy instruments early on, but they were hardly standard issue. I always thought many punkbands were from poor, working or at best middle class environments though I could well be mistaken there.
  7. You're missing out on the absolute joy that are the B.C.Rich mockingbird and seagull.
  8. There's cost, Stingray are a pricey instrument and above many starting punks financial means. Later when upgrading, the path from your starting squier to a mex/jap fender to a US one is keeping to what you know and love. MusicMan and later Ernie Ball didn't get to market until after the first and around the middle of the second wave of punk. So younger punk players won't have seen their idols playing one. I have seen quite a few being used by newer bands in the last 10-15 years, they're great punchy instruments fit for fast paced music. I'll leave you with this distraction:
  9. A bit late to the topic but having been a cobbler for 15years prior to my current career I can assure you dog skin is unsuitable for leather and cat is too small making it too labor intensive (expensive) when there's whole pig or cow available. The fur however is often used as liner and adornment like you see on the hooded puffer jackets, but in the EU has to pass inspection and be honest about it's origin. Leather is fairly easy to tell apart by traits like structure, elasticity, pattern of pores (dogs don't have pores which is the main reason why their skin is useless), tear resistance (north African goat is always distinctly easy to tear and the smell never really goes away) and line pattern (look at the palm of your hand for example). Much European cow leather is good quality thanks to electric wire fences, whereas Argentinian cattle often shows scars from thorn bushes, parasitic insects and barbed wire fencing. I'm sorry it's late and I'm rambling instead of sleeping.
  10. Life is too short to keep stuff that doesn't make you happy. Get rid of the mediocre one, then see if it needs replacing.
  11. For total freedom there's nothing like it. In my jumping around days (before taking leadvocals as well as bass) sometimes I landed on my cable either unplugging mid-song or breaking the wire at the plug. With wireless systems becoming both more reliable and affordable I'd go for it.
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