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  1. Well it's not the best sounding printer out there but once it's fired up it's pretty fast!
  2. Bunch of doomprophets here. What's the point in repeating over and over that no good can come of any of this and they all gave up, sold out and everything went to hell? In some cases that's not even remotely truthful. Cheer the f. Up.
  3. Korg is not Chinese, and doesn't look to be purchasing competition to vulture their tech and/or patents as 7ender was. Spector was already named as a quality acquisition that seems to be doing well with Korg. Trace was doing poorly for a while but pre-covid seemed to be regaining some traction under the Peavey flag. I hope it all goes well.
  4. As Vox/bass in my band I write 99% of my lyrics. I have great difficulty reciting any line of my own hand without hearing or playing the bit of music it's supposed to go to.
  5. If I need a bass I need a fiver.
  6. We need just one octave to play a functional bass line. The other strings give options, comfort, creative liberty. I play 5-string because I use that.
  7. No good deed goes unpunished it seems.
  8. Just 20-odd posts saying 'no, don't'. Your reasoning seems flawed. The cold may contract the windings enough for frost to settle in between and even reach the core. Once out of the fridge the aging process will most likely be accelerated if the string hasn't gone brittle already.
  9. Pretty good grindcore! This is stuff I listen to to relax. I love how much fun the crowd is having, makes me wish I was younger and fitter.
  10. Good energy, great crowd involvement. Seen (and played) worse!
  11. Bolo


    Discogs is usually the place to go for vinyl, it's where collectors gather and knowledge amasses. Not sure if they have a section for 78s but it's the best spot to start.
  12. Try the beyerdynamic dt880, comparable to the dt770 but open backed. If a bit of sound leaking out is not a problem (recording or traveling) they are nicer to hear and more comfortable than the dt770. If for studio use on a budget you can't beat the Samson sr850 on quality for money. Nearly every professional studio in the world will have some of these.
  13. Sounds like you are doing some damage to your ears.
  14. 15 minutes? This on repeat should get the punters on edge:
  15. Clean up, set up, frets leveled, EMG pup. Go. Very nice! Ltd is Esp if I recall correctly. Decent quality.
  16. Bolo


    Very good quality, many awesome finishes. Well made instruments. Secretly have a little GAS for a patriot.
  17. Dead Kennedys version is best version. War Pigs! I like Black Sabbath but I love both the Faith No More and the Sacred Reich iteration.
  18. Little Big are scoring high on innovative videos. Most of their modern stuff are real eye catchers. Story driven stuff like Rock-paper-scissors, Hypnodancer, even Faradenza, to plain weird Go Bananas, Uno and Tacos. Well worth a watch!
  19. So the Scorpions are out then? And Gogol Bordello? What about Die Antwoord or Jack Parow? Straya's Midnight Oil?
  20. What's wrong with it? I thought people were paying extra for the road worn vintage look nowadays?
  21. Almost forgot! Madeleine Peyroux! A must If you like Billy Holiday.
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