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  1. Dude.. let people have their fun.
  2. Didn't Jamerson use a rolled up tea cloth?
  3. Any thoughts on Scientist?
  4. Have I missed it or was Richard Cheese not mentioned?
  5. Yes, Rinus Gerritsen is renowned for his danelectro longhorns, even ownes a double barrel one!
  6. Paints come off and the scratchplate turned a funny colour and all! I'd be having a chat!
  7. Songs that radically changed the world for me: Psalm 69 - Ministry Cenotaph - Bolt Thrower (still tugs at my heartstrings) Internal Bleeding - Obituary (actually the whole a-side of Slowly We Rot, I never turned it off before the end. Internal Bleeding is just the first song)
  8. Don't lie. Fibs will always come back to haunt you. Either give him a second chance or tell him how it's not working out.
  9. That was a hard watch, what an annoying fellow. Spot on message though!
  10. a cheese board? You can always fill any cavities with epoxy.
  11. 15 year old me found inspiration with Corinne from Acrostichon and Jan-Chris from Gorefest among many others:
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